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Van Buren Dialogue
[ Game -> Editorial ]
Editorial posted by King of Creation Thu 10 May 2007, 4:11 PM
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~ã Single PlayerMultiplayerNew GameLoad GameJoin GameHost GameNoneDefaultOKCANCELYESNOSaveCreate CharacterOptionsQuitCinematicsSave GameContinueDisable ScriptsEnable ScriptsOne RoundSet EntityAGEMALEFEMALEHumanGhoulMutantYou must spend all character points and tag skills before starting the game!DONECould not create file.Could not delete file.Do you really want to go back to the main menu?ResumeStepAbortToggle VarsToggle Break Points%s already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?V.BadBadPoorFairAvrgGoodV.GoodGreatExclntHeroicStrengthRaw physical strength. A high Strength is good for physical characters. Modifies: Hit Points, Melee Damage, and Carry Weight.PerceptionThe ability to see, hear, taste and notice unusual things. A high Perception is important for a sharpshooter. Modifies: Sequence and ranged combat distance modifiers.EnduranceStamina and physical toughness. A character with a high Endurance will survive where others may not. Modifies Hit Points, Poison & Radiation Resistance, Healing Rate, and the additional hit points per level.CharismaA combination of appearance and charm. A high Charisma is important for characters that want to influence people with words. Modifies: NPC reactions, dialogue options.IntelligenceKnowledge, wisdom, and the ability to think quickly. A high Intelligence is important for any character. Modifies: skill points per level, dialogue options.AgilityCoordination and the ability to move well. A high Agility is important for any active character. Modifies: Action Points, Armor Class, Sequence, and many skills.LuckFate, Karma. An extremely high or low Luck will affect the character - somehow. Events and situations will be changed by how lucky (or unlucky) your character is.Character PointsAmount of free character points that can be added to one of the basic stats.Optional TraitsOptional traits describe your character in more detail. All traits will have positive and negative effects. You may choose up to two traits during creation.SkillsSkills are learned knowledge. Skills increase by experience, or during the course of the game by special events. The higher the skill level, the better you are at that skill.Tag SkillsTag skills are skills your character specializes in. Each tag skill gains +20%, and increases twice as fast. You must pick three tag skills.AppearanceOptionsDoneCancelStatsThresholdsCombat SkillsDiplomacy SkillsScience SkillsStealth SkillsFirearmsMeleeUnarmedBarterPersuasionDeceptionMechanicsMedicOutdoorsmanScienceSecuritySneakStealTrapsBaseTotalYou already have the maximum of three tag skills!STPEENCHINAGLK88Outdoors88-88Ball:Bio:Elec:Head:EMP:Heat:Norm:Body:Hand1:Damage:Ammo:Range:Hand2:Total Weight:HEADBODYHAND1HAND2Practical knowledge of the outdoors, and the ability to live off of the land. The knowledge of plants and animals. Uses: avoiding encounters on the world map, making simple items, choosing positions during random encounters.A combination of martial arts, brawling, and other hand-to-hand combat styles. Combat with your hands and feet. Uses: flexible, lower damage attacks that don't use ammunition.Using hand-held non-firearm weapons. Includes baseball bats, sledgehammers, throwing knives, grenades, and so on. Uses: close quarters combat with many ammo-less weapon choices.General healing skill. Used to cure everything from small cuts and abrasions to broken limbs and the spread of poison. Uses: general healing and the creation of healing items.Quiet movement, and the ability to remain unnoticed. If successful, you will be much harder to locate. You cannot run and sneak at the same time. Uses: moving past guards without them noticing you, quietly setting your character up for an ambush.The skill of opening locks without the proper key. Requires lockpicks for use. Uses: picking or otherwise cracking locks on all sorts of containers and doors.The ability to make the things of others your own. Can be used to steal from people or containers. Can never be used to steal equipped items or extraordinarily large items. Uses: snatching some ammo off of a caravan guard, stealing a gun off of a store table.The finding and removal of traps. Also the setting of explosives for demolition purposes. Uses: spotting a landmine and then removing it, creating remote-detonated bombs.Covers a variety of high technology skills, such as computers, biology, chemistry, and physics. Uses: programming a computer, creating ammunition and high-tech weapons and armor.The ability to work with highly mechanical devices like cars, firearms, elevators, and generators. Often used in conjunction with science. Uses: fixing a generator, creating or repairing weapons and armor.The ability to convince people to see things from your point of view. In its most benign form, it is simply diplomacy. In its most hostile form, it is relentless intimidation. Uses: working out a deal with the local sheriff, expanding the command parameters of companion NPCs.Bluffing, trickery, and outright lying. Deception encompasses all forms of subterfuge and mountebankery. Uses: convincing the mayor that you don't know anything about the stolen weapons, disguising yourself as a caravan member to sneak inside their headquarters.Trading and trade-related knowledge. The ability to get better prices in stores and to competently converse with business folks. Uses: getting good deals when buying and selling equipment, discussing caravan house politics with important people.Six-shooters, rifles, rocket launchers -- you name it, this skill covers it. This skill represents your ability to use firearms of all types in combat. Uses: trick-shooting someone in the eyes with a .45 revolver, unloading on a group of angrytownsfolk with a flamethrower.Equip head armor in this slotEquip body armor in this slotEquip left handed weapons in this slotEquip right handed weapons in this slotTest ItemTest Item DescriptionDrop to worldDropping inventory on this icon will drop the object to the ground.SORTTYPEWEIGHTNUMBERTalkLookInvSkillCancelBruiserChem ReliantClean LivingFast ShotFeral KidFinesseGiftedGood NaturedIncreased MetabolismKamikazeNight PersonOne HanderOne In a MillionRed ScareSkilledSmall FrameYou already have the maximum of two traits!A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Action Point costs for melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 1, but your damage with melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 20%.You are more easily addicted to chemicals. Your chance to be addicted to chemicals is twice normal, but you recover faster from their ill effects.You try to avoid the quick thrills of chemical enhancements. Chemicals only affect you half as long as normal, but your chance to be addicted is half normal.You don't have time to take aim because you're too busy firing off shots as fast as possible. It costs you one less Action Point to attack with firearms and thrown weapons, but you cannot make targeted attacks with firearms and thrown weapons.You grew up in the heart of the savage wasteland. You are swift and powerful, but you tend to shun the company of others. Your Throwing Range is Strength * 4 (instead of Strength * 3) and you move 20% faster on the World Map. Unfortunately, you can take one fewer companion NPC than normal.Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don't do as much damage, but you cause more critical hits. -20% to damage, +10% Critical Chance.You are naturally superior to those around you, but you often rely on your natural talents instead of putting effort into mastering a variety of skills. You gain +7 points to spend on primary attributes, but you earn perks only once every four levels.You're a friendly person and are hesitant to employ violence to solve problems. You have +10 to Medic, Persuasion, and Science. However, your Combat Sequence is -4.Your metabolic rate is increased. This means that you are much less resistant to radiation and poison, but your body heals faster. -10% to Radiation and Poison Resistance, +2 to Healing Rate.By not paying attention to any threats, you can rush in where angels fear to tread. You are easier to hit, but you act earlier in combat. -10 to Evasion, +4 to Combat Sequence.When performing actions at night (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.), you do things better. During the day, however... It has nothing to do with the level of light, just the time of day. You're not a morning person. +10% to all skill checks at night, -10% to all skill checks in daytime.You excel with one hand, but your off-hand and two-handed weapons cause a problem. +10% chance to hit with one-handed weapons in Hand 1, -10% to hit with two-handed weapons and weapons in Hand 2.You're not particularly lucky or unfortunate, but when lightning strikes, it strikes hard! Whenever you critically hit or fail, a second check is made at five times the base chance to see if it actually happens. If it does, the result on the critical chart is bumped up +30 points in severity.You are paranoid in the extreme, and think that anyone around you may be trying to do you in. Your effective PE is +2 for purposes of determining sight range, but your shaky nerves in combat give you a -5 penalty to hit.Since you spent more time improving your skills than a normal person, you gain an additional Tag skill. However, you gain -5 skill points every level because you often spread yourself too thin.You are smaller than average. It's hard for you to carry heavy loads, but it's easy to avoid the lumbering giants of the wasteland. -50 to Carry Weight, +10 to Evasion.Body TypeSkin ColorHairstyleFacial HairHair ColorNormalHeavyStrongWiryBlack 1Black 2Black 3Brown 1Brown 2Brown 3Red 1Red 2Red 3Tan 1Tan 2Tan 3White 1White 2White 3Yellow 1Yellow 2Yellow 3AfroBaldBeehiveBobBowlBunChinCrownFlipFrizzyGreaserLongMilitaryMohawkPonytailPulledShaggyShortShoulderAmishCleanFu ManchuFullGoateeGuvnerHandlebarHermitMustacheMuttonStubbleVan DykeBlackBlondeBrownRedWhiteGrey BlackInventoryPip BoyUse SkillCharacterPLAYERHEALTHFATIGUEEVASIONDerived StatisticsAction PointsCarry WeightCombat SequenceCritical ChanceEvasionHealing RateMelee DamagePerception RangePerk RateSkill RateThrowing RangeResistancesBiologicalFlashRadiationHit PointsTeacher say he happy to teach Marie about dogs, but Marie dad Grins has to say okay. Or Grins has to lose dogfight.Teacher told me he'd be happy to have Marie as his apprentice, but it's up to her father, Grins A Lot, to allow it. Or her father could lose a dogfight challenge and have to agree.[[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////]]
{c255}Hello, . I am Testocles, your guide in the wasteland that is the Fallout 3 engine. For what branch of development do you work?
{c16711680}I'm a designer!
{c16711680}I'm a programmer!
{c16711680}I'm an artist!
{c16711680}I don't have time to talk right now. Farewell, Testocles.
{c255}I think designers are stupid poo poo heads. Also, you are a dumb bastard.
{c16711680}Listen, asshole, my ST is above 5. I am fucking strong, get it?
{c16711680}I can see through your bullshit because my PE is above 5. LASER EYES, DICKHEAD.
{c16711680}I don't have to take this shit. My EN is above 5. I am a tough motherfucker.
{c16711680}You are not well versed in the subtle and sublime art of polite conversation. I, having a CH above 5, am. FUCK YOU, COCKMASTER.
{c16711680}You are not very intelligent. I have an IN above 5, ergo, concordantly, vis-à-vis... I am. Eat it.
{c16711680}You will have a hard time dodging the bullets I'm going to shoot at your face, chode-licker. And it will be hard to dodge because, of course, my AG is above 5.
{c16711680}You're lucky I'm not in a fighting mood. BUT NOT AS LUCKY AS ME. I'M HOT SHIT. LK > 5. UNG! FUCK YOU, BABY.
{c16711680}I am a pathetic, miserable weakling because none of my stats are above 5. Farewell.
{c255}I think programmers have butts for faces. Also, you are a dumb bastard.
{c255}I think artists are ass eyes. Also, you are a dumb bastard.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your strength is impressive. You are extremely virile and will sire many children. I apologize for insulting you.
{c16711680}Okay. Bye.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your perception is impressive. You will become a great hunter of the wastes and will fell many great beasts. I apologize for insulting you.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your endurance is impressive. You will survive many blows to the head and face. I apologize for insulting you.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your charisma is impressive. You will seduce many lonely people of the wastes and incite crowds to riots. I apologize for insulting you.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your intelligence is impressive. You will rebuild the waste with your towering intellect. I apologize for insulting you.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your agility is impressive. You will evade the worst horrors of the wastes, win the power-up, and win the game. I apologize for insulting you.
{c255}Yes, indeed, your luck is impressive. You will win many card games in the wasteland and take home a truckload of bottlecaps. I apologize for insulting you.
{c255}Farewell, sir.
{c16711680}Yeah, fine, bye... dick.
{c255}Hello, again, . Please note that I used the word "again" because we spoke previously. I'm all over this global tracking shit like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm. For what part of development do you work?BarterDeceptionFirearmsSecurityMechanicsMedicMeleeOutdoorsmanPersuasionScienceSneakStealSLASHUnarmedNameAgeSexSINGLETHROWUNARMED9mm Autoloader3APA Colt 6504 9mm autoloading pistol. Each pull of the trigger will automatically reload the firearm until the magazine is empty..223 MinigunA Rockwell CZ25 Military Minigun. A multi-barrelled weapon capable of firing large quantities of ammo with minimal heat issues.[[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////]]
{c255}Ahhhh... an unknown variable is introduced into the village. I am the Nemonik. Be welcome, outsider.
{c16711680}Why am I an "unknown variable"?
{c16711680}Um... hello, old guy!
{c255}Welcome again, outsider. What may I do for you?
{c16711680}What do you do here?
{c16711680}What job you do?
{c255}I am in normal dialogue mode now!BURSTMELEE"Random float response 1""Responso floato dos""San Floato Des"Power Armor
{c16711680}Let's go to another node.
{c16711680}Piss off. But stay in normal dialogue mode.
{c16711680}Go back to float mode, you lame-ass NPC.Leather OutfitTestoclesYou see Testocles the Great, the Fallout 3 test character.
{c16711680}I might be able to fix your computer.
{c16711680}I fixed the computer, but it can only be used to store and retrieve information.
{c16711680}I have some raw data here from a supercomputer named Zax. Can you use the Ritual to process it?
{c255}Fine, we're in another node now!
{c16711680}You had better still be in dialogue mode when I come back.
{c16711680}If you're not in float mode when I come back, I'll kill you.
{c16711680}The Vipers are gone. Can you do the Ritual now?
{c255}You are an outsider, and therefore have great potential to disrupt the Counter's carefully calculated harmony of our village.
{c255}Ah, unfortunate. Your intelligence is below the normal mean for humans. I am surprised the Counter lets you roam Mesa Verde without an escort.
{c255}I am in normal dialogue mode now!
{c16711680}Let's go to another node.
{c16711680}Piss off. But stay in normal dialogue mode.
{c16711680}Go back to float mode, you lame-ass NPC.
{c255}Fine, we're in another node now!
{c16711680}You had better still be in dialogue mode when I come back.
{c16711680}If you're not in float mode when I come back, I'll kill you.USE ONLOAD HOLODISC TRAYEXPANSION HARDWARE:DATE:TIME:ALARMTASKSMAPSDOWNLOADSONOFFRELOADALARM CLOCKHealth: %d/%dRest for ten minutesRest for thirty minutesRest for an hourRest for two hoursRest for three hoursRest for four hoursRest for five hoursRest for six hoursRest until morning (06:00)Rest until noon (12:00)Rest until evening (22:00)Rest until midnight (00:00)Rest until healedRest until party is healedREST FOR SELECTED TIME(Until %02d:%02d)AREA:ADD NOTEEDIT NOTEDELETE NOTEZOOM INZOOM OUTMAP:HALF MAP MODEFULL MAP MODEHOLODISCS:VIDEO ARCHIVE:PLAY SELECTED VIDEO(Until healed)(Until party is healed)OPEN TASKS:CLOSED TASKS:BobbyYou see a young man.Cpl. ArmstrongGMC SoldierYou see soldier of the Great Midwest Commonwealth.You see Corporal Armstrong of the Great Midwest Commonwealth 13th Armored Infantry Division.ACTION POINTSShelleyYou see a young woman."Scram! I'm busy.""Get outta my way."This tests and
{c16711680}The Counter? Who's that?
{c16711680}Me counter, too. One, two... uh, five. See?
{c16711680}Uh-huh. What job you do here?
{c255}As I said, I am the Nemonik. A foreign word to you, perhaps? It means... "memory keeper". In other times, I lead the Ritual.
{c255}I am a teacher. Well, I am more than that, but I am afraid that you would probably not understand.
{c16711680}You mentioned the Counter. Who's that?
{c16711680}You say somebody counting me? Who?
{c16711680}What's the Ritual?
{c16711680}What do you teach?
{c16711680}What you teach?
{c255}Our Counter is Azkee. It is his responsibility to ensure that Mesa Verde can survive, and thus it is his responsibility to factor in all variables which can affect the village.
{c255}No, no. Our leader is called the Counter. He makes sure the village runs smoothly, a task I fear will be complicated by your presence.
{c16711680}I see. So, what do you do here?
{c255}It is a special ceremony for times when we a presented with a problem too great for one mind alone to solve. By acting as one, we Ciphers can solve any mathematical dilemma.
{c16711680}How is that possible?
{c16711680}You're saying that all the Ciphers together can act like a computer?
{c16711680}I have some raw data here from a supercomputer named Zax. Could you use the Ritual to process it?
{c255}Yes. The Ritual became necessary after the computer of our ancestors failed. Unfortunately, the Ritual is not a complete replacement for the computer.
{c16711680}What do you mean?
{c255}You see the schematics on the walls around you? Our ancestors carved them on the walls after the computer failed, but time and the weather have not been kind to them. Our Ritual cannot save them.
{c16711680}Why don't you just repair the computer and store the schematics in there?
{c255}Our ancestors did not possess the knowledge to do those repairs, and, unfortunately, neither do we.
{c16711680}Where's the computer now? I might be able to fix it.
{c16711680}I could fix the computer, for a price.
{c255}In the storage cave, at the north end of the village. I fear that it may have been scavenged for spare parts, though, making its repair even more difficult.
{c16711680}All right, I'll go have a look at it.
{c16711680}I didn't say I was going to do it for {i}free{}. I expect payment for my services.
{c255}Not at this time. The Ritual requires all Ciphers to fall into a meditative trance, and it is too risky to do this while the Vipers continue to harass us.
{c255}I shall gladly call together a Ritual for you. Do you wish this done now?
{c16711680}Yes, let's do it.
{c16711680}All right, I'll go deal with the Vipers first.
{c16711680}Who are the Vipers, and what do they want?
{c255}Storage is all we need it for. Thank you, outsider.
{c16711680}And my payment?
{c255}Servants of a madwoman who claims she controls the fertility of all the tribes. We refused to allow one of her Daughters to live her, and she sends her Vipers as punishment.
{c16711680}All right. I'll go take care of them.
{c255}Of course. Here is the medicine as I promised.
{c255}Of course. Mesa Verde is by no means a rich village, but I can give you medicines from my personal supply if you restore the computer for us. Will this be sufficient compensation?I trained with Teacher to learn the Hangdog fighting style.Hangdogs teach me how they fight. I fight like dog now."Let me take to the bitches, I'll be right back."
{c16711680}It'll do. You have learned the Hangdog fighting style.I let Teacher breed with some of the Hangdog bitches.Me let Teacher use to make puppies."And there you have it."Teacher said he'd like to breed with some of the Hangdog bitches.Teacher want to make puppies.Kill the RatsRepair the Ciphers' Computer.The Nemonik said that the electronic schematics carved on the walls are being erased by time and the weather. They were once stored in a computer which is now broken.Find a way to process the data you received from Zax.The Ciphers don't have the knowledge to repair their old computer.In exchange for repairing the village's computer, the Nemonik has promised me a supply of medicine from his personal stock.I successfully repaired the Ciphers' old computer.The Nemonik took me up on my offer to repair the village's old computer.The Cipher Ritual featured a lot of drugs and chanting, but somehow the Ciphers were able to process and interpret the data I got from Zax.The Nemonik said he'd be willing to perform the Ritual for me, but not while the Vipers in the canyon are still threatening the village.Remove the Vipers from Mesa Verde.Azkee said that the Vipers in the canyon are blockading Mesa Verde, and that they're too strong for the Ciphers to deal with. At the same time, Mesa Verde is too well-defended for the Vipers to overwhelm.I've agreed to deal with the Vipers for the Ciphers in exchange for payment.I've agreed to deal with the Vipers for the Ciphers.I dealt with the Vipers for the Ciphers, and Azkee gave me the reward he promised.I dealt with the Vipers for the Ciphers. Although I didn't ask for a reward, Azkee gave me some items anyway.Investigate Mesa Verde's giant crops.Azkee said that he's worried about Mesa Verde's crops. They're a lot bigger than normal, and Azkee is afraid that this is not a good thing. He wants me to investigate the matter.I agreed to figure out what's going on with Mesa Verde's giant crops for Azkee.It seems that the miracle fertilizer that Denom bought is responsible for the giant crops. Unfortunately, the fertilizer is radioactive, which means that any crops grown in Mesa Verde's fields are unhealthy to eat.Arrange for food to be shipped to Mesa Verde from Hoover Dam.Without any cropfields to support the village, Azkee will have to start banishing people from Mesa Verde.I asked Azkee about having food shipped to Mesa Verde, but he said that the Ciphers couldn't afford the cost.I said that I would cover the cost of having food shipped to Mesa Verde, and Azkee took me up on my offer.I arranged to have food shipped to Mesa Verde.I agreed to figure out what's going on with Mesa Verde's giant crops for Azkee, and he's going to give me an old revolver for my time.Rescue the captured Ciphers.A group of slavers posing as the food caravan from Hoover Dam captured a number of Ciphers.I've agreed to help track down the slavers and rescue the captured Ciphers.ClearAdd"I hope someone fixes that darn generator soon!""I saw smoke coming from the generator room earlier.""Boy is it dark in here!""Gosh, it's hot in here!""One of those insti-meals sure sound good right about now.""Thank goodness everything is fixed!""I'm so glad everything is working again!""The sooner we can get life support up and running, the better."I've agreed to help locate and rescue the kidnapped Ciphers. Azkee said that the slavers were last spotted heading northwest from Mesa Verde.I was able to rescue all of the kidnapped Ciphers from their captors in Denver.DEFAULTVideoGameHotkeyLoad/SaveHardHardestGame DifficultyCombat MessagesVerboseBriefAffect player speed(Turn based only)Combat DifficultyViolence LevelTarget HighlightCombat ModeMinimalMaximumBloody MessOffOnTargeting OnlyTurn BasedReal TimeAsk MeCombat TauntsLanguage FilterRunningAlwaysSubtitlesItem HighlightGAME PREFERENCESCombat SpeedSlowestFastestText DelayAudio VolumeQuietLoudMaster VolumeMusic/Movie VolumeSound Effects VolumeSpeech VolumeSound Sampling Rate11 mhz22 mhz44 mhzMouse SensitivityBall.Bio.Elec.EMPGen.HeatKill the RatsSecurity is the skill for breaking and entering into the most dangerous of places. It encompasses picking locks on doors, chests, and footlockers as well as spotting, disarming, setting, and (with the Mechanics skill) manufacturing traps.Find and kill 5 rats for me. Bring me their heads as proof.SWEEPTHRUST123Primary MonitorPrimary Resolution800x6001024x7681200x9681600x1200Primary Color Depth16 bpp24 bpp32 bppPrimary BrightnessDarkestBrightestSecondary MonitorSecondary ResolutionSecondary Color DepthSecondary BrightnessBilinear FilteringDetail TexturesEffects DetailLowHighFullscreenWindowFullAllow Re-FocusYesNoTexture DetailShadow TypeDropVolumetricDynamic Lights4VIDEO OPTIONSFriend ColorEnemy ColorSpaceAttack Mode CycleHOTKEY OPTIONSDEFAULTI was able to rescue most of the kidnapped Ciphers from their captors in Denver.[[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////]]LOADSAVEDELETELOAD GAME / SAVE GAMEMany Ciphers were killed in the rescue attempt from the slaver camp in Denver, but I managed to get a few of them out alive.[[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////]]Unfortunately, all the Cipher captives died during my rescue attempt on the slaver camp in Denver.[[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////]]"Hi there and welcome to our Vault!"[[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////]]
{c255}Holy shit, what brahmin pinched {i}you{} out its ass? Hey Bear, here's some loser's uglier than you. HA! I crack myself up... Hey, if you're lookin' to trade, follow yer nose to Sid over there, he handles that shit. If' you're lookin' for a mate, I'd suggest findin' a gecko, 'cause no human's gonna touch ya. Now, don't bother Kyle the Hook again, unless ya want a slug 'tween yer eyes.
{c255}Who the fuck are ya and why ya talkin' to Kyle the Hook?
{c16711680}Uh, yeah... So, Sid told me you're the leader of the Rusty Hooks. I've some questions about you and your gang.
{c16711680}Me no have sex with bear, me want ask questions. Sid said you leader, you know stuff.
{c16711680}Me . Me ask questions.
{c16711680} I'm . I'd like to ask you some questions.
{c16711680}Me no think sex with gecko or mutant good. Me like better pulling your lungs through nose. Me think that more fun.
{c16711680}Have sex with a gecko or super mutant? Hmmm... How about I just punch your nose into the back of your skull, instead?
{c255}Sid said that, did he? I'll have to have a talk with that slop talkin' hag-shit. Look, I ain't got time for your dumb questions. Go bother Bear or big-mouth Sid with shit like that - both those numb-nuts love answerin' questions. Now fuck off, I'm a busy man!
{c16711680}I think you might want to answer my questions ? I know about Bear's heart bomb, Kyle.
{c16711680}You know what? I don't like your attitude. I think you require a permanent adjustment.{ic255}You don' wanna have sex with a gecko or super mutant{}? HA! Judgin' by how stupid an' ugly ya are, I'd say your momma was a gecko and your pappa was a super mutant. Now get the fuck outta my face, you ugly dipshit. I ain't got time to answer none of your stupid-ass questions. And as for Sid, I think I'll have a little talk with him later. Now fuck off!
{c16711680}You got nasty poo-poo mouth. Me clean your poo-poo mouth!
{c255}WHAT?! How the fuck did you find out about that? Did Sid tell you? I'll kill that old waste-billy... And as for {b}you{}, I suggest ya leave this place faster than ya got here before me and the Hooks use ya for target practice!
{c16711680}Kinda tough to hit a target that hits back. Time to die!
{c255}, is it? Dumb name for a dumb fuck. Look, Kyle the Hook ain't got time to answer questions from a shit-brain like you. If ya insist on waistin' time askin' questions, then go to Bear. He's that dumb lookin' super mutant over there. You probably won't understand a fuckin' word he's sayin' since he likes to make up stupid words, but that shouldn't bother ya none ? ya probably don't understand what I'm tellin' ya now. Now {i}git{} before I get nasty.
{c255}And I'd like to bash you in the skull with a bag of brahmin nuts. Look, Kyle the Hook's too busy to answer dipshit questions from a wanderin' waste-billy. Go waste Bear's time with this shit ? he's the dumb lookin' super mutant over there. Now get the fuck outta my face.GAME SLOT
{c255}You again? What part of {i}fuck off{} don't ya get? I got an itchy trigger finger and your head looks like a prime target. Now get the fuck away from me before I lose it!
{c255}Not you again. What is it, you not understandin' the phrase,{i} FUCK OFF{}? I'm through bein' nice, ya slow sack of slug shit. Ya got one minute to clear out before me and the gang start shootin'. Now git!Mechanics - RepairScience - Activate Life SupportSecurity - UnlockYou successfully repair the malfunctioning generator.The computer does not have enough power to activate the vault's life support system. It indicates that the vault generator is not producing enough power.You successfully activate the vault's life support system.The door is locked.You need a security kit to use the Security skill.You successfully unlock the door."Greetings and salutations friend!"You receive XXX experience for delivering Jeremiah's message, potentially saving some innocent townspeople.You attempted to bring peace between Jericho and the Mormons.Your deception ended the conflict between Jericho and Mormons with the loss of only one more life.You receive XXX experience for persuading the sheriff to spare Ivan's life.
{c255}Welcome to Jericho. I'm Mike O'Connor, sheriff and mayor. Most people around here just call me Sheriff.
{c16711680}Do you have any work for me?
{c16711680}Me need money.
{c16711680}Can I ask you a few questions about the town, Sheriff?
{c16711680}Me ask questions about town, Sheriff?
{c16711680}What if I want to call you Sally?
{c16711680}Me call you Sally.
{c255}What can I do for you?
{c16711680}Me ask questions about town?
{c16711680}Tell me about the extermination job again.
{c16711680}Me want to know about bug-killing job again.
{c16711680}I exterminated all the vermin.
{c16711680}Me killed all bugs and rats.
{c16711680}Tell me about the escaped worker again.
{c16711680}Me want to know about guy who run away again.
{c16711680}Delivering Ivan, as promised.
{c16711680}Me brought Ivan.
{c16711680}It's done. Jeremiah is dead.
{c16711680}Me killed Jeremiah.
{c16711680}I've brought a peace offer from Jeremiah. He'll stop his attacks, and he wants the Mormons to live peacefully in Jericho.
{c16711680}Marmets not attack caravans any more. They want to live here and be happy.
{c16711680}The Mormons are getting ready to attack, and they've sworn to put all you sinners in the ground. We'd better attack them first. I can help, but I'll need the help of your best men.
{c16711680}Marmets coming to kill everybody! Me kill them first, but me need help!
{c255}Right now, Anson's is the only place in town for booze, entertainment, and women. He's got a real knack for importing in the pretty ladies, too. If you need patching up, see Lane, but I think a dead brahmin is more of a doctor than "Doc" Lane.
{c255}Well, to the southeast there's Burham Springs, where we get the coal for the plant ? bad place, don't go there if you can help it. A bit further that way is Ouroborous, home to some crazy tribals. I wouldn't go there, either.
{c255}Well, we have a working salt water desalination plant, so we can export water in exchange for other supplies. We've also got our salicornia fields for food. The taste takes some getting used to, though.
{c16711680}What's there to do around here?
{c16711680}What stuff to do?
{c16711680}Any places of interest near Jericho?
{c16711680}What places near here?
{c16711680}How does this town survive all the way out here?
{c16711680}This place far away from other places? How you not die?
{c16711680}Never mind. Do you have any work for me?
{c16711680}No more questions. Me need money now.
{c255}Do you also want a bullet between your eyes?
{c255}You're not too bright, so I'll let that pass... this time. Don't call me Sally ever again.
{c16711680}Not really. Can I ask you a few questions instead?
{c16711680}Okay. Me ask questions?
{c16711680}Ooooh, is Sally getting angry?
{c16711680}Me think Sally funny name for man. Hi, Sally!
{c255}I might, but first you ought to now that all payments are non-negotiable. Now, are you any good in a fight?
{c255}Ha! Doesn't everybody? I'm guessing you're asking me for work. Well, just so you know, I don't bargain when it comes to payments. Now, are you any good in a fight?
{c16711680}I can handle myself. What's the job?
{c16711680}Me fight good. What me do?
{c16711680}Not really. Can I ask you some questions instead?
{c16711680}Me crappy fighter. Me ask you questions, okay?
{c255}We've got several kinds of vermin around here which are starting to make real nuisances of themselves: rats, cockroaches, and wasps. Wipe 'em out, and you get 100 caps.
{c16711680}I'll do it. Where do I need to go?
{c16711680}Okay. Me do it. Where me go?
{c255}To the west of town is the old Union Train station ? the wasps have a nest in there. In the northeast section of town, there are a couple of old, burnt-out buildings housing some huge cockroaches. As for the rats, I'm pretty sure they're coming out of the sewers in the east side of town.
{c16711680}Before I go, can I ask you some questions?
{c16711680}Me ask questions before me go?
{c16711680}All right. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Me do job. Goodbye.
{c255}Nicely done. Here's your money. You up for some more work?
{c255}One of the plant workers, Ivan, decided he'd rather be on the run rather than serve out his sentence in the plant. Find him, bring him back alive, and I'll pay you 500 caps. Talk to Caulwell over at the plant for more details.
{c16711680}All right, I'll track him down and bring him back.
{c16711680}Okay. Me go find him.
{c255}Very nice work ? here's your payment. Deputy, take Ivan and hang him.
{c16711680}What? You didn't say anything about executing him!
{c16711680}Why you wanna kill him?
{c16711680}Is there anything else for me to do?
{c16711680}Me do something else?
{c255}Well, I'll take your word for it, but the bounty was only good for a live man.
{c255}You didn't misunderstand me and kill him, did you? In any case, the bounty was only good for a live man.
{c16711680}I understand. Got anything else for me?
{c16711680}Okay. More to do?
{c16711680}I'll just {b}take {}my money from your corpse, then.
{c16711680}Me kill you and take money.
{c255}Ivan was justly sentenced, and instead of serving out that sentence, he chose to escape. I won't have that kind of behavior in Jericho. Deputy, you have your orders.
{c16711680}Ivan only escaped because he was afraid the air in the plant would kill him. He'll gladly serve out his sentence, but he all wants is to be moved to a cleaner job.
{c16711680}Ugh, not kill. He, uh, he nice man!
{c16711680}I understand. Is there anything else you need me to do?
{c16711680}Oh, okay. You need me to do more?
{c255}Hmmm... I see your point. All right, I'll move Ivan over to the salicornia farm, {i}but {}he gets an extra six months added onto his sentence for his little vacation away from Jericho.
{c16711680}That sounds fair. Now, is there anything else you need me to do?
{c255}Sorry, but Jericho's a law-abiding town, and our law says that any convict who runs from his sentence gets marked for death. Deputy, take Ivan away.
{c255}You're not smart enough to understand what's at stake here, so this discussion is over. Deputy, take Ivan away.
{c16711680}All right. I don't suppose you have any more jobs for me?
{c16711680}Me want more work.
{c255}Our caravans are being attacked by a group of Mormons calling themselves the Hands of God. I've decided it's time to end their interference for good, but there are complications.
{c16711680}What kind of complications?
{c16711680}What that mean?
{c16711680}I'll consider it. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Me think about it. Goodbye.
{c255}The Mormon camp, which is east of here, has women and children in it. I've got good men working for me, but they're trigger-happy. I'm sending you in the hope that they're won't be a bloodbath.
{c16711680}I see. So, what exactly did you want me to do?
{c16711680}Oh. What me do?
{c255}Jeremiah is their leader. Kill him without harming any of the women or children, if you can manage it. This job's worth 1000 caps if you pull it off.
{c16711680}I'll do it.
{c16711680}Me do it.
{c255}Excellent{i} {}work. Here's the money I promised you, and with that, I believe our business together is concluded.
{c255}Let me get this straight ? Jeremiah tries to force us out of our own town, burns our caravans when we refuse, and now he expects to live {i}with {}us in peace? What's the catch?
{c16711680}No catch, sheriff. Jeremiah was just a little overzealous in interpreting God's will, and now he just wants peace.
{c16711680}Not catch anything. Marmet guy say he sorry and want to be nice to everybody now.
{c255}Well, nobody died, so I {i}suppose{} I could forgive those idiots for burning three perfectly good wagons. All right, tell them we have a deal. Oh, and one more thing.
{c16711680}What that?
{c255}Nice job. Here's your pay... with a bonus. You've done good today.
{c255}Dammit! I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this, but now it looks like we've got no choice. I'll get the boys and meet you at the camp.
{c255}I wasn't born yesterday you know. What, you get some kind of kick out of trying to cause trouble? Get the hell out of my sight before I have you strung up!
{c255}You know, the Mormons didn't seem very well-armed for a group that was going to attack Jericho.
{c16711680}What does it matter? Your troubles with them are over, and I want my money.
{c16711680}Well, me stupid and not know anything. Job done. Gimme money!
{c255}Yeah, here's your money. Now, get out of here. I don't want to see your face for awhile.
{c255}You've done a fine thing for Jericho, and I think it's only fair for you to share in our prosperity. I'm giving you a 5 percent stake in the water plant, whether you like it or not.
{c16711680}And that means?
{c255}It means that you share in the profits. You can pick up your share at the first of every month. Here's a little advance ? 1500 caps. There's a lot more where that came from, too.
{c255}I heard about the deal you cut with Hoover Dam ? guns and armor, huh? Well done, even though you had no authority to negotiate on Jericho's behalf.
{c255}I heard about the deal you cut with Hoover Dam ? guns and action figures? Nice job on the guns, but what the hell are we going to do with dolls, dammit?
{c16711680}They're not {i}dolls, {}they're {i}action figures{}.
{c255}I heard about the deal you cut with Hoover Dam ? armor and action figures? We could use better armor, but what the hell are we going to do with dolls, dammit?
{c255}You gave Hoover Dam a price cut in exchange for these dolls? You had no right to negotiate a contract with them! What were you thinking?
{c255}What? Never mind! You're crazy, you know that?"This job officially sucks.""Could really use a break right about now."" pump!""At least I didn't get hung.""Somebody should stick a knife in O'Connor.""Man, so many more days to go...""Did you see Anson's new girl? Can't wait to get some of that after I get out.""This town sucks.""How come I gotta work in the plant instead of the fields?""*cough* , it's smoky in here.""You hear the one about the brahmin and the bounty hunter?""What are you in for?""Go away.""Watch it. Caulwell's in a bad mood today.""What are you looking at?"
{c255}Hello there! I've been looking for someone to talk to about the water plant, but it doesn't seem anyone is around at the moment.
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c255}I can't wait here forever, you know. And, *ahem*, I believe we have already "donated" something to your pockets?
{c255}Hello again! So, are you ready to make a deal with us?
{c16711680}All right, let's deal. What is Hoover Dam offering in exchange for a lower rate on its water imports?
{c255}Oh, sorry about that. I'm Krieger, Simon Krieger. My associates and I have come all the way from Hoover Dam to talk to someone about the water plant.
{c16711680}Well, I have a 5 percent stake in the plant. Can you talk to me?
{c16711680}What's your interest in the plant?
{c255}Oh, I'm afraid I can't discuss that with anyone who doesn't have a stake in the plant. Let's just say I've got a deal which could be quite lucrative for everyone involved.
{c16711680}I've got a 5 percent stake in the plant. Can you talk to me?
{c255}Good enough for me! Well, word has gotten around that Jericho's water plant is pumping out lot more fresh water these days. We at Hoover Dam could use some of that extra water... at a more reasonable price.
{c16711680}So, you'd like to work out some sort of low-rate contract?
{c16711680}What's in it for me?
{c16711680}Doesn't Jericho already ship water to Hoover Dam?
{c255}Yes, a long-term one. In exchange for lower rates on Jericho's water ? say, a 15 percent reduction, Hoover Dam is prepared to offer Jericho {i}exclusive {}access to any one of our fine exports.
{c16711680}What products?First Aid KitSecurity KitTool KitPowering UpLife Support OnNeeds PowerRepaired
{c255}Don't disturb the harmony of my village, outsider, or I'll have you removed.No LockpicksNo Security KitMedic - Heal WoundsFemale Vault DwellerMale Vault DwellerYou must have a Tool Kit equipped.You must have a Security Kit equipped.You must have a First Aid Kit equipped.You unlocked the door.
{c255}How can I help you, citizen?
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}What are we doing here?
{c16711680}What happened? How did I get here?
{c16711680}Do you know how to use all that gear or is it just for show?
{c16711680}Nothing right now. Let's go.
{c255}Corporal Armstrong of the 4th Armored Infantry Division, Great Midwest Commonwealth. I'll help you reach your vault, citizen.
{c16711680}Okay. Let's go.
{c255}We need to find your vault entrance, but first we have to get through this bombed out city. There may be Communist insurgents taking advantage of the bombing raid, so be alert, citizen!
{c255}Your Communist parents didn't believe the government's bombing raid sirens and were reduced to ash. You made your way to the relocation center and I offered to escort you here. It should only be a block or two.
{c255}I am trained in the use of light and heavy assault weapons and have fifty three hours of field experience in the T-45d Power Armor, citizen. Most of those were during the Anchorage Reclamation.
{c16711680}What was the Anchorage Reclamation like?
{c255}Commie Chans everywhere, citizen. Those yellow bastards... We cleaned 'em up good, though, didn't we? Ha, ha, ha!
{c255}Well, here's the entrance to the vault, citizen. I have to head back to the City now. This T-45d eats up small energy cells like Chans at a rice buffet! Ha, ha, ha! Don't worry, though. We'll send those godless reds packing within the month!
{c16711680}Thanks, Corporal Armstrong! Goodbye.
{c16711680}Yeah, okay. Bye.A suit of power armor built from designs for the pre-war T-51b prototypes. Power armor has a built in fusion generator capable of supporting the massive energy needed for its strength enhancers and other mechanized components.Power HelmetA power helmet for use with the T-51b power armor. Built to be the ultimate in pre-war protection, the power helmet has a tendency to dull the wearer's senses with its thick visor, layers of metal, and polymer padding.9mm FMJ9mm FMJ ammunition. These bullets will load into any weapon capable of firing 9mm ammo. In pre-war times, 9mm ammunition was used over the more powerful .45 ammunition because of its slight advantage at penetrating armor.A first aid kit. Manufactured by Bringham MedCo, it contains all of the basic elements needed to provide basic medical care.A security kit. Filled with small picks, files, clippers, grounding wires, small batteries and other special tools, security kits provide the necessary equipment for picking locks and dealing with traps.A basic tool kit. Developed by the Pittsburg Tool Company, this heavy red box holds hammers, screwdrivers, soldering irons, wire snips, wrenches and hardware for almost any occasion. It provides the user with the necessary equipment to do serious mechanical work."PATROLING AREA FOR HOSTILE INTRUDERS""Communist insurgents, citizen!""Taking defensive action.""Area clear, citizen. Let's proceed.""PRIORITY 1 PATROL""REPAIRS REQUESTED""UNABLE TO PATROL""DAMAGED! ... DAMAGED!"Eyebot Repaired"FURTHER REPAIRS REQUIRED"WorldMapTARGETED"SYSTEMS CHECK ... PASS""RESUMING PREVIOUS DIRECTIVE"PUNCH
{c16711680}Nice to meet you, too. Who are you?
{c16711680}Goodbye.Thanks to the Cipher Ritual, you were able to process Zax's data.I learned from the Nemonik that the Ciphers have a Ritual which allows the whole village to act like one big human computer. Weird.
{c255}Speak, outsider.
{c255}Hello again, my friend. What may I do for you?Thanks to the Cipher Ritual, you were able to process Zax's data.
{c16711680}What do you do here?
{c16711680}What you do here?
{c16711680}Anything going on that I could help with?Thanks to the Cipher Ritual, you were able to process Zax's data.
{c16711680}Me help with something?
{c16711680}Didn't you mention something about Vipers harassing Mesa Verde?
{c16711680}You say people bugging village?
{c16711680}I've removed the Viper threat.
{c16711680}Bad guys all gone.
{c16711680}What was that you said about the crops?
{c16711680}You say you not like crops?
{c16711680}The new fertilizer Denom used on the crops was radioactive, which is why the crops are so big. It's probably not a good idea to eat anything grown from those fields.
{c16711680}Fertilizer make crops all glowy and mutated. Not good to eat.
{c16711680}Is there anything that can help Mesa Verde's food supply?
{c16711680}What you do about food?
{c16711680}I arranged for a Hoover Dam caravan to bring you food.
{c16711680}Men with moo-cows bring you food now.
{c16711680}Tell me again about what happened to your people.
{c16711680}Where your people go, again?
{c16711680}I was able to rescue all of your people.
{c16711680}Me save all you people. Nobody die.
{c16711680}I managed to rescue your people, but not all of them survived the escape.
{c16711680}Me save people, but not all still alive.
{c16711680}I found your people, but none of them survived the escape.
{c16711680}Me find people, but they all die.
{c255}I'm Azkee, Counter for this village.
{c255}*sigh* I'm Azkee, Counter for this village. Please, don't touch anything.
{c16711680}What do you count?
{c16711680}What you counting?
{c255}The Ciphers you see around you are not all the Ciphers there are. Most are nomads, travelers in the wasteland. It is the Counter's duty to decide who may stay in Mesa Verde, and who must leave.
{c16711680}What kind of variables?
{c16711680}Uh, okay. What that mean?
{c255}Population, for one. Mesa Verde can only support a small number of my people and it is my duty as the Counter to enforce population control.
{c255}It means I decide who gets to live here, and who must leave.
{c16711680}I see. So, is there anything you could use some help with?
{c16711680}Oh. Me help you with something?
{c255}Yes. The Vipers in the canyon disturb my village, but we are at an impasse ? neither side can defeat the other. Perhaps the help of an outsider like yourself can tip the balance in our favor.
{c16711680}I'll solve your Viper problem for you. Somehow.
{c16711680}Me go move Vipers for you.
{c16711680}Those guys? I already took care of them.
{c16711680}Me already take care of Vipers.
{c16711680}What's in it for me if I help you?
{c16711680}You gimme stuff for me help?
{c255}We have a small surplus of bullets and chems which are yours if you do what I ask.
{c16711680}All right. I'll go take care of the Vipers.
{c16711680}Me go move Vipers now.
{c16711680}Well, hand them over. I already took care of the Vipers.
{c16711680}Gimme! Me already take care of Vipers.
{c255}I wish you luck, outsider.
{c255}Thank you, outsider. You didn't ask for a reward, but I must offer you some compensation for your efforts. Here, some items we had set aside for trade.Communist InsurgentThis seedy looking individual looks an awful lot like a communist.You successfully repair the damaged eyebot."I like dogs!""Dogs are smart!""I wish I could train dogs like Teacher does.""Stupid! You're stupid!""My dog can beat up your dog!""Poop-smell! Poop-smell!""You said mean things!""I don't like you!""You smell like poop!""I'm Teacher's apprentice!""Teacher is a good dog trainer.""I get to work with the dogs!"
{c255}Thank you, outsider. Here are the bullets and chems I promised.
{c16711680}Is there anything else you need help with?
{c16711680}Me help you more?
{c255}It's been brought to my attention that the crops are unusually large this season. I'd like you to investigate this matter for me.
{c16711680}All right. Who do I need to talk to?
{c16711680}Okay. Who me talk to?
{c16711680}What's the pay?
{c16711680}Me want money.
{c255}If you can find out what has happened to the crops, I'll give you this revolver. It's old, but functional.
{c16711680}Deal. Who do I need to talk to?
{c255}See Denom at the top of the mesa. He's the one in charge of the fields and the wind turbine.
{c255}This is very bad. Without the crops, we must rely entirely on hunting, and hunting alone cannot support the village at its current size. I will be forced to banish people into the wasteland. Oh, and here is the revolver I promised.
{c16711680}What if you had more food brought to you?
{c16711680}You get food from other place, maybe?
{c255}A caravan from Hoover Dam would be the best source for food, but I'm afraid the cost for the shipments would be very high. We can't afford it.
{c16711680}I'll cover the cost.
{c16711680}Me pay for everything.
{c255}You're being generous. I'm surprised, considering that you insisted on payment for my other tasks. Still, I gladly accept your offer.
{c255}I welcome your generosity, . If you do this for us, you shall always find a place here at Mesa Verde.
{c16711680}It's a loan, not a gift. I expect you to pay me back one of these days ? with interest.
{c16711680}It loan. Me want money back someday.
{c255}Oh. Still, it is the best we can do right now, and I still accept your offer.
{c255}Thank you, ! Your generosity has allowed many Ciphers too old or too young to travel to remain within the village.
{c16711680}Glad I can help. Anything else around here need doing?
{c16711680}Me happy to help. Me help more?Get Marie Apprenticed to TeacherLet the Hangdogs use for Dog BreedingLearn the Hangdog Fighting StyleOpenClose"WARNING! - LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS NOT DETECTED""MALFUNCTION WARNING!"
{c16711680}Right. Arranging for the shipments cost me a lot of caps. Any idea on when you can start paying me back?
{c16711680}Um, me pay lots of money. When you pay me?
{c255}Hmmm... perhaps in a year or two, at the earliest.
{c16711680}I see. Any other jobs?T6 Fusion GeneratorThis appears to be a sixth generation Trident class fusion generator from Poseidon Energy. It is relatively large and inefficient, mostly used for the powering of vaults and other small, isolated settlements.Multi-Monitor ComputerThese multi-monitor computer stations are useful for running diagnostics and surveillance camera feed while the user is working on something else.Floating Eye BotAn FEB-II floating eye bot.
{c16711680}Gah. More jobs?
{c255}Not right now. Perhaps you can be of assistance to some of my people.
{c255}! It is good that you have come. A number of my people have been taken.
{c16711680}Taken? Who took them, and where?
{c16711680}Who take people? Where they go?
{c16711680}What does that have to do with me?
{c16711680}That bad for you, not me.
{c255}Slavers came to Mesa Verde posing as the caravan from Hoover Dam, and a number of my people went to greet them and were captured. We need your help finding them."Ahhhh... Sweet, sweet liquid fluorinated hydrocarbons.""No wonder they locked the door, it stinks in here with that generator burning like that.""VAULT POWER LEVEL 0% MOVING TO REPAIR GENERATOR""GENERATOR ROOM DOOR LOCKED - REQUESTING ASSISTANCE""GENERATOR FUNCTIONING - VAULT POWER LEVEL 100%"
{c16711680}I'll help you.
{c255}Hey, you! Don't move or I'll shoot! Who are you?
{c16711680}I'm . Who are you?
{c16711680}Me . Who you?
{c16711680}Shut up and die, tribal!
{c16711680}You die!
{c255}Hey, I can't talk right now.
{c255}Uh, I'm Hex. What are you doing here?
{c16711680}I'm exploring. What is this place??
{c16711680}Me exploring. What here?
{c16711680}I'm looking for a particular electronic part, and I've heard the Ciphers might have what I'm looking for.
{c16711680}Me need part. Me told it be here.
{c16711680}I'm here to kill you all.
{c16711680}Me kill you all!
{c255}This is Mesa Verde. How'd you get past the Vipers in the canyon?
{c16711680}I killed them all.
{c16711680}Me kill them.
{c16711680}I snuck past them. So, can I come inside now?
{c16711680}Me sneaky. Um, you in me way. Move.
{c16711680}I flew over them, of course. It's the only way to travel.
{c255}You... you did? Well, uh, I guess you can come into the village, then.
{c255}Uh, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to let you inside.
{c16711680}You're the only guard I see, and you don't {i}know {}if you can let me inside?
{c16711680}Me not understand.
{c16711680}Let me in right {b}now {}or I'll take that crappy rifle of yours and shove it so far up your ass you'll be tasting gunpowder for weeks.
{c16711680}Me go in {b}now{} or me tear you arm off and beat you!
{c255}*gulp* Go right in, sir.
{c255}*gulp* Go right in, ma'am.
{c255}Ha! If {i}that's{} as scary as you can get, then I suppose I could handle you if you make trouble. Go on in.
{c255}Oh. You'd have to talk to Trig about that.
{c16711680}All right, I will. So, are you going to let me in or what?
{c16711680}Okay. Um, you still in me way.
{c255}Look, I may be young, but I'm not stupid. I know outsiders can't fly. Um, you can't... right?
{c16711680}Yes, I was joking. Actually, I'm exploring. Are you going to let me in your village?
{c16711680}I'm a mutant. All mutants fly. Therefore, I can fly.
{c255}I'm new! I was only told to watch out for the Vipers. Nobody ever said anything about other visitors.
{c255}It's just that... over, never mind. You can come in.
{c16711680}Well, let me talk with your leader. If he doesn't like me, he can have you throw me out. How's that sound?
{c255}Wow! Can I see?
{c16711680}Not right now. Are you going to let me in, or do I, uh, need to fly over you?
{c255}You're just making fun of me 'cause you think I'm still a kid.
{c16711680}Sorry. Now, are you going to let in or what?
{c255}Yeah, sure. You have to come back and show me how you can fly, okay?
{c255}I guess that'll be okay. You can come in.I overheard one of the Hangdog girls talking about wanting to be a dog trainer.Hangdog girl say she want to train dogs.Grins A Lot's daughter Marie wants to learn to train the dogs, but Hangdog girls are expected to take care of the home.Marie wants to work with dogs. Grins is her father. She can't work with dogs because she is a girl and Hangdogs no allow it.
{c16711680}Me help.
{c16711680}This has nothing to do with me.
{c16711680}Too bad. Not problem for me.
{c255}We are not your people, but I know you must be familiar with many places in the wasteland. We desperately need your help.
{c16711680}Oh, all right. I'll help you.
{c16711680}Okay, me help.
{c16711680}You still owe me for the food caravans. Until then, I'm not lifting a finger to help you.
{c16711680}Me not get paid yet for food. Me not help you.
{c255}Thank you. The slavers were spotted heading to the northwest of Mesa Verde. Good luck, and may the numbers come up in your favor, ."Look what the wastes brought in. Get on with your business and then leave this place, git.""Whoa there, didn't know the vault had become a refuge for the lower echelon of society.""Welcome to the vault my fine lady. Hope you enjoy your stay!""What's a lass like you doing in these parts?""Listen wench, we don't like your kind around here. Better get a move on!""Hey , who the beat you with the ugly stick?"Trig build big gun thingie to shoot snake guys, but it not work.Gun thingie need cap-, err, capak, um, new thingies. [The cannon needs new capacitors].Find out what's wrong with Trig's death cannon.Trig has built some sort of laser death cannon to use on the Vipers, but it doesn't work.I inspected Trig's death cannon, and found out that the capacitors she used are defective. This is what's preventing the cannon from firing.Trig said I might be able to find another set of capacitors at Fort Abandon.I helped Trig replace the capacitors on her death cannon, and we fired it at the Vipers. The results were extremely impressive. Unfortunately, Trig's cannon was completely fried in the process.Tried to tell Trig why gun thingie broken. She not understand. Maybe if me find parts and show her, she understand better.Gun thingie fixed. We shoot snake guys and they scream and turn black. Fun!
{c255}I'd love to talk, but I'm a little busy at the moment.
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c255}Arrrgh! Stupid piece of junk! Why aren't you {i}working{}?
{c255}Hi there. What's new?
{c16711680}Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Me buy things.
{c16711680}What do you do here, Trig?
{c16711680}What you do here?
{c16711680}What are you working on?
{c16711680}What you doing?
{c16711680}Your laser cannon needs a new set of capacitors. The ones you have installed {i}look {}okay, but they're immediately discharging any energy the cells pour into them.
{c16711680}Big gun thingie need new... uh... thingie. [You do your best to describe what's wrong with the cannon.]
{c16711680}I fixed your laser cannon. It just needed a new set of capacitors. So, can we shoot something, or {i}someone{}, with it now?
{c16711680}Me fix gun thingie. It need new, uh, thingies. Me wanna shoot stuff!
{c16711680}I'd like to buy your inventions.
{c16711680}Me buy those things you made.
{c16711680}I have the money for your inventions.
{c16711680}Me not poor anymore. Me buy things you made.
{c16711680}You wouldn't happen to know how to build a docking clamp, would you?
{c16711680}Me need clamp thingie built. You know how?
{c255}I'm Trig, and... damn it, {i}why {}isn't this stupid thing working?
{c16711680}What job you do here?
{c16711680}What's that thing near the cliff? Some sort of weapon?
{c16711680}What big thingie by cliff?
{c255}Trying to rig an electronic sound alarm for the village ? you know, to warn us when people are coming up the path.
{c16711680}Oh, I see. Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Oh. Me buy things.
{c16711680}Interesting. What else do you do around here?
{c16711680}Uh, okay. What more you do here?
{c16711680}I know something about electronics. Mind if I take a look?
{c16711680}Me know that stuff. Gimme.
{c16711680}You don't anything that fancy. I'll show you how to make a simple alarm using materials found in the wild.
{c16711680}That no good. Me show you how to build noisy thing with sticks and stuff.
{c255}Well, normally I don't trust anything that doesn't run off a battery, but I guess it'll have to do. Show me.
{c16711680}[You show her how to build a primitive but effective alarm.]
{c255}Well, I guess it'll do for now. Thanks!
{c16711680}No problem. Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Yup! Me buy things now.
{c255}Go ahead. I'm ready to throw the damn thing over the cliff.
{c16711680}Hmmm... trying connecting that wire {i}here {}and this wire over {i}there{}. Okay, that should do it. [The alarm starts shrieking.]
{c16711680}Um... that go {i}here{}, that go {i}there{}. Okay, maybe it work now. [The alarm starts shrieking.]
{c255}Hey, thanks! With this, it'll be impossible for anyone to sneak up on the village.
{c16711680}That looks like some sort of cannon at the edge of the cliff.
{c16711680}What big gun thingie over there?
{c255}Well, it's {i}supposed {}to be a high-yield laser cannon, but right now it's just a useless piece of junk.
{c16711680}Who did you want to shoot?
{c16711680}You shoot somebody?
{c16711680}What's wrong with it?
{c16711680}Why it not work?
{c255}Those damn Vipers who are keeping us bottled up in the village. The cannon has got a clear shot at them. Now, if I can just get it working...
{c255}Well, I really wanted to shoot those Vipers with it, but they're gone now, so I'm going to take it down and use the parts in something else. The cannon never worked, anyway.
{c16711680}What's wrong with the cannon?
{c16711680}Why gun thingie broken?
{c255}Go ahead, but be really, {i}really {}careful with it. Most of the parts I used to make it are just about impossible to find.
{c255}Oh, I fix broken electronics people bring in and trade them for other things. I also try to invent new electronics whenever I have the parts.
{c16711680}Do you have anything to trade now?
{c16711680}Me can buy things now?
{c16711680}So, what have you invented?
{c16711680}What you make?
{c255}Here, I'll show you what I have available.
{c255}I've only managed to make two things which work ? sort of. One's a device which scares away animals for some reason ? dogs in particular. I was trying to build an alert system for the village.
{c16711680}And the other one?
{c16711680}That not two. One plus one equal... two. What number two?
{c255}The other invention is this low-powered laser pointer. All it does is shoot a red beam at whatever you point it at, and that's it. It was {i}supposed {}to be a miniature death ray.
{c16711680}Are you willing to sell either of them?
{c16711680}Me buy them!
{c255}Everytime I try to fire it, it ends up draining the fusion cells without doing a damn thing. I'm not sure how to fix the problem.
{c16711680}Mind if I take a look at it?
{c16711680}Me go look at it.
{c255}You actually want to {i}buy {}them? Well, it's your money. 100 caps for both of them.
{c16711680}That's pretty pricey for a couple of inventions which don't do what they're supposed to. 75 caps is much more fair.
{c16711680}Nuh-uh! They not work, so me give you... um... uh... not 100.
{c16711680}Sorry, I don't have the cash on me right now.
{c16711680}Ugh. Me too poor. Can't buy.
{c255}Well, I doubt anyone else wants them, so come talk to me again when you get the money.
{c255}All right, 75 it is.
{c255}*sigh* All right, not 100. How about 75?
{c16711680}Damn, I just realized I don't have the money.
{c16711680}Eek! Me too poor! Can't buy.
{c255}Damn. I'm out of capacitors. However, there's a place a little west of here called Fort Abandon where I trade for parts once in awhile. Maybe you can find those there.
{c255}I'm really sorry, but I don't understand what you mean.
{c16711680}Lucky for you, I happen to have a spare set of capacitors on me.
{c16711680}Gah! It need these thingies! [Show her the spare capacitors you have.]
{c16711680}Thanks for the information. Goodbye
{c16711680}Ugh. Goodbye.
{c255}Lucky me, indeed. Come on, let's hurry up and install those things. Those Vipers are going to be in for {i}such {}a surprise.
{c255}Oh, {i}those{}. Why didn't you just show them to me in the first place? Come on, let's hurry and up and install those things. We've got some Vipers to toast.
{c16711680}Let's do it.
{c16711680}Yeah, yeah!
{c16711680}Hold on. I'm not just {i}giving {}these to you. I'd like some payment first, please.
{c16711680}Hey, these not free! Gimme money!
{c255}Okay. So, what if trade you a geiger counter and an infrared helmet for them? Would that be good enough for you?
{c16711680}Sounds good. Let's get these capacitors installed.
{c16711680}Yeah, me like. We go fix gun thingie now.
{c16711680}No, sorry. That's not good enough.
{c16711680}Nope. Gimme more.
{c255}That's all the items I can spare. If we can't make a deal, then I guess I'll have to find those capacitors somewhere else.
{c16711680}All right, fine. We have a deal. Let's get these capacitors installed.
{c16711680}Okey-dokey. Me take stuff. Now we go fix gun thingie.
{c16711680}I guess so. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Me keep gun thingies parts then. Goodbye.
{c255}I can't believe you fixed it without me. Oh, well ? let's go toast some Vipers!
{c16711680}Sounds good to me.
{c16711680}Hee hee! Fun!
{c255}Okay, here you go. I hope they're useful, somehow.
{c255}No, I don't think so. 100 caps, or I hang onto them.
{c16711680}All right. Here's 100 caps.
{c16711680}Okay. Here money.
{c16711680}I don't have the caps right now.
{c16711680}Argh. Me poor! Can't buy.
{c16711680}Keep them, then. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Me not want them anymore. Goodbye.
{c255}I have no idea what that is, but you might still be in luck. My cousin, Symm, showed up yesterday. He travels all over the wasteland, collecting odd schematics. He might have what you need.
{c16711680}Where is he?
{c16711680}Where he?
{c255}Up at the top of the mesa, inspecting the condensors. Azkee didn't waste any time putting him to work, as usual.
{c-16777216}Cure Radian's illness.Radian says he's sick, but he doesn't know what's wrong with him.I used my medical skills to diagnose Radian, and it turns out that he has High Desert Fever.I could treat Radian's illness, but I need a doctor's bag first.I cured Radian's illness.Instead of curing Radian, I gave him some extremely addictive painkillers instead. He'll feel cured, but only for a few hours.Sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine.I used Radian's painkiller addiction against him and forced him to sabotage the wind turbine for me.
{c255}*cough* What do you want, outsider?
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c255}*cough* Hello, again.
{c255}Hello, doctor! Thanks again for curing me.
{c255}Hey, doctor, I think I'm getting sick again. I could {i}really {}use some more of that mediciine.
{c16711680}What do you do around here, Radian?
{c16711680}What you do here?
{c16711680}Are you all right?
{c16711680}You not look good.
{c16711680}I can probably do something about that illness, Radian.
{c16711680}Well, Radian, that medicine isn't cheap or easy to come by.
{c255}Radian. [He begins to shake uncontrollably.]
{c16711680}What do you do around here?
{c255}*cough* No. Pretty sick. Not sure what's wrong.
{c16711680}Hmmm... dilated pupils, clammy skin... do you feel thirsty and dizzy all the time?
{c16711680}You sick. Me doctor. Me fix you.
{c16711680}Sorry to hear that. What do you do here?
{c16711680}Oh. What you do here?
{c255}Yeah. Been using up more than my share of water. *cough*
{c16711680}It sounds like you've got High Desert Fever. It's not contagious, but it'll eventually kill you if it isn't treated.
{c255}*cough* Can you help me?
{c16711680}Yes, I can. The fever can be treated with common medicines available in my doctor's bag.
{c16711680}I could, but I don't have a doctor's bag with me right now.
{c255}Thank you. *cough*
{c16711680}[Pull out supplies from your doctor's bag and give Radian the cure.]
{c16711680}[Use supplies from your doctor's bag to give Radian some extremely addictive painkillers instead of the cure.]
{c255}Please! I need more medicine. I have no money, but I'll do anything. {i}Anything!
{c16711680}Sing for me.
{c16711680}Anything, huh? Would you sabotage the wind turbine?
{c255}Uh... okay. Ahem. "Give me a kiss to build a dream on, and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss. Sweetheart, I ask no more than this: a kiss to build a dream on."{i}
{c16711680}Nice, very nice.
{c16711680}Now I want you to do is to sabotage the wind turbine.
{c255}I can't do that! We couldn't make any more water, and we'd all be doomed!{i}
{c16711680}Well, I guess you don't need more medicine after all, then. I'll just go sell it, or maybe throw it away, or feed it to an ill-tempered brahmin...
{c255}No, no! Wait! You bastard, what have you done to me? I'll do what you ask ? just give me the medicine.{i}
{c255}No, no! Wait! You bitch, what have you done to me? I'll do what you ask ? just give me the medicine.{i}
{c16711680}I don't think so, Radian. Do what I asked first, and {i}then {}you'll get your medicine.
{c255}D-don't go anywhere. I'll do it, and be right back.{i}
{c16711680}All right. Oh, and Radian - don't even think about betraying me.
{c255}*cough* Wow... I'm feeling pretty good... and sleepy. {i}
{c16711680}Why don't you just take a nap now, and I'll come see you again in a few hours.
{c255}I'll do that. Thanks, doctor.{i}
{c255}Wow! I feel much better already! Thanks, doctor!{i}
{c16711680}I'll check back in an hour to see how you're doing. Goodbye.
{c255}*cough* Usually the same as everybody else ? farm, hunt, and guard the village. Been too weak to do that lately.{i}
{c255}I'm back to helping out with the farming and hunting, thanks to you.{i}
{c255}I'm feeling a little better, but I'm starting to get the shakes again.{i}
{c16711680}What's wrong with you?
{c255}*cough* You, a doctor? Right. *cough* Thanks for the offer, but stay away from me.{i}
{c16711680}Okay. What you do here?
{c255}Oh. *cough* Thanks, anyway.{i}
{c16711680}What do you do here?
{c255}There, it's done. Give me my medicine!{i}
{c16711680}Good. Here's your medicine.
{c255}Am I done humiliating myself? Can I have the medicine now?{i}
{c16711680}Sure. Here you go.
{c16711680}Not just yet. I'd also like you to sabotage the wind turbine for me.
{c255}Ahhhh... feeling {i}so {}much better again.
{c255}*cough* Hey! Hey, doctor! It's me! Radian, remember?
{c255}*cough* Hey, doctor. You, uh, brought some medicine for me?
{c16711680}Why, hello, Radian. What are you doing in Hoover Dam?
{c16711680}Yes, I did. You'll need to do something for me first, though.
{c255}*cough* Village is gone ? Vipers got everybody except me. Hey, have you got any more medicine for me? The stuff around here's not so good.
{c16711680}Sure, Radian. But, there's something I need you to do, first.
{c16711680}Sorry, I'm out.
{c255}Again? Okay, what you want done, and I'll go do it. *cough*
{c16711680}[Pending on Hoover Dam quests]
{c255}*cough* Well, I'm not going anywhere. Do me a favor and scrounge some up for me, will you? *cough*"The smell of the capitalist pigs is everywhere."Denom says that Azkee had complained that the crops were too scrawny, so Denom used a special fertilizer he bought from a traveling merchant which made the crops grow big.Denom say he use special dirt on plants. Now plants grow big. "We are cunning and sneaky!""Our cause is just.""The next great proletarian revolution has begun!"The door is locked.
{c255}Help us! They're everywhere!
{c16711680}Slow down. What are you talking about?
{c16711680}Me not understand. What you talking about?
{c255}Thanks for your help! I'm Denom.
{c255}That was messy. By the way, I'm Denom.
{c255}Hello. Is there something I can do for you?
{c16711680}What were those creatures?
{c16711680}What those creatures?
{c16711680}Azkee is concerned about the crops. He says that they're a bit larger than normal.
{c16711680}Bald leader guy worry about crops. Say they too big.
{c16711680}That fertilizer you used on the crops is radioactive.
{c16711680}Dirt is all glowy and stuff. Very bad.
{c16711680}I brought back a bag of seeds from that wheat I told you about.
{c16711680}Me bring seeds.
{c255}I have no idea. We've never seen them before. They just seemed to spring out of the ground.
{c16711680}What's your job here?
{c16711680}What job you do?
{c255}Plant creatures, in the fields! We need help killing them!
{c16711680}All right, I'm on it.
{c16711680}Okay, me go kill them.
{c16711680}Not my problem. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Nope. Goodbye.
{c255}I'm in charge of overseeing the crops, as well as keeping the turbine and condensors running.
{c16711680}Tell me about the turbine.
{c16711680}Me wanna know about turbine.
{c16711680}How do the condensors work?
{c16711680}Wanna know about condensors.
{c255}We get a lot of wind up here, so the founders of the village built the wind turbine up here to generate electricity. It isn't much energy, but it's enough to power the condensors.
{c16711680}What do the condensors do?
{c16711680}What condensors do?
{c255}The condensors trap moisture in the wind and collect the water for us. It's very slow ? a little more than day's worth of water for the whole village each day. They're powered by the turbine.
{c255}I can't believe he's complaining about the crops {i}again{}. Just a few weeks ago, he was upset with me because the crops were too scrawny.
{c16711680}The crops were too scrawny? What did you do to improve them?
{c16711680}How you make crops big?
{c255}I used some special fertilizer I got off a merchant who passed through here. He claimed it could make anything grow, and he was right. It's great stuff!
{c16711680}I'd like to examine this fertilizer.
{c16711680}Me want to look at fertilizer.
{c255}I used it all up, but the barrel it came in is in the storage shed over there. Why? What's wrong?
{c16711680}I don't know yet. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Me not know yet. Goodbye.
{c255}What? No, it's not. There must be a mistake.
{c255}"Glowy"? What are you talking about?
{c16711680}There's no mistake. I examined the fertilizer barrel with a geiger counter, and it's moderately radioactive.
{c16711680}Glowy! Point thingie at barrel, it go "beep beep beep!"
{c255}Oh, no! I've poisoned our fields, and our crops! What am I going to do? We're all going to starve!
{c255}Oh, no! It's radioactive? I've poisoned our fields, and our crops! What am I going to do? We're all going to starve!
{c16711680}I don't know right now. I'll speak to Azkee about it.
{c16711680}Dunno. Me talk to bald leader guy.
{c16711680}A group at Hoover Dam has developed a type of wheat which cleans the ground it grows in of radiation. I could get some for you.
{c16711680}Big dam people make plant that clean glowy stuff from dirt. Me get some for you.
{c255}He's going to have me banished for this, I know it.
{c255}Really? That's incredible! Yes, please get some for me!
{c255}Thank you! I'll start planting these right away.
{c16711680}Whoa, not so fast, farmboy. Those seeds aren't free.
{c16711680}Nope, you gimme money first. Seeds not free.
{c255}Oh... uh, of course not. You'll have to talk to Azkee about that.You opened the door with the %s key.
{c255}Yes, outsider?
{c255}Outsider! What do you know about what happened here?
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c16711680}What are you talking about?
{c16711680}What you say?
{c255}In order to remain within the village, I must work, something I cannot do if you continue to disturb me. What do you need?
{c16711680}Trig said you might know something about a docking clamp.
{c16711680}You know stuff about docking thingie?
{c255}I am Symm. Is there something you need from me?
{c255}My people have been {b}slaughtered! {}You are an outsider. What do you know about this?{bc255}Idiot! {}My people are dead! What do you know about this?
{c16711680}Well, last time I was here, they were having some trouble with the Vipers. Looks like the Vipers won.
{c16711680}Maybe snake guys kill them.
{c16711680}Everything. I was the one who killed them.
{c16711680}Me kill everybody.
{c255}Then the Vipers shall pay for the murders of my people. Step aside, outsider. My vengeance awaits.
{c16711680}Wait! Do you know anything about a docking clamp?
{c16711680}Wait! Me need docking thingie!
{c255}I have explored many places of the Old World and stored many things in my Pip. Perhaps what you need is in there. I see that you, too, have a Pip. I shall transfer what I know to you.
{c255}I shall avenge my people! {b}Die!Drake, the leader of the Viper band blockading Mesa Verde, mentioned that I could help them out by sabotaging the village's wind turbine. Without the turbine, the village can't get any more water.I've agreed to sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine for the Vipers. Drake warned me to leave the Ciphers alive for the Vipers.I was able to sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine without being noticed.While I was able to sabotage Mesa Verde's wind turbine, my activities were noticed and I had to defend myself from the enraged Ciphers.You aided the Ciphers by sabotaging the Ciphers' wind turbine.
{c255}This path is forbidden to travel by order of Hecate, stranger. You may not pass.
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c16711680}Sure I can! Watch ? I'll just kill you and then push your corpse out of my way.
{c16711680}Yaaaaaaaaargh! [Attack him.]
{c255}We meet again. Why have you come before us?
{c255}Were you successful in disabling the Ciphers' wind turbine?
{c16711680}Who are you, again?
{c16711680}Me forget. Who you?
{c16711680}Not yet. I'm still working on it.
{c16711680}Nope. Not done yet.
{c16711680}Yes, I sabotaged the turbine.
{c16711680}Yup, me broke wind thingie.
{c16711680}Tell me again about how I can help you.
{c16711680}How me help you, again?
{c255}I am Drake, Chosen of Hecate and leader of these Vipers.
{c16711680}Why are you blocking this trail?
{c16711680}Why you in me way?
{c16711680}Who's Hecate?
{c16711680}Who Hecate?
{c16711680}Your gang's name is the Vipers?
{c16711680}Snakes? Me not see snakes.
{c255}She is our goddess, the one who gives us purpose and power. She commands almost all the tribals of the wasteland.
{c16711680}I see. So, where does Hecate live?
{c16711680}Where she live?
{c255}Ouroborus, to the northwest. You have a device which holds maps ? I shall mark the location down for you. [He enters the coordinates in your PipBoy.]
{c16711680}You say you lead snakes. Me not see snakes.
{c255}A foolish group of tribals called the Ciphers has chosen to defy Hecate. She has ordered their destruction as punishment.
{c16711680}How did they defy her?
{c16711680}Why she make them dead?
{c16711680}There doesn't appear to be much destroying going on.
{c16711680}You here, not bashing and killing. Not understand.
{c255}All tribals must have a Daughter of Hecate among them to promote fertility and carry out the will of Hecate. The Ciphers refused, and now they shall pay dearly for their heresy.
{c16711680}So why are you here instead of killing the Ciphers?
{c16711680}Me not see you killing. How come?
{c16711680}You said your gang's name is the Vipers?
{c255}Mesa Verde is strong. We have been unable to break through, so now we wait to starve them out. We cannot go back to Hecate until we have carried out her will.
{c16711680}Maybe I can help you with your attack.
{c16711680}Me help you kill.
{c255}We are no "gang", stranger. Once, perhaps, years ago. Now we are Hecate's holy warriors, crushing any who displease her or otherwise stand in her way.
{c255}*sigh* Had a Daughter been present at your birth, stranger, you would have been cast out into the wasteland to die. {i}We {}are the Vipers. It is the name of our band of holy warriors.
{c255}You are not one of us, and cannot be allowed the honor of fighting beside us. Nor {i}can {}you become one of us ? one is born a Viper, not made.
{c16711680}Well, is there anything I can {i}else {}I can do?
{c16711680}How me help you, then?
{c255}You are unknown to the Ciphers. Perhaps you can gain access to the village and destroy their wind turbine for us. Without the turbine, they will have no source of water.
{c16711680}I'll do it.
{c16711680}Me do it.
{c16711680}If I do it, what's it worth to you?
{c16711680}You gimme money to do?
{c255}You {b}dare {}ask for money to carry out Hecate's will? We should kill you for such an insult.
{c16711680}Okay, fine. I'll do it for free.
{c16711680}Ack. Me do it for free, okay?
{c16711680}Bring it, punk!{bc16711680}Me {}insulted. You die!
{c255}Then I wish you success, stranger. Do not harm any of the Ciphers ? that honor belongs to us.
{c255}Excellent. And the Ciphers? Do they still live?
{c16711680}Uh... yeah, sure they are. Happy and alive, that's them.
{c16711680}Ummm... yup?
{c16711680}No. They saw me sabotaging the turbine, and I was forced to kill them.
{c16711680}Nope. They see me break wind thingie, so me kill them.
{c16711680}Yes, they're still alive, just as you asked.
{c16711680}Yup, they not dead.
{c255}Good. I suggest you journey to Ouroborus, stranger. Hecate will want to hear of your deeds in her service. Here ? I shall mark its location in your mapping device.
{c255}That was {b}our {}duty, not yours! We must kill you now to avenge our dishonor!
{c16711680}Bring it!
{c16711680}Me kill you first!Betty
{c255}I hear the lie in your voice and see it in your eyes. Their deaths were {b}our {}duty, not yours! We must kill you now to avenge our dishonor!
{c255}Do it immediately. Hecate grows impatient.Ponytail 1Ponytail 2Braid
{c16711680}Not good enough. Goodbye.
{c255}Excellent. Please, repair the computer quickly. We cannot afford to lose any more schematics.
{c255}Be careful, outsider. They are merciless warriors.
{c255}Physics, chemistry, mathematics. Our ancestors were great scientists, you know. They came to Mesa Verde for shelter after their old home, a great place of science, was destroyed.
{c16711680}Mesa Verde doesn't seem all that... advanced to me.
{c16711680}This place not look all sciencey and stuff.
{c16711680}Where was this place of science?
{c16711680}Where they come from?
{c255}We prefer the simple life here. It is the preservation of the knowledge itself that is important to us. Our ancestors taught that it was reckless {i}use{} of that knowledge which destroyed the world.
{c16711680}Where did your ancestors come from?
{c16711680}Where ancestors come from?
{c16711680}Do you use your knowledge for anything?
{c16711680}Um, what stuff you do if you so smart?
{c255}Far to the south. It is dangerous there, however. Invisible fire burns the flesh from a man's bones. Our ancestors fled here for shelter, and to preserve their immense amount of knowledge.
{c16711680}Mesa Verde doesn't look very advanced.
{c255}Mathematics is the First Science. All children are taught it from the moment they begin to speak. This very intimate knowledge of mathematics is why our Ritual works. Most of the time, anyway.
{c16711680}All the Ciphers working together can act like a computer?
{c255}Electronics has long been a specialty of the Ciphers. Few in the wasteland understand it as much as we do, which is quite a surprise to those who think we are merely primitive tribals.
{c16711680}Do you have any electronics for sale?
{c16711680}Me buy things.
{c255}I am merely a teacher. Speak to Trig, our resident artisan."Burn capitalists burn!""Gray clothing for everyone! "Find out who's been stealing from Anson.I promised not to turn Marianne in for stealing from Anson's bar.When I told Marianne I was going to turn her in, she ran to her room, crying.I blackmailed Marianne into giving all her money to me in exchange for not turning her in.Marianne, one of Anson's prostitutes, admitted to stealing from him after I showed her the drugs I found in her room. She claims she was only trying to raise money quicker so she could buy her freedom from Anson.Me not tell on Marianne.Marianne gimme money so me not tell on her.Me gonna tell on Marianne.Me show Marianne drugs me find in her room. She say she steal to pay off debt faster.
{c255}Hey there, handsome. I'm Marianne. Looking for a good time?
{c255}Hey, sister. I'm Marianne. You stuck in this hole, too?
{c16711680}I'm {i}always {}looking for a good time.
{c16711680}Me like good time! Gimme!
{c16711680}No, just passing through. Why do you ask?
{c16711680}Me not stuck in hole!
{c16711680}I found some of Anson's drugs in your room.
{c16711680}Me find drugs in your room.
{c255}Hey again. You need my services?
{c255}Hey again. You're {i}still {}here? If I were in your place, I'd be long gone from this place.
{c16711680}Yes, I do.
{c16711680}Me need sex.
{c16711680}I'm helping Anson track down the thief who's been robbing him. You know anything about that?
{c16711680}Me look for person who steal from Anson. You know stuff?
{c255}25 caps for a Jericho Special, 50 for a Round the Wasteland.
{c16711680}The Jericho Special sounds good.
{c16711680}Me want Jericho Special.
{c16711680}Round the Wasteland, baby.
{c16711680}Me want to go Round Wasteland.
{c255}You're lucky. Me, I made one gamble too many and got myself in debt to some really bad guys. They ended up selling me to Anson.
{c255}Uh... okay. What I meant is that you're free, and can leave when you want. I'm not.
{c16711680}You're a slave?
{c16711680}You be slave?
{c255}Indentured servant, actually. Well, I'm pretty much a slave, but if I pay off my debt to Anson, I'm a a free girl.
{c16711680}Maybe I could pay off your debt.
{c16711680}Maybe me pay your debt?
{c255}Ha! I wish it was that easy. No, Anson says it's {i}my {}debt, and he says I have to work it off lying on my back like an "honest" woman.
{c16711680}How much for your "services"?
{c16711680}Me want sex.
{c255}What are you doing searching my room? And, uh, besides, I have no idea how those got in there.
{c16711680}Maybe I'll just tell Anson where I found these and let him decide who's telling the truth.
{c16711680}Me tell Anson, then. He know you be liar.
{c16711680}My mistake. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Oh, okay. Goodbye.
{c255}No, wait! I admit I stole the drugs, but it was only so I could raise money faster so I can buy my freedom from Anson. I don't want to be a whore anymore! Please - don't tell him.
{c16711680}All right, I won't tell Anson it was you.
{c16711680}Me not tell Anson it you.
{c16711680}What will you give me to keep quiet?
{c16711680}You gimme something and me be quiet.
{c16711680}Too bad. I'm telling him anyway.
{c16711680}Me tell him anyway.
{c255}Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I promise I won't steal from him anymore!
{c255}I don't have much... except my savings. Please, I need that money to buy my freedom!
{c16711680}Forget it. I won't tell Anson anything.
{c16711680}Me change mind. Me not tell Anson.
{c16711680}Hand over all the money or I'm telling Anson everything.
{c16711680}Gimme money or me tell on you.
{c16711680}Well, I won't take your savings, but I'm still going to tell Anson about you.
{c16711680}Okay, me not take money, but me still tell on you.
{c255}*sniff* Fine. But you'd better keep your promise not to turn me in!
{c255}Nope, not a thing. Look, I've got customers waiting.
{c255}All right, come with me.
{c16711680}Lead the way.
{c16711680}Me follow.
{c255}Hi there, stranger! Welcome to Jericho!
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Hello. Who you?
{c255}Hey, there! Need something from Doc Lane's big bag of medicine, or just some some supplies?
{c255}Oh, um, hey. You need some supplies?
{c255}You again. What now?
{c255}Hey, friend! You need some supplies today?
{c16711680}Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Me buy stuff.
{c16711680}Anything happening around here?
{c16711680}Stuff going on here?
{c16711680}I need your services.
{c16711680}You fix me.
{c16711680}You know, it occurs to me that I should get a discount for keeping your lack of medical skill a secret.
{c16711680}If you want, I could teach you some real medical skills.
{c255}I'm Doc Lane. I run this general store, and I'm also the town doctor.
{c255}I'm Doc Lane, and you, it seems, should've taken more Mentats when you were growing up. I run this store, and I'm also the town doctor.
{c16711680}Me buy things.
{c16711680}Anything interesting happening around here?
{c255}Heard there's a bunch of religious crazies attacking the caravans. I figure they're probably after the water to give to their brahmin god or something. Talk to the sheriff if you want to know more.
{c255}It's been pretty quiet around here ever since you solved the problem with those crazy Mormons. Town's doing great, thanks to you. I hope this means Anson's going to get some more girls in soon.
{c255}You've come to the right man. Okay, let's see... you need some stimpaks, or something stronger? Rad-Away, maybe?
{c16711680}Show me what you have.
{c16711680}I thought {i}you{} were supposed to be the doctor.
{c16711680}Uh... um... you not understand me, maybe? Me need doctor.
{c255}I {i}am {}the doctor. You said you needed my services, and I'm prescribing you some medicine.
{c16711680}Fine. Show me what you have.
{c16711680}Oh, okay. Me buy medicine, then.
{c16711680}Okay, "Doc", where's the anterior cruciate ligament?
{c255}It's, uh, I'm pretty sure I know this one... right above the heart?
{c16711680}Middle of the knee, actually. You don't have any medical training at all, do you?
{c255}All right, all right, I confess! I just said I was a doctor because, well, the town hasn't got one. Wait... if you know where the anterior liga-thingie is, why were you asking {i}me {}to patch {i}you {}up?{u}
{c16711680}Forget about it. Just show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Shut up. I want a discount at your store or I'll tell everyone you're a fraud.
{c16711680}Maybe I'm just lazy. In any case, if you've got the time, I could teach you some {i}real {}doctor skills.
{c255}*sigh* All right, ten percent off on everything. Just don't tell anyone about me!
{c16711680}Deal. Show me what you have.
{c16711680}A twenty percent discount sounds a {i}lot {}better than being run out of town, don't you think?
{c16711680}No - thirty percent off. As the only store in town, you must make a quite a nice profit, and you can afford to hand some of that to {i}me{}.
{c16711680}It's a deal. Goodbye.
{c255}No way! Anything more than ten percent would ruin me.{u}
{c255}Fine, fine. You'll get a twenty percent discount, but don't expect friendly service!{u}
{c255}You're going to ruin me, I know it. But, thirty percent off it is, and not a single cap more.{u}
{c16711680}Too bad for you. I'll just kill you and loot your store, then.
{c16711680}We have a deal. Goodbye.
{c255}Well, I guess I should at least know how to set a broken bone.{u}
{c16711680}I'll show you how to do that in addition to some other simple first aid treatments.
{c16711680}Actually, this is a waste of my time. Goodbye.Anson said that someone's been stealing from his bar late at night. He suggested that I could either wait in ambush for the thief, or search other people's belongings for Anson's stolen merchandise.I told Anson that Marianne was the one who was stealing from him, and he beat her up quite badly.I told Anson that Doc Lane was the person who was stealing from him, and Anson reported Lane to the sheriff. Lane now swings from the gallows at the center of town.I told Anson that a mysterious stranger with a beard had been stealing from him. My lie fooled him, and he considered the matter closed.I told Anson that a mysterious stranger with a beard had been stealing from him, but he didn't believe my story and tossed me out of his bar.Anson say somebody steal from him at night. He say me wait and hide, or maybe find his stuff in other people's stuff.Me tell Anson that Marianne steal from him. He smack her up good.Me tell Anson that Lane steal from him. Now he swing from rope. Err, Lane swing, not Anson.Me tell Anson that bad guy with beard steal from him. He believe me.Me tell Anson that bad guy with beard steal from him. He not believe me, and say me go away from bar forever.
{c255}I haven't seen you around before. I'm Anson, and this is my Rule: start any trouble in here, and I'll kill you. Now, what'll you have?
{c16711680}Show me what you have.
{c16711680}Me buy things.
{c16711680}What do you do here in Jericho?
{c16711680}What you do here?
{c16711680}Got any work for me?
{c16711680}Me need work.
{c16711680}Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}What do you do here?
{c16711680}Tell me about the job again.
{c16711680}Me wanna know about job again.
{c16711680}I found out who's been stealing from you.
{c16711680}Me know who steal from you.
{c16711680}About my reward...
{c16711680}You gimme stuff now?
{c255}I run this place, of course. I've got booze and a variety of "recreational" medicines for sale. I've also got three {i}lovely{} young ladies who are experts at lying on their backs.
{c255}Hmmm... are you any good at getting into places you're not wanted or staying out of sight for a long time?
{c16711680}Sure. What's the job?
{c16711680}Yup. What me do?
{c16711680}Never mind. Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Change mind. Me buy things.
{c255}Someone's been stealing from the bar at night. Hang around and see if you can catch the thief, or "investigate" other peoples' stuff to see if they have any of {i}my {}stuff.
{c16711680}What's the pay?
{c16711680}You gimme money?
{c255}I'll let you choose from my drugs: one package of Mentats, Buffout, or Afterburner Gum.
{c16711680}The thief could be carrying a really big knife, so I'd like to choose two drugs.
{c16711680}Me want more. Maybe thief have big sharp pointy thing. Gimme two!
{c16711680}A person with my skill should get all three packages as compensation.
{c16711680}Me very good at job. Worth lots. Gimme three!
{c16711680}No. Goodbye.
{c255}No, I think {i}one {}package should be enough of a reward. These drugs aren't cheap, you know.
{c255}I suppose there could be some danger involved. All right ? you get to pick two, {i}when {}the job is done.
{c255}Okay, you'll get all three, but you'd better be as good as you say and get the job done quick.
{c16711680}Deal. Before I go, show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}Okay! Me buy things first.
{c16711680}We have a deal.
{c16711680}Okay, me take.
{c255}Well, out with it! Who's the bastard?
{c16711680}It's Marianne. I found your drugs in her room, and when I confronted her with them, she confessed.
{c16711680}It Marianne. Me find drugs in room. She tell me she steal them from you.
{c16711680}It's Marianne. I caught her stealing from the bar.
{c16711680}It Marianne. Me see her steal from bar.
{c16711680}It's Doc Lane. He was trying to sell your stuff in his store. He was probably trying to put you out of business.
{c16711680}It Doc Lane. He sell your stuff in store. He bad man.
{c16711680}It was an outsider, some guy with a beard. He got away before I could grab him, but I don't think he'll be back.
{c16711680}Bad guy with beard take your stuff. He run away before me catch him.
{c255}That ungrateful bitch! Time to go remind her who owns her.
{c255}I never did trust that bastard. The sheriff is going to hear about this!
{c255}Some guy... with a beard. All right, let me go talk to the sheriff.
{c255}You must think I'm an idiot to fall for such an obvious lie. Get out of here! If you come in my bar again, I'll shoot you dead.
{c16711680}Try and {b}make {}me leave.
{c16711680}You stupid! Me not leave if me not want to!
{c255}Good. How you handle the job is up to you. Just find out who it is, and fast.
{c255}Of course. Here you are.Track down Ivan, the escaped water plant worker.Caulwell said that Ivan might have stowed away on one of the water caravans. He suggested that I look for him at any of the main caravan destinations: Hoover Dam, Fort Abandon, or Caulwell.This tests and "CF: Hit Weak""CF: Hit Hard""CF: Hit Eyes""CF: Hit Head""CF: Hit Body""CF: Hit Arm Left""CF: Hit Arm Right""CF: Hit Leg Left""CF: Hit Leg Right""CF: Hit Groin""CF: Hit Blind""CF: Hit The Floor""CF: Hit Burned""CF: Hit Shocked""CF: Hit Poisoned""CF: Hit Diseased""CF: Combat Start""CF: Combat End""CF: Attack Start""CF: Attack End""CF: Attack Eyes Start""CF: Attack Eyes End""CF: Attack Head Start""CF: Attack Head End""CF: Attack Body Start""CF: Attack Body End""CF: Attack Arm Left Start""CF: Attack Arm Left End""CF: Attack Arm Right Start""CF: Attack Arm Right End""CF: Attack Leg Left Start""CF: Attack Leg Left End""CF: Attack Leg Right Start""CF: Attack Leg Right End""CF: Attack Groin Start""CF: Attack Groin End"Caulwell say guy who run away maybe hide with caravan. He say look for guy in Hoover Dam, or Fort Abandon, or Denver.Inspect and repair the water plant's equipment.Caulwell told me to inspect and repair the water plant's pipework, storage vat, and filling station.Build an automated pump for the water plant.Build a generator for the water plant.Take AllI have completed repairs on the water plant's equipment.
{c255}Careful! Those pipes are hot. What do you need?
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c255}Hey, there. What do you need?
{c255}You again. Do you like bothering me or something?
{c16711680}Got any work for me?
{c16711680}Me want work.
{c16711680}Tell me about the job again.
{c16711680}How does the plant work?
{c16711680}How plant work?
{c16711680}I'm finished with the repair work.
{c16711680}I built an automated pump for the plant.
{c16711680}The sheriff told me to talk to you about the worker who escaped.
{c16711680}Tell me stuff about worker who run away.
{c255}I'm Caulwell, and this is my water plant. Well, technically, it's the town's plant, but I run it. I also keep on eye on the convicts, make sure they don't run off or anything.
{c255}Great ? a moron. I'm Caulwell. I run this place and watch the bad guys who work here. Try not to touch any of the equipment, okay?
{c16711680}Me wanna know about worker who run away.
{c255}It's pretty simple, actually. Salt water gets pumped in from the lake to the boilers, the salt gets boiled out of the water, the steam condenses in those contraptions there, and the fresh water collects in the vat.
{c255}Uh, look, it's a long complicated process. Let's just say we can magically turn salt water into fresh water, okay?
{c16711680}Do you have any work for me?
{c16711680}You're pumping in water from the lake by hand. That doesn't seem very efficient.
{c255}Hey, that wasn't {i}my{} fault! I keep an eye on these guys during their shift, and after that, it's up to the sheriff's deputies.
{c16711680}What exactly happened?
{c16711680}What happen?
{c255}I'm not sure how Ivan did it. There's only one door in and out of the worker's barracks, and somehow he managed to get out without being spotted by the deputy on duty.
{c16711680}Any ideas on where he might be now?
{c16711680}Where he go?
{c255}A guy sneaky enough to get past one of the sheriff's deputies probably stowed away with one of the water caravans. I'd check out all the main caravan stops ? Hoover Dam, Fort Abandon, maybe Denver.
{c255}If you know which end of wrench to hold, you can make yourself useful by inspecting the pipework, storage vat, and filling station. Pay is 50 caps, no more.
{c255}Like I said before, you can make yourself useful by inspecting the pipework, storage vat, and filling station. I can only pay you 50 caps, but the job really isn't that difficult.
{c16711680}I'll do it.
{c16711680}No thanks. Goodbye.
{c255}Sorry, but your lack of brains probably means you think a wrench is some kind of fancy club used to smash fragile equipment. Run along and play somewhere else, okay?
{c16711680}Me smash {b}you{} dead!
{c255}Good. Here's the money I owe you.
{c255}No, it's not. Even when I make sure these sorry bastards aren't slacking off, they can only pump in the water so fast. There's not much I can do about it, short of working these guys to death.
{c16711680}What about some sort of automated pump? It wouldn't replace the workers, but it could speed up production.
{c255}Yeah... yeah, that would work, but where would you get one, and how would you power it?
{c16711680}You'll probably need some sort of generator to power the pump. If I see anything in my travels, I'll let you know.
{c255}If you can bring me back an automated pump and a generator, I'll see to it that Jericho pays you a ton of caps. That equipment's the sort of thing we need to really make this town take off.
{c255}Great! How do you run it?
{c16711680}I also built a generator which runs on salicornia oil, which, if I'm not mistaken, you've got plenty of around here.
{c16711680}Uh, I haven't solved that problem yet.
{c255}Really? Who would've thought that such a thing was possible? All right, let's get his equipment installed. Jones! Wilson! Get your sorry asses over here and help this man.
{c255}Really? Who would've thought that such a thing was possible? All right, let's get his equipment installed. Jones! Wilson! Get your sorry asses over here and help this lady.
{c16711680}Let's install the pump over there, and I think the best place for the generator would be over there...
{c255}Oh. In that case, you can just hang onto that pump for now.
{c255}We're done here, and it looks like everything's working. Great! Go talk to the sheriff and let him know about the plant's upgrades. Thanks for all your help!I convinced Ivan to come peacefully with me back to Jericho by promising to speak to the sheriff about assigning Ivan a healthier job.Me tell Ivan me talk to sheriff so Ivan get good job. Ivan come without fighting to Jericho now.I let Ivan go free and said I would tell the sheriff that Ivan was already dead when I found him.Me let Ivan go. Me tell sheriff that Ivan dead.Ivan refused to come back to Jericho peacefully. When I tried to force the issue, he attacked me and I had to kill him.Ivan not want to come back to Jericho. Me try to make him go, and he attack. Me kill him.
{c255}Yeah? What do you want?
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c16711680}What are you doing?
{c16711680}What you doing?
{c255}W-what? Why are you bothering me again?
{c255}Off to Jericho, I guess?
{c16711680}You're the Ivan who ran away from Jericho, aren't you?
{c16711680}You run away from Jericho!
{c16711680}Let's go.
{c16711680}We go Jericho now.
{c255}Um, Ivan.
{c16711680}You're the worker who escaped from Jericho!
{c16711680}Ivan... Ivan... hey, you run away from Jericho!
{c255}I'm searching this trash for anything valuable. Hey, uh, if this is your claim, I'll just go somewhere else, okay?
{c255}No! You're wrong. You're, uh, thinking of somebody else!
{c16711680}No, I've got the right guy.
{c16711680}Nuh-uh! Me not {i}that {}stupid. You who me look for!
{c16711680}Sorry about that. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Oh. Me sorry. Goodbye.
{c255}Okay, okay - you got me. But, I'll die if you take me back!
{c16711680}How did you manage to escape?
{c16711680}How you escape?
{c16711680}Why will you die?
{c16711680}How come you die?
{c16711680}You'll die right {i}now {}if you don't start walking.{ic16711680}Me {}make you die if you not go.
{c255}I'm not built for manual labor! That plant is going to kill me! All I did was take a {i}few {}things that weren't mine. If I go back to that place, my lungs are going to collapse. Please, just let me go.
{c16711680}I'll mention that to the sheriff. He's a reasonable man - maybe he'll assign you some other job.
{c16711680}Me tell sheriff. He nice guy - maybe he make you do other job.
{c16711680}All right. You're free to go. I'll just tell the sheriff you're dead.
{c16711680}Okay, you go free. Me tell sheriff that you dead.
{c16711680}Enough. Don't make me have to drag your corpse back to Jericho.
{c16711680}No more talk. We go now!
{c255}Wait! Can't we work out a deal? Just tell the sheriff I'm already dead, and... uh...
{c16711680}You're wasting my time. Move!
{c16711680}No talk! Move!
{c255}I... I've got nothing. Sorry ? I've got no friends, no connections, and not a single cap in my pocket. Come on, I'm begging you for my {i}life {}here!
{c16711680}All right, I'll tell the sheriff you're already dead. Now get out of here.
{c16711680}Me be nice and say you dead. You go away now.
{c16711680}Too bad. It looks like you and I are going to Jericho.
{c16711680}Nope. We go Jericho.
{c255}If I'm going to die, I might as well take you with me, you bastard!
{c255}If I'm going to die, I might as well take you with me, you bitch!
{c16711680}You just {i}had{} to do it the hard way.
{c16711680}Okay, you die now.
{c255}Thanks! I won't forget this!
{c255}Well, all right, that sounds like it could work. Okay, I'll go with you.
{c16711680}Stay right here. I need to take care of something first. And don't even think about running. If I have to hunt you down again...
{c16711680}You stay. Me go do stuff first. If you run away, me get very, very angry.
{c16711680}Okay, let's go.
{c16711680}We go.
{c255}No, I think you'd just make the sheriff mad, and then he'll take it out on {i}me{}.
{c16711680}Well, I don't want to send you to your death. I'll just tell the sheriff that you're already dead.
{c16711680}Me not want you dead, so me tell sheriff you be dead already.{b}
{c16711680}I'm done negotiating. Come with me, or else.
{c16711680}You go with me {b}now.
{c255}I'm not going anywhere, I swear! Uh, bring me back something to eat, will you?
{c255}The deputy on duty decided to go take a little "break" with one of Anson's girls. I snuck out, hid myself in a water barrel, and got shipped out with the water caravan next morning.
{c16711680}Well, now you're going back with me.
{c16711680}Me take you back now.BeardExterminate the rats, roaches, and wasps in Jericho.I've agreed to kill the critters which have become a nuisance to Jericho. The sheriff wants me to wipe out the wasps at Union Station, the cockroaches in the northwest part of town, and the giant rats in the old sewers.Me kill bugs and stuff for sheriff. Wasps in choo-choo station, roaches in northwest town, rats in stinky sewers.Sheriff O'Connor has asked me to track down a convict named Ivan who escaped from his job at the water plant. He suggested that I speak to Caulwell at the plant for further details.Sheriff say me supposed to find guy who run away from plant. Guy named Ivan. Sheriff say me talk to Caulwell.SmallStop Jeremiah and the Hands of God from attacking Jericho's caravans.A group of Mormons calling themselves the Hands of God are attacking Jericho's water caravans. Sheriff O'Connor wants me to kill their leader, a man named Jeremiah. O'Connor thinks I can pull this off without harming any of the women and children in the Mormon camp.Marmets doing bad things to caravans. Sheriff say me kill Jeremiah, leader of Marmets. He say not kill kids and women in camp.I killed Jeremiah and ended the Mormon threat to Jericho.Me killed Marmet leader Jeremiah.I convinced Jeremiah that living in Jericho alongside the "sinners" was a great opportunity for the Mormons to do some preaching and converting. Now all I need to do is to tell Sheriff O'Connor about Jeremiah's truce offer.I told Sheriff O'Connor about Jeremiah's truce offer, and he grudgingly accepted it.I lied to Sheriff O'Connor and said that the Mormons were going to attack Jericho, and he believed me. He and a group of his men are coming with me to wipe out the Mormons.Me say Marmets come to kill everybody, and stupid sheriff believe me. Now we go kill all the Marmets.I tried to trick Sheriff O'Connor into attacking the Mormons, but he saw through my lies and became rather angry with me.Me try to trick sheriff so he attack Marmets, but me not good enough liar. Now sheriff mad at me.I told Sheriff O'Connor that Ivan was dead, and he refused to pay me.Me tell sheriff that Ivan dead. Sheriff not pay me money.I brought Ivan back to Jericho, and Sheriff O'Connor had Ivan hung for running away from his sentence.Me bring Ivan back to Jericho. Sheriff hang him from rope and now Ivan dead.I was able to convince Sheriff O'Connor not to hang Ivan. Instead, O'Connor assigned Ivan to a healthier job, but added six months to his sentence as punishment for running away.
{c16711680}Only one?
{c255}Yes, it does. However, we'd like to see to it that Hoover Dam becomes a preferred customer. We're a large town ? importing all that water becomes... expensive.
{c16711680}I see. What's in it for me?
{c255}Ha ha! Yes, well, you {i}are {}only giving us one product of your own, aren't you?
{c16711680}True. So, what products do {i}you {}have to offer?
{c16711680}Yes, but Jericho's water must be particularly valuable to Hoover Dam for you to come all the way here. It seems to me that Hoover Dam should be offering access to more than one product.
{c255}We can offer custom-made NCR assault rifles and armor ? always popular items. And last but not least ? NCR action figures!
{c16711680}All right, I've made my decision.
{c16711680}NCR action figures?
{c16711680}You're only offering access to {i}one {}of these products?
{c16711680}Actually, forget about Jericho for now. Let's talk about Hoover Dam can do for {i}me{}.
{c255}You have a point. I'm sure my bosses won't be {i}too {}upset if I offered Jericho exclusive access to {i}two {}of our exports.
{c16711680}Good. So, what kind of products are available?
{c16711680}Now, let's talk about {i}my {}compensation.
{c255}Sorry, but I've only been allowed to offer access to {i}one {}of our many fine products. If that's unacceptable to you, then I'm afraid I'll have to talk to someone else.
{c16711680}All right. What kind of products are available?
{c16711680}Fine. Goodbye.
{c255}Well, if you agree to a lower rate, then I'm sure I could see to it that a special negotiator's fee is passed on to you. Say... 3000 caps?
{c16711680}3000 is acceptable. What kind of products do you offer?
{c16711680}Only 3000? Anything less than 4000 would be an insult.
{c16711680}You're wasting my time unless you're offering 5000.
{c16711680}Forget it. What's Hoover Dam offering?
{c255}Well, I'd hate to insult you. 4000 it is. Now, shall we discuss the terms of the contract?
{c255}Well, I'd certainly hate to waste your time, so 5000 it is. Now, shall we discuss the terms of the contract?
{c16711680}Maybe later. Goodbye.
{c255}I'm very sorry, but 3000 is all I've been authorized to offer. Take it or leave it.
{c16711680}I'll take it.
{c16711680}I'll leave it. Goodbye.
{c255}I'm happy you see my position. Now, shall we discuss the terms of the contract?
{c16711680}Yes. What kind of products does Hoover Dam offer?
{c255}So, which one of our fine products would Jericho like access to?
{c255}Since you've bartered for two of our products, I guess you'll be wanting the weapons and the armor?
{c16711680}I'll take the weapons. You can never have enough guns.
{c16711680}Jericho could use better armor. I'll take the armor.
{c16711680}The action figures, of course. I'd be crazy not to pick those!{b}
{c16711680}Yes, that's right. Jericho needs betters weapons and armor.{b}
{c16711680}No, I'll take the guns... and the action figures.{b}
{c16711680}No, I'll take the armor... and the action figures.{b}
{c16711680}Actually, I'm still thinking. Goodbye.
{c255}All right, just sign here... and here... and here. We're done! Pleasure doing business with you! Perhaps we'll see you in Hoover Dam sometime.
{c255}Yes, foot tall replicas of our brave NCR Rangers. They come with a variety of miniature weapons, and you can pose them in just about any way imaginable. Very popular item, I might add.
{c16711680}Sold! Jericho needs action figures!
{c16711680}Uh, right. I think I know what I want now.
{c16711680}I'll get back to you. Goodbye.
{c255}Great choice! As a matter of fact, I happen to have one with me. Here ? hours of enjoyment await you! Now, if you'll sign here... and here... and here. We're done! Pleasure doing business with you!
{c255}Great choices! I just happen to have an action figure with me ? here, enjoy! Now, if you'll sign here... and here... and here. We're done! Pleasure doing business with you! Generator RoomVault EntranceComputer RoomStorage RoomOverseer Room"I need a drink.""I'm watching you." "Damn brahmin farted in my face.""Uneventful trip - just the way I like it.""You been to Denver yet?""Should've brought a hat. Almost died from heatstroke.""We need to get another brahmin. Radscorpion got one the other day.""I wish we were carrying booze instead of water.""Stay out of trouble in this town. The sheriff's tough on lawbreakers.""You ever meet one of those Vipers? Scary guys, let me tell you.""They say Burham Springs never stops burning.""How come Anson never has any tribal girls?""You hear about the war going on back west?""Watch out for geckos.""Go bug somebody else."15mm ARTEMIS Rail Gun.22 Autoloader.223 Autoloader.44 Revolver.45 Autoloader.45 Revolver.50 Revolver9mm Machine PistolAPOLLO Laser PistolArc WelderBaseball BatCattle ProdCombat KnifeCrowbarDynamiteFlamethrowerFlareBio GrenadeEMP GrenadeFrag GrenadePlasma GrenadeHand FlamerHatchetHeavy WrenchKitchen KnifeLaser ArraygunLaser PistolLead PipeNight StickRockShivSwitchbladeTable LegThrowing Knife.22 FMJ.22 Injector.223 FMJ.30 FMJ.44 FMJ.45 FMJ15mm EC2mm EC40mm RG7.62mm FMJBBHeavy RivetLil' RivetMicro Fusion CellNaphateRocket HESmall Energy CellFree the Blackfoots from the Daughters of HecateTeacher says the Daughters of Hecate are powerful and mysterious. He distrusts them because of their power, and the one they have now doesn't even like dogs.Teacher says the Daughters of Hecate are mysterious. He mistrusts them and doesn't like the power they have over the Hangdogs. He's happy they got rid of the dog-hating Daughter.Help Chagas Take Over the Blackfoot TribeTeacher says that Chagas is a decent man. His brother was a good leader. The warriors respect him because of his skills.Teacher says that Kurisu is a better leader than Chagas.Teacher told me that Kurisu is a good leader for the Blackfoots and Hangdogs. She was not born one of them but proved her worth and became leader.Teacher says that Chagas is untested and needs to take time to learn to be a leader.Devil DogDances With WolvesKurisuBares His TeethTwo-BitesJobBoardwalk BrewingI met a tour bot in an abandoned ranger station. The bot has a lost and found compartment on its body, but it wouldn't let me access it because I didn't look like a park ranger.Me meet bot. It say it have stuff lost and found, but me not get because it say me not look like ranger.SPRAY"The plants are attacking!""Please help us destroy the spore plants!""The spore plants are growing everywhere!""Save us from the radscorpions!""A radscorpion killed my friend!""Stop the radscorpions before we all die!""I hate all of these rats running around....""Is someone going to kill off these rats, or what?""Kill the rats and we'll have rat stew!""Hello, ."", how are you?""I greet you, .""Hello.""Greetings.""Hello, wastelander.""Hawooo!! Stop the radscorpions before we all die!""Grrrrr.... The plants are attacking!""A radscorpion killed my dog!""Rrrrr ... get the rat! Get it!""Awooo!!! Hello, packleader !""Rrrowf! , how are you?""You said mean things to Marie!""Run!""Help! Plant monsters!""They're everywhere!""Help! Radscorpions!""Help! Rats!""Hi, packleader!""It's our packleader!""Packleader! Hi!""Hi, !""Baroooo!""Woof! Woof!""Stranger! Stranger!""Hi.""I didn't do it!""You're a Hangdog!""!""Keep your hands where I can see them.""I don't want to waste bullets killing rats....""We have to stop the radscorpions!""Help us destroy the radscorpions!""Those spore plants are me off!""Let's get those spore plants!""That's it, you're dead, you little -monkey! Nobody threatens to kill me!""Greetings, citizen.""I'm Corporal Armstrong and I'll be your guide through this junked town."
{c255}*click* Scanning... greetings, visitor. This unit is Tour Bot model 01B. Welcome to Grand Canyon National Park. This unit regrets to inform you that the park has been closed to visitors indefinitely. Have a nice day. *click*
{c255}*click* Scanning... greetings, sir. This unit is Tour Bot model 01B. It has been many years since this unit has interacted with a park ranger. How may this unit be of service? *click*
{c255}*click* Scanning... greetings, ma'am. This unit is Tour Bot model 01B. It has been many years since this unit has interacted with a park ranger. How may this unit be of service? *click*
{c16711680}Why do you say I'm a ranger?
{c16711680}What? Why you say me ranger?
{c16711680}Can I ask you some questions?
{c16711680}Me ask questions?
{c16711680}Show me what's in the lost and found.
{c16711680}Show me what lost and what found.
{c255}*click* Submit query. *click*
{c255}*click* Current primary duty: guard this location. Current secondary duty: Maintain lost and found. Previous primary duty: lead tours of the Inner Gorge. Previous secondary duty: none. *click*
{c255}*click* Grand Canyon: established as national park in 1919. Physical parameters: 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, 1 mile deep. Average of five million visitors per year. National park status removed in 2057 by federal mandate. *click*
{c255}*click* 2057, February: United States government removes Grand Canyon's protected status as a national park. 2057, May: Uranium mining begins in Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon closed indefinitely. *click*
{c16711680}What do you do here?
{c16711680}What you do?
{c16711680}What can you tell me about the Grand Canyon?
{c16711680}Me want know about canyon.
{c16711680}Why is the park closed?
{c16711680}Why park closed?
{c16711680}Lost and found? Show me what you have.
{c16711680}Show what lost and what found.
{c255}*click* Scanning... access to this unit's lost and found compartment denied. Only park rangers may be granted access. *click*
{c255}*click* Access to this unit's lost and found compartment granted. Transferring items now. *click*
{c16711680}All right. Tell me about something.
{c16711680}Okay. Me ask things.
{c16711680}Guess I'll have to smash you open, then.
{c16711680}Me bash you open and take stuff!
{c255}*click* Your appearance parameters match that of a Grand Canyon park ranger. Therefore, this unit has determined that you are a park ranger. *click*
{c16711680}I see. Can I ask you some questions?
{c16711680}Oh. Me ask things?
{c255}*click* Rescanning... your appearance parameters do not match that of a park ranger. Access denied. *click*
{c16711680}Oh. Me ask questions.
{c16711680}Time to break you apart.
{c16711680}Me break you now."Anyone else getting ready for the Hoover Dam run?""Don't try anything funny.""This is my claim." Go on.
{c255}Are you the Overseer?!
{c16711680}No, I'm . Who are you?
{c255}I'm Frank. Until the Overseer arrives, I'm supposed to be running things here. I'm off to an awful bad start!
{c16711680}Why? What's wrong?
{c255}We have a whole bunch of problems! Something's wrong with the generator, and I can't fix it because I'm locked out! I went to go get the floating eye bot to fix it, but something's wrong with him, too!
{c255}Until the generator is fixed, that darn computer won't let us activate the life support systems. It's getting too gosh darn hot in here!
{c16711680}Where's the generator room?
{c16711680}Where's the computer room?
{c16711680}How do you turn on the life support?
{c255}Well, the generator room as at the end of the hall to your left. But that won't do you any good unless you find the security kit in the storage room behind me. You'll need it to unlock the door.
{c255}The computer room is down the hall and to your right. The computer won't work until the generator's fixed, though! If you can get the generator room door open, you can fix it with a tool kit from the storage room. Or, you could fix the eye bot and get him to repair the generator.
{c255}Once the generator's running, just use the computer to turn on the life support. Then all we need is to get the eye bot repaired so he can patrol the vault. You know, in case any Commies try to break in!
{c255}Have you fixed the life support yet?! It's really getting hot in here. You need to fix the generator and get the computer to activate life support.
{c255}Thanks for getting the life support up and running. I feel better already!
{c16711680}No problem! Goodbye.
{c16711680}Yeah, okay. Bye.FrankFrank appears to be a very nervous vault dweller, indeed.Locate the remnants of the B.O.M.B.-002 satellite."As we travel the streets, watch out for reds. Those commie bastards will kill you in an effort to squash freedom.""Now, let's head up this street and get you into the safety of the vault.""So, you don't want my advice, eh? Alright. Let's see what you can do on our way to the vault.""You take the far one. I'll take this one with the pistol!"Eldron's ProposalMe find village built in side of cliff wall. Chief come. She say name Alaya. She ask if me friendly. Me say yes. She invite me in so we talk more.I came upon a village built in the side of a cliff wall. The village chief, Alaya, asked if I came as a friend. I answered yes and she invited me in to talk more.Me find village built in side of cliff wall. Chief come. She say name Alaya. She ask if me friendly. Me say no. She tell me go away until friendly.I came upon a village built in the side of a cliff wall. The village chief, Alaya, asked if I came as a friend. I answered no and she asked me to leave until I changed my disposition.Alaya say Twin Mothers tribe have two chiefs. One man. One woman. Both do different things for tribe. If they no agree they work things out.Alaya says that the Twin Mothers tribe actually has two chiefs, a man and a woman. Each chief has different duties that they perform for the tribe. The woman is the lawmaker and the man the provider.Alaya say Twin Mothers peaceful. Tribe worship sun, moon, and goddess. Goddess name Diana.Alaya says that the Twin Mothers are a peaceful tribe. They worship the sun, the moon, and a goddess named Diana.Alaya say goddess Diana mother of all. She say me talk to shaman if me want know more.Alaya says that the goddess Diana is the mother of all. I assume that she is referring to some sort of nature goddess. In any case, she recommended that I speak with the tribal shaman if I wanted to know more.Me ask Alaya why tribe named Twin Mothers. She say everyone have two mothers. One make us baby. Other is world.I asked Alaya about the Twin Mothers name. She says that the tribe believes that we all have two mothers. The first is our physical mother and the second is the Earth itself. Me ask Alaya about robots in village. She say they servants of goddess. She say they protect tribe from harm.I asked Alaya about the security robots throughout the village. She didn't know what I was talking about until I called them metal men. She then told me that they are the servants of the goddess and the protectors of the tribe.Me ask Alaya why robots no work. She say they stop when goddess stop talking to tribe. She say ask shaman if want to know more.I asked Alaya why the security robots aren't working. She says that they stopped when their goddess stopped talking to the tribe. I asked her to explain but she said to speak with the tribal shaman if I wanted to know more.Me ask Alaya for work. She say me guest and no have to work. She say to pick place to stay while me in town. Me can pick place near town square.I asked Alaya if she had any work for me. She said that I'm a guest and don't have to work. Instead she asked me to pick out a place to stay while I'm in town. There are residences available by the town square.I spoke with Alaya and asked her why she turned down Eldron's proposal. She said that she will not marry without the blessing of her goddess. Apparently the tribal shaman refuses to give it. Alaya did not ask why.I informed Alaya that Helea, the shaman, gave her blessing. She is now free to marry Eldron. She was excited about the news and asked me to tell Eldron.Repair Security RobotsRaiders and Giant InsectsDeal with the RaidersEldron say Twin Mothers tribe have two chiefs. One man. One woman. Both do different things for tribe. If they no agree they work things out.Eldron say Twin Mothers tribe have two chiefs. One man. One woman. Both do different things for tribe. If they no agree they work things out.Me ask Eldron about tribe. He say they peaceful and simple. He no say more.I asked Eldron about the Twin Mothers tribe. He said that they are a peaceful and simple people. He seemed unwilling to say more.Me ask Eldron why tribe named Twin Mothers. He say everyone have two mothers. One make us baby. Other is world.I asked Eldron about the Twin Mothers name. He says that the tribe believes that we all have two mothers. The first is our physical mother and the second is the Earth itself. Me ask Eldron about robots in village. He say they protect tribe from harm. He say no mess with them.I asked Eldron about the security robots throughout the village. He said that they are the protectors of the tribe and not to be trifled with.Me tell Eldron me know robots no work. He upset. Say me know too much.I told Eldron that I knew that the security robots no longer functioned. He was upset by the fact and said I was too well informed.Me tell Eldron me try fixt robots. He say he no ask me to do but he happy if me do.I told Eldron that I would try to repair the security robots. He said that he couldn't ask me to do so, but that he would be grateful if I could.Me ask Eldron for work. He say me guest and he not supposed to mention raiders and giant bugs.I asked Eldron if he had any work for me. He said that I was a guest and that it would be rude of him to mention the raiders and giant insects that plague the tribe.Eldron say raiders take food from tribe. Big bugs take food too. Not enough food for tribe.Eldron said that raiders are taking food from the tribe. He also said that giant insects are ravaging their crops. If this continues there will be a food shortage in the village.Eldron say raiders make camp to east. Big bugs come from south.Eldron said that the raiders have set up a camp to the east of the village. The giant insects come from the south.Me ask Eldron if there be more me help with. He say no. He say me no smart enough.I asked Eldron if there was anything else that I could help him with. He said that he proposed marriage to Alaya but that she refused. He would like me to find out why. I said I would look into the matter.I asked Eldron if there was anything else that I could help him with. He said that he proposed marriage to Alaya but that she refused. He would like me to find out why. I told him I don't want to get involved.I told Eldron that Alaya refused his proposal because the shaman, Helea, refused to give the marriage her blessing. He accepted this in stride.I told Eldron that I would speak with the shaman Helea about blessing his marriage to Alaya.I told Eldron that I was able to get the shaman Helea to bless his marriage to Alaya. He was very pleased and asked me to tell Alaya.I told Eldron that Alaya has accepted his proposal of marriage. Needless to say, he was pleased.Storage Shelf"Hot out today. Same as yesterday.""I heard some tribal caused a big ruckus back west a few years back.""Watch out for radscorpions.""Quiet out here. Sure beats civilization.""Anyone have a screwdriver?""I'm too old to wander around anymore.""One hell of a view, ain't it?""I used to be just like you, twenty years ago.""Take my advice - don't ever marry and settle down.""Sure wish we had some ladies in this bunch."Improve the Blackfoot Smelting FurnaceI talked to Scars For Hands, the woman in charge of the smelter, and finally convinced her to let me shut it down for a couple days so I could make improvements on it.I worked on the smelter and made some improvements.I worked on the smelter and made some major improvements. Me talk to Scars, she say I can stop fires and fix metal-melter.Me fix metal-melter some. Metal-melter fixed! I took a look at the Blackfoot smelting furnace. I think I could make some improvements on it.Me looked at the Blackfoot metal-melter. Me can make it work better.Build an Air Pump System for the Furnace CaveThe air in the furnace cave is very smoky. The workers probably have a hard time breathing.Furnace cave air is smoky. Workers probably breath smoke all the time.I installed an air pump for the furnace cave.Me attach air pump for furnace cave.*cough*"Move it!""I'm trying to work, here!"
{c255}What do you want? I'm busy!
{c13209}Me . Who you?
{c16711680}I'm . Who are you?
{c255}I'm Scars For Hands, in charge of our smelting. Now what do you want?
{c255}What do you want?
{c13209}Me need you turn off melter. Me make it work better.
{c13209}Me need you turn off melter! Me need to fix!
{c13209}Me fix melter. You turn it on again.
{c13209}Me fix melter more. You turn off again.
{c16711680}I'd like you to shut down the smelter for a couple of days. I think I can make it burn hotter and with less fuel.
{c16711680}I need you to shut down the smelter so I can get that work done.
{c16711680}I've made some improvements to the smelter. Start it up any time you're ready.
{c16711680}I need you to shut down the smelter again, there are a few more improvements I'd like to make.
{c13209}This cave has bad air. Makes me cough.
{c16711680}You know, the air is pretty bad in here.
{c13209}Me put in air pump. Air better now.
{c16711680}I installed an air pump to make it easier to breathe in here.
{c255}What? Hell, no! That thing is a bitch to get burning again! And you sound like an idiot, you'll probably just kill yourself.
{c255}What? Hell, no! That thing is a bitch to get burning again!
{c255}Like how I shut it down before, asshole? And you didn't do a damn thing on it for two days? Scram, you're wasting my time.
{c255}What? Damn it ... well, you did get it working better than before. I'll do it. Maybe I can find myself a pretty boy in town while I'm waiting....
{c13209}Me fix for two days. Melter work better for you. You take time off, you like.
{c13209}Me sorry. Me forget. Me try again? Me fix for two days, make it better.
{c13209}Hey! You are big jerk. Me try to fix this for you! You want me to fix or not?
{c16711680}Just let me work on it for a couple of days, it'll make your job easier in the long run. And I'm sure you could use a break.
{c16711680}Look, I'm sorry about that, I screwed up. Give me another chance. It'll be done in a couple of days.
{c16711680}Hey, asshole, I'm trying to help you out, here. Now are you going to shut it down, or not?
{c13209}Me talk about other thing.
{c16711680}Let's talk about something else.
{c16711680}Great, thanks.
{c255}All right, I'll start it up. Why don't you get out of here, this'll take a while.
{c255}All right, but if you break our smelter, I'll beat the crap out of you, and so will all of my workers.
{c255}All right, asshole, you get one more shot at this. Don't screw it up.
{c16711680}Thanks. Goodbye.
{c255}Forget it. Scram! Get out of here, you're bothering me.
{c255}Nah, I don't think so. I've got work to do. Ask me again some other time and I might change my mind. Now, scram!
{c255}You little shit! Scram! Get out of my sight! You can come back here when you can talk to me with respect!
{c255}Really? I hadn't noticed that I cough all day and my workers are always getting sick.
{c13209}Maybe me make air pump. Put at front of cave, pump give good air.
{c16711680}I think if I build an air pump, I can install it at the front of the cave, and it'll pump good air into here.
{c255}Then get to it, 'cause I'm damn sick of coughing up black snot at the end of the day.
{c255}Huh! The air does seem to be better. Well, I gotta get back to work, so scram!Fix Fast-Hands' LegReconcile Fast-Hands and the Daughter of HecateFast-Hands, one of the Blackfoots, broke his leg in a fall. The local Daughter of Hecate refuses to help him, apparently because he hasn't shown her the proper respect. Now his leg is poorly set and he's worried that when it's healed he'll be unable to walk or climb.I broke and re-set Fast-Hands' broken leg so it would heal properly. He might have a limb, but he'll be able to walk and even climb when it's fully healed.Now that his leg is fully healed, Fast-Hands brought be some medicinal plants as a thank-you for helping him.Fast-Hands broke leg. He is afraid of limping. Daughter won't help, she mad at him.Me fix Fast-Hands leg. It will be okay.Fast-Hands leg is better. He gave me medicine plants.I convinced Fast-Hands that an apology to the Daughter is a good idea.Fast-Hands apologized to the Daughter and they seem to be over their feud. She has agreed to fix his leg now. Me tell Fast-Hands to say he sorry to Daughter.Fast-hands say he sorry to Daughter. Daughter will fix Fast-Hands leg now."Thank you for setting my leg.""My leg is feeling better.""The leg is healing well.""Don't bother me.""Hmph.""Can't you see that I'm in pain?""Hello.""Thanks for your help with my leg.""I'm doing better.""Thank you for helping me.""Courage and strength to you.""I am able to hunt only because of your help.""Ow!""!""I apologize to Hecate for my offense.""Daughter of Hecate, please accept my apology to the goddess.""I and the goddess accept your apology, Fast-Hands."I met a squad of soldiers led by a man named Captain Pierce in the Grand Canyon. He said his employer, one Doctor Presper, has ordered my death because I've somehow become a threat to him.I ran into Pierce, one of Presper's henchmen, in the Grand Canyon. Apparently, Presper has felt I've become too big a threat and wants me dead.I convinced Captain Pierce that Presper would eventually turn against him as well, and Pierce let me walk away without a fight.I fooled Captain Pierce into thinking that Presper and I were on the same side, and that my interference with Presper's plans is just one big mistake. As a result, Pierce let me walk away.I killed Presper's henchmen Pierce in the Grand Canyon.
{c255}Hello. I'm Fast-Hands, one of the Blackfoot hunters.
{c255}Hello again.
{c255}Packleader ! I'm Fast-Hands, one of the Blackfoot hunters.
{c255}Hello again, packleader!
{c13209}What wrong with you leg?
{c16711680}What's wrong with your leg?
{c13209}Me know about you and Daughter.
{c16711680}I know what's going on with you and the Daughter of Hecate.
{c13209}Let me fix leg! Me good doctor!
{c16711680}Let me fix your leg for you. I'm good at tending breaks.
{c255}I broke it in a fall.
{c255}I was climbing while on a hunt, and I fell and broke it.
{c13209}Why no fix leg? Leg looks bad.
{c16711680}Why hasn't your tribe's healer fixed it yet? It looks pretty bad.
{c255}The Daughter won't fix it. She says I don't respect the goddess. I'm afraid I won't be able to walk when the bone heals.
{c255}The Daughter of Hecate won't help me because she says I haven't shown proper respect for Hecate and the spirits. I'm really afraid that the bone's not going to heal right and I won't be able to walk.
{c13209}Me go talk to Daughter for you.
{c16711680}I'm going to talk to the Daughter and see if I can clear this up.
{c255}Normally I'd say no to an idiot who wanted to fix a broken leg, but I'm desperate. Go ahead, you fix.
{c255}Uh ... okay, packleader, if you think you can help ... go ahead, you fix.
{c255}If you can help, go ahead.
{c13209}No move. Will hurt. SHOULD PLAY USE ANIMATIONS HERE
{c16711680}Hold still. This will hurt.... SHOULD PLAY USE ANIMATIONS HERE
{c13209}Me not ready. Me come back later.
{c16711680}I'm not ready to fix your leg yet. I'll come back later.
{c255}Arrrgh, that really hurt! But the pain does seem to be going away. Thanks, I hope you fixed it.
{c255}My leg is healed! I found these plants for you. I think the Daughter uses them for healing. Thank you for your help.
{c255}Hello! I wanted to give you these plants for your help with my broken leg. It is fully healed! I don't know what the plants do, but I think the Daughter uses them for healing.
{c13209}Xander root and broc flower! Thanks! Welcome! Goodbye!
{c16711680}Xander root and broc flower, yes, I can use these. Thanks, Fast-Hands. I'm glad I could help. Goodbye.
{c255}And what did she say?
{c13209}She told me you and she do sex. Then you stop sex with her. She upset.
{c16711680}She told me about your affair. This isn't about offending the goddess, this is about you being an asshole and her feelings are hurt.
{c13209}Me play trick on her, she promise to help you in the morning.
{c16711680}Let's just say that I found a way to convince her to help you. She'll be here in the morning.
{c255}What? I knew it! That bitch!
{c13209}She say she fix leg if you say sorry.
{c16711680}She said she'd fix your leg if you apologized.
{c255}Whatever works to get my leg healed is fine with me. Thanks.
{c255}I won't apologize to her! She is supposed to take care of us, not let us turn into cripples!
{c13209}You say you sorry or me hit you in face.
{c16711680}You apologize to her or I'll beat the shit out of you, asshole. Just apologize to Hecate in front of everyone, the daughter will accept that as an apology to her.
{c13209}You no be stupid. She want to help. You say sorry, everything okay. No sorry, you never walk.
{c16711680}Don't be stupid. She's willing to help you. Just apologize and you'll be able to hunt when your leg heals right. If you don't, you probably won't walk again.
{c255}You wouldn't hit me! I can't fight back like this! You ... fine, I'll apologize in the morning. Now go away.
{c255}Wha ... but packleader, you can't ... uh ... fine, I'll apologize in the morning. Now go away.
{c255}You're right. I'll apologize to her tomorrow. Now, how can I say this without losing face in front of the rest of the tribe....
{c255}, the great outlaw of the wasteland. It's about time we met. Too bad you're not going to be walking away alive.
{c255}, the great hero of the wasteland. It's about time we met. Too bad you're not going to be walking away alive.
{c255}. It's about time we met. Too bad you're not going to be walking away alive.
{c16711680}Who are you, and how do you know who I am?
{c16711680}Who you? How you know me?
{c16711680}You're mistaken. You're the one who's going to die.
{c16711680}Me kill you.
{c255}. You've become quite the outlaw during your time in the wasteland. However, you also made the mistake of stepping on Presper's plans one too many times, so it's time for you to die.
{c255}. You've become quite the hero during your time in the wasteland. However, you also made the mistake of stepping on Presper's plans one too many times, so it's time you to die.
{c255}. You've been quite busy in the wasteland. However, you also made the mistake of stepping on Presper's plans one too many times, so it's time for you to die.
{c16711680}Where {i}is{} Presper?
{c16711680}Where be Presper guy?
{c16711680}Plans? What plans?
{c16711680}Uh, what plans you say?
{c16711680}Bring it on!
{c16711680}Funny man die now.
{c255}Pierce. {i}Captain {}Pierce. My employer's been watching you ever since you left Tibbets. You've become a potential threat to him, which is why you have to die.
{c16711680}Who's your employer?
{c16711680}Who boss man?
{c16711680}We'll just see about that, won't we?
{c16711680}Me not die. You die!
{c255}I'd have expected you to have heard about Doctor Presper by now. He's got great plans for the wasteland, plans which {i}you've {}been interfering with.
{c16711680}Where is he?
{c16711680}What kind of "great" plans?
{c16711680}Enough talking. Let's do this.
{c255}Somewhere else. Why does it matter? You'll be dead in a few seconds, anyway.
{c16711680}Humor me. What plans of his have I been interfering with?
{c16711680}We'll see about that. It's on!
{c255}Presper's going to erase the mistakes of the NCR and remake civilization into what it {i}should {}have been after the Great War. You yourself have seen how badly the NCR's screwed everything up.
{c16711680}You actually think Presper's going to keep you around when he's finished with you?
{c16711680}Wait a second. I've been working towards that same goal! We're on the same side!
{c16711680}Well, you're not going to live to see it. Let's go!
{c255}Of course. Why wouldn't he?
{c16711680}You're a soldier ? violent, unpredictable, {i}uncivilized{}. Once he's got what he wants, Presper's going to remove you just like he wants you to remove me.
{c16711680}Forget it. Just die.
{c255}What the hell are you talking about?
{c16711680}Presper and I have similar plans, but it's because we're not working {i}together{} that we're getting in each other's way. I need to talk to him immediately.
{c16711680}Never mind. Let's get this fight over with.
{c255}, I think you're right. All, right ? you're not on my wrong side anymore, but it doesn't mean Presper's not going to send someone else gunning for you.{i}
{c16711680}Can't have that. How do I find Presper?
{c255}You know, it did seem like you were following us around, and now it all makes sense. All right, your execution's on hold until you've had a chance to straighten things out with Presper.
{c16711680}How do I find Presper?
{c255}Holy , you're a moron. I didn't think people like you could survive in the wasteland. Oh, well. I've got a job to do and you're it. Let's get this over with.
{c255}*sigh* I've got better things to do than try to explain things to a moron. Let's get this over with.{b}
{c16711680}Me kill you first!
{c255}Good try, good try ? you almost had me there. Now it's time for us to make some noise and put you in the ground.{b}
{c16711680}We'll see who gets put in the ground.
{c255}I think I'll just take my chances and deal with Presper if the time comes. But, right now, it's time to deal with you. Let's burn some clips, guys!
{c16711680}You just made your last mistake.
{c255}We're supposed to rendesvous at a place called Bloomfield. I can show you where it is, but I can't promise Presper will be there when you arrive.
{c255}Then, I'm afraid we must continue the hunt alone. Goodbye.
{c255}Thank you, ! Your skill and cunning undoubtedly was responsible for saving all of our people.
{c255}It is regrettable that a few of those taken will never see Mesa Verde again, but fortunately, your efforts have brought most of our people home. Thank you, .
{c255}We mourn those who were lost, but at least you managed to bring some of our people home. Thank you, .
{c255}This is a grim day for Mesa Verde. Your efforts are appreciated, . I must leave you now to mourn for my lost people.Disarm Ike's landmine.I met a ghoul explorer named Ike in the Grand Canyon. He's trapped at the moment by a landmine underneath his feet. If he moves, he's dead.I made Ike give me everything in his pack before agreeing to help him with his landmine problem.I told Ike I'd try to disarm the landmine.Unfortunately, the landmine trapping Ike went off. Obviously, I survived, but Ike didn't.I was able to disarm the landmine beneath Ike's feet.
{c255}Oh, hey! Another living soul! I'm Ike. You gotta help me!
{c16711680}What's wrong?
{c16711680}Uh... what wrong?
{c255}So are you going to help me out or what?
{c255}Thanks for the help! I thought I'd never get out of here. See you around!
{c255}Go away. You'll just get me killed.
{c16711680}What's was the problem again?
{c255}Um, I've got a little problem with this landmine I'm standing on. If I move, boom! So, do you think you could help me out?
{c16711680}The Grand Canyon has landmines?
{c255}Oh, no. No, no, {b}no! {} The only other person in the Grand Canyon is a total moron! I'm doomed. {b}Doomed! {}Get away from me!{i}
{c255}Well, it has at least one, and that's the only one that's important right now. So, can you help me out or what?
{c16711680}All right, I'll try to help you.
{c16711680}I {i}could {}help you, depending on how much you paid me.
{c16711680}How long have you been standing there?
{c16711680}No way. Goodbye.
{c255}About three weeks, I think.
{c255}Why you greedy- oh, all right! Here, take my pack. I'm only being this generous because none of this stuff is good to me if I'm in a thousand little pieces.
{c16711680}Done. Now, let's have a look at that mine...
{c16711680}Forget it. Goodbye.
{c255}Thanks! Uh, be really careful, okay?
{c16711680}Let's have a look at that mine...
{c255}Are you joking? I'm standing on a landmine! How can anyone forget something like that?
{c255}Landmine, remember? You said you were going to help me?
{c16711680}I'll try and disarm it.
{c16711680}I could disarm it, but first things first. What's your life worth to you?Damage ThresholdsBallisticElectricalHeadBodySantiago told me that he heard stories about a large object which crashed somewhere in the western part of the Grand Canyon.San Diego say big thing crash in big canyon to west.Become Leader of the HangdogsBares His Teeth hates me because he is not the Hangdog leader any more.Bares His Teeth told me a good leader doesn't leave his pack for months at a time. He replaced me as leader.I challenged Bares His Teeth for leadership of the Hangdogs, and failed.Me challenge Bares to be Hangdog leader. Me fail. Poop.I challenged Bares His Teeth for leadership of the Hangdogs. I won, and now I am their leader.Me challenge Bares to be Hangdog leader. Me win, me leader now!Become a Hangdog WarriorBares His Teeth told me that to become a Hangdog, I must either tame a wild dog from the hills north of the town, or bring back a living pup from that area.Bares say for me to become Hangdog me have to bring back wild dog or puppy. Must be alive, too.I have tamed a wild dog from the hills north of the Blackfoot and Hangdog town.I have taken a wild puppy from the dog packs in the hills north of the Hangdog town.Me tame wild dog.Me take puppy from dog house.I proved my worth to Bares His Teeth, and I am now a member of the Hangdogs. My name among them is .Me prove to Bares and me is Hangdog now. Me Hangdog special name is . Me chose it meself.Now that I'm a member of the Hangdogs, I'm allowed to learn their secret fighting style.Me Hangdog now, me can learn Hangdog fight special.Kill the Rats for the Blackfoots and HangdogsDestroy All of the Spore PlantsKill the Devil DogGet Rid of the CoyotesKill off the Radscorpions in the Blackfoot CavesRepair the aerial tram.The tram at the Grand Canyon is lacking several unique parts required for it to work. Santiago told me that one of the other salvager groups in the area my still have them.Flying box missing parts. San Diego say other guys have parts maybe.Santiago has generously offered to see if he can get the tram's missing parts back, and I accepted his offer.San Diego say he get missing parts from flying box back. Me say he go do that.Using the parts Santiago located for me, I was able to repair the tram and rode it for the first time over the Grand Canyon.Me fix flying box. Me ride over canyon. Whee.Spore plants grow everywhere, shoot needles, and hurt women and children who work in the gardens.All the spore plants in the Blackfoot town are dead. The Hangdogs and Blackfoots are being attacked by spore plants.Coyotes are a problem in the Hangdog town.Deal with the thugs who've taken over tram at the Grand Canyon.Coyotes look like dogs but are small and weak. They are too fast and quick for the Hangdogs to kill them easily.All the coyotes living the Hangdogs are dead.Rats are becoming a problem for the Hangdogs and Blackfoots. The rats come in many sizes, some as big as a brahmin. Some have attacked children and dogs. A group of thugs from the Crimson Caravan have muscled Santiago and his guys out of the tram operation at the Grand Canyon.All the rats are dead. They have seen radscorpions near the Hangdog town. Radscorpions have claws and a poisonous tail. A healer can make poison antidote from the tails. Bad men take over flying box. All the radscorpions are dead. The Hangdogs are haunted by something called the Devil Dog. The Devil Dog is an angry spirit. They can't tame him, and he sometimes attacks people. His eyes glow green. The Devil Dog is dead.I killed the thugs who took over the tram operation at the Grand Canyon.Me kill bad guys who take over flying box.I was able to talk the thugs who took over the tram operation into walking away without a fight.Me tell bad guys to go away from flying box and they go away.Tell the Hangdogs About the Denver Dogs
{c255}Howdy, stranger! Not many souls come visit the Grand Canyon these days. I'm Santiago, leader of this sorry-looking bunch. Who might you be?
{c16711680}I'm . What are you doing here?
{c16711680}Hello! Me . What you do here?
{c255}Howdy again! Came back to enjoy the view, eh?
{c16711680}Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}I buy stuff from you now.
{c16711680}I'm looking for a satellite which is supposed to have crashed near here. Know anything about it?
{c16711680}Me look for big space thing which fall out of sky. Know where it be?
{c16711680}Can I ask you some questions about the Grand Canyon?
{c16711680}Hello, San Diego. I ask questions about canyon, okay?
{c16711680}Do you know anything about the tram I saw on the North Rim?
{c16711680}What is flying box me see at north?
{c16711680}I was thinking about fixing the tram.
{c16711680}Me want to fix flying box.
{c16711680}Any news on the parts for the tram?
{c16711680}Got parts for flying box?
{c16711680}I want you to watch over the tram and collect tolls from the caravans for me.
{c16711680}You watch flying box for me? Take money from people with moos and carts?
{c255}Me and my boys here were salvagers. Santiago's Salvagers, that's what they used to call us. I guess you could that we're retired. {u}
{c255}Ah, missing a few gears upstairs, are ya? Well, no matter. Known plenty of honest, hard-working folks who weren't exactly the smartest cookies in the bunch. So, what can I do you for?
{c16711680}Do you anything about the tram on the North Rim?
{c16711680}Can I ask you some questions about the Grand Canyon?{i}
{c16711680}Me ask questions about canyon?
{c255}Sure, fire away.{u}
{c255}It's hot and it's radioactive, but it's got a lot of old equipment which is extremely valuable to salvagers like us. It's not exactly the sort of place you want to go sight-seeing in.{u}
{c255}Oh, the usual oversized wasteland beasts ? radscorpions, bees, lizards. Saw a huge two-headed rattlesnake once. I'm sure there are worse things down there.{u}
{c255}Go well-armed, bring a lot of Rad-X and Rad-Away, and don't bother with heavy armor ? the heat will drop you a heck of a lot faster if you're wearing anything heavier than leather.{u}
{c16711680}What can you tell me about the canyon itself?{i}
{c16711680}You know things about big canyon?
{c16711680}What kind of creatures can I expect in the canyon?
{c16711680}What bad things be in canyon?
{c16711680}Any advice for traveling in the canyon?
{c16711680}Me want advice for walking in canyon.
{c16711680}I have no more questions about the canyon. Show me what you have for sale.
{c16711680}No more questions. Me buy things now.
{c255}That old thing? Well, I guess in the old days people used it as a fast way to cross the gorge, but the machinery has been stripped of most of its parts now. Why do you ask?{u}
{c255}Big box thing? Hmmm... ah! That's the tram. It, uh, makes you fly across the canyon. Why do you ask?{u}
{c16711680}Maybe I can repair it.
{c16711680}I make it fly again?
{c255}Good luck with {i}that{}. One of the other groups stripped the machinery pretty good, and from the looks of it, I'd say you're probably not going to find those parts anywhere else in the wasteland.{u}
{c16711680}Do you think you could get those parts back for me?
{c16711680}You get parts back from friends?
{c255}Maybe. If those guys haven't gotten rid of the parts yet, they might be real eager to sell by now.{u}
{c16711680}All right, see what you can do.
{c255}I sent the word out, but nothing yet. Give it a few more days.{u}
{c255}Yup, I actually got the parts back. Seems that the other guys weren't able to trade them away yet, lucky for you. Here you go.{u}
{c255}Howdy. As you can see, things around here have changed somewhat since the last time you visited.{u}
{c16711680}What are you talking about? Who are all these guys?
{c16711680}Who these people, San Diego? What they doing?
{c255}Said they're from the Crimson Caravan, and that we're squatting on their territory. I know it's a damn lie, but we're old men. Not much we can do about.{u}
{c16711680}I'll take them out.
{c16711680}Me will kill{b} {}them.
{c16711680}I'll to talk to their leader.
{c16711680}Me go talk to bad guy leader.
{c255}I figured you might do that. Look, when you make your move, me and the boys will back you up. I can't promise we'll be much help, but we might distract 'em enough for you to get your shots in.{u}
{c255}They don't seem to be the reasonable type, so watch your back.{u}
{c255}Hoo-boy! Haven't had that much fun in awhile, but damn, I'm gonna feel it tomorrow. We were lucky you came along this time. Next time ? if there {i}is {}a next time ? it could be real bad for us.{u}
{c16711680}I can show you how to shoot better. If you hold your gun like this, your arms will absorb the recoil better and you can fire multiple shots more accurately...
{c16711680}Uh, San Diego not shoot good. I show you how to shoot good. Shoot bad people better next time.
{c16711680}Just in case there is a next time, let me show you some ways to do a lot of damage in a short amount of amount of time using a lead pipe.
{c16711680}San Diego and friends not know how to fight good with sticks and knives and stuff. Here, me show you how to bash groin real good with pipe.
{c16711680}I'll show you some unarmed combat moves which will help you defeat someone even if he's bigger and stronger than you.
{c16711680}I show you good way to punch. No need guns or sticks.
{c255}I'm mighty impressed. You just {i}asked {}those thugs to return the Shortcut to us, and they gave it up without a fight? I sure hope you're around the next time this happens.{u}
{c16711680}I can show you how to shooter better. If you hold your gun like this, your arms will absorb the recoil better and you can fire multiple shots more accurately...
{c16711680}Just in case there is a next time, let me show you some ways to do a lot of damage in a short of amount of time using a lead pipe.
{c16711680}San Diego and friends not know how to fight good with sticks and knives and stuff. Here, me show you how to bash groin real good with pipe.
{c255}You got it working! And, you had the guts to ride this thing across the across the canyon ? must've been a hell of a view. So, what's the plan now? {u}
{c16711680}The Grand Canyon's location probably interferes with trade routes. Caravans could use the tram as a shortcut... after paying a toll, of course.
{c16711680}Canyon blocks peoples with carts and moos from bring stuff. They use box to fly across canyon. Me make them pay money.
{c16711680}I can't think of anything right now. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Not know right now. Goodbye.
{c255}That's a great idea. I know there are a couple of caravan that usually have to swing around the canyon to avoid the high radiation areas. You're going to need somebody to look after the place when you're gone, you know.{u}
{c16711680}And you want to be that person?
{c16711680}Me guess so. Who do that job?
{c255}Of course! Unless you plan on sticking around full-time, I'm perfect for the job. I'll work for cheap ? just a handle of caps for expenses. I don't associate with loose women, I-{u}
{c255}*sigh* I was trying to hint to you that {i}I {}could do that job, since I doubt you want to hang around here full-time.{u}
{c16711680}All right, all right. The job's yours.
{c16711680}Okay, you can do job.
{c16711680}No. Goodbye.
{c255}Thanks! You won't regret this! Check back every couple of weeks for your share of the loot.{u}
{c255}Welcome to Santiago's Trading Post, where the prices are low and the booze is strong! Heh heh. Still working on my pitch. Maybe I could interest you in something?{u}
{c16711680}Sure, show me what you have.
{c16711680}Okay, me buy things.
{c16711680}Actually, I'm here to pick up the toll money.
{c16711680}No, me here for money.
{c255}Here you go.{u}
{c255}Sorry, but you've already collected the toll. Come back in a week or so and there should be more waiting for you.{u}
{c16711680}Me buy things.
{c255}Hmmm... some of the other guys say a big fireball smacked the canyon a good one a few years back. They said it landed somewhere to the west. Could be this thing you're looking for.{u}
{c16711680}Can I ask you about the Grand Canyon?
{c16711680}Me ask about canyon?
{c16711680}What are you doing?
{c16711680}What you doing?
{c16711680}Stand still while I kill you.
{c16711680}Me kill you now.
{c255}What the fuck does it {i}look {}like we're doing? We're watching over Crimson Caravan property. Now get out here before we throw you into the canyon.
{c255}Ha ha! Hey, guys! Look at the moron! Get out of here before we smash your skull in and make you even stupider than you are now.
{c16711680}Actually, {i}you're {}the trespasser. Why don't {i}you {}leave before something unfortunate happens to you?
{c16711680}Nuh-uh! Me fix! Flying box mine! You go away now!
{c16711680}Come and try it, punk.
{c16711680}Me make you dead now.
{c255}Oh, really? And who's going to make us leave? You?
{c255}Since you're a moron, I'm gonna forget what you just said. Go on, get out of here!
{c16711680}Of course me, idiot. Look into my eyes and tell me that you don't {i}believe {}I'm capable of slaughtering you and your pathetic little group if I felt like it.
{c16711680}Gah! Me tear you all apart with bare hands if you not go away {b}now!{ib}
{c16711680}No, but those old guys have a lot of young friends who are a lot tougher than you. Didn't you wonder why they just stepped aside? Their pals are going to show up any day now and kick your .
{c16711680}Okay, not me fault when you die. Old guys have lots of friends who not here right now. Soon they come back and kill you. They lots. You not lots.
{c16711680}Tell hell with diplomacy. Die!
{c16711680}No more talk! You die now!
{c255}Whoa, just calm down there. We're just following orders. We don't want any trouble, all right? See, we're leaving now.
{c255}You just threatened the wrong guy. Kill him!
{c255}You just threatened the wrong guy. Kill her!
{c255}Uh, I guess we'll just be leaving, then. Nobody said nothing about having to fight an army.
{c255}Nice try, but I think you're lying, and I don't like liars. Kill him!
{c255}Nice try, but I think you're lying, and I don't like liars. Kill her!
{c-16777216}"Don't try anything funny.""You're not claim jumpers are you?""Hooowl! Greetings dawg!""*sniff* Smell like friend.""What doing here?""*sniff* Lift leg please. *sniff*""Ruff! You no slave.""Grrr! Be good slave. No fight.""Yip! Yip!""You make good slave.""You come here." "I no hurt. Give up now!""I no hurt...much.""Ruff...Rough...Roof""Bloody slave not worth much."*whimper* "Call me 'Tail Between Legs'""Me just made water.""No hurt! I go now." "Ouch! Why you hit me?""Oompf!""Hooowww...Oww!""Owwowowowwowowo!""Me no like this!""*Shh* I'm not supposed to say anything." "No talking in the ranks." "Caesar is to be feared and worshipped.""Caesar is a great man!""Hail Caesar!""Free clothes and free food. It sure beats Brahmin herding.""We bring order to this chaos.""Move along.""For Caesar!""Crumble before Caesar's might!""Just die already.""You'll be a slave or you'll be dead.""Charge!" "There's no glory in death." "Screw Caesar!""Time to go.""I give up." "Don't hurt me!""I've had enough." "Retreat!""It's only a flesh wound.""Stop it. That hurts!""That was a close one. Oh wait, I'm bleeding.""I'm hurt.""Steady advance men.""Right flank advance." "Form ranks!" "Left flank advance.""Stand fast.""Weapons to the ready.""Wait for my command. Nevermind.""I'm going to get reinforcements.""Protect the standard bearer.""I'll be right back.""Parley! Parley!""Oh god! I'm bleeding!""I'm hit.""Hey! Watch it!""Is that blood?""Enh. That's going to hurt tomorrow.""You're going to regret that.""Now I'm mad.""This our place. Find slaves not here.""You sure you slaver?""Unh?""Go in peace.""You're a thief. I don't talk to thieves.""No make me kill.""Come here.""No run away.""I smash head good!""Aiiiieeeeeeeeee!" "Run away! Run Away!""Too strong!""Make peace.""I no be slave!""Bad person leave me alone.""I go now.""Ancestors calling me.""Let's get 'em.""Looks like another good slave.""You'll fetch a good price.""I like it when they struggle.""Don't let 'em get away!""It's payday!""Defeat tastes like !""I'll go get help.""Run for it.""I'm hurt pretty bad.""I'm outta here!""I've got to find a better job.""Mommy!""Have you seen any future slaves around here?""Pickings are kind of slim.""Any luck?""Might not make my quota today.""Me no want be slave.""Escape, I will.""Great glowing god punishing me.""I no like here.""Me want go home.""I no want fight.""No hurt me.""My name is Kunta Kinte. So stop hitting me dammit!""Help me.""What did I do to deserve this?"*sob*"I won't run. D-don't beat me anymore.""Why me?""Oh !"There are a lot of wild dogs in Dogtown."Please don't hurt me."The Dogtown salvagers don't want the wild dogs.Dogtown scrappers don't want the dogs. I told Bares His Teeth about the dogs in Dogtown. He seemed very interested.Me tell Bares about Dogtown dogs. He interested. "I'm unarmed!"I told Bares His Teeth that the Dogtown salvagers didn't want the dogs around. He told me to tell them that some of his people would come to Dogtown and take some dogs, and they didn't want any trouble.Me tell Bares Dogtown scrappers no want dogs. Bares tell me to tell them Hangdogs come take dogs, scrappers no fight them."You're crazy!""This is bad KARMA!""I surrender!""I'd rather die than be a slave."Bring a GECK to Isaac in exchange for his power armor.Isaac wants me to bring him a GECK to study. In exchange, he'll give me his old power armor.I wasn't able to get a GECK, but DIANA gave me a holodisk with a lot information about GECKs. Isaac might accept this instead of an actual GECK.Isaac said he didn't really expect me to find a GECK, and he accepted the GECK holodisk instead. As we agreed, he gave me his power armor.
{c255}Hello, there! I'm Isaac. We don't get many outsiders up here at Mesa Verde.
{c16711680}Hello, Isaac. You look like an outsider yourself. What's your story?
{c16711680}Hi, Isaac! How come you not painted?
{c255}Still in one piece, I see. Good for you.
{c16711680}I wasn't able to find a GECK, but I did find a holodisk with a lot of information about GECKs.
{c16711680}What do you do here?
{c16711680}What you do here?
{c16711680}You don't look like a Cipher. Where are you from?
{c16711680}How come you not painted?
{c16711680}Maxson Bunker belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel. You're with the Brotherhood?
{c16711680}I need to get the access codes for the Brotherhood's power armor from you.
{c16711680}Power armor in Bunker not work. Need codes from you.
{c255}You're right ? I'm not originally from Mesa Verde, but this is my home now, even though I haven't gone completely{i} {}tribal.
{c255}Not a bright one, huh? Well, no matter. As for my lack of paint, it's because I'm not from Mesa Verde.
{c16711680}Where are you from originally?
{c16711680}Oh. Where you come from?
{c255}Originally, a little town way out west. More recently, Maxson Bunker.
{c16711680}Maxson Bunker? Where's that?
{c16711680}Where that?
{c16711680}Maxson Bunker? You're with the Brotherhood?
{c16711680}Bunker? Hey, you Brudderhood!
{c255}No, not any longer. We had... a difference of opinion, so I decided it was time for me to find my own way.
{c16711680}I need to get the security codes for the Brotherhood's power armor from you.
{c16711680}Power armor not work. Need codes from you.
{c16711680}What made you decide to leave?
{c16711680}Why you leave?
{c16711680}I don't suppose you've got any high tech equipment lying around?
{c255}The Brotherhood was once dedicated to preserving technology, dealing it out in small doses to those it deemed responsible enough to handle it. That all changed.
{c16711680}What happened?
{c16711680}What happen?
{c255}I still have my own suit of power armor. At the moment, it's just collecting dust since there's little use for it around here, as you can see.
{c16711680}I see. So, why did you leave the Brotherhood?
{c16711680}Since you're not using it, can I have your armor?
{c255}No, sorry. I may not be Brotherhood anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm going to start handing out advanced technology all over the wasteland.
{c16711680}All right. So, why did you leave the Brotherhood?
{c16711680}Well, would you consider {i}selling {}the armor, then?
{c16711680}I'll just kill you and take the armor, then.
{c255}Not for any price.
{c16711680}Right. So, why did you leave the Brotherhooid?
{c16711680}Everything has a price, Isaac, and I know there has to be something I can trade to you in exchange for the armor. What do you need? Caps? Information?
{c16711680}Oh, of course. So... where do you keep the armor? Any alarms or traps I should know about?
{c255}Spoken like a true trader of the wastes. All right, if you want the armor {i}that {}badly, bring me a GECK.
{c16711680}I have a holodisk full of information about GECKs. Will you take that instead?
{c16711680}What's that?
{c16711680}A GECK? As in a Garden of Eden Creation Kit?
{c255}It's a Garden of Eden Creation Kit. I've always wanted to study them, but they're extremely rare. I almost got my hands on one, but some tribal out west used it to create a new city before I could get to it.
{c16711680}Oh, that. I have this holodisk with information about GECKs. Will you take it instead of an actual GECK?
{c16711680}Deal. Now, what do you do around here?
{c16711680}All right, it's a deal.
{c16711680}Forget it. Goodbye.
{c255}You know about them, then? I've always wanted to study them, but they're extremely rare. I almost got my hands on one, but some tribal out west used it to create a new city before I could get to it.
{c16711680}I have this holodisk with information about GECKs. Will you take it instead of an actual GECK?
{c255}Very funny. Even if you did manage to run off with it, you still wouldn't be able to use it. It's locked down by a security code, and only I know the code.
{c16711680}Interesting. So, why did you leave the Brotherhood?
{c16711680}Good to know. Now, what do you do around here?
{c16711680}Save me the trouble of stealing it and sell it to me, then. I know there has to be something I can trade to you in exchange for the armor. What do you need? Caps? Information?
{c255}Well, I didn't really expect you to find a GECK, and a holodisk is better than nothing. We still have a deal - here's the power armor. Take care of it, and it'll take care of you.
{c255}Quite a ways to the southeast from here. I can't say how they'll receive you if you decide to go there, so be on your toes.
{c16711680}I'll keep that in mind. So, what do you do around here?
{c16711680}Okay. What you do around here?
{c255}There were a lot of rumors going around - Brotherhood soldiers massacring civilians, stealing technology, and running weapons to Raiders. Among other things.
{c16711680}Were any of the rumors true?
{c16711680}That sound bad. It true?
{c255}Probably. I saw Brotherhood tech in the hands of people who shouldn't have had access to it, and command wasn't explaining how it got there. So, I wanted out, and here I am.
{c16711680}Did anyone else leave?
{c16711680}Other people leave, too?
{c255}A whole bunch of people, actually. All the Scribes ? Brotherhood must be really hurting from this one ? and a few of the Knights, too, I think.
{c255}Hmmm... he probably used a polymorphic encryption technique, something only a handful of the Scribes knoww anything about it. Fortunately, I'm one of them. Give me a few hours and I'll create a decryption algorithm for you.
{c16711680}Actually, I'm familiar with that technique, too. I'll help you out ? it should cut down on the time.
{c255}All done. This holodisk has everything you need to remove the security codes.
{c16711680}What about you? Aren't you going back?
{c16711680}How come you not go back to Bunker?
{c255}No, Mesa Verde is my home now. No military chain-of-command, no drills, and no war. Besides, {i}someone{} has to keep Trig from blowing up the village.
{c255}This place is home now. It's better than the Bunker.
{c255}I live here, of course. It's nice and quiet most of the time. Now, if you're asking me about my {i}job{}, then I'd have to say it's assisting Trig with her repairs and, uh, ?inventions".
{c16711680}Something wrong with Trig's inventions?
{c16711680}Her inventions not good?
{c255}Most Ciphers are traditionalists. They build and repair electronics based on the specifications laid out by their ancestors, and {i}nothing{b} {}more. Trig is different ? she often tries to be... creative.
{c255}No, no, I didn't mean for it to sound like that. It's just that Trig's inventions don't always work out the way she intends them to.
{c16711680}What happens when she's creative?
{c16711680}What that mean?
{c255}Most of the time, nothing. Other times, explosions. Trig is imaginative, but lacks the practical knowledge to carry out her ideas. I've been teaching her some of what I know, with mixed results.
{c255}It just means that her inventions sometimes hurt people on accident. I've been trying to teach her some things which could help her, but she's still impractical at times.
{c16711680}What kind of mixed results?
{c16711680}Not understand. What you mean?
{c255}See that monstrosity by the cliff? Trig's "death cannon". It doesn't fire, and I'm afraid of what might happen if it ever does. That's what I mean.
{c255}You see that big machine by the cliff? Trig calls it her "death cannon". It doesn't work, and I'm afraid bad things will happen if it ever does work.
{c255}Well, I had considered Trig's "death cannon" as the best example of one of Trig's interesting but impractical ideas, but it looks it works after all, thanks to you.
{c16711680}Has she learned {i}anything {}from you?
{c16711680}Oh. She dumb.
{c255}Certainly. Trig knows how to build working radios now, something no Cipher has been able to do before. I'm careful not to share too much knowledge, though. Too dangerous for the Ciphers.
{c255}No, Trig is actually very, very smart. She's learned how to build many things from me, like radios. She's the first Cipher who ever knew how to do that.
{c16711680}Too dangerous?
{c255}Mesa Verde is not the place to experiment with things like high-energy equipment. Even if it was, I'm also afraid of making this village a target for every greedy warlord in the region.
{c255}Hey, you're wearing {i}my {}armor!
{c255}Is that {i}my {}armor your friend is wearing?
{c16711680}Uh, yeah. I figured that since you weren't using it, I could borrow it.
{c16711680}Yup. Me borrow it.
{c16711680}You're mistaken. I retrieved the armor from a Raider I killed. The suit only looks like yours because they're probably the same model.
{c16711680}Nuh-uh! Me kill bad guy and take it from him. This armor and your armor just look same.
{c255}Right. Well, I guess you're going to keep it, seeing as how I don't have a chance of taking it back by force.
{c16711680}No, I said I only borrowed it, and I meant it. Here, take it back.
{c16711680}Nope. Me borrow it only, not steal for good. Me give it back now.
{c255}Oh. Well, you're right - most power armor {i}does{} look alike. I suppose someone might have borrowed my armor to study it. Sorry about the mistake.
{c255}I'm not senile yet. That's {i}my {}armor, no mistake about it.
{c16711680}All right, here. Take it back.
{c16711680}Okay. Me give it back.
{c255}It doesn't make it right that you took it without permission in the first place, but since you're giving it back, I guess I'll just have to forgive you."You'll have to do better than that.""I'll make you pay in blood.""I'm gonna rip you a new one.""Don't mess with me.""I've got a present for you.""Aiiiieeeeeeeeee!" "Brains!""Hun-gry!""I hate pink skins!""Die normie!""Attack!""Do you think you're better than me?""Ghouls are the next step in the evolutionary chain.""What are you aiming at?""That's low.""PRIMARY COOLANT LEAK DETECTED.""Aiee! Happy stick bleeding!""A dirty fighter. I like that.""I'm blind!""Good thing I have two eyes.""OPTICAL SENSORS DAMAGED.""PRIMARY LOGIC CIRCUITS LOST. SWITCHING TO BACKUP SYSTEMS""MANIPULATOR DAMAGED.""HIT DETECTED ON OUTER HULL.""DAMAGE DETECTED. SUGGEST MAINTANANCE.""OUT OF SERVICE.""RETURNING TO REPAIR BAY.""MAINTANANCE PROGRAM - START.""PROGRAM ERROR!""ERROR - SYSTEM REBOOTING.""CPU DAMAGED.""INTRUDER DETECTED.""INITIATING ATTACK PROTOCOL.""DELETING ANOMALY""CALCULATING ATTACK.""INITIATE ATTACK PATTERN GAMMA.""ENEMY CONTACT CONFIRMED.""ASSERT.""MEMORY LEAK DETECTED."*BEEP!*"MOTIVATOR DAMAGED.""STABILIZER MALFUNCTION.""WARNING! MOVEMENT DECREASING."Me tell Jeremiah that he can live in Jericho and make everybody Marmets and he say okay. Now me go tell sheriff."Well, that leg's useless.""I think you shattered bone.""Ah! My leg!""Leg on fire!""MOBILITY REDUCED.".50 FMJBUTT SMASHHelp Garun Get Caught UpGet Garun Some ToolsGet Garun Some BoozeTrain Garun in GunworkGarun must have acquired a taste for liquor at some point because he asked if I could bring him some booze the next time I come around.I brought Garun some booze. He promised not to drink it all at once.Garun wants booze!I brought Garun booze.I tried to bring about a peaceful resolution between Jericho and the Mormons, but Jeremiah wasn't convinced by my proposed solution.Me try to make peace between Jericho and Marmets, but Jeremiah not listen to me.
{c255}Welcome to our humble camp. You may rest as long as you wish, so long as you don't cause any trouble.
{c16711680}Who are you?
{c16711680}Who you?
{c16711680}I'm not here to rest, I'm here to kill you.
{c16711680}Me not tired. Me here to kill you.
{c255}Yes? Is there something else you need?
{c16711680}I spoke to O'Connor. He's agreed to allow the Mormons to live in Jericho, despite what you've done.
{c16711680}Sheriff say Marmets can live in town.
{c16711680}Why are you attacking Jericho's caravans?
{c16711680}Why you attack caravans?
{c16711680}Why do you have to chase away the people at Jericho? Can't you just live alongside them?
{c16711680}Um, why you not just live next to everybody at Jericho and not scare them away?
{c16711680}Prepare to die.
{c16711680}Me kill you so you die.
{c255}I'm Jeremiah, Living Prophet and leader of the Mormon church. Is there something I can do for you?
{c16711680}You can die.
{c16711680}You die.
{c255}We haven't killed anyone. We've destroyed property, yes, but we're not murderers. The water caravans feed that den of sin. We'll squeeze the town dry until they have no choice but to get off our land.
{c16711680}Your land? How is it your land?
{c16711680}They on your land?
{c16711680}Whatever. Just shut up and die.
{c16711680}You go be dead now, okay?
{c255}Our town, New Canaan, once stood on that land. It was destroyed several years ago, and now when we return to rebuild, we find these squatters on the ashes of our old home.
{c16711680}What happened to New Canaan?
{c16711680}What happen to town?
{c16711680}You're about to join New Canaan.
{c16711680}Me destroy you.
{c255}It was a beacon of morality in this forsaken wasteland. We took in lost souls, fed them, clothed them, and introduced them to God.
{c16711680}Go on.
{c16711680}You talk more.
{c16711680}Enough talk. Time for you to die.
{c16711680}Me kill you now.
{c255}The number of refugees became overwhelming, and we didn't have enough food, water, and shelter for them all. We were forced to turn many away. The situation became ugly.
{c16711680}Then what happened?
{c16711680}Then what happen?
{c16711680}No more talking. Die!
{c16711680}Me bored, so me kill you now.
{c255}A large group of men decided to {i}take {} from us what we couldn't give. They battered down our gates, overwhelmed our militia, burned our homes, and murdered our people.
{c16711680}I see. So, why can't you just rebuild somewhere else?
{c16711680}Maybe you build town somewhere else?
{c16711680}I'm just going to kill you now, okay?
{c255}God spoke to me, and His words were {b}clear. {}We {i}must {}rebuild where Jericho now stands, and this can't happen until those sinners have been driven off.
{c16711680}Why do they have to be chased off? Can't you just live alongside them?
{c16711680}Um, why you not just live next to everybody?
{c16711680}I'll have to kill you, then.
{c16711680}Me make you dead!
{c255}New Canaan was a pure community. Are you suggesting that we simply live alongside sin? Ignore their numerous transgressions against God?
{c16711680}Consider it a challenge. Think about it - all those sinners, just {i}waiting {}to hear the word of God and be shown the error of their ways.
{c16711680}Um... yeah? No more fighting, everybody happy. Maybe you teach them how to be Marmets, too.
{c16711680}Forget it. Just die.
{c16711680}No more talking. Me kill you.
{c255}What you say makes sense, but will O'Connor allow us to live in Jericho? My men and I destroyed several caravans, and O'Connor does not seem to be a forgiving man.
{c255}God works in mysterious ways, and it was the simplest of His children who pointed out a solution for me. Please, tell O'Connor that we {i}Mormons {}are sorry, and that we would like a place in Jericho.
{c16711680}I'll go talk to him about it. Goodbye.
{c16711680}Me go talk to him, say Marmets good guys. Goodbye.
{c255}I'd sooner invite the Devil himself to dinner rather than permit a whorehouse to stand in the same town as a Mormon church. Enough of this. Leave!
{c255}Your heart is in the right place, my friend, but you simply can't see the situation like I can. Enough ? I won't talk about this anymore.
{c255}Thank you for bringing about a peaceful resolution to this dispute. I have little to offer you as a reward, but please, take these items.Garun is always trying to catch up on fixing and cleaning the tribe's weapons. He could really use some help.I took some time to help out Garun with his work. Now he's caught up and glad to have a little less worry in his life.Garun fixes stuff. He always busy. He needs help fixing.I help Garun fix! Me good helper! Garun thank me.Garun's work would be a lot easier if he had some decent tools. He said that if I brought him a couple of better tools he would make it worth my time.I gave Garun two multitools, which is exactly what he needed to make his work go more smoothly.Garun needs good tools to do his job.I brought Garun two multool ... mullitool ... two tools so he can work better."CONTROL ARM MALFUNCTIONING.""MANIPULATOR SERVOS DAMAGED.""MANIPULATOR NOT RESPONDING.""ASSESSING DAMAGE.""EXTERNAL CONTROL ROD DAMAGED.""GYROSCOPIC BEARINGS UNBALANCED.""I don't think I'll be having children anymore.""EXPLOSION IMMENENT.""PRIMARY SYSTEMS SHUTTING DOWN.""FRAME DAMAGED.""TARGET AQUIRED.""Leg hurt bad!""You shot off my big toe!""Arg! Foot gone!""Good thing I have two.""Just call me 'The Gimp'""No feel leg."I taught Garun how to fix broken gunpowder weapons. He says that if I bring him broken guns, he'll fix them for me at no charge. That'll save me the time and effort of doing it myself."Evil spirits in leg."I lent Garun a book on mechanics so he could learn how to fix broken guns. He says that if I bring him broken guns, he'll fix them for me at no charge.Me lend Garun book so he can learn how to fix guns. He say I bring him broken guns, he fix for me, no charge.I taught Garun how to make zip guns and pipe rifles. He says if I bring him the parts, he'll make guns from them, for free.Me lend Garun book so he can learn to make guns. He say me bring him parts, he make zip gun or pipe rifle for me, no charge.I lent Garun a book on mechanics so he could learn how to make simple guns. He says if I bring him the parts, he'll make guns from them, for free."Great spirits calling me.""That just about took my leg off.""I'm going to need a new leg.""Oh god! My kneecap just exploded!""I'm going to take this leg and shove it up your !""My thigh!""My foot's gone!""That's going to leave a nasty bruise.""Hand broke.""Arm hurt bad.""Great spirit gone from arm.""You do know I'm a woman?""What?""What? Never seen a ghoul before?""Yes. I know rib bone is showing. Thank you.""Yup. That smell's coming from me and not the dog.""As you can see, I don't tan very well?""You have something to say, normie?""Whoa! My eye keeps trying to escape!""Speak up. I don't hear so well since my ear fell off.""Spare some skin for a ghoul in need?""Keep moving. Nothing to see here.""The next time someone tries to bury me when I'm not dead, I'm going to bite his ear off.""*cough* *cough* Sorry about that."" And I just got that leg.""That nearly tore my arm off!""My hand!""Ah! My arm!""Oww! My communist eyes!""GAAAR! I never had my one child!""Me no see!""I see the Great Spirit!""Me dizzy.""Grey stuff leaking from head.""Head hurt!""My eyes!""I think you knocked something loose.""What's this green stuff coming out of my head?""There's something rattling in my head."*squish*"I really wish I felt something down there.""BALL JOINT DAMAGED.""It's kind of like an appendix. I don't really have a use for it.""My ear is missing!""My ears are ringing.""Blood is coming out of my ears.""You broke my jaw you !"" That was my last tooth!"A smug looking barrel."Somebody look for my ear!""These teeth will make a great bracelet.""Ah! The blood stings my eyes.""Has anyone seen my left eyebrow?""Oh god! Willy's been hit!""*Gasp* Having...trouble...breathing. *Gasp*""I always wanted to be a soprano.""I lost another ear. Oh well.""That's going to lower my charisma.""Eggs are cracked.""I'm going to make you regret that.""Is that all you've got?"" Another bone exposed.""I barely felt that.""I should have been able to dodge that.""My spleen!""That's going to need stitches.""My prized nipple just fell off!""I think my lung collapsed.""Nice body shot.""""My wife cut that off a long time ago.""That particular organ never worked anyways.""NO LONGER IN MINT CONDITION.""RESALE VALUE DROPPING.""NEW PAINT REQUIRED.""I think you cracked a few ribs.""You messed my hair up!""I only need one are to kill you!""I only need one leg to kick your !""*cough* I think I just coughed up a lung.""Hey! I can see my liver now.""That knocked the wind out of me.""I'm out! Reloading now!""OUT OF AMMO!"This ghoul has been dead for years. It looks like dogs recently dug it up and have been eating its jerky-like flesh.Cure the Sick DogsGrins Alot tells me the dogs of the Hangdogs are starting to become sick and he can't figure out why.Grins say dogs are sick. He no know why.I followed the dogs and saw that they had been eating a dead ghoul.Dogs eat dead ghoul."Move aside, citizen! You are in my line of fire!"Grey BlondeI cured the sick dogs.Me cure sick dogs.Grins A Lot told me that he wouldn't let the dogs suffer. He's planning on killing the sick dogs in the morning.Grins going to kill dogs in morning so they don't suffer.Grey BrownGrey RedGrey WhiteCure the Devil Dog is acting strangely. He may be sick. is sick! died from whatever was making him sick. died. Me sad.I paid Grins A Lot to treat 's symptoms but haven't paid for a full cure.Me pay Grins to make better for a while.I used XXX to treat 's sickness. He's not cured, but he's doing better.Me give medicine. He feel better, but not fixed yet. is cured of his sickness. is all better now!My dog defeated Grins A Lot's dog in battle and now I am Marie's guardian. I told her she would work with Teacher to learn the ways of training the dogs. Grins A Lot has saved face by not breaking tradition, and Marie gets to learn about the dogs. Everyone wins.My dog fought Grins dog and won, so I say Marie learns about dogs now.I talked to Grins A Lot and got himto agree to let Marie learn the secrets of dog training from Teacher.I talked to Grins and now Marie can work with dogs like she wants to.My dog lost to Grins A Lot's dog. Grins A Lot says that Marie cannot be Teacher's apprentice, and his decision is final.Me dog fought Grins dog and lost. Now Marie no can work with dogs because Grins says no.Grins A Lot told me that Kurisu is a strong leader. She is wise, good in fight, strong, and protective of Blackfoots and Hangdogs.Grins A Lot told me that Chagas is good with his hands and good with guns. His brother was leader before Kurisu. Chagas is a good man, people respect his skill.Grins A Lot says that Kurisu is a better leader than Chagas. She knows the tribe well, and solves problems before people get angry. The tribe is stronger because of her.Grins A Lot says Chagas isn't a better leader than Kurisu. Chagas is strong and respected, but has no experience. If he fails, it would hurt the tribe.Grins A Lot says the Daughters know their medicine, but they have too much control over the tribe. He also says the Daughter they have now is a real bitch, and doesn't like dogs.Grins A Lot says the Daughters know their medicine, but they have too much control over the tribe. He's glad the Daughter they had left. She was a real bitch, and didn't like dogs.Grins A Lot doesn't agree with the Hangdog custom about girls tending the home, but going against it would mean he'd lose face to the tribe. Since he is no longer the tribe's healer, he feels that he is left with very little face and to lose any more would be humiliating.Grins no agree with Hangdog girl custom but he afraid he lose face if he go against custom. Since he no healer now, he no have much face left.Me tell Eldron raiders dead. He no happy they dead but he happy they no more trouble.Me tell Eldron raiders dead. He no happy they dead but he happy they no more trouble.Me tell Eldron raiders no take more food. He happy.I informed Eldron that the raiders will no longer take food from the tribe. He was happy.Me tell Eldron big bugs dead. He happy.I informed Eldron that the giant insects are dead. He was happy.Me tell Eldron robots work. He happy.I informed Eldron that the security robots function now. He was very happy about this."God watches over us.""Are you allowed to drink Nuka-Cola?""Jeremiah is a great leader.""I miss New Canaan.""Jeremiah will protect us from our enemies.""Our suffering is part of God's plan for us.""Have you found God?""The people of Jericho are sinners.""My faith is strong.""Jeremiah is a living prophet.""You should search the red brick building for supplies. I'm sure we'll run into a larger force when we get to the vault entrance."Deal with the InsectsMe talk to Hellea. She shaman of Twin Mothers. She healer for tribe.I spoke with Helea, the shaman of the Twin Mothers. She said that she is the healer for the tribe.Helea say goddess Diana teach her to be shaman. Me think she tell joke but she say no.Helea told me that the goddess Diana taught her the healing arts. I thought she was speaking metaphorically but she claims to have met the goddess personally.Me ask Helea if me buy healing stuff. She say she no need money. She give healing stuff.I asked Helea if I could buy healing potions from her. She said that she had no use for money. She did, however, give me some healing ointments.Me ask Helea why tribe named Twin Mothers. She say everyone have two mothers. One make us baby. Other is world.I asked Helea about the Twin Mothers name. She says that the tribe believes that we all have two mothers. The first is our physical mother and the second is the Earth itself. Me ask Helea about Daughter name Ruth. She say Daughters steal babies. They make tribes weak by giving back sick babies. They make Daughters strong by keeping good babies.I asked Helea about the Daughter named Ruth. She said that the Daughters are stealing strong babies from the tribes and replacing them with sick ones. They are trying to weaken the tribes while bolstering their own people.Me ask Helea about goddess. She say nature stuff.I asked Helea about the goddess of the Twin Mothers. She sounds to me like a typical nature or fertility goddess.Helea upset about goddess. She say goddess no longer speak to her. She say goddess used to come to temple but she not do now. Temple near village square.Helea is upset about the tribal goddess. She says that the goddess no longer speaks to her when she calls her. I asked her about this and she claims that the goddess would come to the temple when she called. Alaya and Eldron, the chiefs of the tribe, live in the temple. It is near the village square.I asked Helea why she would not bless Alaya's marriage to Eldron. She said that they share a defect that makes them nearly sterile. She is afraid that, if they were to have children, this defect could be passed on and endanger the tribe.I tried to convince Helea to bless Alaya's marriage to Eldron. She refused.I tried to convince Helea to bless Alaya's marriage to Eldron. I was successful and she has given her blessing.The Goddess is SilentDogThis is a dog of the four-legged variety.Me meet Daughter of Hecate at Twin Mothers. Her name Ruth.I meet a Daughter of Hecate at the Twin Mothers. Her name is Ruth.Ruth say she no longer Daughter. She quite cause she lose faith. She say she saw goddess Diana.Ruth told me that she is no longer a Daughter. She lost her faith when she saw the goddess Diana.Ruth say she do evil, but she no tell me what. She say to ask shaman, Helea. She tell her all.Ruth said that she has done some evil things, but she would not tell me exactly what. She said to ask the shaman, Helea. Apparently she confessed to her.Me tell Ruth me speak with Helea about her. She answer questions now.I told Ruth that I spoke with Helea about her. She was a lot more open and willing to answer questions.Me ask Ruth about Hecate. She say Hecate die and go to paradise. She become goddess and come back.I asked Ruth about Hecate. She said that Hecate died, went to paradise, and then became a goddess. She returned to earth to pass on 'gifts' to her people.Me ask Ruth why Hecate weaken tribes. She say Hecate make her people strong cause they chosen. Hecate not care about other tribes.I asked Ruth why Hecate is weakening the tribes. She said that Hecate is making her people strong to better their chance of survival. Unfortunately she is doing this at the expense of the other tribes.Me ask Ruth where me find Hecate. She say Hecate live in city named Ouroboros. She mark on map.Me ask Ruth where me find Hecate. She say Hecate live in city named Ouroboros. She mark on map.Kill Trisha for SharonDeliver the Holodisc to DogtownMe talk to Burk at raider camp. Me find out he boss.I spoke with Burk at the raider camp. He says that he is the leader of the raiders.Me talk to Burk at raider camp. He say it true that he be boss.I spoke with Burk at the raider camp. He confirmed that he is the leader of the raiders.Me ask Burk if he take food from natives. He say natives give food so he no have to take. He agree to stop. I asked Burk if he was taking food from the natives. He said no, the natives offered him food and he accepted. He agreed to stop, however.Me ask Burk why he here. He no say. Me ask nice, but he still say no.I asked Burk why he was here. He said it was none of my concern. I tried to convince him to change his mind but he refused.Me ask Burk why he here. He say there may be vault here.I asked Burk why he was here. He said that there may be a vault here, somewhere in this canyon.Me tell Burk about Trisha and disk. He no happy with Trisha.I informed Burk about Trisha and the disk she asked me to deliver. He isn't very happy with Trisha right now. He said he will deal with her later.Me tell Burk that Sharon want Trisha dead.I informed Burk that Sharon wants Trisha dead. He said he was pretty tired of their bickering and that he would handle the matter.Me ask gang member Sharon who boss. She say Burk.I asked one of the gang members named Sharon who was the boss. She said a man named Burk is in charge.Me ask Sharon about gang. She say gang name Scorpion's Bite. Gang use bug poison.I asked Sharon to tell me about her gang. She said they are called Scorpion's Bite because they use scorpion poison on their weapons.Me ask Sharon about camp site. She say she no nothing. Boss say no wander around. She say natives no come here. They say forbidden.I asked Sharon about the area where the raiders set up camp. She said she knows nothing about it. They've been told not to wander around. She did mention that the natives say they are forbidden to come here.Me ask Sharon about raiders take native food. She say go talk to boss.I asked Sharon about the raiders taking food from the natives. She admitted they are but said to talk with the boss.Sharon want Trisha dead. Me say me kill for her.Sharon wants Trisha dead. I told her I'd kill her for her.Sharon want Trisha dead. Me say me no kill her.Sharon wants Trisha dead. I told her I wouldn't kill her.Sharon say she no trust me to kill Trisha. She say me... moron.Sharon said she would pay me five hundred caps to kill Trisha and make it look like an accident. I agreed to do it.Sharon said she would pay me five hundred caps to kill Trisha and make it look like an accident. I said I'd think about it.I told Sharon that Trisha is dead and I wanted my caps. She paid up.Me ask gang member Trisha who boss. She say Burk.I asked one of the gang members named Trisha who was the boss. She said a man named Burk is in charge.Me ask Trisha about gang. She say gang name Scorpion's Bite. Gang use bug poison.I asked Trisha to tell me about her gang. She said they are called Scorpion's Bite because they use scorpion poison on their weapons.Me ask Trisha about camp site. She say she no nothing. Boss say no wander around. She say natives no come here. They say forbidden.I asked Trisha about the area where the raiders set up camp. She said she knows nothing about it. They've been told not to wander around. She did mention that the natives say they are forbidden to come here.Me ask Trisha about raiders take native food. She say go talk to boss.I asked Trisha about the raiders taking food from the natives. She admitted they are but said to talk with the boss.Me ask Trisha for work. She ask me take disk to Caesar's Legion agent in Dogtown. Dogtown northeast.I asked Trisha for work. She asked me to deliver a holodisc to an agent of Caesar's Legion. She says there's one in Dogtown. Dogtown is northeast of here.Trisha say disk worth thousand caps to Legion. Me can ask for caps when deliver it. She also say me have her if me bring proof me deliver.Trisha said the holodisc is worth a thousand caps to the Legion. I can ask for that much when I deliver it. She also said that I could have her if I brought back proof that I delivered it.Me ask what on disk. Trisha say lots of information about natives and area. She sell them out to Caesar's Legion.I asked Trisha what is on the holodisc. She said its detailed information about the Twin Mothers area. It sounds like she is selling the natives out to Caesar's Legion.Me told Trisha me deliver disk.I told Trisha that I'd deliver the disk.Me tell Trisha me think about deliver disk.I told Trisha I'd think about delivering the disk.Me tell Trisha me deliver disk.I told Trisha I'd deliver the disk.Me give Trisha proof me deliver disk. Me go to tent with her and make fun!I gave Trisha proof that I delivered the holodisc. We went to a tent afterwards and had some fun.Me give Trisha proof me deliver disk. She want go to tent for fun but me tell her she no have to.I gave Trisha proof that I delivered the holodisc. She offered to take me to a tent for payment, but I told her she didn't have to."Hey! Wait! I want to ask you something!""You're a tribe friend!""Sorry, you're not allowed in the cave.""This cave is off-limits to you.""No wastelanders allowed in the cave.""Thanks again for your help.""I've said all I'm gonna say to you."This computer controls the large vault door. You have to enter a specific access code for the computer to work.Reach the Vault EntranceCorporal Armstrong told me that we need to reach the entrance to the vault. It's on the other side of a ruined town, and he believes it may be overrun with communists.Loot the Red Brick BuildingCorporal Armstrong told me that I should search a red brick building in the ruined town. He thinks it might have supplies that will help us reach the vault.I looted a shelf in the red brick building and found several supplies, including a motorcycle helmet, first aid kit, a gun, and ammunition.We finally reached the vault. The power cells in Corporal Armstrong's armor were running low, so he said goodbye and headed back to the city.Get Life Support Up and RunningFix the GeneratorRepair the Floating Eye BotFrank, the Underseer of the vault, told me that the life support systems were down. He explained that the generator didn't have enough power, but that the generator was behind a locked door. Once that's fixed, the central computer can activate the life support program.Frank complained that the generator that runs the life support system is running at low power, but that it's locked behind a door. Apparently, if I take some tools from the storage room, I can unlock the door and repair it myself.After complaining about numerous other things, Frank told me that the vault's resident floating eye bot was damaged and lying in the Overseer's room. The eye bot supposedly is capable of repairing the generator, though I would have to unlock the door myself.I managed to turn the life support on after the generator got fixed. It really wasn't that hard...The generator is now up and running. No more black smoke and possibly no more complaints from Frank.The eye bot was pretty badly damaged when I found it, but after repairing its motivator, it seemed just fine.Me meet computer machine name Zax-29.I met an artificial intelligence by the name of Zax-29.Me ask Zax-29 who boss of Twin Mothers. He say goddess Diana boss.I asked Zax-29 who was in control of the Twin Mothers area. He said the goddess Diana assumed control.Me ask Zax-29 who is goddess Diana. He say he no know. He say he no think she goddess though.I asked Zax-29 who exactly the goddess Diana is. He said he doesn't know, but he has doubts that she's a trued deity.Me ask Zax-29 where me find Diana. H say she in high security place name Nursery. He no know where Nursery is. It secret for security.I asked Zax-29 where I could find Diana. He says that she is in a high security installation known as the Nursery. He doesn't know the Nursery's location for security reasons.Me ask Zax-29 how me find Nursery. He say me may be able to guess from other sources.I asked Zax-29 how I could locate the Nursery. He suggested that it may be possible to extrapolate its location from other sources.Me ask Zax-29 how he get orders. He say there is satellite dish in Twin Mothers area.I asked Zax-29 how he gets his orders. He said that there is a satellite dish somewhere in the Twin Mothers area.Me ask Zax-29 what going on in Twin Mothers area. He say they experiment. He say... stuff.I asked Zax-29 what is going on in the Twin Mothers area. He said that they are a behavioral experiment that was started before the war. Someone felt that a society that was not dependent upon technology would have a better chance of surviving the war and not reverting to savagery.Me ask Zax-29 why robots in village no work. He say goddess Diana control them but she no talk now.I asked Zax-29 why the robots in the village no longer work. He said that they are under the control of the goddess Diana and that communication has been lost with her.Me ask Zax-29 if he fix robots. He say he could so me tell him to do.I asked Zax-29 if he could activate the security robots. He said that he could so I told him to do so.Me ask Zax-29 if he fix robots. He say he could if me tell him do so. Me think about it.I asked Zax-29 if he could activate the security robots. He said that he could if I told him to do so. I'm thinking about it.Manufactured by Rheinmetal AG, this 9mm machinepistol is capable of one-handed use for both single shot and burst attacks. Though it is wildly inaccurate, its potential for loads of short-range damage is high.A standard pre-war cattle prod. The electrode tips of the weapon deliver an extremely powerful shock that can wound and even kill.Motorcycle HelmetAn extraordinarily pristine motorcycle helmet. Good for protection against wide variety of punches, baseball bats, and similar objects. Though it wasn't made to stop bullets, it will do in a pinch.Male TrogYou see a very large, pale man.Billy-Bob"Moo.""MOOOO.""Moooo."RadscorpionSmall RadscorpionBrahminKurisu*BARK!**BARK! BARK! BARK!**WOOF!**WOOF?**GRRRRRR**yelp* *yelp* *yelp**Hoowwwl*KICK

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