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Interview With Haris
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Interview posted by POOPERSCOOPER Tue 03 Nov 2009, 4:40 AM

I noticed Haris was posting a bit on the forums so I decided to ask him a few questions since his mods always created drama;

1. How did you get involved in the Fallout community?

I have played fallout since fallout 1 was released 1997. And in 2004 i was looking for a fallout mod and could not find any except some few weapon art changes. So me and Miran (my brother if anyone wonders) decided to make a mod that adds new gameplay to fallout 2. First one was called "Second Apocalypse" We did it in couple of hours with no scripting at all. All we did was remove all townmaps and add shops that sell everything that exists in the game. It was basically for people that wanted to freeroam in random encounters and try to survive. Than we decided to post it on dac not at all being familiar to dacs or nmas opinions about things.

2. What games are you currently playing or looking forward to?

Ultima online on free server called "Burstfire UO" - played on that server since 2001 and still keep returning to it.
I play way to many games. I own ps2, gamecube, Xbox 360, one monster pc that can handle all the new games and a portable pc that i run old games on like snes and nes with an usb control pad. Singelplayer games i am currently playing are "Legen of Zelda:Link to the past" and GTA4. When i beat them i will start playing Far cry 2, Bioshock and Secret of mana. Now and that i play casually without trying to finish Fallout 3 and Forza Motorsports 2. And i recently finished Call of duty 3,4 and Gears of war 2.

3. What do you think you are best known for at DAC?

That would be an opinion thing. I guess Wasteland merc.

4. Do you have any future plans for your Wasteland Merc mods?

No, we wont do any more mods. I did it, had the fun and no more moding for me. I have a kid to take care of now.

5. Why do you think the Wasteland Merc series has been such a success?

In east Europe it was released in several pc magazine with the dvd that comes along. And several magazines wrote articles about it in their retro sections plus it was downloaded about 30000-40000 times from several file hosting sites. To be honest i think only reason why it got so many people trying it at least out was the lack of other mods. Not saying we did not put in some real advanced scripting and hard work in to them, they just weren't fallout. They where just a demonstration that fallout with mmorpg features was possible. It would have been 100 times more fun if it had online functions like Fonline has. I mean try playing any mmorpg without other players and it would be kinda boring.

6. Your Wasteland Merc mods have garnered a lot of flak at DAC, why do you think that is?

Cause moding fallout is a touchy subject in fallout community. Its kinda like trying to put in new stuff in the bible.

7. How do you think your mod compares to other Fallout mods available?

It cant be compared to other mods they had all other intentions when making them, closest it gets to is fonline. Except fonline is more fun.

8. People generally post mods then leave when they don't get a good reception, why have you kept returning after each one of your mods failed to impress DAC?

For several reasons. One is that i love flaming. I used to be one of most hated players in UO and i wasn't even killing other players. It kinda reminded me of those good times. Other is that i realized that it was mostly mentality of the community. Pretty much everything got flamed all the time. Sometimes i can spend hours reading forums where other people flame eachother and laugh my ass off. Dac is a good source for genuine laughs.

9. What do you think it was about your mods that created so much drama?

Nothing really except me flaming everyone that said anything bad about it so that they would keep writing in the thread about my mod. For me worst case scenario would have been if newspot was posted about my mod and nobody wrote anything and just ignored it.

10. What were some of your favorite memories at DAC?

Dac gives me a warm feeling. Its hard to explain but its something like when you sit down to play fallout 1 or 2 all over again. Its not a friendly happy game but you feel at home.

11. What do you think sets DAC apart from other website likes NMA or the RPGcodex?

Dac is simply most fun. Rpgcodex covers to huge gaming area and to many members so it doesnt feel like a comunity. Nma has to weird rules on flaming and personal insults, which makes everyone post real boring posts. Sometimes it feel like nma regulars is just one guy with multiaccounts that talks to him self and agrees on everything.


Thanks, Haris.

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