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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 6:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

[ Game -> Interview ] - More info on Person: Tim Willits | More info on Company: id Software | More info on Game: Rage

Shacknews met with id CEO, Todd Hollenshead and co-owner and Rage lead designer, Tim Willits to discuss the setting of Rage, inspiration for said setting, gameplay and more.


Shack: Rage arguably combines more divergent gameplay elements than any new id property since Wolfenstein. Some of the post-apocalyptic setting influences are obvious, but did you have any influences from the gameplay side there?

Tim Willits: Rage's foundation, definitely, is first person shooter, because that's what we do best /.../ In the game, I went through and wanted to do all the fun things in other games. I've always loved the settings of the post-apocalyptic worlds--Fallout, Road Warrior.

As far as the more open world, it's nonlinear but still story-driven. It has adventure elements, but I hate to say adventure because then people think of Monkey Island, and it's not an RPG. I wish there was some word in between RPG and adventure, where you have an inventory. You'll be able to drive around the wasteland and get out wherever you want. If you see a cave, you can explore it. You might meet a band of mutants.

It's set in a post-apocalyptic world /.../ the reason we picked that was this: it grounds the game in kind of a modern setting, slightly in the future, and it helps players identify with what's going on, but it gives us the freedom to add some of the fantasy elements. You know how we like the fantasy elements. When those fantasy elements appear, they're larger than life, whereas in Doom it's pretty much all fantasy.

Then I've always loved that Road Warrior stuff, because the lines between good and evil, right and wrong get skewed as people try to rebuild society. It gives us a fun setting.

Todd Hollenshead: The story is that a comet has hit the earth and wiped out civilization, and civilization is rebuilding. There is a foundation of what was left of the government that is this evil regime. Even though in the future, the lines between good and evil have been blurred, you are the hero. You're not the anti-hero. You're sort of trying to help these guys, the remnants of civilization banding together to fight back against the regime. There's also an anarchistic element as you may have derived from the "A" in the logo, in terms of people who are both outside of those settlements and outside of the regime. You're not a member of any of these factions, you're coming in as an outsider.

So part of the time is spent in the settlements, interacting there, and there's lots of action and shooting but also adventure elements with missions you can go on. Your car is an important part of the game. You'll be able to make modifications and upgrades, soup up your car. Part of the name is the last four letters of "garage" are "RAGE." There's that element, and the "rage against the machine" element, then the vehicular combat part--the "road rage" part.
One of the unique things is that as you go over the wasteland, you're not on a rail where you have to go from point A or point B. At any time you can get out of your car, and look around, and one of the artists may have carved his initials in the back of a rock.


Shack: So as far as the world itself, everything is connected?

Tim Willits: Yep. There's the world, and you can go into instances or levels, and those can be replayed, but missions change and so forth. It's pretty straightforward.

Shack: I imagine with that kind of structure, there's side content, optional quests, that kind of thing?

Tim Willits: Yes. Robert Duffy, our programming director, he's really into that. He's come up with a bunch of creative optional things. You can go and just do all the missions in the story, like in Oblivion, or you can go do other missions. I'm not saying it's as big as Oblivion, but it's that kind of thing.

Read the rest here. There are also some screenshots here, and video footage here (requires .flv player).

Spotted @ Shacknews

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 11:32 am Reply with quoteBack to top

It sounds like a two year old wrote the storyline. Either that or George Bush..
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It`s gonna be Fallout 3 with cars. aiee
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