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History of the System Wars, part 1
[ Community -> Editorial ]
Editorial posted by King of Creation Wed 03 May 2006, 11:43 PM
Good sirs, hearken unto me...for I have a tale from the ages of yore, when most of yon peons had not yet been birthed.

The History of the System Wars, part 1

In an era long passed, the world enjoyed a time of freedom and prosperity that was seldom seen and shall not be seen again. We were at peace…a peace which allowed for the development of the digital age. Electronic culture was a blossoming flower, with every facet being delicately cared for. PC gaming was at the forefront of this Cultural Revolution, this rebirth, this renaissance. Gamers and the gaming industry were composed of the most intelligent, creative, passionate individuals in existence. Theirs was a shining City Upon a Hill, a beacon of hope to the lost and weak. Gamers enjoyed a veritable feast of incredible games....rpgs, adventure, strategy, shooter, puzzle…whatever the heart desired. There was no such thing as a “casual gamer” who consumed mindlessly, much like there is no such thing as a “casual NBA player” or a “casual trial lawyer.” Gaming was a serious business, and gamers demanded the very best. Gamers enjoyed this period of Enlightenment for quite a while.

But lo! The world was stricken. Unto the earth, a foul beast was thrown. This beast was known by many names: Nintendo, Playstation, and the newest daemon – Xbox. These sects all followed the same banner: the banner of the Console Gamer. These beasts lay hidden deep within the earth until they had gathered enough followers to strike. Plans were made and set in motion…rumbling of treason were heard amongst the ranks of the PC Gaming elite. Calls for an Inquisition to head the beast off went on deaf ears. “Cross platform! Damn the PC market!” cried the corporate suits. “The masses want casual games! Let us do away with intriguing dialogue, complex systems, and captivating plot!” The elite commandos of PC gaming tried to stage a coup suits, but blue lightning flowed from the fingertips of the corporate devils. They would not be stopped, their rampage was just beginning. They would not stage a sudden strike, not a blitzkrieg…no, it started ever so slowly. And it was a sign of the long wars to come…

Many ancient bastions of good were lost to the wars….the System Wars. The forces of good were outmatched by the hordes of the Console. The sheer numbers of casual gamers decimated the once mighty ranks of PC gaming. We fought valiantly, but it was all in vain. We were betrayed by the corporate bastards. Our proudest warrior sect, Black Isle Studios, was delivered a mortal blow….stabbed in the back by their very leader! His French villainy is still infamous today.. Those sects that were not defeated turned their backs upon the refugees. They insisted on marketing to platforms. Marketing! Black Isle Studios cared naught for Marketing! They did not just make games. They made ART. Truer artists have never been seen. They refused to heed the call of the Console sect, and died a martyr’s death. Those that followed the banner of true gaming had no choice but to sound the retreat. It was better to retreat, to rest, and to plot revenge, than to be finished by the evil armies of Console.

It seems like an eternity since those fateful days. The remaining veterans of the System Wars were still in hiding when word reached us that a new powerful PC gaming sect was mounting an offensive at the gates of the Kingdom of Console. They were developing a game that would surely be our saviour! This game, “Oblivion,” was rumored to be strong enough to thwart any retaliation by the Console sect. It was known that Bethsoft was developing for the Xbox sect as well, but surely this was just a ruse to appease the corporate suits. Their subterfuge would most likely result in the glorification of our once mighty race, and the destruction of the Console! Joy surged through the PC gaming community. Overweight, middle aged men who had yet to experience the delight of a woman were readying themselves for the coming battles, their orange stained fingertips tapping diligently away at their keyboards, their rooms lit only by the glow of their aging CRT. Old alliances were renewed, ancient weapons readied. We were waiting for the ancient war-horn to be blown, signaling the start of the new war, the war to regain our kingdom!

But that horn was never blown, the signal never came. Before we could be warned, we started to play Oblivion. We lost thousands of men in the first hour alone. This was not the game we were promised! It was all a trick…the game was dumbed down, cross-genre, cross-platform in all it’s unholy glory. The graphics might have looked fancy in the screenshots, but the constant stutter of a lagging system and the lack of the misdirecting blur effects shown through. We were once again betrayed. This game was little more than a first person Diablo! - endless dungeons, skeletons and goblins, giant leaping rats, and collecting loot from barrels and chests. This was not the role playing game we were promised. I could feel the cold hand of Console clutching at my throat as I made my way through the first dungeon. This was designed as an FPS for a Console! Combat in true role playing games would never be like this! Button mashing, one of Console’s strongest weapons, was the main factor! We tried to stop, but it was too late. Too many men were lost that day, and we had to retreat once again to our ancient places of refuge…out of sight of the Console.

Gloat not, Console heathen, for I know you read this! I shall rise once again to claim what is mine by divine right! The Kingdom of gaming shall not be yours forever! I am raising my armies, building my fortresses, and crafting my mighty vehicles of war. It has been prophesized! “The King shall ride anew, and he shall lead the army of light into battle, and they shall retake their ancient lands.” And my banner will be the banner of the one, true game that was and is to come. Fallout 3 will signal the end of your reign, for it shall be glorious. Bethsoft might have betrayed us once, but it was not their fault. The power of Fallout is too strong to deny. They shall throw off the shackles of the Console, ignore the cries of the mindless casual gamer, disregard the threats of preemptive attack from the suits and make a true role playing game. The ancient power of Fallout is such that the world has not seen in an age! The forces of Console have not the strength, nor the power of mind to stand up to such a warrior!

Fear not, true gaming brethren, for I shall not be silenced! I shall not be stopped! My strength is unmatched, and my will undying! I shall reclaim my Kingdom, and I shall send the hordes of Console back to the pits from whence they came!
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