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Fallout Tactics developer profile: Simon Lissaman
[ N/A -> Interview ]
Interview posted by Ausir Fri 30 Jul 2004, 12:44 AM

What's your name?

Simon Lissaman

What's your job description / position?

Sub-Junior Under-Assistant Minion

How long have you been doing this stuff?

12 months or so in CG work, 20 odd years of traditional art.

What stuff have your worked on in the past?

Ed's Prescription Pants

If you could make any game you wanted, what'd it be?

A third person action-adventure based on Doctor Who. It's a well known and liked property with lots of room for interesting art and gameplay.

What are a few of your favourite games?

I prefer vintage Lucasarts stuff like Dark Forces, Jedi Knight and TIE Fighter, although I do like Half Life as well. On the Network, I like Tribes, UT, Counter Strike and Quake. I also love mid-to-late 80's coin-ops like Midnight Resistance, Strider, Rolling Thunder and Ghouls & Ghosts.

What do you usually do outside of work? (Extra-curricular activities?)

Generally non-computer related stuff. I like mountain biking, beach stuff, swimming, dancing, having a quiet drink (or even a loud one) and general physical stuff. I don't do chat rooms or net surf unless I need to find something.

I draw, paint, take photographs and build models, generally of movie vehicles/ships and characters.

What are a few of your favourite films?

Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, North By Northwest, The Star Wars trilogy, Star Trek, The Longest Day, Von Ryan's Express, Above us the Waves, The Mask, Saving Private Ryan, Strictly Ballroom, Batman, The Hunt for Red October, Aliens, Brief Encounter

What was the last film you saw?

X-Men. By far the most intelligent movie adaptation of a comic series.

Is there anything worthwhile on TV?

I like to watch Cop shows like The Bill and Wildside, as well as British and Australian comedies like Red Dwarf and The Games. I like wildlife Documentaries as well. I cant stand Buffy, Angel, Friends or any program with a laugh track and lines like 'Well Duh!'

What kind of music do you listen to?

All sorts. I prefer movie soundtracks and Australian Rock. The only things That I wont listen to are post-Beatles Lennon, anything that sounds like someone puking into a tin bucket or anyone that finds it impossible to refer to women as anything other than Ho's or Bitches.

What are a few of your favourite musical artists?

The Finn Brothers, Jeff Buckley, Harry Connick, Danny Elfman, Annie Lennox.

What are a few of your favourite books?

Anything by Terry Pratchett or Tolkien. WW2 History.

What celebrity would you be interested in meeting?

James Cameron or Baz Lurhmann.

What's in your home computer rig?

Little men who push electrons around.

What electronic 'gadget' do you wish you had?

A Gossen Lunasix hand held light meter with spot and incident reading facilities.

What type of car do you drive?

Generally My Girlfriend's Ford Laser Hatch.

What type of car do you wish you drove?

A Subaru Impreza WRX or a 74 Holden Monaro.

Coke or Pepsi?


Boxers or briefs?


Thanks Simon!

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