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Weekend News Roundup
Weekend News Roundup [ Game -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation Mon 26 Apr 2010, 8:49 AM
More info on Game: Fallout: New Vegas

Sorry for not posting anything over the weekend. I still have no internet at home due to a severe case of incompetence running through the local internet company. Here's what we missed:

Fallout: New Vegas preview on Gamesradar. previews Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 3 op-ed on Resolution Magazine. Yet another retrospective where people realized Fallout 3 was garbage.

Fallout: Tactics Coming to iPhone? (via NMA/Ausir)

Bethesda gambling on Fallout Tactics: New Vegas

It's been several months since Bethesda announced plans to release a major iPhone and iPod touch game, providing little information as to exactly what the lauded developer is creating.

The company has gone silent while it hunkers down to finish the game in time for a simultaneous release with console role-playing game Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout Tactics: New Vegas promises a new game for iPhone and iPod touch that takes the tactical role-playing of the 2001 PC title Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, while using the south-western locale of the upcoming console game.

It's a brave venture given the company's lack of experience developing portable games, though if this iPhone spin-off is anywhere near as good as its console releases then we're in for a treat.

Bethesda feels that turn-based role-playing works better on portable than real-time, hence the decision to go with a new take on Fallout Tactics. Additionally, the PC game was well-received, and addressing some of the complaints lodged against it - linear structure, major bugs that we never fixed, etc. - with a new instalment seem like a good way to go.

The iPhone game, which sets up the story for the start of Fallout: New Vegas, will also help to promote the console release expected some time this autumn. More details could be coming as soon as June during E3.

Chris Avellone on AVault Podcast (via NMA):

Avault #1: ...even from the screenshots I saw [New Vegas] looks really awesome, it looks like you guys are doing a lot of old skool Fallout ideas.
MCA: You know I never thought we'd have a chance to revisit the franchise and when the opportunity came up and I can't tell you how many people here were excited .
Avault #1: I know you worked on Fallout 2, what aspect of Fallout 2 did you work on?
MCA: I did the city of New Reno, I worked on Vault City, a lot of special encounters and I did a few of the endings of the game.
Avault #1: Did you do more storytelling or is it art directing, on the creative end
MCA: I guess what the term nowadays is, narrative designer, they do the quests, layout, reputation, mechanics, the actual conversation with various characters .
Avault #1: OK, that's cool. I actually spent a lot of time with the first Fallout and by the time Fallout 2 fell into my lap I just wasn't able to play it at the time because I had a terrible computer...
MCA: Awww.
Avault #1: It wasn't a very demanding game just you know my parents old gaming rig didn't play it, I dunno.
MCA: When I first played Fallout, it totally just changed my idea of what rpgs could be, I was totally blown away.
Avault #1: Storytelling, and the way you felt you can power yourself up and up yourself was great.
MCA: All the RPG mechanics, and like every choice you made in that game and just how you built your character, like you could see exactly how it played out in almost every area you went to.
Avault #1: Oh yeah
MCA: Just the fact that your intelligence stat could affect your dialogue option, I thought that was brilliant. I love Tim Cain, I'll marry him.
Avault #1: I'm glad they got someone passionate working on New Vegas.
Avault #1: Bethesda is obviously publishing New Vegas, are there any guys from the Fallout 3 team, are they kinda working with you at all or has Bethesda just kind of passed it off to you, you know, you guys are just kinda doing your thing and you're just kinda checkin in every once and a while?
MCA: To be honest they review continuity at various points, and sort of check our documentation, but to be honest they've been pretty hands-off with a lot of stuff, and our producer-liasion, who works with Bethesda, he's a pretty sharp guy. So generally it has been pretty smooth
Avault #1: That's cool man. You seem to be someone who is very passionate about fallout, that's great, they're kinda letting you take it into the direction where you really think that it should go. That's great.
Avault #2: I can't wait to play that game (laughing)
Avault #1: I don't wanna get into the specifics of the game, but basically, what I've read about it is, Vegas is up and running right? I mean Vegas is there, right? It's not like, in fallout 3 you're walking around the wasteland and everything is just desolate but somehow Vegas is running.
Avault #2: That's what I saw, without Chris having to answer, from what I've read on game informer is yes, it's already published that yes, it's much brighter and much less run down and much less...
Avault #1: awesome
Avault #2: ...war torn looking than fallout 3
MCA: There are many secrets in the world of New Vegas...
Avault #1: I can't wait to help people in that game and then as they run away just shoot them in the back just over and over again. (laughing) Pwned.
Avault #2: extra limbs and other things, awesome (laughing)
MCA: Other things? What might be those other things?
Avault #1: (laughing) I dunno, Chris. You can just run with that one.

If we missed anything else, be sure to let us know in the comments, or drop me an email at

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