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Interview With BryanR
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Interview posted by 1346 Wed 19 May 2010, 3:51 PM

I decided to intervew the legendary Fallout modder named BryanR. Here is the result;

1. How did you get started in the Fallout community?

The sudden emergence of inherent climatic under-bringings is onset with Fallout's lenient composure.
Any trifle not seen in Fallout is counter-productive to the solace life we all so desperately need.
To relinquish the tyrannical discord of youth's imminent evolution, I made the necessary fanatical journey to
the epicenter of our community.

2. What did you like most about the Fallout games?

For Fallout 1, the fact that it was a Roleplaying Game... but with guns, gore, and a boost to my education.
Fallout 2, I haven't beat yet. But I did get far!!
Fallout Tactics was my favorite game after Fallout 1. I played the demo endlessly. Too bad the demo and the real game had basically a one way dialog system.

3. Why did you decide to get into modding and what are your goals?

My only reason for modding is so I never have to accept the game as is.

My goals would be, new content creation for fallout 2, FOT, or FO3.
Specifically I plan to hack some new physics into Fallout 3 and after I might re-visit FOT to see if I can hack it into a MMO or something. OH and one of the foremost things is to deliver new arts and eventually entire maps for Fallout 2.

4. What do you think of the current state of the Fallout modding community? The original Fallout games never had a big mod community, why do you think that is?

The original games were and still are too pooting difficult to mod. And because fallout 3 is easy to mod, there are many more people in its community. More people also means more bland or unoriginal releases.

I can say, I think it would be a stretch to believe that New Vegas will bring more interest in fallout 1 or 2.

5. What is your dream mod for Fallout?

At this time I do not know. Whatever I master first... hacking in new physics for fallout 3 or creating some critters for fallout 2.

6. What are some of your favorite mods you have played before?

For Fallout 2, none. But I would probably use Killap's if I ever play the game seriously again.
For FOT, there is too many limits to modding. But Jarekfall might change that in a year or less icon_mrhappy
For Fallout 3, FOOK, MMM, and Enhanced Weather Rain..

7. You once revealed that you were colorblind, how are you able to make realistic models with out understanding what color they are?

THe best way to put it is, value. Make a diverse rainbow in an image editor, then grey-scale it.. you will still see some differences.

Also know that I am not color blind to every color. Just Red and Green, Blue and Purple, Orange and Red, Green and Brown, Red and Brown, maybe some Indigos, pink and purple and red, etc.

Quite a bit, but I promise I don't see the world as black and white or anything..

8. Recently you said that you wanted to kill yourself, why did you say that and did you mean it?

I always mean it when I make a suicide threat. The reason I brought it up this time is to make you guys think death is something exciting and new..

9. Why did you change your name from BryanB to Prosper/Cakester?

I am Prosper on NMA. Cakester on Bethesda's forum. BryanB is the other person who uses my computer, but I am too lazy to fix the name sometimes.

10. What is some of your best works and some of your worst?

My Best work was the multiplayer test I did with a couple others.
My worst .... lost the database entry for those.

11. A lot of people have made fun of your works because they don't quite understand its beauty. How do you deal with the criticism and continue to make mods?

I like to laugh with them, it encourages me because I know most of the stuff I present was made with them in mind and in no way reflects the true ambition I withhold.

12. Which site do you like more, NMA or DAC?

Probably DAC. NMA is a good place for rigid scrutiny. DAC is pretty much, anything goes if you got the stuff to show...

Thanks BryanR.

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