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Interview With Sol Invictus (aka Rex Exitium)
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Interview posted by POOPERSCOOPER Sat 13 Feb 2010, 5:29 PM

Next up is Sol Invictus (also known as RexExitium);

Hi Pooper. I'd first like to thank you for taking the time to conduct an interview with me. I admit that it came to be as a surprise, but it seems like fun so I'll answer your questions.


1. Where do you live currently and what is your profession or are you in school?

Don't you think that's a little personal? We don't know each other that well. [Malaysia or some other Asian place. Also probably a community manager or unemployed -Pooper]

2. What do you think of the Fallout community that occupies RPGcodex and DAC?

I can't say that I've given the communities much consideration, but from what I can see, the Fallout community is as passionate as it ever was and Bethesda's arguably botched handling of the Fallout franchise has understandably ticked off a lot of people.

3. What did you think of Fallout 3 and any DLC for it you played?

I found Fallout 3 to be underwhelming in most regards. It seemed, at first, exciting--for it is Fallout, after all. But the poor animations and even lackluster main storyline leave something to be desired. The VATS system was poorly implemented and the negligent treatment of SPECIAL is extremely disappointing to me as a fan of both RPGs and the original game. I did not play Fallout 3 long enough to want to indulge in any of its DLCs. I've yet to finish the game, and there are many better games that deserve attention long before I'll return to Fallout 3.

4. What games are you currently playing or looking forward to?

I'm currently playing Mass Effect, and The Last Remnant (Xbox 360, turn-based RPG)

5. After leaving the RPGcodex due to drama and the like why didn't you ever try to make a return to the community?

It was easier to move on. While I've visited the place on occasion, I felt little attachment to the community, which had changed so much since my departure.

6. There has been many catchphrases (2.8, spinepunch) and even a wiki (exitiumpedia) based on you, why do you think you are able to draw so much attention?

In my younger years, I used to bring attention like that to myself for whatever inexplicable reason that I can no longer fathom. It was a lifetime ago and the past isn't something I hold onto.

7. Why did you stop coming to #fallout?

At the time when I left, the channel had petered out. There was seldom anything of interest to talk about.


8. What do you think of Megatron and other famous figures of DAC?

They have interesting personalities, and that's all there is to it. I think they make DAC what it is and it would probably be a very different place without them.

9. Do you ever feel like your previous reputation in the Fallout community has affected you negatively in other online communities?

Not at all. The Fallout community has and always will be insular, and my supposed reputation (I didn't really think that I had one) wasn't really all that bad with which to begin. Having been a member of the core Fallout community yourself, you'd know that there's very little worth taking seriously in there because the community's become something of a parody of itself. I doubt anyone took it seriously.

10. Some say that all the fan sites you create for upcoming games tend to curse the game into sucking like Supreme Commander and Hellgate: London, what are your thoughts on the matter?

It's scary! Let's hope Diablo III isn't on that list. Well, I'm just kidding. It's a pity that Hellgate: London became what it was, but I enjoyed the community very much, so I don't consider it to be a total loss. Just to get technical, I don't think Supreme Commander was a flop, because it actually managed to pull in a decent profit. They're currently creating a sequel to it.

11. What do you see for the future of the Fallout community?


With Fallout: New Vegas down the line, I think it can only get better. Though Fallout 3 hasn't been the best game, it managed to impassion a lot of new gamers into becoming fans of the series, and that's just the kind of thing that the community needs to move forward.

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