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Fallout: New Vegas developers clarify
Fallout: New Vegas developers clarify [ Game -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation Sat 06 Feb 2010, 7:25 PM
More info on Game: Fallout: New Vegas | More info on Company: Obsidian Entertainment | More info on Person: J. E. Sawyer

There are a few things that the Obsidian developers felt needed clarifying, mostly in terms of the dialogue system for Fallout: New Vegas. Here's the deal:

JE Sawyer on dialogue skills:

This is how it works. Each skill-based dialogue option has two different texts: one for high skill (which will result in success) and one for low skill (which will result in failure). If you do not meet the required threshold, you see the latter.

Jason Bergman on Area 51:

The Area 51 thing was pure speculation on PC Gamer's part. We did not show it or confirm whether or not it's in there. PC Gamer put it in because it's Nevada, and they think that means it will be in there.

I'm not saying it is or isn't, just that we haven't said either way.

More JE Sawyer on dialogue:

There are a few reasons for including this:

* In the same way that a locked safe beyond your Lockpicking skill indicates, it lets the player know that there's an option here.
* Some of the NPC responses to low skill checks can be pretty entertaining.

I also do want to clarify what is meant by "no penalty for failure". All it means is that you won't wind up in a worse position than you were before selecting it. If a dude bursts in and is intent on killing you, he's still going to want to kill you if you fail the Speech check to talk him out of it.

Josh on hardcore mode:

It's true that a lot of people have modded in those features, but a lot of the things in Hardcore mode are also things that I personally wanted to play the game with. I realize not everyone does, but it's the only way I play it.

And apparently people are worried about how much money all the dialogue is going to cost:

When taken in the context of all of the VO that needs to be recorded for the game, alternate responses for low-skill dialogue checks account for a very small percentage of lines.

F3 also (often) had alternate lines for failed skill checks; they just originated from the same player line. Player lines aren't voiced, so there's no real increase there.

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