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Interview With Antimeasure
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Interview posted by POOPERSCOOPER Tue 17 Nov 2009, 6:33 PM

I decided to give Antimeasure an interview and here is what squirted out;

1. How did you get started in the Fallout community?

I really dont think of myself as part of the Fallout community, im not a huge fan of Fallout or anything.

2. Did you play FO3 and if you did, what did you think?

The Wasteland was too crowded, then i used noclip, godmode and the kill cheat for 15 min until i got bored and uninstalled it.

3. What are your thoughts on Fallout: New Vegas?

Oh, is that on the computer?

4. You went to Nerdcon with St. Toxic, can you describe the experience for those that are less informed?

They had free beer but I was the only one drinking more than three, the whole thing sucked ass. I was expecting some scandinavian E3 but instead I ended up sleeping under a bridge freezing my ass off. The batteries to the camera died during the night so i didnt caught the sunrise on film. I smelled like piss.

5. Rumor reports that you dated Tingel Tangel and you made her join the forums or something, can you go into more detail?

That is not true at all.

6. Do you feel any anger or regret by bringing Tingel Tangel into the DAC universe? Has it contributed you to not posting as much?

It's actually the other way around. I'm here only because of her, shes my daughter. It was through her mothers death and testament i even got to know about Tingels existence. She had apparently saved my number so i got a call from some danish lawyer the winter of 2004 who told me i had a daughter. I met "Tangel Skøgen" in a whorehouse when i visited denmark in 1988 on a business trip. I do not regret bringing her into the universe, i regret the STD i got from not wearing a condom. I missed her entire childhood. I dont post as much because Tingel seems to be very angry at me and i dont want to do anymore damage than i have already done to her.

7. What are some of your favorite memories at DAC?

Nerdcon, The Flash Thread, The Kapitän.

8. Who are some of your favorite members of DAC past and present?

Jim & Bforp

9. What do you think sets DAC apart from other sites like NMA and the RPGcodex?

I really dont know. I only know that the populus of DAC dislikes NMA, because they are politically correct faggots scared shitless of anybody posting anything Nsfw.

10. What do you see for the future of DAC?

I think it will be dead within a year or two, hopefully someone keeps a copy of the forum and sends it to some museum who can safekeep the drama of DAC.
DAC needs to drop the Fallout ball and move on to something new.

11. What games are your currently playing or looking forward to?


12. What do you think of Megatron and his influence on DAC?

That is all.

WTF mang.

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