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Megatron Interviews Pooperscooper
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Interview posted by POOPERSCOOPER Thu 10 Dec 2009, 4:50 AM

Megatron decided to ask me some questions;

hello pooper i have decided to quiz U hope ur ready

1. How did you first get started in the Fallout community?

I didn’t play the Fallout games until a few years after they came out and I got them for Christmas when they were selling the bundle of both of the games for 10 bucks. When I played the first game I couldn’t figure out how to do shit and didn’t really have the interest to learn it so it sat on my shelf for awhile. I came into the games a year or two later around the same time I go into Planescape: Torment which I think was 2002 and really enjoyed them. I think I got into them so much because that year in high school started to suck and I wanted to find some deeper outside escape and tried some of the deeper games like Fallout and ended up really enjoying them. I later joined DAC, NMA, and RPGcodex because it was almost as fun talking about the games than it was actually playing them. It was a good feeling to belong to a community and be a part of the experience learning about new Fallout stuff like Fallout 3 or the next Troika game.

2. Are you involved in any other communities, internet style or otherwise?

Long time ago I used to post on a Nintendo site in anticipation of the Gamecube that was at the time codenamed “Dolphin” and I spent a lot of my time speculating and checking info about it because I was a big Nintendo fan boy. I later became a Neo Geo fan boy and would visit sites about Neo Geo even though I never really enjoyed many of the games and never had the system but I followed it intently I think because I was looking for something unique and obscure. Right now I just visit DAC, RPGcodex, and SomethingAwful but I’ve always been into IRC more so I tend to hang out in IRC a lot.

3. What did you think of Fallout 3?

FO3 was kind of a process of judgment in that it seemed kind of cool at first then you started to see some hilariously bad moments in the game and it kept going downhill to the end. I really tried to like FO3 so it’s not like I feel like I unreasonably judged it but a lot of the stuff pissed me off like shit dialog options, horrible characters, and poor choices/consequences. My favorite aspects of FO3 were probably the exploration bits of finding new locations and the combat was better than I thought it would be even though I would have preferred it to be turn based like the older ones.

4. Nowadays people see you as a figurehead of the community and a man who gets things done. Have you thought of any other tricks for fallout fans?

I never intended to be the figurehead but I felt like I should stand up and try helping out which led me to posting news when KoC was gone and I always wanted to find out more about the special members of the community. I haven’t really thought of any other tricks for the fallout fans besides perhaps writing absurd and offensive short stories related to Fallout.

5. People also see you as a butt connoisseur. Why is this?

It’s because I really like big butts and it was my thing for a long time. In High school I was the butt bandit and would grab girls butts when in crowded places and when I got home I would take two big pillows and start humping them like they were J-Lo. I’ve evolved into a darker and more monstrous thing as I’m now into inflation, stuffing, feeding fetish in which you feed girls till they get big and round. It’s really quite sad as I’ve spent a lot of money over the years paying for custom request and buying videos of girls eating to the point that I’m paying hundreds of dollars for each request. I’m currently in negotiations for my next request, perhaps I will post some screen captures from the final product.

6. What do you think the average fallout fan looks like?

I think the average fallout fan is white, unshaven, smells, and is either really skinny or really fat.

7. How do you see dac ending?

Every time people think DAC is dead it lingers on still and then has ups and downs but I have a strange feeling that DAC will end when one of our members doing some crazy stunt like kills himself on webcam and we are forced to shut down.

8. What do you think of the interviews so far? Where will it go from here?

I’m really glad that people have enjoyed my interviews and I feel like I’ve covered most of the unique and volatile members in which I mean that I tried to get the people that I felt were important but also most likely to take long breaks from the community or quit the internet. I feel that there are more members here who are important and valuable it’s just I didn’t run out to get them because they are mostly regulars here. My original intent of the interviews was kind of like an arc in which I tried to grab the most valuable things before the eventual death of DAC so perhaps people could look back and get some enjoyment from reading about some of their favorite members of the community. I'm open to any suggestions for people to interview.

Thanks, Megatron!

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