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Fallout Fantasy: Brotherhood of Steel
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Editorial posted by DarkUnderlord Sun 06 Feb 2005, 11:20 PM
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NOTE: This article originally appeared on Fan Made Fallout.

Once upon a time (or to be more exact, about the 11th of April 2002), a Rabbid Fallout Newsie named Killian received a tidbit of information regarding a new Fallout title in the works, called "Fallout Fantasy". He posted this information at his GSI Hosted (GameSpy Industries) Fallout site:

In the Beginning... wrote:
Your Worst Nightmare - 11:18 PST - Killian - 82 Comments

Your worst nightmare's have been realized kids. Fallout's going to the console. Well let's start with the rumours about Fallout Fantasy first:

Fallout Fantasy Revealed? [09:58 AM EDT (Frans) April 11, 2002] - 13 Comments *

French site reports that a new release schedule they received from Virgin Interactive, which distributes Interplay's games in Europe, contains an entry for Fallout Fantasy, a role-playing game in development at Black Isle Studios for a September 2002 release. Here is a rough Babel Fish translation of the story, which doesn't offer further facts on the game as Virgin Interactive refused to comment, but speculates this is the official title of the Fallout 3 game that was mentioned in several recent Q&As (story, story). It is expected that the game will be presented at next month's E3 trade show in Los Angeles.

This is from Blues News. Thanks to Warren Ransom and Wormwood for mailing this to me. Want to read the article go here.

THE FACTS as stated by an Interplay employee on the condition of anonymity:


Further solidifying this rumour:

JE Sawyer states very publicly,
"We are announcing one external project at E3, the project which Feargus previously has called "Quincy". We are not the developers of that project. No, no, no."

Of course, this falls in line with what I just posted. External project being developed by Digital Mayhem. Digital Mayhem being the same company that brought us exciting titles like RUN LIKE HELL, Virtual Pool III, and Super Runabout (yet more running, apparently.)

If you want to read the original post yourself at the old DAC, you can get it from the Internet Archive here.

As you can imagine at this stage, the proverbial hit the fan. The old Black-Isle Studio Forums exploded. Unfortunately, most of the threads were either locked or out-right deleted. All that's left now is this surviving thread. From memory, there were at least another 2 threads of about 15 pages each on the subject. Mainly concerning Interplay, whores and the Fallout license, throw in some BIS fanboys shouting "they can do no wrong!" and you get the general idea.

Interplay even developed the official line and denied, denied, denied.

Interplay's Official Line wrote:
"So you are all aware. Neither Interplay nor Black Isle Studios has announced or distributed any information to the public concerning a title that has been called on a website Fallout Fantasy. Since that is the case most of the theories and guesses about such a game are being based purely off of other theories and guesses."

Some people did have some fun with the idea though. Our own Mr Carrot bought this address and set it up as a funny photo site with some classic "take the piss" works of art. Hopefully, we'll be able to upload them again soon and set up a Fallout Fantasy section.

Unfortunately, that outrage wasn't all. DAC, hosted at GSI, had their news item pulled by a moron in charge at GSI, Silverdawn, for apparently releasing what he called "off-the-record information", regardless of the fact that the information was allowed to be released, on the condition of anonymity. The vitriol must have really hurt Silverdawn, because soon after that, this happened:

Fallout Fantasy WON'T SUCK! - 16:31 PST - Dan Wood -

Or if it does, you won't know until your happy ass buys it. Our Friendly Hosts Gamespy Industries have gotten it into their collective heads of knuckle that you're not ready to hear someone say "What? More crappy Interplay titles?" about a possible game. Out-fucking-standing, I say.

And on that point, I bring the unhappy news that Killian has been taken off the roster of Happy DAC newsies. Also, all the posts from Blues and various other websites have brought juicy clickthroughs for GSI. You're welcome.

Yep, that's right, they canned Killian for posting the info he had. So to cut a long story short, DAC decided to move away from the restraints of GameSpy and setup at a new address: Needless to say, DAC survived. Eventually though, Fallout Fantasy was revealed to be the project name for Lionheart, a game being developed by Reflexive Entertainment with a little help from Black-Isle Studios.

Lionheart FAQ wrote:
Q: Is that game that was rumored to be Fallout Fantasy? Is it Quincy, Jefferson, something else?
A: Lionheart's temporary name was in fact Fallout Fantasy. So it was quite amusing to us when it was rumored to be a hack-n-slash PS2 game set in a post apocolyptic world with spells. It was called Fallout Fantasy just because that was a simple title that implied it used the SPECIAL system in a medieval setting. The presidential naming system was put in place by JE and only refers to titles developed in-house.

... and that was it. The Fallout Fantasy "facts" became a point of heated debate but eventually, it all died away.

Until just recently...

Once again, on Feb 9th this year, DAC got wind of a new Fallout title in the works: Fallout on Playstation 2?

DAC: Fallout on Playstation 2 wrote:
Being a Fallout fan I looked up "Fallout" on and I found a page that had under PS2 the game "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel" I clicked on it and immediately freaked out.


*Note that it's under "Action" instead of "RPG"*

With reason too, it looks like no one had any news of it whatsoever.

So I checked my local Electronics Boutique store and I asked the clerk "Is there any news on a Fallout game coming out for the PS2" he looked it up and said "Yeah, "Fallout: Brotherhood" supposed to come out October 8th"

... and then, on March 13th, 2003, Interplay did it again. They posted (and then very quickly pulled) this news item:

Interplay Press Release wrote:
Join the Brotherhood of Steel in a battle of post-apocalyptic mayhem
LOS ANGELES, CA - (March 12, 2003) - Vivendi Universal Games and Interplay Entertainment Corp. (OTCBB:IPLY) today announced the development of Fallout(tm): Brotherhood of Steel(tm) for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

This gritty and darkly humorous 3rd person action adventure game transports players into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the highly acclaimed and successful Fallout PC franchise. Utilizing a combination of intense combat strategies integrating melee, ranged weapons and explosives, 1 to 2 players can assume membership in The Brotherhood of Steel, warriors determined to bring their own sense of order to a nuked-out wasteland. "We're very excited about bringing the Fallout universe to console gamers," said Scot Lane, Executive Producer at Interplay. "The game play is more attuned to the console platform, stressing more action and combat than the PC versions which placed a greater emphasis on RPG elements or strategy."

The fear of an apocalypse has become a reality. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel begins after the first Fallout PC title in which humans emerge from the safety of underground vaults to explore the earth following a nuclear holocaust. In joining the Brotherhood of Steel, players will uncover a sinister plot that could transform the remainder of humanity into a race of mutants. The Brotherhood of Steel have come together to wage battle against the mutant raiders and pirates to fulfill their search for a mysterious and heavily sought-after device, one that could be used to help rebuild humanity or as a monstrous toll of war.

For more information on the state of the world in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel please check out the website at Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is set to release this fall.

Yup, Interplay have done it again. The reason for DAC's move from GameSpy, the "facts", they were true. All true.

Killzig: Despite this tragic news I feel the urge to gloat. J.E. Sawyer, Chris Avellone and the rest of BIS -- SHOVE IT. Yep, I told you this was coming. "There is no Fallout game in production, especially not a console game." FUCK YOU and GameSpy too. This is the same story that lead to us getting ousted from GameSpy. Well you know what kids, you heard it here first! HELLO FALLOUT FANTASY.

Now, the kitty is well and truly out of the bag.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel wrote:
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

In this gritty and darkly humorous 3rd person action adventure, players join the courageous Brotherhood of Steel, whose mission is to maintain peace in the grim post-nuclear world of Fallout. Challenged by hordes of ghouls, mutants and other radioactive nightmares, players utilize a combination of intense combat strategies including melee, ranged weapons and explosives to fulfill their daunting task of defeating the mutant army in hopes of restoring humanity in a nearly unlivable universe. Welcome to the wasteland.

  • Based on the world of Fallout, a successful series of PC games set in a grim post-apocalyptic universe inspired by classic '50's sci-fi films.
  • Single and multi-player cooperative play.
  • Three customizable playable characters, each with their own unique traits, strengths and attributes to develop over the course of the game.
  • Unleash over 50 ranged, melee and explosive weapons on hoards of radioactive and mutant creatures and bosses.
  • Auto-Targeting ability to quickly cycle through enemies.

Remember those facts at the start of this news item? Let's go through them now, shall we?

True: The real Fallout Fantasy (Lionheart) AND the PS2 console game FO:BOS are both in development.

Unsure: At this stage, you have to forget about Fallout Fantasy being Lionheart, and now think of Fallout Fantasy as FO:BOS. Now, from the looks of it, I'd hazard a guess and say they're using the BG:DA engine. For those who don't know, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance was a console only, action spin-off from the Baldur's Gate series.

True: FO:BOS is coming out for the PS2 and the X-Box.

True: Apparently though, Digital Mayhem don't exist as such anymore, they've been sucked into the greater void of Interplay, although it basically is the DM team working on the game.

True: "3rd person action adventure game" - If that doesn't say action, then I don't know what does.

Better yet, FO:BOS goes one better and ups the stakes by having... Bikini Clad BOS Raider Chicks!!! That's right, venture across the wastes with thong wearing babes! All those 15 year olds out there, you better make sure you've got enough tissues.

So, not only were the facts 100% TRUE (within reason), but we now have ANOTHER Fallout title in the works that promises to fuck over the storyline and plot more then Fallout: Tactics ever did. Don't believe me? Read this snippet from Fallout Bible No #6 about the Brotherhood of Steel:

The Brotherhood of Steel wrote:

The Brotherhood of Steel: The Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) is a techno-religious organization, with roots in the US military and government-sponsored scientific community from before the war. The BOS is mostly composed of the descendents of those military officers, soldiers, and scientists, but aside from some outlanders among their ranks, the BOS is as close to pure strain humanity (prime normals) as you're going to find outside of a Vault.

The ranks of the BOS is generally recognized as being composed of the best and the brightest... which means the BOS is a really small organization, at least compared to NCR. They make up for this with their frightening arsenal of pre-war and post-war technology: They have laser weapons, power armor, surgical enhancements, combat implants, and a squad of Brotherhood Knights have the ability to erase an entire town from a map without a scratch.

The Brotherhood are generally good guys, but they have their faults - (1) they don't care for mutants, (2) they worship technology, and in many cases, put it above human life, and (3) they don't like to share their choicest technological bits, despite the obvious benefits their technology could bring to the wasteland. It's commonly accepted within the Brotherhood that the people of the wasteland are not responsible enough to use (and maintain) all of the technology the BOS has at their disposal. They are known trade some of their technologies with frontier communities and NCR states, but they keep the more sensitive technologies to themselves.

It is believed that the current HQ of the BOS is the Lost Hills bunker in Fallout 1, but at the time of Fallout 2, the BOS is spread across the wastes in small bunkers and installations hidden from the eyes of common folk - finding them all and wiping them out would be a difficult and dangerous task.

The BOS is divided into different ranks: Initiates are trainees who are expected to perform well enough in the training process to be promoted to Squires. After proving themselves, Squires are promoted to Knights. After many years of service and experience, the best Knights are promoted to Paladins - the pinnacle of the Brotherhood military. Paladins who survive to their later years become Elders, and they number among the Brotherhood ruling council.

It is also possible to serve the Brotherhood as a Scribe. Scribes are responsible for copying the ancient technologies, maintaining the current technology and even experimenting with new weapons and other useful devices. Scribes rarely leave the safety of the BOS bunkers, but they are sometimes called into the field to examine a piece of technology or perform a task beyond the skills of the Brotherhood soldiers.

It is said that the BOS symbol, broken down, represents each of these orders. The sword represents the Paladins, the wings represent the Elders (the "wings" control the movement of the sword), the large gear represents the Knights, and the two smaller gears represent the Scribes and the Squires, whose services keep the Knights supplied with the information and the manpower to get their jobs done. No one is sure what the circle means, however.

So, not only have they completely fucked with the BOS logo, they've turned a reclusive, Power Armour wearing, energy weapon wielding group of anti-socials into: The Brotherhood of Steel, warriors determined to bring their own sense of order to a nuked-out wasteland.

I wonder what console gamers are going to think of Fallout, if perchance, they should actually play FO:BOS, then through some miracle, pick up Fallout 1 and 2 in the store? They'll probably get the shock of their lives. TURN-BASED COMBAT!? 2D!? Egads! They'll be mortified! I especially like how the plot seems to be some kind of zany concoction of every previous Fallout combined. Now we have not ONE but TWO Fallout games that have completely disregarded the Fallout canon. Better yet, BOTH games involve the Brotherhood of Steel AND both games have the same title! I wonder, why did Chris Avellone even bother working on the Bible?

I'm not even going to mention the "pirates" that the news release refers to... Arrr me hearties!

Now, in case you were wondering what this has to do with us, well, everything. You see, this game is once again going to alter the Fallout world. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel gave us talking Deathclaws well before the Enclave invented them, working late model cars which had nothing to do with the Fallout setting and made the Brotherhood of Steel into a much more active and involved group. So of course, in order to appeal to the end of the gene-pool that Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is targeted at, we'll be COMPLETELY changing several aspects of Fan Made Fallout!!

That's right!! In particular, with the apparent spread of BOS across the wastelands like a fungus, we'll have to put little BOS installations everywhere. We'll also make sure there are plenty of scantily clad bikini girl warriors, just so it fits in with the console game (more work for the artists!). This is especially done so as not to confuse the mad-action console gamer that is likely to buy this great new title in the Fallout line.

We sure hope you're looking forward to Fan Made Fallout now! I know I am!!

EDIT: Had to point to the Game-Revolution BOS Raider chicks, seeing as Interplay have changed their screenshots and removed them.

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