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Fallout 3 - Fan Written Design Doc
[ Community -> Fan Fiction ]
Fan Fiction posted by King of Creation Fri 29 Jun 2007, 3:54 PM
More info on Game: Fallout 3



Welcome ladies and gentlemen,

If you are reading this you have become curious about what I would have thought would have made a fitting Fallout 3. Before I go into the overall concepts that made me publish this, I wanted to share the reason. After having read Bethesda’s discussion boards about the article, the lack of explaining the storyline or even what some people speculate to be lack of originality, and having an overall PR disaster I have decided to not only share my ideas with the public but rather as a personal PR competition between myself and Bethesda. So what you read would have been my idea of the first official Fallout 3 publication.

Also if people wonder why I am only now publishing this, please realize that although I am a total Fallout addict, I have been writing this storyline in my own free time. Originally this was just a personal fan fiction idea that I eventually took to pen and paper. So over the years I have been constantly tweaking the historical parts, the storyline and the overall game play idea.

Though many years have past since the last Fallout I still wanted to keep the original spirit alive. Having kept that in mind, I realized a long time ago that to truly revive the game for the die hard fans as well as make it interesting for new people was to combine ‘historical facts’ from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 and use them as the backdrop of Fallout 3. With that history in mind I then chose the evolution of each town and how it could then fit into the bigger picture for the new scenery in Fallout 3. Although most games follow a narrow storyline, I tried to keep in mind how people loved to be either good or bad in Fallout 1 and 2. Now having thought about Fallout 3 I have decided to give examples of how one can become truly valorous or completely villainous. Despite me not giving away the entire story yet, suffice to say that with the setting that I have created one can either unify the entire west coast or completely ruin it and make the original nuclear war become a pleasant memory.

Not to appear mean but what you will be reading is an edited version. In the beginning parts of the history you will also see examples of what the player’s actions can be. In most cases I wrote out examples for the most valorous and most villainous version. Of course those are only the most extremes and should only be used to show the differences between the two. Also I stopped after Modoc to keep the overall storyline kind of private (at least for now) and brought up another example in the end in Junktown.


Dear reader, please feel free to contact me and give me feedback as to how you felt the storyline. My hope was it to create it in the spirit of Fallout 1 and 2. Hopefully I have created a worthy backdrop for a Fallout 3 campaign.

Please feel free to e-mail me about your thoughts:






Subject                                              Page


Technical Specs

Fallout Gaming Style                                         3

Detailed Character Creation                              3

3rd generation of Fallout player              4

Introduction Video                                            4

Videos during game play                                   4

In-game Timers                                                4

Scavenging                                                       4

Critical Hits and Crippling Hits              5

Action Points                                                    5

Perks                                                               6

In-Game Reputation Communication                 6

Definitions for locations in Fallout 3                   7

List of Cities                                                     7


Histories of locations within Fallout 3

Arroyo History                                     8

Klamath History                                               11

Den History                                                      12

Modoc History                                     13

Vault City History                                             14

Gecko History                                                  15

Broken Hills History                                         16

New Reno History                                            17

Sierra Army Depot History                               18

Redding History                                                18

NCR History                                                    19

Vault 15 History                                               20

Vault 13 History                                               20

Military Base History                                        21

San Francisco History                                       22

Navarro History                                               23

Brotherhood of Steel History                            24

Junktown History                                              25

Necropolis History                                           27

Boneyard History                                             28

Skynet’s Base History                                      29

The Glow History                                             30



Final Notes on the Fallout 3 Fan Fiction            32




Fallout 3 Gaming Style

A completely independent good and evil storyline, which will shape the character and also shape the Fallout 3 universe. This includes both sides working against each other. As an example: good players will face changes brought on by opposition which causes a few past events to be changed again. To prevent sabotage by the opposite faction, the player has to either strengthen one’s own side (in this case the law) or eliminate all opposition (which is largely impossible).


- A good character will work towards working together and establishing a closer Fallout society yet allowing for certain independence.

- A negative character will strive to attain power and establish an underground organizations base through either establishing his/her own underground power or taking over already existing organizations.


- Fallout 3 should have a fusion of original Fallout 1 & 2 camera view, but with a fusion of World of Warcraft camera perspective.

The idea is that one can switch between original 3rd person view or scroll in towards First-Person. The key difference in this system would be a morphing interface.

- The idea behind the morphing interface is based on the original little Fallout icon that opened up when one enters combat. In Fallout 3 the interface will have to morph from ‘peaceful’ mode where one can access skills and abilities into ‘combat’ mode.

- If the player chooses turn-based the combat mode does not add much benefit.

- The idea of the fusion lies in real time shoot outs as they occurred in Fallout BoS. In this regard the system will pop open a combat screen where the target’s physiology is being shown. For each body part 3 options will be available that can be switched through during combat. These options will tell the player what combat stance to take during fights: such as straight shoot out (early gaming), aimed shooting (middle of the game), and finally critical fighting (end game fighting). Only during extended game play will one truly appreciate the options.

- The 3 combat styles will depend on the player’s combat abilities as well as a fusion of other skills. For those that are curious about it please refer to the section entitled ‘Critical Hits and Crippling Hits’.


Detailed Character Creation

The creation of the character should contain the standard and simple interface, although a few key changes should be made:

A karma gauge should be installed at the beginning to create a more interesting or gaming friendly character intro for the game, such as

- a character with a negative karma and a Tag Skill in Unarmed will be shown as having a youth where the character gets into a lot of fights.

- a character with a good karma and a Tag Skill in Unarmed/Small Arms will be shown as having joined the city security forces and enforcing peace.

- a character with stealing and negative karma should be shown getting into trouble for stealing in his/her past.



3rd generation of Fallout player

The actual storyline picks up roughly 30-40 years after Fallout 2, which gives the Fallout 2 character enough time to rebuild Arroyo and have kids.


Introduction Video

- Introduction video should incorporate above mentioned ideas from character creation as well as playing the key moment of Arroyo’s downfall – earthquake that causes earth slide and destroys the water pump Arroyo has in the cliff valley. This will set the tone for the game.

- Furthermore, the introduction contains a short story “Each generation has to write their own history. No generation can be compared to their previous generations. Heroes are born throughout history and face their own struggles.” This quote should be accompanied with a video clip where the player is being shown talking to a teacher / mentor. During their conversation the quote should play and a clip of the first Fallout 1 player battling the Master with Ivan should be shown.

- This should be followed by another clip showing how the player in Fallout 2 stormed Navarro and the oil rig with Sulik, Marcus, Cassidy, Skynet, and Goris.


Videos during the game play

There should be key videos whenever a key even occurs during the game play such as:

- Meeting Marcus and gaining admittance to the Military Base. This will allow the player to learn visually more about the history and new developments.

- The meeting of Skynet and its base.


In-Game Timers

Short Term and Long Term timers will be build into the game relating to certain parts of the storyline. Both Short Term and Long Term timers are independent of each other but start at the same time.

- Short Term Timer relates to the salvation of Arroyo.

- Long Term Timer will extend over a period of years allowing the player to fully submerge themselves into the Fallout universe and explore everything. Yet the LTT can be accelerated through certain actions that will force the timer ahead or extend the timer, allowing for a flexible gaming style.



- What was missing in my opinion during Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 was the ability to scavenge dead bodies for actual armor. In Fallout 3 scavenging for armor will be related to the overall damage directed towards the specific target. If the player uses a SMG on full auto in close proximity to an enemy, please don’t hope on scavenging useful body armor, unless the boots count.







Critical hits and crippling hits

Critical Hits:

- We all loved critical hits in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 since they added for massive damage and made for ‘interesting’ death scenes. As it should be Fallout 3 does still contain critical hits that add for bonus damage. Critical hits are based upon weapon skill level and which weapons are used.

Crippling hits:

- The new key tactical skill is called Crippling Hits. The only way to intentionally cripple enemy abilities such has their ability to walk, carry heavy weaponry or even cripple organs.

- The idea of crippling shots is based on a fusion of having 2 different skills. The first of course is the weapon’s skill such as Small Arms, Big Guns, Energy Guns, Melee and Unarmed. The second skill that increases the player’s chance for crippling hits is the Doctor skill. Although the Doctor skill was originally used only to heal crippling injuries the player now can use the Doctor skill as an offensive ability. Crippling hits have a lower chance of hitting but can be used to either kill the enemy out right or prevent him from using weaponry.

- The abilities and tactics of crippling hits will depend on what type of weaponry is being used.

- Bladed melee weapons will allow the player to do more damage to unprotected body parts or even penetrate the armor at key points.

- Blunt melee weapons can easier cripple hands or legs by swinging directly towards them.

- Ranged weaponry will allow the player to do range equivalent hits as melee weapons except that they are less likely to occur.

- Burst weapons are a fusion of brute ranged damage and controlled aiming thus allow for more bullets to hit and a higher chance of scavenging armor pieces.

- To counter excessive Crippling Hit use 2 key features limit the overall hit chance in specific situations.

- The benefit of Crippling Hits coming from the Doctor skill primarily applies to humanoid beings such as humans, ghouls and mutants. For all other species within Fallout 3, the player needs high enough Doctor Skill and actual combat experience. Roughly 10-20 kills from every species will give the player enough information to gain decent Crippling Hit chances.

- The second limiting factor is armor, which reduces overall Crippling Hit chance, or only the Crippling Hit chance on certain body parts.

Body armor that only protects the chest (such as Leather Armor) will reduce the Critical Hit chance and Crippling Hit chance for aimed chest shots.


Action Points:

- Action Points are only used when attempting to use aimed shots during turn based or during real-time shooting for Critical Hits and Crippling Hits. Crippling Hits will require a few more action points than Critical Hits.

- During real-time play, if action points are used for Critical Hits and Crippling Hits, the recharge rate is based upon the player’s agility.



- As much as we all loved most perks, the ones from Fallout 2 and most of Fallout tactics exist. As a great tribute to the previous games.

- But key perks that will clearly define the player’s abilities and tactical powers will only be attainable from certain groups and training.


In Game Reputation Communications

- Each town will have its own reputation tree and as far as primary questing is concerned.

- Certain quests will only be available if a certain rep with a certain group has been achieved or chain based.

- Fallout 3 has trading organizations and groups throughout the wasteland. If a high enough reputation is achieved in a specific town or community due to either very valorous or villainous behavior the reputation will spread to other cities via the traders. This will allow players to already be known in cities that he has not even discovered yet.

- The spreading of the player’s reputation will allow for NPCs to approach the player prior to having explored a city. Think Fallout 1: While in Junktown doing the evil work for Gizmo by killing Killian Darkwater, will get you jobs from Decker in The Hub.

- Although originally the player’s reputation will only spread to other cities that are directly linked to the trade routs, other communities will slowly receive news of your actions. That will primarily occur because the player will continue to do either more valorous or villainous actions during the game play.

- For good players this reputation system will allow entry into certain more guarded communities (Brotherhood of Steel), as well as the ability to purchase cheaper equipment as well as get more information about city histories as well as regional information. Also people will be easier to be convinced of your opinion.

- For evil players the reputation will require to create different alias to enter certain cities (think of Brotherhood of Steel again). But as far as the underground network is concerned the chaos / havoc / fear you spread will intimidate rivals or bring more crazed people to your service. Of course the occasional shoot-out will happen due to minor differences in opinion, character or just plain old ‘your-face-is-ugly’ situation.

















Definitions for locations within Fallout 3.

In Fallout 3, currently 4 definitions exist:

            - City: locations where most humans migrated to.

- Sub-cities: locations that are still inhabited but due to annexation from other locations or migrations lost most of its population.

- Ruins: cities abandoned by humans and taken over by monsters.

- Random locations: random encounters that can occur throughout the world, such as stumbling into a small hamlet or a raiding camp.



  1. Arroyo: home town that experienced prosperity but now after the earthquake/slide is on the verge of starvation and destruction.


  1. Klamath: (sub-city/ruin) the gecko hunting grounds and toxic dump provide a continues source for leather and created the leather armor industry.


  1. Den: became northern merchant hub for Arroyo, Klamath, Modoc, Vault City and Redding. That and it provides a source of mercenaries.


  1. Modoc: the underground well at the farm allowed for a continues source of wheat farming in Modoc. Modoc became the leading supplier for the northern cities.


  1. Vault City: due to it’s self-sufficient & isolationist believes it never expanded beyond anything other than a small town.


  1. Gecko: (sub-city) majority of ghouls following Harold left Gecko due to Vault City oppression to join the mutant movement.


  1. Broken Hills: (sub-city) due to the depletion of the uranium mine mutants wander the waste land again and return to the Military Base.


  1. New Reno: (sub-city) corruption remained and new families vied for the territories.


  1. Sierra Army Depot: (sub-city) Skynet returned & repaired the robots and established an unknown new base. Marcus returned and claimed the human designed equipment such as the artillery.


  1. Redding: gold mine and coin source of Fallout 3. Everyone still wants to control the source of wealth or the mines that make it.


  1. NCR – New California Republic: although NCR is trying to unite the wasteland under its banner, NCR never had any “real” solutions for mutants and ghouls. This lack of sight and the strict rules made New Reno rebel and force NCR into only annexing their surrounding territories.


  1. Vault 15: (sub-city) part of NCR’s territory.



  1. Vault 13: (sub-city) part of NCR’s territory.


  1. Military Base: mutants and ghouls return together to the Military Base and rebuild it to accommodate self-sufficient lifestyle and research.


  1. San Francisco: in the spirit of Fallout 2 still controlled by Jakuza families.


  1. Navarro: old military base in Fallout 2 that was the land base of the Enclave. Now just an empty husk of its former splendor.


  1. Brotherhood of Steel Main Base: once again the HQ for the entire Brotherhood and this time it is reinforced.


  1. Junktown: due to migrational patterns having shifted (in other words people moved) it became a shanty town till illegal activities took over the town in that region of the wasteland.


  1. Necropolis: the new human capital in the southern region of Fallout 3. After the Vault Dweller in Fallout 1 discovered the vault and the working pump (and caused the death of the ghouls in the city), humans from the Hub and Junktown moved to Necropolis and settled there.


  1. Boneyard: (ruin) nuclear explosion from the cathedral caused massive fallout to hit Boneyard. The radiation forced most people out of Boneyard and migrate somewhere safe. Eventually monsters took over the ruins of Boneyard and the old Cathedral area.


  1. Skynets Base: after Fallout 2 Skynet returned to the old military base near New Reno and took all technical and robotic equipment with it and established a new base hidden from humans.


  1. The Glow: still the most radiant spot in the Fallout universe, except it isn’t due to the charming location. Radiation, radiation, radiation (no seriously radiation)! Due to radiation humans keep away from the Glow, which made it excellent for mutants, floaters and centaurs to live there now.









City history and player storyline


1. Arroyo:

- The history of Arroyo is covered in the intro and thus does not need much explanation.

The positive developments that have affected Arroyo after Fallout 2 as well as the

historical development leading up to the earthquake.


Primary Storyline:

- After the earthquake damages most of the city and machinery the city is in dire strains

to survive. After the earthquake a timer starts that will go down till Arroyo’s primary

needs have been met:   

- temporary food and water supplies,

- long term food supplies that will help during rebuilding

- obtaining technical equipment to rebuild the cliff valley water pump and Arroyo’s farms

- Before the player leaves Arroyo he receives decent gear. As much as it was realistic to have the Vault Dweller in Fallout 1 run around semi naked in a jumpsuit, in Fallout 2 it was insane at best. Please consider that Arroyo was located not too far from the Den where slavery was practiced. And somehow miraculously the slavers never visited Arroyo.

For that reason the player starts the game with actual gear ranging from a custom made Arroyo guard leather armor that sports the symbolic 13 as a historical reminder of Arroyo’s past.


Secondary storyline:

- After the player had supplied food from Modoc as well as attained the technical gear from Vault City, the player returns to Arroyo. Upon returning the player will be celebrated regardless of his karma alignment. Though the damages from the earthquake have been largely repaired prior to the player’s return, the supplies restore Arroyo back to its former self.

- After the celebrations the player will be approached by the city leaders. In a closed meeting the city leaders will confer with the player about events during his absence. During that time a few organized attacks had been lead on Arroyo. The raiders were hard to be spotted by the city guard and showed extreme skills in infiltrations.

- Worse, when the city guard attempted to capture the intruders the cornered the enemies showed previously unknown combat styles as well as technologies that have not been previously recorded in Arroyo’s history. Only an overwhelming force from the city guard was able to push the infiltrators out of the city and fully secure Arroyo.


Secondary storyline - Valorous Campaign:

- The player can choose to look into the attacks and speak with all involved members of the city guard. This will give the player a general idea what threat occurred and what fully happened. Also certain citizens had been either in the cross-fire or been direct witnesses of the invaders.

- To ensure that the attacks have passed the player can choose to remain in Arroyo till normality has returned. During this time he can dispatch inquiries to the surrounding cities such as Klamath and Den. Te inquiries will return quickly with verifications from other cities that similar attacks took place in Klamath, Den, Modoc and even as far away as Vault City.

- To counter the dangers the player can offer to reinforce the city guard by providing more body armor and enhanced armor versions from Klamath and Den. Also weaponry can be chosen for the city defense.

- After securing Arroyo the player can then head to other cities and gather more information. In the other cities the player will receive overall the same information with a few key differences (Vault City having cameras) and determines that a new threat to all the cities is arising.


Secondary storyline – Villainous Storyline:

- As mentioned above the player will be celebrated by the city regardless of karma alignment. As with the valorous storyline the player will be asked by the city leaders to come to a private meeting.

- During this meeting the player will be informed of the attacks on Arroyo. In this regard the player will have a key break from normal storyline game play. Villainous players can clearly choose to ignore the dangers of Arroyo and rather concentrate on their own personal empire.

- During the dialog the player will be able to tell the city leaders how disgusted he is with what he/she perceives as a weakness of dependence. Instead of assisting Arroyo again the player tells them that the world has so much more to offer than this weak community has to offer and leaves.

- This break from Arroyo’s dangers will force the city to make deals for gear and protection by themselves. Armaments and protective gear will still be bought for, but at a slower rate than a valorous or charismatic player could create.

- Since a villainous player will have broken from the original storyline he/she will now return to the underground network and discover that the danger the cities experience also affect the illegal trade and power-base. This will force the player to explore the dangers without the intentions of saving anyone but his/her power-base and organization.
















2. Klamath: (ruin)

- Due to the hunting grounds & toxic cave, geckos are able to re-spawn (the geckos have

a general nest inside the toxic cave that is inaccessible to the player)

- Klamath uses the hunting grounds for leather gathering as well as their flesh for food.

- Each game-week the player is able to pick up a quota for leather from the leather industry who have a representative from Den in Klamath.

- In addition to gecko meat Klamath still retains a small cattle ranch that provides self-sufficient meat supplies for Klamath.

- Leather Skinning can be taught after saving the main hunters daughter that has been lost in the hunting grounds.

- Klamath contains a local bar that should contain a few rumors about Klamath’s history and surrounding areas (such as the toxic cave and the old minor base there).

- Due to the minor earthquake, the player has the chance to do some “run-around-quests” in Klamath for the citizens who need stuff repaired or gather materials to repair things.

- (Easter Egg tribute to Fallout 2) at the bar a local fellow will give player a quick job of refueling his still.


Primary Storyline:

- The goal is to determine the extend of the earthquake and potential sources for food and water.

- The first place for local news is the local bar (after maybe 2 rounds the player should be able to chat with local patrons and learn of the earthquake aftermath and where Klamath obtains some of it’s food). During the investigation the character learns that the localized earthquake did some damage to Klamath. Due to the earthquake the player has the chance for a few “run-around-quests” in Klamath helping people.

- Also the player will be given knowledge that most trade caravans come from Den bringing wheat (mainly bread) and buying leather.

- Since Klamath is the first city that the player encounters there is no real gaming distinction of Good or Evil oriented players (at least for the beginning).


Secondary storyline - Valorous Campaign:

- If the player has made contact with the mutant alliance at the military base and offered a solution to the protective gear problem, the increased demand for leather armor will start a new temporary economic boom that can be exploited by the player by hunting themselves. Another solution is to get hunters an additional bounty for gecko leather.

- The leather armor for the mutants will be custom made by Klamath – thus the need for mutants who are willing to have their measurements taken.

- If the ghoul technical engineer is present he can request the player to allow the first set of leather armor to be given to him for studies. If that is done, within a day or two the engineer will come forward and request an additional type of mutant leather armor. This second type of leather armor should be then produced after the first type since it will require extensive modifications compared to the original.

- To move the large quantities of new equipment, the player then can either use his already existing contacts with caravan organizations in Den or expand his own caravan organization in Den to temporarily divert business to transport the new armor from Klamath to the Military Base.

3. Den: (city)

- Became northern merchant hub for Arroyo, Klamath, Modoc, Vault City & Redding.

- First centralized trading area with 2 merchant organizations

- One merchant company specializing in trading food, delivering food from Modoc (bread and animal feed from Modoc.

- As well as supplying Gecko-on-a-stick as well as beef jerky from Klamath.

- Second for equipment and services

- Trading leather jackets and leather armor as well as small arms and low tech melee weapons.

- The Den is the leather working hub of Fallout 3. Though the gecko leather is being gathered in Klamath, the tanners that concert raw gecko hide into leather clothing and leather armor can be found in the Den close to the merchant community.

- As mentioned in the Klamath notes, the player can attain a weekly quota from the leather working community. This quota also allows the player to buy leather gear and armor at a discount.

- The local bar contains knowledge about a rivalry between the 2 merchants.


Primary Storyline:

Primary storyline - Valorous Campaign:

- Player learns about the food merchant bringing and selling food supplies (bread from Modoc and meat supplies from Klamath). This food merchant organization will give the player a chance of delivering temporary food supplies by sponsoring caravans bringing food supplies to Arroyo.

- Although this solution is only temporary the player will learn that permanent trade agreements can be made in Modoc which is considered to be the main supplier of food supplies in the northern area.

- Through investing into caravans bringing food supplies to Arroyo, the player gains a food hold into the caravan business. Further investments will allow over a period of time to establish one self into that caravan merchant business. In the long term, this will give the player a return profit and also the chance to buy ownership of the caravan system with a representative working for the player (this could be a friend the player makes at the beginning of working in the Den).

- Through working with the food merchants the player learns that the food merchant organization is planning of expanding into protective gear thus competing with the weapon merchant group.


Primary storyline - Villainous Campaign:

- Through the bar scene the player discovers the growing conflict between the 2 merchant companies.

- The weapon merchant is trying to prevent the food merchant from competing in the armor business.

- To prevent the food merchant from getting into the sale of leather armor the player can sabotage the food merchant by:

- Scattering the brahim herd that is used for carrying the goods in the caravan.

- Stealing the savings the food merchants have saved to invest into the leather armor business.

- Sabotaging the food merchant’s potential expansion, the player will gain admittance into the semi-illegal business of weapon merchandize. That position within the organization can be strengthened if the player has accepted and/or finished the alcohol still quest in Klamath.

- Through the knowledge of the still the player can bully/threaten the owner of either selling the still or providing him with a constant supply of moonshine that in return can be smuggled into Den via the weapon merchant.

- If the player chooses to steal during their stay in Den the player can be noticed by the local small time thieves’ guild which has members throughout town. After a certain number of thefts the player will inevitably be noticed by the local thieves’ guild.

- If the player established themselves enough into the weapon merchant business and allied themselves with the local thieves’ guild, the player can than try to take control of the business. This should only be done after the player has bribed and allied himself with enough of the merchant members. (Also through creating new revenue from the moonshine business undecided members can be easily convinced to ally with player). Trying to take control of the semi illegal merchant group will require a fight between the original boss and the player outside of town. (Original boss might play unfair if the fight does not go to well for him.)

- Although an evil aligned player can still heavily invest into the food merchant business and try to take it over, through sabotaging their business it is almost impossible to make long term profits through it.



4. Modoc:

- Main farming community that supports most northern communities with food. It will be

the key corner of supplying Arroyo with long term food till Arroyo can rebuild itself and

its water pumps. Due to the widespread effects of the earthquake, Modoc has taken damage to some of its own equipment and needs technical supplies as much as Arroyo.

- An old water well in Modoc needs to be blasted open after the earthquake so that

Modoc can itself be supplied with water.

- Because Modoc has become prosperous through farming the city now faces new threats

from marauders and thieves. Modoc now requires an increase security force and security


- Modoc requires more armor for the local law enforcements and patrols.

- Local sheriff needs help with discovering the source for an assassination plot and sabotage attempts on the farm.

- The local bar will contain information about the farm and its plans of expanding. The expansion plans will also contain a hint that technical parts will be needed from other cities and that only Vault City has enough technical knowledge to make parts for the new pump.

Also stories about the sabotage and the assassination are being talked about in the bar.






Primary Storyline:

Primary storyline - Valorous Campaign:

- Modoc is the main source for food in Fallout 3 and will be the location where the player can secure long term food caravans bringing supplies to Arroyo. The price of the caravans, as well as gaining respect and trust, can be reduced by providing civic duties.

- Civic services for Modoc will include:

- Leather working clothing and leather armor to be obtained from Klamath and to be delivered to Modoc, so that workers can work easier and saver.

- Obtaining mechanical parts and pipes for a new well for Modoc’s farm.

- The sabotage and assassination has been aimed at both the leaders of the underground farming community leader as well as the representative selling the excess food.


Primary storyline - Villainous Campaign:

- After securing a primary long term caravan contract bringing food from Modoc to Arroyo, the player should accept the civil service mission to find the sabotage and assassination quest. Instead of actually trying to stop the sabotages and assassinations the player can try to track down the group responsible.

- After investigating further into it and if the player has already illegal connections from Den, then the player will be recognized and approached by the group. Instead of actually trying to stop the group, the player has the choice of completing the group’s mission.

- The player is given the chance to sabotage an underground well that will limit the expansion of the farm fields and allow the illegal group to retain their hiding spot. Upon taking this action the food production is limited by Modoc and causes a slight increase in food prices.



5. Vault City:

- Vault City took over Gecko by force to gain control of Gecko’s reactor. The original increased power production allowed Vault City to increase its tech security and initially expand the city. Due to that action Vault City territories are Vault City and Gecko as well as the 8 squares around each location.

- Yet the ghouls left Gecko due to mistreatment from Vault City. During their exodus the ghouls, who worked in the power plant, took key pieces with them that allowed them to move and even build a reactor.

- This put Vault City into a strain with electricity forcing it to become temporarily more defensive and also giving Vault City citizens another reason to look down upon ghouls and mutants and hate them.

- After Vault City technicians manage to restore basic power levels in the Gecko power plant, the city managed to restore Vault City requirements and return to more prosperous living. Yet the power levels the Gecko plant produces are still below average output production. This causes Vault City to have 3 main goals:

- Expand and secure the actual area around the city as well as Gecko

- Recover technology and records that allow Vault City to improve the reactor output in Gecko.

- Find resources that can power Gecko’s reactor (hint plutonium)

- Due to Vault City’s isolationist believes not much interaction between actual citizens and outside occurs. This causes most citizens to regard outsiders as uncivilized, and the citizens are automatically suspicious of them.

- There are 2 bars in Vault City. The first is in the outskirts of Vault City that will provide the player with some of the basic etiquette of how to behave in the inner city limits as well as some knowledge for small jobs in the outskirts. The second one will be in the inner city where the player can learn about rumors and job opportunities inside Vault City.

- Vault City is the source where the player can attain the much needed equipment for the primary quest for Arroyo and even Modoc.


Primary Storyline:

- Since Vault City is very isolationistic and distrusts outsiders, it will be hard for the player to gain trust without any serious work. Yet a chance for a limited admittance into the inner city core can be obtained by using the detailed records Vault City has about its citizens. The player can use the records of their parent who had obtained citizenship in Fallout 2. If that is done, a record about the actions the parent did in Vault City will show up.



6. Gecko: (sub-city)

- Gecko was annexed by Vault City because of the reactor. Ghouls living in Gecko became nothing short of slaves.

- After months of struggling under Vault City’s oppression a group of ghouls left Gecko under false pretense to find any potential help. That group managed to reach Broken Hills during the mutant exodus. The ghouls managed to convince the mutants to help them.

- Through military superiority the mutants manage to win the freedom of the ghoul community. The ghouls took all their belongings and technical equipment and joined the mutants in their exodus.

- Gecko now is a minor outpost solely for the purpose of providing energy for Vault City. Gecko itself now only contains a small outpost that provides the home for Vault City security guards as well as technicians. Yet the area around the Gecko reactor is not fully explored due to the fear of radiation.


Primary Storyline:

- The player can run some deliveries that Vault City has for Gecko such as food deliveries as well as equipment deliveries.

- Due to Gecko only being a power source that has a semi permanent staff to maintain the reactor as well as security, gambling and alcohol are temptations that can be easily introduced.







7. Broken Hills: (sub-city)

- After Broken Hills’ uranium mine dried out, the mutant population decided to move away from Broken Hills partially due to the hostilities that kept rising. Now for all intense and purpose Broken Hills is now considered a sub city due to its small population and limited buildings.

- The mutants took with them the technology to convert raw uranium into a useful energy source, forcing the remaining citizens of Broken Hills to find alternative energy sources. Those citizens who remained behind after the mutant exodus soon were driven out of town after knowledge of the mutant exodus spread and little work remained.

- Now Broken Hills is overrun by different groups ranging from illegal to semi legal groups. The main group that controls Broken Hills is the anti-mutant group that originally tried to overthrow mutant control.

- Now Broken Hills is a hub for every kind of actions, legal and illegal actions.

- Mercenaries can be hired for short term actions as well as certain less reputable groups can be bought off as permanent allies.

- Illegal drugs from New Reno can be sold for profits as well as traded for equipment.

- Furthermore, Broken Hills is now targeted by Vault City who hopes to annex Broken Hills and through their more sophisticated technology extract the remaining uranium for Gecko’s power plant.

- Broken Hills is subdivided by different groups and their activities.

- The first area is controlled by a merchant company that deals in legal and illegal material without discrimination. In addition to the merchant group a band of raiders is also present selling their wares as well as selling information of certain areas.

- The second area is controlled by the mercenary group that is willing to hire out regardless of any alignment or proposed actions.


Primary Storyline:

- Depending on if the player has been to New Reno first, the player either learns about New Reno selling drugs in Broken Hills, or if the player learnt from New Reno about the situation in Broken Hills.

- Due to the limited equipment and stagnant air as well as the radioactive material inside the mine, human mining is dangerous and lethal.













8. New Reno:  (sub-city)

- At the end of Fallout 2 most families were killed by ‘spear-point’. Even without the families, New Reno was and still remained a hive of corruption. Most honest people hated the corruption and moved away from New Reno, some seeking their fortune in Redding while others tried to reach Vault City or NCR for their civility.

-  New Reno has essentially remained the same. Although in Fallout 2 New Reno was cleansed from the gangster families, inevitably the power vacuum allowed the remaining corrupt elements to form and create new families. This then allowed New Reno to continue as before.

- Now New Reno is still corrupt but with most people having left it is a shadow of its former self in size and groups. Now only 2 main families remain: one in the sales of drugs and the other one in slave trade (prostitution and candidates for drug testing) and guns.

- Although Myron and the Mordino family were killed, Myron’s staff retained the knowledge and technical skills to make most drugs in the Fallout world.

- If the player is a family member of the family that controls the Stables the player gains unlimited access to the Stables. Once the player is a ‘Made-Man’, he can talk to some of the key scientists in private and discover that they are attempting to make certain drugs even stronger and more dangerous. Due to the volatile nature of the drugs the family does not want to invest into the research.


Primary Storyline:

- If the player chooses to become the silent partner of the scientists, the player will be required to produce ‘silence money’ to pay off the guards around the stables so that additional resources can be delivered silently. Also more cash is required to buy the additional resources.

- After a time the scientists will come up with stronger drugs that will have enhanced benefits compared to their original counterparts, but of course the withdrawal is tougher and the chance to get addicted is higher.

- New Reno now has more internal infighting between the different families that the player can participate in. To attain the chance for this the player has to gain admittance into one of the respective families and first do certain outsider jobs. After proving his/her ability to be successful as well as trust worthy, the player will receive missions that are related to actual family feuds and internal family business.

- If the player does it careful, he can have the families start fighting each other in an all out and open war for a third (smaller) family.











9. Sierra Army Depot: (sub-city/ruin)

- After the ancestor helped Skynet obtain a mobile body, Skynet joined the ancestor in his quests – all the while collecting data about the current world.

- Skynet determined that post-apocalyptic changes have allowed humanity to survive, but also brought unexpected changes: ghouls and mutants. Yet upon closer examinations Skynet determined that ghouls have remained a lower threat level, compared to humans. Even mutants according to Skynet are not a significant threat compared to humanity due to their limited numbers as well as having met the leaders of the mutant alliance.

- Through fighting alongside the Fallout ancestor and Marcus, Skynet determined that although humanity in an overall is chaotic, it still holds its own salvation or destruction. The player in Fallout 2 taught that humanity can save itself if it is shown how to work together and overcome their overall differences.

- If the player has built a few positive reputation throughout the wasteland and “has had the feeling that something in the wasteland is tracking him”, Skynet will make contact with him after certain conditions have been met. In this case it would require that the player learn from the mutants and ghouls at the Military Base about Skynet. Though Arroyo had ancient records about Skynet existing, the verification about Skynet still remaining from Marcus will inspire the player to go try and finding Skynet. Skynet used the help Marcus offered to regain some its technology from the Sierra Army Base to allow it to retain mobility for an extended period of time. Before Skynet split with the original group after Fallout 2, it mentioned of re-establishing a new base of operations in a remote area, where humans are less likely to enter.

- But as far as the actual Sierra Army Depot is concerned it has no military value any longer. Instead a family from New Reno has taken it over and uses as a base of operation for arms, and cash.


10. Redding:

- In Fallout 2, Redding was the primary source of gold and gold coins due to the 3 gold mines in Redding. Two gold mining companies each had their independent mines.

- Furthermore there was a third gold mine that the player could first buy, and after clearing out the gang and aliens he could resell it for a profit.

- Now the 2 gold mine companies are still in competition.

- One of the gold mine companies has the advantage of technology (the player in Fallout2 provided them with replacement parts).

- The second gold mine company has bought of the third gold mine to secure another income source, although they lack the technological advantage the competitor has.

-  The player can buy the third gold mine from the cooperation and invest into it. Through investing into the mine, the player can reopen it and hire miners. This will allow the player to earn a random amount of gold each week depending upon the overall investment into the mine and number of miners. Furthermore the mine itself will change over time having different tunnels and more levels. The dimensions can also be further changed if the player wants to mine into a certain direction or shape.

- Due to Redding mining gold & producing the coin-currency used in Fallout 3, a lot of crime revolves around the mines, minter and the bank.


11. NCR:

- NCR’s firm believe of unification of the wasteland communities has semi blinded them. NCR believes that other communities should flock under the NCR banner due to NCR being one of the more advanced communities in Fallout. Yet this believe blinds NCR, due to the ruling council not understanding why some communities would not want to create societies such as NCR itself. Besides this flaw NCR does not have a solution for neither mutants nor ghouls, and as such tries to avoid mutant and ghoul integration into their communities.

- NCR scientists have kept creating a vaccine to reverse mutations, yet due to the FEV continuously rebuilding the body and the anti-virus counter-attacking the FEV the results of stopping FEV have always resulted in a violent destruction of the infected body. The scientists currently speculate that there is no actual cure due to the violent interaction between the 2 viral processes.

- Although NCR has taken control of both Vault 13 as well as Vault 15, NCR currently still attempts to expand its territories. NCR has tried to gain control of the Military Base originally abandoned and later retaken and rebuild by the mutant and ghoul alliance. NCR wants the Military Base because it contains large military stock piles as well as being a strategic location for trade between NCR and San Francisco. Due to the mutant and ghoul alliance being alienated by NCR, relations have become distant with friction on both sides. As a precaution NCR has ordered the trade caravans to bypass around the Military Base and its territories.

- Although NCR had maintained a certain superior attitude, certain people in NCR have realized that those attitudes have held back NCR and caused NCR to have hostile relations with other communities.  The character can learn about these events when learning of NCR’s past, where NCR tried to annex the Military Base as well as Broken Hills.

- In the case of the Military Base, the hostilities between the mutant and ghoul alliance arose when both groups met up at the Military Base. The mutant and ghoul alliance itself had already established itself and was rebuilding the Military Base when an expedition from NCR encountered the new group. The NCR group was following up on older stories that told of the excavation of the Military Base and of how there might still be some old technology that would there for the taking. Although NCR only sent a small expedition with light weaponry, an argument between both sides ended in a shoot out. The leader of the NCR expedition wanted to gain more statues with the expedition and gain a seat in the ruling council. The leader refused to return empty handed and tried to obtain some equipment regardless of ownership. The shoot-out left the leader dead and wounded on both sides (although mutant regeneration healed the wounded mutants within days). The remaining members of the expedition return to NCR with their version of the truth. Till then NCR and the Military Base have only slowly rebuilt mutual trust. Yet mutual trust between both sides never passed beyond a certain point due to NCR not liking mutants and ghouls in general.

- In the case of Broken Hills, both NCR and Vault City attempted to gain control of Broken Hills at the same time. Originally both groups tried to persuade the leaders in Broken Hills through bribes. This power struggle over Broken Hills escalated soon into a power battle where both groups not only tried to outbid each other for leadership but also turned into semi-open warfare where both sides hired mercenary forces to secure their respective business ventures. Due to the actions of both Vault City and NCR, Broken Hills now is nothing more than a stationary city for mercenary and thugs. These results have caused Broken Hills and Vault City to have negative attitudes toward NCR.


Primary Storyline:

- For both, good and evil players, NCR is the location where one learns of the actual location of the Military Base.



12. Vault 15: (sub-city)

- Vault 15 was settled in Fallout 2 by outcasts from NCR. Since then Vault 15 has changed from a minor NCR outpost to a full fledged NCR colony with its own farm and technical staff.

- Vault 15 now consists of a small population that lives above ground and a technical staff that rotates inside the vault. The vault is divided into 3 sections: living quarters, research areas, and excavation site.

- The living quarters are mainly designed for the research groups inside Vault 15, but in case of emergencies the vault can provide enough shelter for all inhabitants.


13. Vault 13: (sub-city)

- During Fallout 2 the player discovered Vault 13 and obtained the G.E.C.K.. During the game play the deathclaw community is hunted by the Enclave and almost completely extinct. The few remaining survivors are a few deathclaw patrols around the vault that had escaped notice.

- Going against their basic instinct to go into berserker rage, the deathclaw patrols combined into one large pack and moved away from Vault 13.

- Due to Vault 13 having better maintained and intact technology throughout its history, compared to Vault 15, NCR quickly dedicated a permanent military and research group to Vault 13. Now Vault 13 is a corner stone of NCR’s science community.


















14. Military Base:

- The military base became the home once again for the main mutant and ghoul population of Fallout 3 due to humans seeing ghouls as lesser being and mutants as freak mutations. The main groups are the ghouls from Gecko and the mutants from Broken Hills. Both groups migrated back to the military base to create an independent home for themselves away from human influence and aggression.

- Ghouls took equipment with them from Gecko such as a few portable power plants that allowed both groups to excavate the remains of the former military base and allowed them to rebuild old parts and expand.

- After excavating the military base, thanks to ghouls the old power plant could be extracted and partially rebuild, although if additional equipment can be obtained the player has the chance to improve the power plant.

- In addition to the original military base, it has now also a watershed pump that is partially on the surface as well as subterranean fungus farms that provide the food supplies for the military base (funny fact about ghouls and mutants: neither have taste buds that are very effective). Also the military base has a small research area that is converted from the FEV vats to research the properties of FEV and if it can be changed.

- Minor exposure to FEV allowed ghoul community to regain some of their former muscle mass – they are as fast and strong as an average human. Ghouls gained movement and strength without the decrease in intelligence. This is primarily due to FEV continuously repairing the radiation damage in ghoul cells, but due to their already damaged bodies ghouls are unable to fully repair their damaged bodies or gain mutant strength.

- Ghouls and mutants are doing basic research into FEV to regain the lost knowledge about it.

- The military base only trades in military hardware (not fully know what kind yet) for heavy caliber and energy ammunition.


- If the player reaches the territory around the military base before knowing about the migrations of ghouls and mutants to it and Marcus being the leader, mutant patrols will force players away. And if the player keeps pushing forward to the military base, other patrols might encounter the player and attack him.















15. San Francisco:

- SanFran is still controlled by the Jakuza families although a few changes have occurred.

- First, the space shuttle was a complete disaster. Although the space shuttle itself functioned perfectly the ramp was too short. The space shuttle became Fallout’s first and only submarine. The submarine failed miserably since it was designed to withstand 1 to 0 bars of atmospheric pressure.

- After the player had destroyed the Enclave and returned with subsequent news of his actions SanFran experienced a radical race.

- The Brotherhood of Steel members quickly headed to Navarro and scavenged any computers end valuable technologies including the giant satellite dish.

- Although the brotherhood was able to confiscate the computer core and other key technologies, during the battle over the remains of Navarro the VertiBirds became a central technology. In the end the shuttle group in conjunction with the more peaceful Jakuza family took control over the 2 VertiBirds. Instead of attempting to recreate a submersible shuttle (couldn’t resist) they decided to specialize in operating and maintaining the VertiBirds as a viable transportation method.

- The shift from the shuttle construction towards VertiBird operation brought more than positive attention. Suddenly everyone in and around SanFran suddenly wishes to own a VertiBird. This sudden desire of ownership eventually lead to an all out war for ownership. The factions that attempted to take ownership of the VertiBirds are:

- the peaceful faction of the SanFran community, founded by the Dragon clan from Fallout 2

- the military faction of SanFran, founded by Lo Pan in Fallout 2

- the merchant groups that were secretly sponsored by NCR

- Originally all the factions agreed to have the 2 VertiBirds remain with the organization that already has some experience operating and maintaining flying technology. But after preliminary tests have shown the broad spectrum of potential the VertiBirds represent everyone wanted to won them.

Ultimately an all out war began between the 3 different factions that resulted in the destruction of 1 VertiBird. Only through the assistance of the Brotherhood of Steel was the last VertiBird saved and taken by the Brotherhood. This ‘theft’ by the Brotherhood is still viewed as the greatest act of betrayal by Lo Pan’s family, and thus continued animosity exists between them and the Dragon clan as well as the Brotherhood.

- Since then the 2 main Jakuza families have moved their political and military differences into the background of SanFran life.

- The Dragon clan still promotes a respectful and honor bound life style that aims to rebuild SanFran to its former glory. This peaceful agenda has convinced many citizens to join the Dragon clan’s ideals and projects. SanFran now has an extensive fishing community as well as a decent wine yard that even sells a few of its wine to other cities.

- Lo Pan’s family has never forgotten the slight of having the VertiBirds controlled by the Dragon clan and then taken by the Brotherhood. For them the ‘theft’ shows a sever breach in security of SanFran. Lo Pan is technically the military arm of SanFran and thus regulates security, but due to this power the clan controls most of the illegal activities that occur inside SanFran.




16. Navarro:

- The old Navarro military base was the land based HQ for the Enclave. During Fallout 2, Navarro was a key installation which the player needed to infiltrate to progress in the game.

- After the player’s return during the Fallout 2 setting he / she informed the Brotherhood of the significant military and technological threat the Enclave represented. During this time the Brotherhood did not have enough units and equipment near SanFran to stop the Enclave, yet an urgent message was sent to the central Brotherhood HQ to inform them of the threat.

- After a lengthy debate by the Brotherhood elders at central HQ, the Brotherhood mobilized a military expedition to SanFran. On route to SanFran the military expedition received news that the Enclave oil rig had been destroy and thus needed to head to SanFran at best speed for an urgent tactical meeting.

- While the Brotherhood expedition deliberated about the destruction of the Enclave, they quickly realized that forgotten technology could still be attained from Navarro. They quickly dispatched the expeditionary force to take control over Navarro.

- The sudden appearance of the Brotherhood expeditionary force startled the clans in SanFran and awoke everyone’s interests. Quick clan groups were assembled and shadowed the Brotherhood’s expeditionary force.

- When the different groups discovered Navarro an all out looting began. The Brotherhood took the main computer core as well as any sophisticated hard- and software.

The various clans struggled against each other to attain any remaining military assets as well as the VertiBirds. During that struggle it was decided by the 2 main clans and the third clan (shuttle community) that the space shuttle experts should take control over the VertiBirds to study them.

Additional material scavenged by the Brotherhood was the giant satellite dish, while the SanFran clans scavenged lockers, fence materials and shelter materials.

Although the Brotherhood had the agreement from the Dragon clan to take control over the main computer core, this already laid the foundation of the animosity between Lo Pan’s clan and the Dragon clan as well as the Brotherhood, because Lo Pan’s clan felt slighted in having been prevented to attain the blue prints for any potentially advanced technology stored inside Navarro’s computer core.

- After all the various groups scavenged Navarro empty, everyone realized that the empty shell of Navarro could still be useable but was too widely known after the Enclave’s destruction. Thus no one now considered the Navarro base of any military or tactical benefit.

As time passed Navarro became a faded memory that is mostly forgotten. Only older generations still mention the existence of Navarro and what dangers it once represented.

- But is it truly forgotten in time and abandoned by humanity?

- The old gas station has completely collapsed into itself and thus buried the hidden entrance to the underground complex.

The surface part of the Navarro base now mainly contains the bare ruins that were left by all the groups. Although the subterranean base was stripped the overall lay-out of the base still allowed it to be useful for a simplistic shelter.

- The actual Navarro surface base is currently inhabited by a strange group that is extremely hostile as well as well equipped. Over the years this enigmatic group has entrenched itself inside Navarro with trenches and pillboxes around the entrances that lead below to the subterranean part of Navarro. This new group reacts to any discovery with extreme violence, thus preventing most expeditionary groups to discover anything.

- Behind the known Navarro base there was always a steep natural passage that lead to the ocean near a natural cove with a small cave.


17. Brotherhood of Steel:

- At the end of Fallout 1 and during Fallout 2 the Brotherhood established multiple outposts throughout the wasteland. In hindsight the Brotherhood realized that they overestimated their man power during the expansion. Due to that flaw the Brotherhood had only very few members at certain locations.

(That was my attempt to explain why the Brotherhood had a small outpost in the Den and SanFran)

- After the events of Fallout 2, the Brotherhood realized its tactical error and made strategic changes. The Brotherhood has now one HQ, the original base from Fallout 1, and 4 satellite bases throughout Fallout 3: the Den, Vault City, NCR, SanFran, and Boneyard.

- Each satellite base now has a small permanent guard posting (more than just 1 guard as it was in Fallout 2). Furthermore the underground part of the base now contains living quarters, group-bathroom, kitchen, a small communication office and an armory. The communications office has a terminal that is directly linked with the central HQ as well as the other satellite bases.

- The Brotherhood’s HQ was refortified and expanded after Fallout 2.

- The surface entrance to the bunker now is surrounded by 2 walls. One is a high wall that prevents direct hits to be made to the surface entrance while the lower wall is in front of the curtain wall and is being patrolled. Also a small ditch has been established to prevent enemies from being able to make a straight rush towards the defensive walls.

- The first level of the bunker is now more secure and serves mainly to funnel incoming people with a small passage that leads to a central inspection point. Beside the security check point, the first level contains a small barrack for the soldiers on guard duty on the surface and one the first level. Additionally a storage area can be found that stores all incoming equipment so that in can be checked for dangers. Two lifts exists, one for people and the other one that delivers cleared goods to the various levels.

- The second floor consists of military living quarters as well as the main armory and equipment storage.

- Third level is once again reserved for science and medical facilities. In conjunction with the armory high-tech military upgrades can be discovered. The scientists provide the specifications and the armory will make them.

Furthermore the Navarro main computer is stationed in the forth level of the base.

Also the much beloved surgical machine, which everyone loved in Fallout 2, is now situated in the medical section of that level.

- Once again or still, the forth level is for the Brotherhood council. The council of elders consists of 7 members:

- 3 military branch officers (read on to discover why)

- 1 science branch representative, in charge of technological maintenance and upgrade research

- 1 medical / HQ moral officer, responsible for overall health and moral within HQ, also medical break troughs

- 1 logistics / trade officer responsible for HQ trade and re-supplying satellite bases

- 1 spymaster, responsible for satellite bases as well as evaluating information gathered by scouts and infiltrators.

- Also the power core for the HQ can be found on the forth level. Only a select few are allowed to enter this section.

- The newly added fifth level houses the hydroponics the Brotherhood established after attaining the knowledge from the Enclave computer core. This allows the Brotherhood to have their HQ become independent from outside food sources during a siege.

- As much as the Brotherhood enjoyed its technological superiority during Fallout 1, Fallout 2 illustrated to the Brotherhood that their military advances clearly lacked specialized soldiers. After much consideration the Brotherhood decided to split their military wing into 3 distinct groups:

- Scouts and Infiltrators division that gather overall information from around the wasteland as well as determine threats.

- Sniper division, designed to follow scouts into hot zones that arise and either eliminate hostile leaders, sow terror in enemy groups or provide covering fire for the main military arm.

- Assault division, the true military might of the Brotherhood. They carry the main firepower of the Brotherhood and specialize in heavy weaponry and close combat fighting.



18. Junktown:

- After most people living in Junktown moved to Necropolis, Junktown soon lost most of its police power. With the police force moving to Necropolis and the casino attracting gangs, Junktown soon became a hub for all sorts of illegal activities and gangs.

- Shortly after the residual police force vacated Junktown, gangs started wars over which territories each one owns. After a few bloody years, each gang has established itself and calls a certain region in Junktown their own.

- The only ‘neutral’ grounds in Junktown are the community well and the trading post. The well is the sole source for water in Junktown and thus is fiercely guarded by all parties at any given time. Around the well one can find guards from all gangs although all are required to hide their weapons. The only other spot that is considered neutral is the trade square only a short distance away from the well. As with the well it is guarded by gang members as well as the merchant guards, though the same rule of covered weaponry applies in the merchant section.

- Junktown is a source that provides some of the materials that are being used in drug production.




- Junktown is a gang version of New Reno where families rule. As with New Reno illegal activities include:         - drug trafficking

            - slave trade

            - weapon sales

                                    - raiding


Primary Storyline:

Primary storyline - Valorous Campaign:

- Good players will have the hardest time here since the player’s reputation will have preceded him/her. This will automatically prohibit most interaction within Junktown. The worst case scenario is, if the player is already known to be completely against corruption, the distinct possibility exists that during the day entry will be blocked for him due to the ‘shoot on sight’ policy that arises when the various gangs see him in the market.

- The actual missions for good oriented players will come from law abiding communities around Junktown. Such missions will be to prevent raids that originate from Junktown, to scouting weak spots in Junktown’s wall, and even to infiltrating Junktown for assassinations or rescues.

- Infiltration will only be possible if the player is capable to capture a few raiders alive. Different raid groups exist representing the various gangs thus requiring multiple captures to gain a complete picture of the defensive lay-out as well as the interior of Junktown.


Primary storyline - Villainous Campaign:

- Due to Junktown having become a hub of massive corruption, evil players can enjoy a relatively save heaven in Junktown. Instead of having lawful NPCs shooting at him/her, now unlawful NPCs will try to kill you if you cross them. The only benefit is that you can shoot back and not many people will care.

- As mentioned above, Junktown is a hub for illegal activities. If the player chooses to he/she can either join one of the already established groups. The choices lies in what profits the player wishes to make and what organizations the player will know through the gangs. The same will occur if the player already has an affiliation to another group that is linked with a gang in Junktown. Such affiliations will be when the player is already a Made-Man in New Reno with the family that controls prostitution and slave trade. Thus the gang in Junktown that supplies the family in New Reno will already have an affiliation with the player. Yet such affiliations are not fully binding due to the distance of New Reno and Junktown, it merely provides villainous players an easier entry into Junktown underground power structure.

- Although Junktown was abandoned long ago by lawful citizens, the supply of illegal material Junktown provides still sells in Necroplois. So covert sales and even small merchant groups still provide trade between the 2 cities. Depending on the material that is being traded, merchants either directly trade for both cities or meet in the wasteland between their cities to trade.

- Junktown is largely run by the gangs, this animosity that still exists between them causes sometimes frictions. The hostilities sometimes erupts into open gunfight, yet on average it is quickly stopped.

- If the player had become a Made-Man in New Reno with the family that controls the drug trade and has bought the caravan in the Den, he can combine the trade routes. This will allow the player to gain access to some of the basic resources that are being used in the drug production. And with these resources the player can make his covert drug experiments at the New Reno stables.



19. Necroplois:

- In Fallout 1 the ghoul population was exterminated by either the player or the mutants subsequently invading Necropolis. Regardless of which scenario occurred, the ghoul population is dead and the original water pump was repaired and left to work.

- After leaving Necropolis and having saved the vault from water shortage, the player returned to Junktown and the Hub to tell about his exploits and discoveries in Necropolis. The destruction of the ghoul population coupled with the working pump near an abandoned vault caused uproar of speculations and possibilities in both cities. Soon and expedition was launched, comprised of guards from their respective cities, merchants and technical staff to verify the truth of the Vault Dweller’s statements.

- After having explored all of Necropolis and having discovered the water pump and vault intact, vast possibilities became possible. Both cities realized that Necropolis can be easily claimed by either side or in a joint venture and resettled.

- Trade relations and an increase in communication between both cities arose. This lead to a full time guard being posted I Necropolis with a mix of guards from both sides. This laid the foundation of trust between both security forces.

- While the security was established around the Watershed area, merchants began financing the reconstruction of the Watershed area. The primary concern was to ensure the working condition of the water pump and the vault. Thus the reconstruction began in the Watershed area and expanded into the other areas.

- Since the original construction began, Necropolis has 3 reconstructed areas.

- Watershed, the main source for water in Necropolis. Also the ‘government’ center of Necropolis due to the vault.

- Old Church area, now the main living quarters of the Necropolis citizens. The old church building is now the community center where news distributed and events are being held.

- Motel area, now the main entrance into Necropolis and the main trading square.

- With the newly rebuild vault and water pump Necropolis slowly became the main hub in this region of the Fallout universe, people began moving from Junktown and the Hub, to a newer and more hope inspiring city. Eventually this migrational pattern allowed Junktown to become a lawless city and the Hub as small ghost town.









20. Boneyard: (ruin)

- After the end of Fallout 1, not much was comment on the evolution of Boneyard. So the following is how I interpreted the events from Fallout 1 and subsequent Fallout 2 and how they influenced the history of Boneyard.

- At the end of Fallout 1, the giant explosion that rocked the cathedral brought chaos with itself. Due to the close proximity of the cathedral to Boneyard, the destruction also affected Boneyard. Boneyard suddenly was hit by massive winds and blown debris. Although the winds and debris were destructive, the damage was not overly irreparable. What did cause the most damage was the nuclear fallout the suddenly increased and caused all Geiger counters to go haywire. Though most people had build up a relative resistance towards radiation, this increase in radiation was too much for most. Many died those that managed to escape quickly enough headed to the relative safety of the Hub and later on to the Necropolis.

- Boneyard is now the home of ghouls, radiated humans that are slowly mutating into ghouls, and rabid mutations. Now pure chaos rules Boneyard and made its name proud due to the constant survival struggle between the different monster races as well as humanoids.

- The radiation levels make it almost impossible for humans to survive long term exposure. Furthermore the high radiation has attracted massive swarms of random monster groups that now infest Boneyard with their own unique territories.

- Floaters and centaurs have somewhat combined into one community slowly converting their corner of Boneyard into a slowly growing biomass. This is due to floaters and centaurs containing the F.E.V.. Those floaters and centaurs that originally were the matriarchs and patriarchs of each species became territorial and rooted themselves into on ‘nest’ or location. From them biological matter slowly expanded into a rather nasty growth.

- Floaters for example prefer to bask in the sun so that the gases within them can easily expand and carry them faster.

- Centaurs on the other hand do not care if they remain in the shadow or the light, though they are extremely slow.

- Deathclaws now control a region of Boneyard where old buildings still have partial roofs, to remain in the shadow for cooling (think of lions in Africa). They prefer to hunt during the night but do not mind to roam their own territories in the shade. Deathclaw territories are easily recognizable due to the massive amounts of bones scattered around.

- Another species that has been drawn to the increase in radiation are the mysterious aliens that just roam the southern areas of the Boneyard and the old cathedral area.

- What is still of interest is that after the explosion in the cathedral and the subsequent radiation of Boneyard, a lot of gear and weaponry has been left behind by fleeing citizens.

As most original players will remember there were key places and people in Boneyard:

- Such as the scientist that made the ammo and provided the original power armor upgrade. He decided to move to the Hub where he met up with Brotherhood members who persuaded him to join them to share his scientific knowledge.

- The weapons merchants decided that business can be more productive by moving to the Hub. Although the Hub was eventually abandoned, the main merchant group went to Necropolis. Another splintered off and joined with the Junktown inhabitants and eventually became the weapon trading gang.


21. Skynet’s Base:

- During Fallout 2 Skynet joined the player and traveled throughout Fallout 2. During its travels it learned about the various groups and communities that inhabited Fallout 2. Such groups were Vault City, Gecko, NCR, Vault 13 and 15, and SanFran. In some its explorations Skynet began learning about the different human cultures and societies as well as the technological standard that existed.

- In some instances Skynet was able to not only learn about the technological standards but also to download the specs for the technology. Such cases were Vault City, Vault 13 and 15, and the SanFran based Brotherhood computer. In some of these cases it was also able to create a program to keep being updated via the communication network they had.

- Through constant updates when revisiting the places during Fallout 2, Skynet determined that too many factions existed and that humanity was too splintered for a unified community. Also that the different communities prefer to choose violence over respectful and peaceful talk.

- Because of these conclusions Skynet left at the end of Fallout 2. It quickly returned to the original Sierra Army Base and collected any available technology to repair and reprogram the destroyed robots. After that it used its data to determine the most remote and inhospitable area where humans rarely traveled.

- With an army of robots in tow that carried most high tech pieces from the Sierra Army Depot Skynet quickly began establishing a new base. This base now is the headquarter of Skynet where it collects data about forgotten and current technologies.

- Before disappearing into history, Skynet assisted the mutant and ghoul migration towards the old Military Base where it provided invaluable knowledge of repairing and rebuilding scavenged technology.

- Skynet’s base itself is deep within a mountain range. Although not a vault as in the original idea, it is a high tech vault where robots and technology are a fusion of Skynet’s mind. The base itself has a hidden entrance that is covered by hidden yet stationary robots (Sierra Army Base stationary sentry models) as well as additional robots that are mobile. One key difference between earlier models and Skynet’s version is that Skynet realized the limited number of potential robot guards and the ammo, thus converting all ranged robots into energy weapon based robots. The maintenance of the robots is done by the trusted and beloved Mr. Handy robot version.

- Skynet’s base is multi leveled:

- The surface entrance is a small unobtrusive cave entrance that is just large enough for a robot to enter. The only give-away that something is unnatural is the giant pile of excavated soil off to the side. The actual entrance into Skynet’s base has been camouflaged to appear like natural rock. If violently breached subterranean sentry droids rise to attack.

- The second level is the main storage and maintenance of all military robots as well as their equipment.

- The third level contains the original mainframe Skynet was stored inside the Sierra Army Depot. With Skynet having had access to the Enclave’s mainframe, Skynet now consists of a fusion of both original Skynet and newly added Enclave software.

- The forth floor is the manufacturing area where Skynet builds additional robots or tests new concepts.


22. The Glow:

- For most people communities in Fallout 1 (and subsequent Fallout 2) the Glow was not well known due to its inhospitable environment. One of the few human communities that new of the Glow’s existence was the Brotherhood of Steel.

- In Fallout 1 the player was required to explore the Glow and provide prove of his abilities. Luckily the player was successful and managed to retrieve the disk containing records of an expedition sent by the Brotherhood. After the records had been returned to the Brotherhood, it was soon deemed to dangerous for any potential brother or even candidate to venture to close. The radiation from the direct nuclear attack was too high for any normal humans to survive long term exposure.

- After the Brotherhood even deemed the Glow too dangerous it became nothing but an ancient memory or even myth in the overall Fallout world.

-Only foolish adventures still head to the Glow unknowingly heading into highly radiated areas. Such adventurers never make it back and verify the existence of the Glow’s existence.

-After the destruction of the Master, the remaining mutants from the military base escape and track through the wasteland. By chance they reunited with the remaining numbers of the Masters personal bodyguard and worshipers. This group was one of the few remaining groups that knew the historical significance of the Glow and that it was one of the sources of F.E.V..

- After the destruction of the cathedral and the military base, the remaining worshippers and mutants swore to keep the ideals and wishes of the master alive. Although lacking much needed organization and shelter the remaining members quickly scavenged food and usable materials and headed towards the Glow.

- Once this group reached the Glow, the human worshippers quickly began building a smaller secretive community away from all the radiation. For the human community the believes and wishes of the Master still rang as loudly as before his destruction. For the slower mutants the message was still the same, just lacking any specific guidelines.

- After the mutants determined that the Glow is ‘save’ (for them and their pets), they quickly began to restore key floors and rooms. Due to a cunningly smart mutant, the repairs were quickly finished and fortifications were erected around the entrance.

- After the initial defenses around the Glow were finished, sandbags, ditches and small walls, the remaining mutants brought in the master’s pets: floaters and centaurs.

- After they established their base and the humans had built a serviceable community for themselves, their next goal was to determine the changes that had occurred in the wastelands. Slowly but surely some groups returned to civilization without their trade-mark clothing. With some human members having returned the Master’s group reformed into the ‘Master’s Legacy’ where the humans became called ‘The Master’s Faith’ and the mutants ‘The Masters Wrath’.

- Over time the human worshippers managed to reintegrate themselves within most cities where they secretly worship the Master’s plan. Slowly but surely this underground cult regained new followers due to the secret promise of immortality from the blessed F.E.V. virus. Although the local village idiots and depressed were easily convinced, intelligence within the mutant community was still low.

- To gather worthwhile leaders, the secret members of the Master’s Faith have started to look for exceptionally smart people. In some cases the secretive could had been able to convince people to join willingly, with the prospect of attaining immortality. The conversion process is extremely slow due to the original lack of F.E.V. as a complete source. Thus early conversion attempts failed due to missing F.E.V. blood with that of uninfected members.

- Only after the Enclave’s discovery of the and the subsequent excavation of the old military base, did the Master’s Faith have any hope of attaining large quantities of the original F.E.V.. Shortly after the player excavated the old military base again and cleared the passages leading into the Vats, did an expedition of the Master’s Legacy reach the old military base. That allowed the Master’s Legacy to attain original F.E.V. in large quantities that were quickly brought back to the Glow.

- Since the Glow is also the original source of F.E.V. and the computer core inside the Glow, the scientists have been able to slowly reproduce the F.E.V. virus by providing the minerals the virus needs to ‘naturally’ reproduce.

- Since the initial expansion into the Glow is complete, the Master’s Legacy is now concentrating on key issues.

- Establishing and maintaining a secretive organization that allows for intelligence gathering. This intelligence gathering allows for raids on caravans and cities if certain items are needed.

- Spreading of the master’s original idea mutant immortality and of mutants gaining control of the world.

- Slowly increasing their numbers of mutants and mutant leaders. In addition to that, the acquisition of firearms and armor for the mutants is a high priority. As with their peaceful counterparts, the Master’s Wrath specializes in 2 tactical groups. One group specializes in close combat fighting, usually the lesser intelligent mutants, while the ones that exhibit leadership and tactical skills work as ranged attackers. In the case of the close ranged mutant fighters, they specialize in using massive melee weapons and giant versions of swords (think of giant rusty sheets of metal) also flamers are mixed in. The ranged group of mutants once again specializes in heavy weaponry such as miniguns, rocket launchers, and energy based weapons.

- During an expedition in Fallout 2, the mutants discovered the toxic waste dump the player can stumble into during game ply. Although the toxic waste dumb was inhospitable for humans mutants, floaters and centaurs were immune to the effects due to F.E.V.. Slowly but surely the remaining barrels were moved back to the Glow where the radioactive waste was used to fill a moat around the Glow’s entrance.

- Now the Glow’s surface entrance is surrounded by a moat of toxic waste and a small wall behind which mutants patrol. Inside and outside of the defensive perimeter floaters and centaurs controlled by the mutants roam around as an early warning system.



Final notes:

So where will this historical ideas of mine lead to for Fallout 3? Who will become the Fallout 3 arch nemesis?

- Will the master dig himself out of the ashes and demand vengeance?

- Have some Enclave soldiers learnt to swim in their power armor?

- Will Planet of the Apes have become real?

- Will we be invaded by mutant centaurs – mutated human fused with a moose – from Canadia?

- Will deathclaws learn to dance?

- Will Herald become a botanist?

- Will I finally find true love in the arms of a female mutant?


Or is the actual storyline right in front of you somewhere hidden between Fallout 1 and Fallout 2? Who knows but me?



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