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Vault Hero
Vault Hero

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:38 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Though there's been little discussion, I think the team and I will be looking to release Beta-03 within a matter of weeks. The point has been made that more frequent and smaller releases will help maintain fan enthusiasm.

Some very exciting ideas have emerged for Texas which I will try to implement in the coming weeks. There will be some extremely fun event chains for them with the emergence of a new Prophet figure.

I have already added custom national graphics for some Texan unit types. They no longer have Irregulars. No, these are now Holy Orders, fanatical militarily trained nuns with guns who serve and venerate Texas' Living Saint, Saint Helena. And Texas no longer has Scum Mercenaries, they instead have Church Militia.

I have added a nice event chain with 8 possible outcomes should a nation ever research into the potentially dangerous area of Mind Powers (a pair of Secret techs in the mod).

I added some sea zones and added the Aleutian islands to the mod. They currently do nothing but are the pre-cursor to opening up some of the Pacific and the Carribean. I slightly expanded the Enclave onto another island in that island chain.

Talking about the Enclave, I moved some resources and industrial capacity to the new island and made other changes. The Enclave performs much better now when at war with the Shi Empire.

Plenty of play balance and geopolitical refinements have been made. All AI files have been updated and the final few nations without specific AI files are being completed. I've finally seen the Mutants crush East Brotherhood of Steel now after my play balance changes. Marauders increased Soft Attack from 1 to 2, making them a little more dangerous.

Brother Paladin Vladimir has organised those new diplomatic and espionage pictures and I have to say, they have really grown on me. They look fantastic. He is aiming to complete a minister review for hopefully all nations.

Brother Paladin Sythara is grinding his way through wall to wall rad-zombies with automatic CAWS shotgun.... errr, I mean he is grinding his way through completing the leader review for all nations. Not only is he adjusting their stats in line with the nations that got done for Beta-02, but he is also adding many more leaders.

I have added some more fun events, of course, like two additional adventure branches to the tongue in cheek X-files random event chain.

The Hunt random event chain can now also activate a special leader called the Warrior. And the X-files failure result can also activate a special leader called Horny. Both of these are only implemented for some nations so far, but I plan to add it to all nations.

There are 3 new brigades: Rat Swarms, Robo-dogs, Floaters+Centaurs. Along with techs to create these. Speaking of techs, there are a number of new techs added, including: Rad Away, Encryption (which might get renamed to Espionage), new and updated Power generation Industry techs (done by Br. Sythara), Martial Arts Secret techs, and more.

There's a lot more. The list of content already done goes on. You can always find updates in the Mod Tracking thread in our General Discussion section of our forum.

I'm very pleased with how the mod is playing now. You really do get a good challenge, especially when playing as a minor nation that struggles to achieve anything. The mod has come a long way and can only get better. My ultimate plan is to work on it for the rest of this year and then wrap it up with a final, full release. It is very satisfying to see such a major project and commitment of time come to fruition.


Many bug fixes too. Secret techs now work properly and AI can again research them
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No more Tuna
No more Tuna

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This mod is getting less fallouty with every update.
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Perpetual SDF

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Mind techs? As far as i know that has NOTHING to do with fallout. Psychic crap can get the fuck out of fallout. Only the master is allowed to be telepathic.

The only place that is can just barely stick around is STALKER and even there it is pushing it.

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