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Interview With Nicolai
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Interview posted by POOPERSCOOPER Fri 26 Mar 2010, 8:10 PM

I interviewed Nicolai who used to post here awhile ago and is a well respected member of the community;

1. What was it about the Fallout games that you enjoyed most? How did you get started in the Fallout community?

Wrecking people's shit, naturally.

Visited Vault13.net, DAC and NMA a few times early on to look up stuff about Fallout 1 and 2, but I didn't join the community until summer 2002 or so when I found the DAC IRC channel. Signed up at DAC a year later (after having lurked a bit)

2. Who was or is your favorite poster on DAC?

I don't have one, but I usually read all of 4too's posts. That has to count for something, right?

3. Explain how you became a member of Mammas Gang.

/whois'd atoga randomly on IRC and saw that he was in a channel called #mammasgang, so I joined it and found a secret group of faggots dedicated to immanentizing the eschaton. The rest is history.

4. When did you first join #fallout and why did you continue to stay?

I was messing around with mIRC back in April/May 2002 and found a network called Gamesnet (now GameSurge), figured I'd have a look around and when I checked out the channel list I found a Fallout channel. Having played the two original games few years earlier and, more recently, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, I joined the channel and was banned within a few minutes by Metalwyrm after disagreeing with him on the merits of Fallout Tactics. I've been hanging out there regularly ever since that ban expired. Stuck around since there was a pretty interesting group of regulars (Spazmo, Megatron, Lasse, you, etc).

5. What are some of your favorite memories on DAC and IRC?

The summer of JimmyJay86 running DAC was great. Saint Proverbius or Killzig forgot to pay the domain bill and it was lost to squatters. The forum was almost deserted, the domain was dead and the site was barely functioning due to all the links being dead - pretty post-apoc all right. The temporary domain was TheWastes.net or something equally terrible. The whole thing ended with Saint Proverbius coming back and giving the site to Mr. Teatime, who is more famous for his piano recordings than his time as a DAC admin. JJ86 got pretty pissed off and ranted about it in IRC for hours, I imagine that I still have the log around here somewhere.'
Stlaker: Oblivion Lost (never forget)
That time Calis gave me admin on DAC and I banned Ausir and deleted the accounts of Dreadnought and Psychosniper was pretty funny.
Having that invasion of the RPG Codex backfire and end up with King of Creation and Smiley as head fucknuggets.

Fucking with Exitium's shit for years until he flipped and ran off... And then taking the fight to his home turf :semper #fallout: (RIP #exitiumhasnomouthandmustscream / #bizarro)
Taking over the RPG Codex with Naked Lunch and The Pooper

6. Do you thing that Spazmo's true fate should be revealed or kept secret (like I promised his family)?

Mamma's Gang has to keep its promises. That secret has to die with us.

7. What is your area of study at school? When do you plan to graduate and what will you do after that?

Economics. Pretty dull stuff, really. Once I graduate I'll either study some more or get a job and then study some more later.

8. What is it about the Eastern Front of World War 2 that you find interesting enough to read huge books on it?

It's sort of like you and your feeder fetish, only I'm into reading about brutal wars instead of paying women to tape themselves eating stuff and get all fat and bloated.

9. What books, games, comics, or movies are you currently into or looking forward to?

Well, Enki Bilal's new comic Animal'z ought to be good, the Danish translation came out recently so I'm waiting for that to arrive in the mail. Other than that I've been mostly been playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the PC lately, pretty tight game.

10. What do you contribute to the longevity of DAC and IRC despite many people claiming the death of both through out their history?

Probably nothing, Susan is the one keeping DAC alive with his spam barrages

11. The fallout community has had many crazy people, who do you think is the most insane and craziest of them all?

Well, I'd say Spazmo, but I suppose that it would be wrong to sully the memory of a dead man by detailing his various excesses. Susan

12. How did you get asshatted? How do you feel about the direction KoC is taking the site?

I suppose that I was too critical of King of Creation's regime of terror.. Oh, and banning him from the #fallout IRC channel might have something to do with it. I haven't been to the forum since I got banned for the.. uh, second? (third? fourth? probably third) time a few weeks back, but unless it has changed for the better while I've been gone (unlikely as that might sound), I still hold fast on that it won't do anything but decline further. Disposing of King of Creation, Smiley and that new guy they turned into the head of the political correctness department, whatever his name is, would probably be for the best, but you might as well dust off and nuke the site from orbit.

13. What did you think of FO3? Do you think New Vegas will be any good?

Fallout 3 was OK, I suppose. Not great, not terrible, just somewhere in-between.

Haven't been following Fallout: New Vegas, I'll give it a shot when it comes out but I can't be bothered to keep tabs on it. It takes a lot for me to get excited about a game that's more than a few weeks off these days.

14. Which of the community interviews has been your favorite?

The unpublished Spazmo interview (may he rest in peace), the photo of you sitting at the edge of his hospital bed was downright touching. I guess the gastric bypass operation wouldn't have succeeded anyway, but we sure had our hopes up.

15. What do you see for the future of PC gaming?

Well, hopefully a return to power. If developers realize that shoddy console ports aren't so hot we might get somewhere.

16. How do you feel about the death of David Wallace?

Well, you know, perhaps it was for the best. If you find that you've blown your wad at an early age you might as well capitalize on your existing body of work by putting a lid on it.


Thanks, Nicolai.

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