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Mismatch's Corner of Angst
[ Community -> Kiddie Pool ]
Kiddie Pool posted by King of Creation Fri 02 Feb 2007, 4:35 PM

As most are aware, the announcement of FO3 being bought by Bethesda was met with dismay by many Fallout fans. While other people, not as fond of the franchise said things such as: "You should be pleased. This way FO3 will be released." (rhyming, wtf?)

Such an argument is not only ignorant, but also bloody retarded. Consider this: Your grandmother has recently passed away. The old lady really did mean quite a lot to you (tho' not as much as the inheritance). You're heartbroken (let's just assume you are, even though you probably wouldn't be). And let's assume further that you would have liked to meet her once last time. However, you probably would NOT want to meet her again if it meant her being [insert preffered action] by employees from a video game company (That made games which were mediocre at best). Okay, some of you might want that. Hell, some of you would even get turned on by it. But even the ones of you that do get turned should be able to agree that this is not the common view on the matter.

This is why most of the Fallout community is not on their knees slurping [name rhyming with Rodd + preffered noun] at this very moment. We would never suck the [noun] of someone we think may be [action] our gran. Unless we were handsomely paid offcourse. But we aren't. So we don't.

Having established this, some of you may still say: "Hey, Bethseda has shown that they can make good cRPGs. They do it all the time. They have some really talented people over there." No. Actually they haven't. Bethesda does not make cRPG's. They produce some weird action games stacked with poorly written, boring dialogue, shallow NPC's and a badly written plot. They depict a black and white universe, devoid of grayscale and feeling. I don't really consider this Bethesda bashing, since they have caused it themselves by claiming that these games are roleplaying games when they clearly are not. As far as action games are concerned Morrowind and Oblivion can be considered okay. But RPG's they are not.

As many of you may understand, this unsettles many of us. How can a company that has not released a single RPG in quite a while manage to release a worthy sequel to one of the best cRPG franchises in history?

Bethesda's main audience is eight to twelve year old kids, (or people on that mental level) and their games bloody well reflect it. How are we supposed to trust a company that clearly states that they intend to release FO3 to this audience too?
We wont.

And seeing how Bethesda turn away from the Fallout community and towards the Xbox kids, we all know: It will suck.
And we blame you.

W H Auden wrote:

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

You killed it.

Maybe you shouldn't have resurrected it just to kill it off again. Why buy a licence only to make a game totally different from the series? The whole idea of a series of games is to stay on the same track, keep the canon and stay with the same atmosphere. Bethesda has shown us that they won't. By aiming towards the xbox and, mostly, by saying things like: "We'll do what we do best."

Why didn't they just create a new PA universe. Create their own game.
It might have been good. Who am I kidding? It might have been decent. Or playable for a week or so.

But buying FO3 just for hype creation and marketing purposes is bloody sneaky. We will remember this.

:never forget:


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