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PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

At Duck and Cover, we believe in moderation. Your moderation that is. To give you an idea on what we want and what we don't want, there are the #5 Major Guidelines for you to abide by. For those who need it more explicitly spelled out, there are the #27 Rules. Please note the use of "Moderators discretion". That is deliberate as each Moderator has his or her own personality and level of acceptance. What one Moderator might think is okay, another may not. In such a circumstance, if one of those Moderators decides to do something, their decision will be upheld.

If you have any questions, be sure to PM me.

The #5 Major Guidelines
  1. We will not tolerate any posts on DAC that are racist, pornographic, or otherwise NSFW. If you are unsure if your post might violate this principle, it probably will. So either don't post it, or PM a moderator to check.

  2. If what you posted is crap, it will be dealt with. This is entirely subjective and we're willing to take the pain over any perceived "bad decisions.”

  3. There are a few specifics we don't want that ruin the forum (quote pyramids, endless pages of images, etc.)

  4. We reserve the right to ban any user for a perceived major transgression of the rules. There are also other forms of punishment that may be enforced at the moderator's discretion.

  5. A Moderators decision will not be over-turned by another Moderator or Administrator.

The #27 Rules of Duck and Cover

  1. If an image is NSFW don't post it.

  2. Pirating games and other media is illegal, and therefore links to and requests for warez are not tolerated.

  3. Posts designed to destroy a thread - such as large empty quote pyramids or a huge repetition of images- will be deleted on sight, regardless of the forum they were posted in. They cause problems with the site as a whole and therefore they are not allowed.

  4. In The News will be a little more strict than the other forums. This is the section that will hopefully be bringing people in to look at our views and thoughts. It is a waste of time if users come to the news forum for an update and run into a steaming pile of "no u r" etc...

  5. We believe in freedom of speech but there's no point having The Wasteland if people can post anything, anywhere, in any forum. As such, please keep most of your crap in The Wasteland, while also referring to Major Guideline #1.

  6. While there is always a little room for a flame once in a while, there are a few insults that will just not be tolerated. This includes calling someone a “OH SHIT I HEAR THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!!111!1111oneone,” “jew,” or “swell guy.”

  7. One-liners will not be tolerated en masse. Threads with off-topic one-liners will likely have the one-liners split off and dumped in The Wasteland (at a Moderators discretion).

  8. As a general rule, no thread will be locked in any forum except Site Feedback.

  9. As for The Wasteland, please refer to the general rules in that forum.

  10. If you feel a user deserves to be banned or asshatted, PM the boss about it. Don't post a thread.

  11. Polls which have nothing to do with the thread (at a Moderators discretion) may be deleted or modified.

  12. Polls which are deemed to be nothing but crap (at a Moderators discretion) will be moved to The Wasteland.

  13. Threads which contain nothing but crap (at a Moderators discretion) will be moved to The Wasteland.

  14. Threads which contain some crap (at a Moderators discretion) will have the crap split out and dumped in The Wasteland.

  15. Users who are banned, asshatted, or otherwise under suspension that create alternate accounts will have those accounts deleted.

  16. If a thread contains a single post which is deemed to be crap, that post may be deleted (at a Moderators discretion) in an attempt to ward off more crap that might follow. It is preferred that the user is notified via PM when this occurs and a copy of their crap included in the PM.

  17. The Site Feedback forum is for site feedback. Threads that are deemed to be otherwise (at a Moderators discretion) will be moved to a more appropriate forum. That's likely to be either General Discussion or The Wasteland.

  18. Threads in Site Feedback that have been dealt with will be locked. This makes it easy for Administrators to identify the outstanding issues that are yet to be resolved. This is the only exception to the "we will not lock threads" guideline.

  19. Users who make requests in the Site Feedback forum of a frivolous nature may be asshated (at a Moderators discretion).

  20. Some avatars will not be accepted. Anything which is overly offensive (at a Moderators discretion, but anything that is pornographic or racist for instance) will not be allowed. Users with such avatars will be notified by PM and either asked to change it or have it changed by an administrator.

  21. Some signatures will not be accepted. Anything which is deemed to be overly large or offensive (at a Moderators discretion) will not be allowed. Users with such signatures will be notified by PM and asked to change it. NOTE Signatures are hereby disabled until further notice. If you see a signature and this is still here, then it's because we forgot to erase this.

  22. Users who fail to adhere to a Moderators request may be asshatted and / or have other privileges removed or modified (at a Moderators discretion). Such things include their avatar, signature or custom title. If a user persists in their failure to adhere to the request, then they may be banned (at a Moderators discretion).

  23. A Moderators decision is FINAL and will not be over-turned by another Moderator or Administrator, no matter how much you whinge.

  24. If a user feels they have been harshly or unfairly dealt with by a Moderator they may complain via Private Message ONLY to an Administrator (we suggest the boss). Complaints that are NOT made in this fashion will not be taken seriously and will likely be ignored. This means that any threads or polls made in any of the forums will be ignored by the staff. It is important to understand that a Moderators decision WILL NOT be over-turned by any other Moderator or Administrator. We will however endeavour to work out any perceived problems and develop a better policy for similar situations which may occur in the future.

  25. Over-time, Moderators may wane in their abilities. If such a situation occurs, we will be on the look-out for suitable replacements. If you believe such a time has occurred or that a Moderator is failing in their task, it is requested that you Private Message the boss. Do not post a thread about it, especially in Site Feedback, or you will be thrown to the wolves.

  26. These are the rules. If you believe they conflict with your own feelings on how a forum should be managed, Duck and Cover may not be the place for you. If so, you may wish to give some serious consideration to leaving.

  27. Folks should be able to enjoy the forums and not be overly policed but "more gently guided". Hopefully, setting a good example and some common sense moderation will do the job.
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