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PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 8:39 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey. I have managed to finally figure out how to create my own weapons and entities in Fallout Tactics, but there is just one thing I can't figure out, how to add a discription to the weapon. I am making a few weapons for multiplayer and need a little help with this. Can anyone help? Thank you for your time reading this.

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Hero of the Glowing Lands

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 9:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This was from the old site - not sure who wrote it:

This is a guide to not as much editing and creating entities like new guns and whatnot (which is fairly self evident) but also how to get your new descriptions to appear in the game instead of "No description available".

-Create your new entity, or edit an existing entity. In either case, it is HIGHLY recommended you give it a unique name.

-The Description name under the Name section should match the Entity's real file name in whatever Entity directory in correct for that kind of entity and it is CASE SENSATIVE. There is a seperate directory for each kind of entity.

I think although I am not 100% sure that you have to follow the conventions of that item name-type that Microforte used. For example, if you want to create a new kind of MP5 from the original mp5Sub.ent file, you have to name your new weapon something unique and append the "Sub.ent" onto the end of it like all the other SMGs in C:\Program....\Entities\Weapons\SMG. Note the upper case "S", and that all other characters are lower case.

-Update your entity with the Update command on the File Menu in the editor. This is a CRITICAL step. If you place your new entity without doing this it will work but will not have any descriptions. Even if you go back and fix the entity and THEN Update, the entity you made without doing that step is FUBAR so you'll have to delete it and place it again with the corrected version. I found that out the hard way after wasting about 5 hour trying to figure out what was wrong.

-Change the description in items.txt. Once again, case sensative and the names must match exactly with the actual entity file name AND the Description name in the properties of the entity.

Your new entry in the items.txt must also be in the correct place with all the other respective entites in the same class (for example, all SMGs you add must be in the //SMG section). I'm not 100% on the importance of this but it's a good idea anyway.

-Add whatever modes of fire you may have added to the entity to weapons.txt

-Change whatever descriptions you may have made to ammo entities to not only items.txt but ALSO to ammo.txt descriptions. Also once again case sensative and the names must match exactly with the file name and Description in the entity properties.

After you do this, you might want to Update again just for the hell of it. I didn't have to though I don't think (I was half asleep when I was doing this though).

If you've created your own weapons and ammunition, you might not want the original hard coded gear you start the game with to appear.

For example, say you redid the description for 9mm ball ammo and don't want mixed descriptions for the same item in your mod, or you made a new MP5 (one that can actually kill people, for example) and you don't want the original to appear. Or say you simply want to start your characters off with melee items or a pistol instead.

What you can do is simply take a cookie or iguana on a stick and name it "mp5Sub.ent" or whatever you are replacing's REAL entity name in the Core directory in your mod directory. The mod directory entity will be picked up first instead of the entity in the core directory. I've tested this and it works.

You don't need to follow directory or name conventions for your new entites after all. You can name your entities whatever you want and name the dir anything you want. BUT it IS case sensative. So no matter what you do you have to have exactly matching names in for entries in the items.txt, Description Name field in the Entity, and the entities true file name.
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