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Mamma's Gang member
Mamma's Gang member

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 2021 9:28 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

this thread is for sharing stories

    This one time I went into a quaint gay pub and they had pamphlets about fisting on the tables

    Once on a new year's eve I went into my friend's neighbor's apartment with a buddy, an older woman lived there and she was going to bed so I helped her put on this breathing apparatus mask for like half an hour, but I couldn't get it tight because I was pretty drunk so we left

    Threw bananas at taxi-cabs until one cab pulled over and pepper-sprayed my friend

stuff like that
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Elite Wanderer
Elite Wanderer

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

There used to be this warehouse in the center of my home town that nobody really payed any attention to. Me and my gang, we were like in sixth grade was hanging out exploring an abandoned neighboring building when we found some old map of the building that also showed the blueprint to the neighboring warehouse. They used to be one industry complex or something. Somehow we decided to use the map to infiltrate the warehouse a summer night, me and two went inside while the last guy kept watch on a strategic location. He had gotten into enough troubles lately to risk another run in with the cops as he was under the lupe from home still.

We are strolling in by getting over a fence or something I can't really remember but as we were walking around in there we came about this door with a glass window, I believe it was open or we smashed it can't really remember but inside the room was a stock pile of various mopeds, enduro bikes etc, we got an enduro bike and an old classic moped and rolled them out. The moped started fine and a guy who was a looser but still older than the rest of us claimed it and rode off while we hid the enduro bike in the abandoned building mentioned before.

Next day after class I got some doubtful new friends to come with me to check out the enduro "we found" last night. When arriving there was alot of other kids in our age there who sadly found the bike too and eventually some older kid again like 16 or so got it running and hauled ass with it and that was the last I saw of it.

Turns out the police was storing illegally trimmed teenage rides in that room of the warehouse and another guy i used to be friends with later said that in the ghetto part of town that yellow enduro was now famous as it was running from cops doing weelies and stuff through the parks and alleyways there.

The warehouse was primarily a storage unit for the local brewery and later a very popular place to get free beer by accessing a lid on the roof that led straight onto the top pallet of beer packed in those ted plastic crates. It got so much attention eventually that the brewers put a silent alarm on the lid that led to the arrest of quite a few, sadly also including me. Got away with alot of beer before thats happened though. :rififi: ofcourse getting caught was a real shit storm but yeah good summer before that happened.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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Living Legend
Living Legend

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:53 am Reply with quoteBack to top

At an old job I worked at there were 50,000 dollars in hundred dollar bills shredded in trash bags in the back of the warehouse, and the floor manager showed it to me one day after he and a few guys got back from hotboxing some weed in his car during a break. He said the owner, who does drugs and had a friend that owned a titty bar who was recently raided by the SBI (the state bureau of investigation, not federal), and handed him all that money and told him to get rid of it. He took 10 and shredded the rest, and hid it in the back of the warehouse as potential leverage against the increasingly paranoid owner of the company. Strange job, overall. Worked with stoners and an old hippy, as well as a meat-head brother of one of the stoners that thought he was a badass motherfucker and came across as something a teenager thought was cool and tough, which I made fun of him for a lot. He also got hurt pretty bad but didn't pursue workers comp because he would have had a cocktail of drugs in his system, which I also gave him shit for. I was fired from there a week before Christmas that year. I wonder what happened to that place. I hope it burned down.
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