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Fallout 3 Preview and Interview Index

This is DAC's list of Fallout 3 previews. Be warned that there may be small plot spoilers listed in these previews, so read at your own risk. When posting quotes from the previews, I've ignored most of the rehashed stuff. I'll keep updating this page as more previews come in, so keep checking. All of the previews are ordered chronologically (in the order I found them) with the newest one being at the bottom of the categories. Now read on!

I have added much higher resolution screenshots and concept art to DAC's gallery.

E3 Previews


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Fallout 4 Responses: What do you think of it?
I'm enjoying it! 17%
I like it, but I have a lot of the same frustrations from Fallout 3 17%
I'm not enjoying the new features/additions 5%
I'm dissatisfied and/or hoping Obsidian gets another shot 58%
Total Votes: 17