That's where Bethesda dropped the ball. Fallout wasn't just a setting, it had a tight rules system too. Just like D&D isn't just a setting. Bethesda doesn't like the restrictions that real RPG systems impose on their ADD addled target audience - Cimmerian
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Fallout: New Vegas first impressions from the DAC community
Fallout: New Vegas first impressions from the DAC community [ Game -> Review ]
Posted by King of Creation Tue 19 Oct 2010, 6:34 PM
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A lot of people are giving their impressions and reviews of Fallout: New Vegas all over the internet. 95% of those opinions are rubbish. The only real opinions that matter are those of the good people of DAC. This is what we have to say:


-The dialog is the first thing that stands out, both in writing and performance.

-Wayne Newton beats Three Dog up and down the block as a DJ.

-Once ole Wayne and the music tracks start repeating themselves, turn off your pipboy radio as the ambient music is fantastic. The news post on the layered soundtrack was no bullshit, also there is more Mark Morgan than you'd expect.

-So far the most important "new feature" of Fallout: New Vegas is nuance. They finessed the Holy Guacamole out of this game in terms of writing and level design.

-You die MUCH easier, even in VATS. A lot of this has to do with the fact that I'm playing a "sneak or die" Melee character with 1 Endurance in Hardcore mode and don't have enough points in Sneak yet to accommodate, but I've died quite a bit thus far and most of those times were in VATS.

-Overall there is substantially less hand holding. I didn't encounter an NPC that could repair items til about 6 hours into the game, forcing me to scavenge and alternate weapons a lot early on. Also, if you kill Doc Mitchell, guess what? He was THE doctor for quite awhile, and healing limbs is a bitch.

-You will be crippled a lot. You will be radiated a lot (RadAway and Rad X are scarce).

-Hardcore mode is genuinely fun and makes it feel like a proper Fallout game.

-This game has a feel unique to the series. It feels "more like Fallout, but at the same time it is ballsy enough to carve out it's own niche.

-Just because an animal detects you, does not mean it will charge you. I've had several "aggressive" animals detect me, but would not attack until I encroached too closely on their territory.


So far a big thumbs up. Nice sequel to Fallout 2


- The opening cinematics look a lot better in the final product than they do on Youtube.

- Ron Perlman's opening narration is fantastic, and this is the first taste of how well the game is written. In Fallout 3, his script couldn't have been more simplistic.

- First thing that struck me is I'm running the game on the same settings that I ran Fallout 3, but it runs faster.

- All the animations are better, especially for the brand new critters.

- Though you can tell it's still the Morrowind/Fallout 3 base facial stuff, it's vastly improved. Women look like women now, both in face and body.

- The annoying karma lowering for covert stealing is back, but the noise it makes to inform you of low karma isn't as whiny.

- While combat in Fallout 3 was awful, if first-person shooting needs to be in a Fallout game it needs to be done right. It's pretty good here, and I've had a lot of fun bobbing and weaving while stopping to dump off rounds through the iron sights. Accuracy also seems to be based on your weapon skills, but I haven't raised it high enough/been exposed to enough weapons to confirm that.

- Armor has a point now, and when an enemy's armor blocks your shots a shield icon pops up next to their health bar. Radscorpions are a bitch to kill on account of it.

- It re-uses a lot of resources for decorations and objects from Fallout 3, which in itself isn't a bad thing; it seems there's more original work than there is recycled.

-The voice acting has been nothing but terrific so far. Even the one Fallout 3 voice actor I've come across (the hispanic sounding guy) seems to be putting on a performance instead of reading from a script.

- The writing is engaging, backed up by the voice acting. I haven't skipped dialog once to get to the point.

- The slow downs and stuff caused by using the PiPboy radio is gone. Wayne Newton is pretty awesome - look for his Nuclear Winter Christmas Song Collection coming this holiday on holotape.

- The ambient music is southern twangy guitar based on the theme from Fallout 3, and it sounds fantastic. This is usually overlaid softly on ambient music that sounds like its the sound files from Fallout 2.

- Grave robbing is back, but I found myself without a shovel.

On bugs

- I haven't encountered a single one in the PC version, yet. Word on the street is the 360 version had slowdowns and memory leak issues.

What do you have to say about the game? Let me know in the comments and I'll continuously update this post with your opinions.

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