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OXM Fallout New Vegas scans and information
OXM Fallout New Vegas scans and information [ Game -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation Sun 14 Feb 2010, 5:14 AM
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The latest OXM has hit the stands and, just like PSM3 and PCGamer, they have an "exclusive" "world premier" of Fallout: New Vegas. Here are the details (scans after the jump):

  • The Brotherhood of Steel is back, but the core story revolves around the NCR and Caesar's Legion.
  • SPECIAL now has descriptions - eg CHA 10 = Cult Leader, EN 1 = Basically Dead.
  • Those descriptions for Strength: 10 - Hercules' Bigger Cousin 9 - Doomsday Pecs 8 - Circus Strongman 7 - Beach Bully 6 - Barrel Chested 5 - Average Joe 4 - Lightweight 3 - Doughy Baby 2 - Beached Jellyfish 1 - Wet Noodle
  • You get a Vault 21 jumpsuit from the doc who revives you, along with a pistol and a Pip Boy 3000.
  • Weapons can be modified, but modifications only have positive results. The magazine implies you won't need to make a choice between different mods, because they won't be mutually exclusive.
  • And a little later the magazine contradicts itself by writing that adding a larger magazine increases reload times.
  • Every weapon has a special attack, not just the golf club. It seems that Fore! does not mean groin shots are back for every weapon.
  • Guns have different knockback amounts, pistols don't do much, shotguns blast people away.
  • There's a town-specific reputation, and Obsidian has 'hinted' that the reputation will impact endings.
  • Karma has been overhauled, tracking the factions and ideologies that you agree with.
  • Nightkin are back, as blue-skinned Super Mutants who've gone schizophrenic through Stealth Boy use. They attack you while cloaked, deactivating cloak at the last minute to hit you with a club.
  • The Tabitha situation can also be resolved by convincing Tabitha to revolt against the other Super Mutants.
  • Helios One is not only a power plant, but also the location of the controls of a solar weapon developed by Poseidon Energy which you can employ yourself.
  • You can now choose the main character's age.

Scans Removed

In addition, OXM apparently didn't really hear our cries about giving all the credit to Obsidian - nor did they actually do their homework on who Obsidian are and the connections they have to the Fallout series (even going so far as to falsely claim that "there won't be any connection to those [original Fallout games], though." I'm pretty sure the inclusion of factions like, I dunno, the NCR definitively tell us that there will be quite a connection to the original Fallout games.

Thanks to NMA for the bulletpoints and madnath619 for bringing everything to my attention.

Edit: The scans have been taken down. Although they were never hosted at Duck and Cover, apparently even linking to them is grounds for copyright violations. Oh well.

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