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Fallout 2 post release chat log
[ N/A -> Interview ]
Interview posted by Saint_Proverbius Wed 28 Jul 2004, 8:26 AM

Chat with
Black Isle Studios
Post-Fallout 2's Release
11th November, 1998

Meghan - Eeew ;)
Matt_BIS takes the cap and uses it to buy some Nuka Cola
Xander sweeps up the floor and adjusts the phonograph.
Meghan - That's better :)
Feargus_BIS - Krys, see...
Meghan - We'll start in just a couple of minutes.
Krys_BIS - Yep, see you
Krys_BIS waves to Feargus
Meghan - Lots of people here.. :) We'll let a few more come in and then start.

Meghan - Feargus, do you and the team have any announcements you want to make before we start with questions?
Matt_BIS looks for a nice bonus announcement ;)
Feargus_BIS - Not that I can think of other than, please don't try to ask us questions off line while we chat. It makes it difficult to answer the questions.
Meghan - Okay - we'll begin with questions now..

Forrest_August1 - How many NPC's can you have?
Feargus_BIS - It is determined by dividing your Charisma by 2 and then round down.
Meghan - Thanks :)

bOONE^fTN - A question concerning the music in fallout2. What format does the coder prefer the music in? .XM, .MOD or something else?
Feargus_BIS - Umm, we use a proprietary music format, so I'm not sure exactly what you are asking.
bOONE^fTN - Does the musicians use a special musicprogram, or something similar to fasttracker ?
Meghan - Fasttracker is a MOD program, right?
Feargus_BIS - To tell you the truth I am not sure, I wasn't connected with the creation of the music that much.
Meghan - Okay.. thanks bOONE :)

mr3 - what language were the fallouts made with and what compiler?
mr3 - watcom?
Feargus_BIS - Most of the game was done in C using Watcom 10.6. The scripts were done in a scripting language that we made here, sort of a cross between C and Pascal.

Nick - First off, thank you for working so diligently to release a patch so quickly :) Are there plans for a save game converter so that v 1.0 games can still be used?
Feargus_BIS - Sorry, but save games will be invalidated with the patch. Because of how all the global variables work, they will not reference the same things and because each persons games are so different it would be almost impossible.

JesTa -Are there any plans whatsoever for an addon to Fallout 2 or are you just going to move right along to Fallout 3?
Feargus_BIS - We are thinking about it, but nothing official for the addon. We are pretty much in the same position with Fallout 3. Thinking about it, but it has not been officialy launched as a title yet.

Roop - What are the plans for the sequel? I am personally hoping you complete the trilogy in the southwest using the same engine, neater that way. I think we need VEGAS, and perhaps one would find a tiny Army Ranger vault to the southeast, just perhaps, heheh. My hopes is another sequel soon, then the next generation game with fully rotatable map... set in another continent etc.... But what are YOUR plans...?
Meghan - rofl! :)
Meghan - Hehe
Feargus_BIS - Well, I would love to be able to use the same engine again - but I don't think most people would recieve that very well. We would really be accussed of using an old engine too many times.

Mikem3 - Is there any way to save the deathclaws? Or is the game made not to?
Feargus_BIS - They pretty much die, no matter what you do.
Meghan - Thanks Mikem3 :)

nikitozs - What is the deal with all the references to movies and games? I dont recall any from the first fallout. What gave you guys the idea to put them in?
Meghan - Hehe.. there were TONS of references in the first one :)
Matt_BIS - lol, just try to make us keep them out ;)
Feargus_BIS - Ooops.
Feargus_BIS - I might have missed the last question.

Jedi - How does increasing stats above 100% Work...or does it. I'm very confused about if I should spend stat point on skill above 100%. Why do they go to 300%...I've heard way too many stories about how this works... and are some stats better to increase above 100% for measuring success chances than others?
Feargus_BIS - More complicated use of skills have a negative modifier on them, so your 100% chance would become that minus the modifier.
Feargus_BIS - Does that make sense?
Jedi - um...sort of
Jedi - like give an example
Jedi - stealing a big gun?
Feargus_BIS - Let's say we have a door with a -50% to pick the lock. Then your 100% chance would become a 50% chance. Instead of always picking it you would only pick it half of the time.
Feargus_BIS - Better?
Jedi - is there a point when the gains become minimal?
Feargus_BIS - Nope. Other than some skill checks, check the actual skill value to see if you can do it - and then there is no roll.
Jedi - so I guess the question is what are the maximum negative modifiers...
Matt_BIS - depends on the skill, but for combat skills, even when you're high enough to pretty much guarantee a hit, the additional skill points still add to your chance to crit
Matt_BIS - just another .02
Meghan - Thanks Jedi :)

Klayhamn - first of all im a HUGE fan of your game (it probably doesnt mean anything since there are thousands) and second i would like to know when is coming to israel which i asked over 2 or 3 times in Email... how large is the "Fallout series" going to be and is there a multiplayer in any of the next ones?? (do i get another turn?????)
Feargus_BIS - Probably around -50. However with guns you can get upwards of -100 depending on the targeted hit and your distance.
Feargus_BIS - I'm not totally sure when it will be getting to Israel.
Feargus_BIS - As to the series, we are looking at multi-player but it's not a definite thing.
Meghan - Thanks Klayhamn :)

ChaosMage - Shall we see the GURPS games from you or your relations with SJ Games are have been closed forever?
Feargus_BIS - We do not have the license any longer, and I doubt Steve would work with us again.

los|r - Will Fallout3 be designed from the ground up to allow users to make their own game modifications (new levels, weapons, monsters, etc.)? P.S. don't give me any "Fallout3 isn't official yet" crap :)
Feargus_BIS - Fallout 3 isn't official yet crap. :)
Feargus_BIS - However...
Meghan - Hehe
Krys_BIS - However, what, Fearg?
Feargus_BIS - We will probably make it a lot like the other Fallouts - so I'm not sure about editing.
Meghan - rofl!
los|r jumps into the crowd
Meghan - Hahahahaha
los|r - I LOVE YOU
Meghan - Thanks los|r :)
Krys_BIS ducks
Meghan - (hehehe)
Feargus_BIS - yeah, yeah, tell Fargo that...

Thanos - why isn't there more of a change in the game world in 80 years. Example why hasn't the BoS taken over or more visable
Feargus_BIS - Well the BOS pretty much decided that there way wasn't right, and that they wanted to dedicate themselves to the development of civilization in the wasteland.
Feargus_BIS - That meant that they needed to be counter to the Enclave, but they couldn't really do that too visably.

Kaj - FIrst- thanks for a great game. I think F2 is an excellent sequel. I had a question about the 'damn bad luck dog''. What can i do to get rid of him- I don't want to kill him:)Thanks again...
Feargus_BIS - You have to kill him......The designers thought that that was funny.
Meghan - grin
Krys_BIS waves to Dave
Matt_BIS - it *is* funny
Feargus_BIS - See...
DaveH_BIS - evil....
Matt_BIS - ;)

BigBro - Would anything bad happen if I liquidated the whole town of New Reno? I have this really, really itchy trigger finger.
Meghan - Hahahaha
Meghan - You'd make a big mess.
Feargus_BIS - Not at all!
BigBro - And this'd be bad?
BigBro -I offed all the bosses...
BigBro - Fun.
Matt_BIS - you'd have nightmares for weeks
Meghan - Hehe
Feargus_BIS - If you can do it, go for it...
Matt_BIS - all the blood...
BigBro - Nah, GOOD dreams.
Meghan - And you'd never get the stains out.
Meghan - :)
Matt_BIS wonders if the bullet-proof glass has been installed here at BIS yet ;)

Valhalla - How many "special encounters" are there and what are some of your favorites? Fallout 3 is unavoidable now!!!!
Feargus_BIS - There are like over 700 if you count all the combinations, as for Special Encounters I'm not tottally sure. Matt?
Matt_BIS - hmm, I think that there are right around 10

Sodade|Werkin| - I understand that you had to send the strategy guide to print before the game went gold. Alas the strategy guide is signifigantly lacking in information. I think I speak for all Fallout fans when I say that for 20$ we want EVERYTHING, ie. official formulas, easter eggs, multiple solutions to quests, etc... Would you consider putting all of the detail that was left out of the manual on your website as a good faith gesture to all of us fallout addi
Krys_BIS - Did you look at the author on the book?
Frenzie - (gasp)
Krys_BIS - It's our very own Matt at Black Isle
Feargus_BIS - mmmm.......
Matt_BIS - shall I?
Feargus_BIS - What were you saying about bullet proof glass Matt?
DaveH_BIS - (We don't want to give everything away. ;)
Krys_BIS - Should have everything you need for $20
Matt_BIS - ok then
Matt_BIS - here's the deal--the book was 350 pages long
Matt_BIS - and that's with the level of detail that I used
Matt_BIS - if I'd covered every single little quest it would have been well over 1,000 pages long
Sodade|Werkin| - thats cool - short us on the book - but we still want the info
Feargus_BIS - I will vouch for Matt that he problaby put 1000 hours into putting the thing together.
Sodade|Werkin| - it doesnt have to even be pretty
Matt_BIS - I don't think that anyone wants to pay $60 for a trilogy of Fallout 2 Strat Guides (do they? ;)
Feargus_BIS - If it was 1000 pages it couldn't have been $20.
Xander - Seems like it would be easier for fans to put their experiences on one site than for one guy to do it. :)
Matt_BIS - the game's friggin' huge ppl! ;)
Sodade|Werkin| - oficiality is what Im askin for though - formulas...
Matt_BIS - I decided not to duplicate anything that could be found in the game's manual
Feargus_BIS - I think he is talking about things like the Barter equation.
Sodade|Werkin| - etc...
Feargus_BIS - As to some of that stuff, we'd prefer to keep it in the game.
Matt_BIS - what he (Feargus) said ;)
Feargus_BIS - If the player knows EVERYTHING, then much of the mystique of the game is lost.
Matt_BIS - and some of it was being tweaked until the very last moment too
Feargus_BIS - That as well....
Meghan - Thanks Sodade :)

waleed - Recently, role-playing seems to have decayed in number and quality significantly ... there just isn't the range of games that used to be available. What do you see as the future of role-playing?
Matt_BIS - Fallout 3
Matt_BIS - oops
Meghan - Hahaha
waleed - :)
Matt_BIS - ;)
Xander - :)
Feargus_BIS - I think like any genre there are Ebs and Flows. 1st person shooters and realtime strategy games really went through the industry and the publishers wanted to capitlazie on those genres.
waleed - In a more general sense? AI?
Feargus_BIS - That's not necessarily what they should have done, but it is what happened.
waleed - Multi-player?
Feargus_BIS - I think what you will see is an increase in the number of RPG's, but probably not as many as there are 1st person shooters.
Feargus_BIS - As for RPG's...
Feargus_BIS - It all depends on the game itself. Some of them lend themselves to multiplayer, some don't.
Feargus_BIS - As a game maker, I don't want to put the newest feature in just to put it in.

Hugin - What are the long range plans for the fallout series? (and btw. a fallout with player/3rd party world scripting would be GREAT! *grin*)
Feargus_BIS - If it's possible we'll look into it. Believe me, none of you would want to deal with the Fallout system as it stands now.
Feargus_BIS - It's a real pain in the ass.
Matt_BIS - well, there's the movie deal, and the comic-strip, and the the Dunton's Drymeat and Gecko on a stick Franchise deals ;)
Hugin - *grin*
Feargus_BIS - However, I would like to look into the possibility.

SOF - In the strategy guide the gauss rifle and the YK42B pulse rifle are listed as having a burst mode, but don't in the game. Is this intentional? Without burst they are very underpowered for end of the game weapons (I found the heavier of the heavy machine guns did much more damage than plinking away with the PKY42B pulse rifle and gauss rifle). Regardless of whether it is a bug or not would you please add burst mode back to those two
Feargus_BIS - Well, they are both more powerful then the Turbo Plasma Rifle that does a lot of damage. With a single shot critical they can do a hell of a lot of damage.
Matt_BIS - the burst mode was dropped from these weapons, after the strat guide went to print, becuase it turned out that they were game unbalancing
Feargus_BIS - The Turbo Plasam Rifle overbalanced Fallout, so we didn't want to do that to Fallout 2.
Matt_BIS - 2nd printing of the strat guide corrects these changes
Feargus_BIS - It really would way over balance the game. Sorry.

Sly - Two words: Fallout Online. Surely the idea has been tossed around?
Feargus_BIS - We'd love to, but there are just not enough hours in the game. I am going to be talking to an outside developer soon about it. But I don't want to do it if we don't have the time here to monitor it.
Feargus_BIS - Monitor the development of it that is.

Jerec - What are the 4 different location that you can find becky's book
Feargus_BIS - Dave?
DaveH_BIS - Ahem
DaveH_BIS - 1. Graveyard, SW corner
DaveH_BIS - 2. Outhouse
Matt_BIS feels warm and fuzzy just thinking about Becky's book
DaveH_BIS - 3. By trash can, South of Graveyard...
DaveH_BIS - 4. Behind a broken down wall, just east of Metzger's Bedroom
Jerec - thanks
DaveH_BIS - np

Atheren - If you do multiplayer in the future are you considering UO type perpetual world or Diablo/Baldur's gate type party format?
Feargus_BIS - At first it would be like Baldur's Gate or Diablo. Putting a UO together is a huge undertaking, and it's a step that we're not ready to take right now. But it's not out of the question for the future.

Harkonnen - Greetings from Russia. Thanx foir the great games. Question: Anything to do with crashed vertibird in the Klamath ? And if no, what for it is there ? :)
Feargus_BIS - Matt?
Matt_BIS - the crashed vertibird serves as a sort of foreshadowing of things to come
Harkonnen - thanx
Matt_BIS - the patch will add a keycard there too (one that you can get elsewhere now though)

Kevin_McGuire - How did the idea for the overall nostalgic "feel" of the Fallout series develop? I'm thinking particularly the mixture of "old" visuals and music with very modern post-apocalyptic images.
Kevin_McGuire - BTW, I think Grampy Bone should be the star of an add-in product. Maybe with a sidekick...
Meghan - Hahahaha
Meghan - GrammyDrumstick?
Feargus_BIS - :)
Meghan - Uncle Femur!
Kevin_McGuire - Exactly.
Matt_BIS - actually Grampy-Bone is the star of a new line of Fallout 2 jewellry ;)
Feargus_BIS - Well, it really started with the search for a style. We wanted to go with the old 50's Bomb Shelter feeling.
Feargus_BIS - So we took that idea and then said, what would happen if the 50's never really stopped.
Feargus_BIS - That whole 50 B/W TV look, with tubes rather than circuit boards.
Feargus_BIS - It all blossomed from there, especially when we came up with the Vault Boy.
Meghan - Hahaha
Meghan - Thanks Kevin :)

DaveRing - Playing as a melee character I am having a hard time. Anyreason there are not any other super melee weapons beyond the super sledge? Seems like melee users get the short end of the stick with their very limited choice of powerful weapons.
DaveH_BIS - Super Power First
DaveH_BIS - Fist
Feargus_BIS - The ripper does quite a bit of damage.
Matt_BIS - yup
Matt_BIS - melee PCs rock in this game
Meghan - Thanks :)
DaveH_BIS - Super Power Fist Really tears a new one... ;)

RickRlstn - Hello, and thanks for a great game. I will buy all Black Isle titles as long as the quality remains this high. My question is: how do you stop the pirating of your games? As someone who pays good money for great games like Fallout2, it p*sses me off to no end to go into IRC channels and hear people asking for, or bragging about having, the WAREZ version of the game. I know it costs you guys money too. Is there any way to encode CDs so you have to
RickRlstn -pardon my ignoarance on this subject
RickRlstn - and my bad spelling :)
Feargus_BIS - We might start doing that, but that then pisses people off because they have to have the CD in the drive to play. I wish there was one good answer, but we haven't come up with it yet.

Juggler - Love F2, but could F3 cover more of the US and possibly space/alien platform locations (say by gyrocopter, train, shuttle, transmat, etc)??? The diversification would give the storyline new legs....
Feargus_BIS - We will probably take the game somewhere else for Fallout 3, but not too far, and we will probably include areas of Fallout 2.
Matt_BIS - I think the design team should be sent to Tahiti for a month--for research, yeah, that's the ticket ;)
Feargus_BIS - I know everyoen like to return to areas they have been before.
Feargus_BIS - On their own ticket that is.....
Feargus_BIS - :)
Matt_BIS - :(
Krys_BIS - And the PR team too
Krys_BIS nods
Meghan - Yes, PR, absolutely
Krys_BIS thinks Black Isle should spring for it

Rabid_Frog - Ok this may sound stupid sence I don't own F2, but any way how come in F1 enery car your charicter ever encounter (even at BOB'S used cars) was totally destroyed but in F2 you get a car? Ps didnt the F2 web site say something about "FREE STUFF"?
Feargus_BIS - You have to fix the car to make it work in Fallout 2.
Feargus_BIS - YOu guys only show up for the free stuff, don't you. :)
Krys_BIS agrees
JonnyAtIP - Feargus - free stuff rocks man, don't knock it. =P
Krys_BIS shows up for free stuff too
Meghan - Hehe
Meghan - I work at Interplay so I can get free stuff.

KingMooCow - Love your part as NCR's Spy, Feargus...
KingMooCow - First, How can I get to talk to Orville Wright? Kieth won't let me even though Chris to see his dad about a job...Also, incidently, How do you use the Condoms? (and who with) I've got a TON of these nifty things...3 diff't kinds...
KingMooCow - I noticed that you speak of modifyers...please explain how i know a door(or whatever) has a certain modifier...
Feargus_BIS - I am pretty sure you just need to have the Jimmy Hats in your inventory.
DaveH_BIS - Condom's are used automatically with some "special" NPCs
Feargus_BIS - As to the Navarro stuff....I'm not totally sure. Matt do you know?
Matt_BIS thinks that there must be some WWW sites that explain the proper use of Jimmy Hats
KingMooCow - what about orville?
Matt_BIS - lemme think
Feargus_BIS - Oh wait that's not Navarro
Krys_BIS laughs out lowd
KingMooCow - New Reno
Matt_BIS - for New Reno
KingMooCow - yeah
Feargus_BIS - Sorry, I don't remember.
KingMooCow - The bastard keith keeps trying to kill me
Matt_BIS - I think you have to have a decent Charisma and also act respectful towards the Wrights
Meghan - Thanks MooCow :)
KingMooCow - how high charisma?
Feargus_BIS - Not sure, sorry.

VoltageSp - How do you sleep at night knowing you were shameful enough to put yourself in the game?
Meghan - Hahahaha
Xander - hehehehhe
Meghan laughs and snickers.
Krys_BIS - I don't think it was Feargus' decision...
VoltageSp - Great game, guys.
VoltageSp - Thanks
Feargus_BIS - I didn't put myself in the game, it was those bastard designers.
Feargus_BIS - :)
VoltageSp - Dave is in there too
Krys_BIS - Yeah! Bastards!
DaveH_BIS - It used to be ERIC DEMILT, who is our Producer. ;)

Thorgrim - Hey Fallout 2 rocks ! Around what level are you suppose to be when you finish the game (beat the last boss, which is really hard IMHO)
Feargus_BIS - We were thinking 22-25.

Meghan - Okay! The moment you've all been waiting for..
Meghan - since we know you just came for the free stuff.
Feargus_BIS - Tom, get the hell out of here....
DaveH_BIS - hehe
Feargus_BIS - :)
Meghan - Our first prize in the drawing is a Fallout 2 tshirt signed by the team.
Meghan - This will be in one of the Fallout 2 goodie bags given away at the launch party.
Matt_BIS - and those of us that can't write marked it with an 'X' too!
Xander watches Meghan model the t-shirt. Wow! What a babe!
Meghan - I also have 25 unsigned tshirts in goodie bags to give away. :)
Matt_BIS hopes it'll dry out by the time we ship that t-shirt
Meghan - And 3 copies of the game.
Meghan - SO...
Meghan - To enter the drawing, send a message to with "I wanna win!" in the subject line. I'll draw the winners from the emails. One entry per person please!
Feargus_BIS - That's a complicated contest.
Krys_BIS - 3 copies to one person?
Krys_BIS - Gee
Feargus_BIS - Someone slap her.
Meghan - You have until 9PM Pacific (2 hours from now) to enter the drawing. Anyone entering the contest after that won't get entered.
Meghan - Hahaha :P
Feargus_BIS - Matt your closest.
Krys_BIS wonders if Feargus is referring to her
Meghan - In other words, if you're reading this in the log, you should hope it's before 9PM :)
Matt_BIS - lol
Meghan - That's it... GOOD LUCK!!! :)
Matt_BIS - on my way
Krys_BIS thanks her co-workers profusely

Buffy - Thanks to BIS for putting us in the Game :) What was the best references in the game
Feargus_BIS - Is that a question?
Buffy - Favorites like movie, tv shows.
Feargus_BIS - Ah...
Matt_BIS - the UWV special encounter
Feargus_BIS - I like the Bridge Guy.
Feargus_BIS - But then I'm half English.
Matt_BIS - gotta be King Arthur's Knights for me
DaveH_BIS - Colin: Falling Whale chunks.... Hitchhiker's reference

Bogwan - what are the chances of the fallout music being released in mp3 format? or a program that could convert your proprietary format.
Feargus_BIS - I'm thinking about it - we might also be putting another CD together as well. I'll post an update on the website within the next week with what we are doing.
Matt_BIS - that's a question for over-stressed technical mole-man! Where's ScottE when you need him?
Feargus_BIS - Poor ScottE.
Matt_BIS - he'll recover ;)
Bogwan - sounds good
Feargus_BIS - Oh, but we won't be releasing a converter for the format though. We'd get yelled at by the people we licensed the Louis Armstrong song from.

Shreek - Can you estimate how much shorter the save/load times will be after the patch?
Feargus_BIS - Holland?
Chris_BIS - Yeah
Chris_BIS - ohh
The_Balls - ahhh, it's good to be back
Chris_BIS - umm generally new reno went from about 30 to 10 seconds
Shreek - *beams*
The_Balls - too bad you guys couldn't see feargus crying after the beat down i just gave him
Matt_BIS - and what about the 1/4-mile times?
Matt_BIS - lol
Feargus_BIS - The_Balls is the scripter responsible for New Reno.
Chris_BIS - 5 sec
Feargus_BIS - Don't make me come over there.
Krys_BIS - hee hee
The_Balls - what and cry on nick's shoulder?
Krys_BIS - heeheee
Matt_BIS - roflmao
The_Balls - haha
Krys_BIS eggs Tom on
Feargus_BIS - Leave Nine Inch out of this.
Matt_BIS - go Balls, go!
Meghan - Oh boy.. :)
The_Balls - feel the power
Chris_BIS - the save game size will be exactly the same. Although it does get bigger as you progress through the game
Feargus_BIS - NEXT QUESTION!!!!!
JonnyAtIP - Meghan - we've lost the chat
Meghan - Hahahahaha
The_Balls - yeah, say something before I really rip into gus
Feargus_BIS - Stay on Target.
Meghan - I just follow orders.. and ga's :)

Monitor - Three questions: 1) What are your sources of inspiration for the Fallout atmosphere and storylines? 2) Have you considered Quake-style servers for Fallout 3 multiplay, in which server ops could setup their own rules? 3) What happens if you DON'T have condoms and you meet those "special" NPC's?
The_Balls - eek, the multiplay question...
Feargus_BIS - Our lead artist, Gary Platner, looked at a lot of old 40's/50's style billboards.
DaveH_BIS - 3. That's an easter egg. ;)
Matt_BIS thinks that the Balls doesn't have the *balls* to *really* rip into Gus ;)
Monitor - AIDS?
Feargus_BIS - A lot of the other art comes from actually looking at the old 50's style TV's, Radios, and other appliances.
Monitor - Gonorrhea?
Feargus_BIS - Ahhh!!!!!
Monitor smirks.
Xander - Marriage?
Meghan - Hey, don't spoil it for everyone ;)
Meghan slaps Xander.
Feargus_BIS - As to the Quake stuff - we haven't even figured out about multiplayer yet, so I couldn't even start to answer the question.
Meghan does it because.. well.. 'cause she can.
The_Balls - wow, matt wants the beat down too...
Xander adjusts his wedding ring,
Monitor - I'd like to see the independent servers, though...
Meghan - Thanks Monitor :)
Matt_BIS - Balls: yeah, bring it on tough guy
The_Balls - i keep trying how to make fallout work multiplayr, but i haven't figured out a solution yet....

JesTa - Why aren't there any references to the Simpson Trial or the Starr Report in FO2? I'm sure you could have fit those topics into the game SOME how..and you've got to acknowledge the fact that you put in some pretty crude stuff..why did you chicken out on those issues?
Matt_BIS - there are some references to both
Feargus_BIS - Your kidding me?
Matt_BIS - you just haven't found them yet
Matt_BIS - oops ;)
Matt_BIS - of *course* I was kidding, heh, heh
Feargus_BIS - Ack! I guess I didn't read enough of the 400K words in the game.
The_Balls - yeah, do some work
Meghan - Hehe
Krys_BIS - hehe
Feargus_BIS - I repeat the designer bastard comment. And that's enough out of you Balls.
Krys_BIS - dang.
Matt_BIS - even got Monica Lewinsky in there
JesTa - Hey I've been playing as a character with the intelligence of 1..I don't think he can figure out too much stuff
Meghan - Yeah! You tell him, man.
Feargus_BIS - :)
Chris_BIS - We did
The_Balls - you should see furgus, all he does is sit around all day and play the populus demo
Meghan - Ahaha
Meghan - Okay NEXT!!

snooping - small question: do the special encounters (bridge, federation shuttle, etc) move around between games or are they fixed and just hard to find?
The_Balls - they're area/location based
snooping - thanks
Feargus_BIS - Whenever you get a random encounter (wherever you are) there is a chance you will get one.
snooping - wait, which is it?
Feargus_BIS - People with higher Lucks will get the Special Encounter more frequently.
Feargus_BIS - They are not fixed.
Feargus_BIS - You can get any of them anywhere.
Matt_BIS - There are also low-luck special encounters
Feargus_BIS - Yep, they can really suck.
The_Balls - it hurts, lots
DaveH_BIS - Side note: Encounters depend on the terrain type you are over.

master - how does radiation work in the Fallout system?
Chris_BIS - It makes you hurt
Matt_BIS - for a looooooooong time
Feargus_BIS - If you get too much you start to have it effect your stats and other things about your character.
The_Balls - it's like the way poison works, more or less
The_Balls - just you glow at night
The_Balls - oh, wait, you always glow at night
Matt_BIS - except worse--kids--don't play with Plutonium at home, OK?

Imperial_Lord> - How long you guys take just to design the plot? Changes as time goes by?
The_Balls - it went throught lots of changes
Matt_BIS - lots and lots of changes
Feargus_BIS - We came up with the original pretty quickly, but then it gets refined and expanded over time.
The_Balls - it started with a main idea, but got refined over and over again
Matt_BIS - because you know how important the story is
Matt_BIS - ;)
Feargus_BIS - WAY too many changes sometimes.
Matt_BIS - lol
Feargus_BIS - erf....
Chris_BIS - submarine...
Feargus_BIS - stop it!
Matt_BIS - Shihuangti
The_Balls - oh yeah the sub...
The_Balls - it was yellow
Matt_BIS - was not
Feargus_BIS - Elronologists...
Chris_BIS - elrono....
The_Balls - all the party members sung songs
Meghan - Okay! Next?
Chris_BIS - and Gave out candy on Holloween
Matt_BIS - and danced
The_Balls - yeah
Feargus_BIS - STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JonnyAtIP - and smoked crack?
The_Balls - yep
JonnyAtIP - cool
Chris_BIS - they still do that
Chris_BIS - if you tell them too
Feargus_BIS - Johnny, I expected better out of you.
JonnyAtIP - woo hoo!
The_Balls - hell, tell cassidy to use drugs in combat, you see some real crack smokin
Matt_BIS - virtual stomach Tom
JonnyAtIP laughs at Feargus
Matt_BIS - poop-script!

los|r - I'm very angry! You guys make all these references to a "Fallout Boy," or "PIP Boy," but where is "Fallout Girl"? HUH?! If I don't see political correctness in Fallout3, I will unite the feminists and we will firebomb Interplay. GIRL POWER!
los|r - Oh yeah.. any Linux or UNIX port?
Meghan highfives los|r.
The_Balls - yes, girl power,... i like the idea of a pip chick
JonnyAtIP busts a gut
los|r bows elegantly
The_Balls - that would rule
Matt_BIS - right after teh Mac version
Feargus_BIS - Hmmm. This is going to degrade into the Baldur's Gate gay character debate isn't it?
The_Balls - lol
los|r - hahah
Matt_BIS - bi-atch
los|r - How about a Linux or UNIX port?
JonnyAtIP - Feargus - don't EVEN go there
Meghan - HAHAH
Krys_BIS - oh God
Meghan - Where's Jeff when you need him?
Krys_BIS - We've lost them again
The_Balls - i'm working on the 32x conversion right now
Feargus_BIS - No ports.
los|r - right after the mac version?
Chris_BIS - I heard the Amiga was going to be another hot platform.
los|r - have a nice day
Meghan - Thanks los|r :)
Feargus_BIS - I think we're done here.
The_Balls - rock on PIP CHICK!
Matt_BIS - And it's multi-player and realtime too isn't it Tom?
The_Balls - you rule!
The_Balls - yep, i've got it all converted
The_Balls - Big ups to the PIPGrrl
Meghan highfives the PIPGrrrrrl

d0k70r - First off, I'd like to say that I've lost a lot of sleep thanks to F2. Who exactly goes about getting those actors to do the voices? I'm diggin' Worf as a Super Mutant.
The_Balls - i've even figured out how to hook a 14.4 modem to my sega genesis
d0k70r - How 'bout a PSX port?
Feargus_BIS - Our intrepid Line Producer, Fred Hatch, works with a Voice Director that does a lot of work for Disney. He has contacts with all the actors, and gets them casted.
The_Balls - no psx is too fast
Feargus_BIS - It's probably easier then it sounds, but it ain't cheap.
d0k70r - wow

BrotherGrimm[UV] - Out of curiosity...had you thought at all about what happened to the BiS? It was
BrotherGrimm[UV] - Grrr, let me do that again.
JonnyAtIP eats some PEZ
Matt_BIS - Hai-kee-baa!
Feargus_BIS - Hey it just occured to me Xander Root.
The_Balls - the BIS is in the heouse
Meghan - Yeah, I noticed that right away :)
Matt_BIS - well, duh
BrotherGrimm[UV] - sad to see them go from a huge and multi-faceted, multiple level base to a series of one room outposts, only one of which has anything at all inside of it. And Matt sure died badly. Someone dislike him in real life?
Xander - Don't worry, nobody asked me either... :)
Matt_BIS - they're all against me, all of them
Matt_BIS - you have to remember that the BOS had their main base farther to the south than we show in this game
Meghan - We're not against you, we just don't like you.
Feargus_BIS - Well about two and a half weeks ago I was ready to kill all of them.
The_Balls - we all don't like matt
The_Balls - he's mean
BrotherGrimm[UV] - Actually..
BrotherGrimm[UV] - ..not to nitpick..
Matt_BIS - some of them more slowly than others ;)
BrotherGrimm[UV] - ..but wasn't the BOS main base north of vault 13? slightly northwest? Or was it southwest?
BrotherGrimm[UV] - I was trying to recall that while playing.
DaveH_BIS - Very South
DaveH_BIS - SW of Junktown
Matt_BIS - V13 etc. was at the top row of the old map

Feargus_BIS - Hey, I gotta go everyone. See ya!!!!
Matt_BIS - nice segue Gus ;)
The_Balls - yeah, the boss is splitting
The_Balls - and i don't have to drive him home
Xander - See ya Feargus
Feargus_BIS - Later!
The_Balls - gus is smoothe
Meghan - Thanks for coming, Feargus :)
Matt_BIS - I better book too
Meghan - Okay.. do the rest of Black Isle want to continue?
Matt_BIS - c-y'all l8tr
Meghan - Bye Matt :)
The_Balls - matt's rollin too
JonnyAtIP waves to whoever is leaving

JonnyAtIP grins
Meghan - Uh.. I guess we're ending, then :)
Krys_BIS - I'm here...
Meghan - Before everyone leaves, here's the info again.. and for my mailing list
Meghan - If you want to get on a mailing list for Interplay press releases and event info, drop me a line at and let me know whether you want to receive info on PC titles, Console titles, or both. I will not share your email address with anyone else!
Krys_BIS - I know that's a tremendous comfort to everyone
Meghan - To enter the drawing, send a message to with "I wanna win!" in the subject line. I'll draw the winners from the emails. One entry per person please!
The_Balls - sure is
Meghan - We'll post the log of the chat tomorrow :)
The_Balls - now that mr. BIG WIG FEARGUS leaves, everyone else leaves
JonnyAtIP - also, for those of you that might want to know, there -is- an official Fallout 2 channel. It's on server:, port: 6667, channel: #fallout2
Meghan - Thanks for coming everyone, and sorry for the abrupt ending. ;) I'll see if we can do this again soon!
Xander - Nobody wants to talk to the little wigs... :)
Krys_BIS - Bye
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