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Mr. Teatime Interview
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Interview posted by POOPERSCOOPER Fri 23 Oct 2009, 9:38 AM

I interviewed Mr. Teatime who used to be a DAC caretaker and here are his answers;

1. What have you been up to lately? I hear you are an aspiring book author?

I am. I finished a post-apocalyptic book in February 2008, which unfortunately wasn't published. Among other responses I received, though, an independent publisher did request the full manuscript and I made an industry contact of sufficient strength to give me reason to be genuinely encouraged about the chances of seeing my next project in print.

You can read the book online at In some ways I think it's very much a first novel, but, well, there you go.

Since finishing that I've been searching for inspiration for something new, probably a second novel, suffering from writer's block, maybe, or maybe just waiting for the ideas to form naturally.

2. How did you originally get the position of DAC caretaker?

Saint Proverbius messaged me soon after Killzig trashed the site, I suspect as something of a last resort. At least, I think after Killzig trashed the site. Someone different seems to do so every few years.

3. What is the reason for you quiting that position? You are still somewhat active in the community.

Basically it was too much work.

4. What did you think of FO3 and its DLC?

Initially I was enthusiastic about FO3. I respected Bethesda's trying to do right by the franchise (and still think they're real fans). But something was clearly missing because I got bored about halfway through and haven't played since. Consequently the DLCs have gone untouched.

5. What games have you been playing and what games are you most looking forward to?

Plants vs Zombies was fun for a week or two; I'm also adventuring through Sam and Max Season 2 after someone encouraged me not to abandon it because of Episode 1. I sometimes play Crackdown on my Xbox360 and thoroughly enjoyed the DS's GTA: Chinatown Wars. Finally, there are a couple of flash games I have enjoyed recently, but can't remember their names - one involved a city populated by lifeless robots that you had to revive. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm looking forward to Tales of Monkey Island, Brutal Legend and a probably a couple of other games I've forgotten.

6. Why did you accept the position to take care of DAC when you weren't even a part of its community and had been known for selling piano soundtracks on ebay?

I thought DAC would nurture my musical talent.


7. What do you think of DarkUnderlords attack on DAC?

Actually I don't know much about this. What happened? Admining DAC seems to cause breakdowns, though thankfully I avoided the site's curse.



8. If you were offered to take care of DAC again, would you?

No, because of the time it needs and my diminished enthusiasm for the Fallout franchise. I still enjoy visiting, though.

9. What do you think of these community interviews?

They're great and help keep DAC alive.

10. What do you see for the future of Fallout and RPGs in general?

I imagine there'll be multiple sequels to Fallout 3 that will neither be as bad as some in the community make out nor match 1 or 2's quality.

Fallout: New Vegas might be brilliant. There's no-one I'd rather create a Fallout game than Obsidian.

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