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Interview With Mad Max RW
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Interview posted by 1346 Tue 02 Mar 2010, 5:49 AM

I decided to interview Mad Max RW who occasionally posts on the forums and here was the result;

1. How did you get started in the Fallout community?

I lurked after getting addicted to the PC Gamer demo where the only purpose was to go around punching junkies (I thought they were old people), which I thought perfectly mirrored my real life experiences. Became a regular at DAC when it was Gamespy hosted and Vault13.net around the time Fallout 2 came out. I worked at DAC for a while then lost interest like everybody else eventually does.

2. What did you like most about Fallout?

The graphics, sound and music, turn based combat, collecting guns, tons of choices and character design, story, setting, voice acting, everything. To me it was the perfect game in every aspect.

3. You were heavily involved in the Aliens versus Predator community at one point, what did you like about those games?

I was obsessed with the movies growing up (and still am). AvP1 was like the harder and much cooler alternative to Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. For a couple years I was a pain in Fox Interactive's and Rebellion's ass about releasing the editing tools and source code to keep the game alive much like its counterparts had. By the time they got around to it, Monolith's AvP2 was around the corner and was a huge success with the mapping and mod community. I helped run AvPCenter, which really took off. Then everything went to hell a year or so later with the collapse of MGON. People came to the realization AvP1 was the better game and the AvP community as a whole pretty much dissolved.

4. What did you think of Fo3?

Nice looking but too boring. I was surprised to find I didn't hate the "VATS" combat, but there was so damn many things attacking me everywhere I went it felt like a watered down FPS or STALKER-lite.

5. What are some of your most memorable moments at DAC? Who are some of your favorite members of past or present?

The war with Gamespy and Interplay when Killian revealed news about FOBOS/Fallout Fantasy/Lionheart. The terrible video interviews with the Fallout Tactics QA team. I swear they were straight out of Deliverance. Megatron's antics. Pooperscooper. Where for art thou Kreegle?

6. What games are you currently playing or looking forward to?

Trying to enjoy AvP3, but it's so damn consolized and shitty. I keep going back to AvP1 and mods for Fallout 2.

7. You have become well known on IRC as being very emotionless and tough like many other veteran Fallout fans, why do you think so many Fallout fans are assholes?

Blame Obama and his liberal progressive agenda.

8. I was surprised to have seen you coming back to IRC since many old fans usually join and then leave after a bit. What has drawn you to keep coming back to #fallout and becoming a rockstar among the natives?

I stopped getting laid regularly and have a lot more time on my hands late at night. And you.

9. What are your thoughts on Fallout: New Vegas?

Lost interest 2 seconds after reading the first preview. It'll be more of Fallout 3 with thirst and hunger attached. No thanks.

10. How are you able to get women when you seem to be so emotionless online?

Because I'm emotionless in real life. Gosh.

11. What do you think of the current state of PC gaming and its future?

The era of big blockbusters is winding down. You can either punish yourself with shitty console ports or follow the shitty indie dev scene. So in short, shitty.

12. Do you consider yourself an avid RPG player or are the Fallout games just exceptions?

I used to be. Unfortunately, good RPG's are few and far between. The only one from the last decade I really liked was Space Rangers 2.

13. What do you see for the future of the Fallout community?

More of the same and weird interviews like this. Expect a ton of console exclusives.

14. What are some of your favorite memories on #fallout?

When Rex Exitium/Sol Invictus/Stinky McFishface had ops and he banned me when I said I loved his supple red Angelina Jolie lips (in a totally non-gay way of course). During a dev chat with Black Isle about Lionheart I asked why does this game suck shit or something along those lines. Instead of an answer Saint Proverbius kick/banned me. And every word you type is a new favorite memory I will cherish forever.

Thanks, Mad max.

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