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Fallout: New Vegas bug fixes
Fallout: New Vegas bug fixes [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation Wed 20 Oct 2010, 1:26 PM
More info on Game: Fallout: New Vegas

Here's a giant list of bug fixes via Geek Montage:

Fallout: New Vegas Game Fixes

Fallout: New Vegas is highly addicting game. It is also full of numerous glitches and errors that can prevent you from playing the game easily -- like game crashes, launcher crashes, audio problems, quick save issues, auto save issues, overall saving issues, game lag, game stuttering, etc. I've compiled a list of fixes that will allow you to play this game with NO problems at all. If you still have errors, please do comment and I'll try to help you out.

"Not compatible with 64 bit Windows" error
After downloading "New Vegas" for Fallout, Steam will decrypt it. When running the game afterward, the above error may occur. despite the fact that the game CAN run on Windows 64-bit.

    1. Close steam and anything related to Fallout
    2. Re-open Steam
    3. Re-verify your cache.

It should start decrypting again and *should* run fine now.

"Language for Fallout: New Vegas Not Changing After Selecting Different Language"

    1. Select the language you wish to use for the game
    2. Close Steam
    3. Re-open Steam

A fix / patch will be released to allow for the language to be changed without restarting Steam.

"Game Stutters / Lags Randomly" (NOT NVIDIA-Specific, Look at Next Fix)

This issue seems most common with NVIDIA graphics cards, though it is reported that some ATI graphics cards are having the issue too. This usually happens when multiple NPC's are nearby or after killing something. It isn't related to having a low-end system, as even some high-end systems have this problem. This is a "general" fix attempt. Look at the next fix for one specific to NVIDIA.

    1. Upgrade your graphics card drivers (NVIDIA and/or ATI) to the latest version. These generally provide performance enhancements for specific games, as well as fixes.
    2. Turn off kill cinematics
    3. When possible, apply the latest patch for the game

Again, if you are using a NVIDIA card, first follow the fix listed below, and if that doesn't work then try the steps listed in this one.

"Game Lags and Stutters / Choppy Graphics or Frame Rate / FPS - With NVIDIA Graphics Card"

So, unlike the above game fix, this is aimed specifically to help those with NVIDIA video cards. Note that if you do NOT have this issue, it has been reported that older drives don't have this problem with the game, and that newer drivers do play the game without issue at this given time (October 19th, 2010). This WILL be fixed so don't feel as if you will never be able to update your drivers again. On the contrary, as mentioned above, it will improve your performance eventually once more updates come out.

That *should* fix your problem. For those having trouble locating this feature, go to--

My Computer -> Control Panel -> NVIDIA Control Panel -- and it's under "Manage 3D Settings". Here's an image of it (click the image to enlarge it)--

Fallout: New Vegas - NVIDIA Power Management Lag Fix

It is reported that this option is "Available only for the GeForce 9 series and above".

"When Installing Game from Disc / DVD / CD, Steam is automatically launched (executed), validates the game files, and then begins to download the the game files instead of installing the files from the actual disk."

    1. Load Steam and Select the Library
    2. Right click the game -> "Delete Local Content"
    3. Insert the disc into your DVD drive
    4. Close Steam
    5. Go to Start -> Run and type in--

"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install E:

Make sure to replace the path to Steam with the path to your Steam.exe. Replace the letter "E" with your DVD drive letter. Then press OK.

The installation should now use the files in the DVD rather than downloading them from the internet now.

"Fallout: New Vegas Launcher Crashes"

This can be caused from a couple of problems. Try one or more to fix the error. This usually happens for a non-Windows XP operating system, such as Windows 7 or Windows Vista, but it CAN happen on Windows XP. Note that if you have Windows XP, the compatibility mode fix will do nothing for you, so try one of the other methods.

    1A. Load the Fallout: New Vegas folder and set each EXE to run in "windows XP" compatibility mode (right click the exe's -> properties -> compatibility -> check "run this program in compatibility mode for" -> select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"


    1B. Do NOT run the game shortcut created on your desktop. Load Steam directly instead and select Fallout: New Vegas.


    1C. Validate your game files


    1D. Update your drivers


    1E. Reinstall the game

"Game Graphics Settings Aren't Saving / Keep Reverting"

You may be trying to alter your graphics settings to improve game play and find that the settings either are not saving or they keep reverting to your previous settings. This is likely an issue with Steam Cloud.

    1. Close Steam / Fallout
    2A. Turn off Steam Cloud Synchronization under the update tab of Fallout New Vegas via the properties area of the steam game list (or play in offline mode) - Thanks dviper785
    2B. Set FalloutPrefs.ini to NOT "Read Only" (right click -> properties -> uncheck "Read-Only"). It's located here: My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\FalloutPrefs.ini


    2C. Delete the INI files (FallOut.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini), then launch the game directly

"How Can I Fix Mouse Acceleration Problems?"

The game's mouse acceleration may be annoying you. You'll have to edit a few INI files to fix this.

    1. Make sure Fallout / Steam is closed
    2. Navigate to My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV and set "Fallout.ini" and "FalloutPrefs.ini" to NOT Read-Only (right click each file -> properties -> UnCheck "Read-Only")
    3. Add the following to the [Controls] section of each file--


    4. Next navigate to "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas"
    5. Set "Fallout_default.ini" to NOT Read-Only and add the same lines above to the [Controls] section
    6. Next navigate to "C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata". There will be a folder here with random numbers as its name. Open it, then sort by last modified (right click folder -> "arrange icons by" -> "last modified"). Open the MOST RECENTLY modified folder that is NOT "config".
    7. Make sure "falloutprefs.ini" is NOT Read-Only, and edit it just as you did with the previous INI files.

That was a lot of work, huh? Easy, but tedious.

"My Game Audio / Sound is Messed Up" (i.e. no sound or timing of sound is off, etc.)

This is usually solved by updating your audio / sound drivers.

    1A. Update your your sound card drivers
    1B. If not remedied yet, disable 7.1 or 5.1 sound output. Use standard 2.1 audio.
    1C. Try using analog instead of stereo audio output.
    1D. Put the game into Window Mode (oddly enough, this fixes the problem for some)

"The game won't save, or my saves are overwritten, quicksave and autosave do not work, or I am having issues saving the game"

Unfortunately, Fallout: New Vegas is plagued with save issues. The fix is very annoying as well, so my suggestion is simple;

Do NORMAL, manual saves instead of QUICK SAVES for the time being until a patch is released. To speed this up, do the following--

    1. Hit the ~ key
    2. Type save "savefile1" and hit enter
    3. When you need to save again, hit the ~ key like before, then hit the "up" arrow key to bring up the previously typed in save command. You can overwrite or rename the save file.
    4. To load your file, hit the ~ key and type in load "savefile1"

However, if you really do wish to attempt to fix this problem, a solution was posted Here on doing so. Read the steps below to fix it.

You can recover your saves via this method--

    1. Locate the save files folder -- My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Saves
    2. Find files that have a *.bak extension. If you cannot see extensions, enable them through these steps. Rename the files with a .bak extension to something without the .bak extension (i.e. "autosave.fos.bak" to "autosave.fos" and then rename your old "autosave.fos" to autosave_old.fos", as they .bak may have your newer data).

Of, if you have No Save Files In Folder / Can't Save and want to FIX The .BAK Issue then try this--

    1. Navigate to your Fallout.ini in the FalloutNV folder and set it to NOT Read-Only
    2. Open the file and search for SLocalSavePath using CTRL+F (find option)
    3. Look at the path it has listed to make sure there is an actual save folder (i.e. SLocalSavePath=Saves\ ). If it isn't present, make the folder yourself.
    4. Make the following change in the file:

CHANGE iSaveGameBackupCount=1 to iSaveGameBackupCount=0

Regardless, I suggest backing up your save files manually for the time being until this issue is completely solved.

How to Activate DLC and Bonus Content?

    1. Double click the Fallout: New Vegas entry in your Steam library
    2. Select "Data Files" in the game launcher menu
    3. Select the game content accordingly that you wish to have available

I hope your problems have now been solved. If not, feel free to comment about the error you are experiencing and I'll be sure to get back to you within a day or two. Also, if you know any other fixes to problems, I'd love to hear those too :) Thanks.

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