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New Fallout: New Vegas info from Game Informer
New Fallout: New Vegas info from Game Informer [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by King of Creation Mon 10 May 2010, 11:15 AM
More info on Game: Fallout: New Vegas

There's some new Fallout: New Vegas information out in the latest Game Informer, complete with new screen shots. Here's the lowdown from a poster at the Bethesda forums:

13 new unreleased screenshots.
Includes first shots of the Strip and first look at Caesar's Legion Soldiers

6 new sets of outfits

A man named Craig Boone who's wife was kidnapped can be a follower.

Blackjack, Slot Machines, Poker and Roulette are some of the games you can play. (The luck skill plays a big part in how good you are at gambling.)

3 different types of currency. Caps, NCR dollars, Legion money (it also states CL uses coins as well, for what I'm not sure but probably at the casinos.) You will get better deals depending what kind of currency is used in different parts. (There is also an exchange rate between the three)

Mad Max Outfit!

C4 explosives that include a detonator (You can also reverse pickpocket C4), Machetes, Razors, a gun that looks similar to a SMG and... Boxing Gloves?!

Vault 21 - a vault where all conflicts were decided through gambling.

New reload animations that reflect exactly how many bullets you are putting in your gun.

Companions have side quest.

There is a
illusive man named Mr. House that runs the city. He plays a role also in why Vegas wasn't bombed in the great war which you will learn more about as you play through.

.....So that is just scratching the surface...

He also mentioned that combat outside of VATS was rather enjoyable due to the new iron sight and he found himself purposely not using it. Which i am very much looking forward to seeing.

Thanks for the tip Captain Vegas!

Update: Another forum user posted a summary of what he read in the article:

The Strip

What it is in a nuttshell, a very well ran place that was very much uneffected by anything (More so then some of you probably would think). Vegas is very much the complete opposite of a sh!t hole and I will say there was nothing that I read or saw that reminded me of New Reno (So for some thats good & some that sucks). The Strip screenshots only showed one Casino from what I could tell and it looked like a very normal nothing special Casino that you would see in a nice 1950's Casino. The wall's very plain, the room bright and no wear & tear of any kind so to speak of in the Casino not that there should be much if any on The Strip you would just haft to see the screenshots yourself. The other screenshots showed off colorful lighted buildings like The Lucky 38, Vault 21 (Vault 21 is a Casino) and I mean there was 0 wear & tear on anything so to speak of.

Every Casino is not just a reskin of the other one far as gambling goes, looks like each Casino will play Blackjack a little differently etc far as numbers and cards goes which is a good thing.

Who run's The Strip etc?

This is the part I am disappointed about, who run's the Vegas?

Robots, robot police run & keep Vegas under raps controlled by a character inspired by Howard Hughes that lives in The Lucky 38. Lucky 38 is a place no one in the game has seen anyone get into since they care remember and no one has seen the Howard Hughes character himself go figure. When I say "controlled", I mean this guy run's everything and controls everything and is also the reason New Vegas was not hit by a blast. Which I thought the mob organized that deal out but I guess not . . .

Mobsters or Families it does not look like run The Strip or any Casino's so to speak of. Funnily id probably feel safer in New Vegas then I would in Las Vegas judging from the screenshots & from the look of it. Every Casino, every place in Vegas will have its own kind of personality (It sounds like for the most part) and there is a rat pack era place in New Vegas called The Tops with Frank Sinatra tunes etc. That is all wonderful & the style of Vegas is about what I was hoping for for the most part I guess.

So . . .

Do not expect too many things Fallout in New Vegas, the entire place is ran by a scientist inspired by Howard Hughes. Your not going to see much drama with between other Casino's doutfuly from what I read, the place seemed about as boring as ever. Regardless of what will end up being in New Vegas, I know for a Fact that its nothing like New Reno other then gambling & the drugs that will be in (Drugs is part of Vegas). Of course there will be fun places to go on The Strip like The Tops etc you might find a gangster in there hah who know's we'll hafta see.

Now from here on this is coming even more so from my own opinion, I do not want any developer or person reading this to get offended about what im about to write Thanks.

Obsidian is ethier on some heck of a deadline or just getting lazy, they could put & do a lot more with New Vegas then a guy who lives in a tower (Lucky 38) who controls robot police. Of course there is going to be quest in New Vegas, Side quest & all that jazz etc but where are the gangsters here? Did Howard Hughes already come in & buy them out I guess and everything went corporate already or what?

All I am getting at is, there was 0 focus on anything that had to do with mobsters or families that run anything at all. Some people are tired of the gangsters & gangster towns in Fallout games and then some people like myself love it. Again this is just off my own opinion, there might even be famalies/gangster's who operate a Casino or two but it sure did not mention any of that. It was very much set on one guy who run's Vegas and it just had a very corprate feel to it all added with marshal law enforced by robot police (Serously).

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