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Fallout: New Vegas fan interview part 2!
Fallout: New Vegas fan interview part 2! [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by King of Creation Tue 15 Jun 2010, 3:39 PM
More info on Company: Obsidian Entertainment | More info on Game: Fallout: New Vegas

Here are the answers to part two of the Fallout: New Vegas fan interview. Part One can be found here.

How many new perks are there planned to be included in Fallout: New Vegas?
From Oerjeke via Bethesda Blog

Project Director Josh Sawyer: A lot. We've removed some old perks, modified some existing perks, and added a bunch of new ones. We believe that New Vegas' selection of perks will make the selection process difficult but rewarding for the player.

Will the Fallout: New Vegas Version of the GECK ship with the game, or be downloadable on release?
From @The3rdType via Twitter

JS: Yes. In addition to the normal GECK functionality F3 modders have come to expect, the F:NV GECK will allow modification of ammo lists, ammo subtypes, the hardcore "basic needs" rates, and a lot of the other new bits of data we have added. It will also contain the F:NV dialogue editor, which can be used with or without the standard F3 dialogue editor.

Will Area 51 be in the game?
From Daniel via Facebook

JS: Area 51 is a bit too far outside of our Mojave Wasteland to include.

What type of graphics options will there be? DX 9/10/11?
From @Z999z3mystorys via Twitter

JS: F:NV's renderer still uses DX9.

Will there be character "traits" as in the classic Fallout games?
From @TheBearPaw via Twitter

JS: Yes. During character creation, you will have the option to select one or two traits. Traits include some of the classics, like Small Frame (in F:NV it gives a bonus to AG but you break limbs more easily), and new ones, like Four Eyes (bonus to PE while wearing glasses, penalty while not).

What kinds of Companions will we see this time round.
From @Neo_Wolf via Twitter

JS: We have a varied cast of companions ranging from Raul the ghoul mechanic to Boone the ex-NCR sniper to some more unusual fellows. Each of the companions has their own personal conflict the player can help resolve. These conflicts can be relatively simple to address or they can involve major quests that span the Mojave Wasteland.

Will there be anything like Fallout 3's bobbleheads in New Vegas to collect?
From @Neon0x via Twitter

JS: Yes, there will be something similar to bobbleheads in the game, and you'll receive an in-game reward for finding them. That said, they do not give you SPECIAL or skill bonuses when found.

In Fallout 3, it was easy to max out most, if not all, of your skills. Is anything being done to prevent this?
From Ryan via Facebook

JS: We have done several things to adjust the skill point economy. First and foremost, the formula for calculating skill points per level has changed. We are still experimenting with what formula to use, but a 10 IN will likely not boost a character's skills as much as it did in F3.

Most of the skill boosting perks have been removed, which means that method of advancing skills no longer exists. Skill books now give +3 skill points, +4 with Comprehension, but there are far fewer skill books in the world. This both reduces how much of a boost skill books will give overall and reduces the impact of Comprehension on that value (don't worry, Comprehension also gives a bonus to skill magazines, so it has more broad applicability). Our "Bobblehead equivalent" does not give SPECIAL or skill bonuses, so those are also removed from the skill point economy.

Are Bottlecaps the source of currency or will it be poker chips?
From Rob via Facebook

JS: Bottlecaps are the main currency in the Mojave Wasteland. Bottlecaps are a water-backed currency controlled and regulated by NCR merchant caravans. The caravan houses conspired to re-introduce the currency when traders lost faith in NCR money. This loss of faith was the result of the NCR moving from a gold-backed currency to fiat currency due to repeated attacks on NCR gold reserves by the Brotherhood of Steel. Though the transition helped stabilize NCR's economy, NCR dollars are devalued compared to bottlecaps and even more devauled when compared with the third form of currency: Legion coins. Caesar's Legion mints silver and gold coins from captured pre-war material. Despite the NCR's running conflict with the Legion, merchants and citizens throughout the Mojave Wasteland accept all three forms of currency.

Poker chips are used by all functional casinos. Each casino has its own chips that must be used for gambling. Players can exchange any form of currency for chips and can receive their payout in any form of currency. Mr. House doesn't let the ongoing war get in the way of potential profits.

Will you be able to marry or even bettter marry a super mutant?
From Josh via Facebook

JS: Only in your dreams.

Will we be able to keep playing once we beat the game with this one?
From Sean via Facebook

JS: This is something we really wanted to do, but ultimately we realized that supporting post-endgame content would jeopardize the quality of the ending, which we wanted to tell the definitive stories for all of our major factions, locations and characters. Instead, after the credits roll the game will prompt you to reload a save created just before the endgame sequence, allowing players to go back and complete any quests they may have missed. Additionally, we make it very clear when you're about to reach the end of the main plot, so it shouldn't come across as a surprise.

Demo anytime soon?
From Gavin via Facebook

JS: We have no plans for a demo.

Will I be able to play, and complete, F:NV without killing anyone or anything, except perhaps in self-defense?
From Billy Ocean via Bethesda Blog

JS: Yes. There are ways to win the main plot by killing no one and by killing everyone. It was one of our initial design tenets. You will find it difficult to get by as a pacifist, and you will miss a great deal of content by killing everyone you meet, but it can be done.

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