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New Fallout MMOG Details emerge on DAC
New Fallout MMOG Details emerge on DAC [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation Tue 28 Jun 2011, 5:45 AM
News related to Top Story: DAC Exclusive: Fallout Online details | More info on Game: Fallout: Online

DAC has been able to obtain new Interplay vs. Bethesda court documents which provide new details about Fallout: Online. Here they are:

Prior to [April 4, 2009], Interplay had employed game designers, writers, and artists who had substantially completed the Fallout Online game design, including an online "wiki" dedicated to the games development, which when printed and produced to Bethesda's counsel as it existed on April 4, 2009 consisted of nearly 2,200 pages. Prior to April 4, 2009, Inteprlay had created substantial concept art, solidifed its technology plan by licensing a game engine and development tools set from Masthead Studios that would have cost Interplay millions of dollars to develop from scrath. Also as of April 4, 2009, a playable game space existed based on Interplay's concept art and developed by Masthead. Multiple users from Europe and the U.S. could log into and interact within the game.
Since April 2009, Interplay has mapped the MMOG environment including approximately 65,500 square miles of in-game terrain. Textures, objects and characters have been implemented into the game environment. Base models for player characters and non-player characters have been created. The computer models for many types of creatures have also been designed and the 3D geometry and textures created. Several game zones have been blocked out, textured, and populated with 3D objects. The initial starting zones for each of the player character races have been designed. Many environmental object and weapons models have been created and textured. Some non-player characters have been placed live in the game. Fallout Online combat, leveling, character development, item crafting, skills, and iktem stats were written proir to April 2009 and have been tested. Since April 2009, Interplay has refined and further developed its design regarding the functioning of player-run towns, social centers, and guild compounds. Interplay has created and continues to create additional concept art and has created and continues to create player and non-player character concepts, names, characterizations, dialog and game scenarios. Quest content and design is ongoing and includes content and mechanics for multi-part intra-zone and dynamic world events and quests. Interplay has created and written a large multi-part, game-worldwide meta-puzzle, including the puzzle structure, code system, and planned locations, which is designed to foster cooperation and competition among players for an extended time period. Masthead continues to revise and improve its technology, including its game engine, tools, and network software for the specific development of the Fallout MMOG.

There are quite a few more details about the legal aspects of the court case, but I wanted to get these game details out before I move this week. Hopefully some of the other newsposters will take the intiative and do those write-ups :)

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