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About Static
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Preview posted by Ausir Fri 30 Jul 2004, 1:37 PM
STATIC is a role-playing game that focuses on a stylistic story with unique character development in a world overcome with an identity crisis.

A solitary man- a nobody from nowhere held fast in a complex web of secret mind control experiments and revenge gone sour. Unravelling this mystery spoken to you from inside your own head, you'll earn the trust of fellow survivors, confiscate an arsenal of firearms and track your progress with your ever-faithful "retro-futuristic" robot companion, "BioBuddy"."

SECRET ORIGINS Early in the war, the enemy developed sophisticated weaponry that sank ships without warning, decimating any chance for retaliation and spelling doom.

In response, the government ran secret tests called "Project Rainbow" in hopes of counteracting the enemy's devastating attacks. The goal of Project Rainbow was to use electro-magnetic waves to displace or make objects (ships) "invisible" to the naked eye. Project Rainbow concluded with few successes, but one initiative based on its results, called "Project Mesmerize", began deep underground in the Eldridge Military Compound. The goal of this project wasn't to hide a ship, but rather to control the human mind.

Scientists for year have known that brains emit electro-magnetic pulses of varying degrees. It was hypothesized that these pulses can be altered and sent back to the brain carrying a strongly suggestive message, much like a television receives transmission signals. This function is called psycho-tronic hypnosis.

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC BRACE (EMB) Without an enhancement like the Electro-Magnetic Brace, the target will feel nothing more than a slight headache. The EMB is inserted into the back of the subject's neck, protruding up into the brain ensures the signal's maximum efficiency.

You can imagine the kind abuse that comes from mind-control.

By enhancing this signal, the you can influence, or "control" the subject's very will completely unaware of the origin of their curious urges. This control is often referred to as a "suggestion". Flashes of imagery and pleasing words are sent to the victim's unconscious, associating those feelings with whatever they are told to do.

For example: Joseph wanders down the hall feeling refreshed and pleasantly numb. An overwhelming urge to mop the floor suddenly comes upon him. It's not all that dirty, but he can envision the delight in cleaning the floor. He feverishly mops his heart out.

In a room not far from him sits a man in a long gray labcoat speaking into a portable microphone. Softly he says: You DESIRE to mop the floor. A clean floor holds many treasures. Mop it and claim your reward.

The above information on Static was taken from the official website.

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