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Fan Made Fallout Canceled [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by POOPERSCOOPER | Related News Items Thu 16 Apr 2009, 10:09 PM
News related to Top Story: Fan Made Fallout Fails

DarkUnderlords pet project for many years has just been canceled. You may remember the demo from some months ago and how it was horrible. DU writes a huge rant about what went wrong and why the project is a failure.


Fan Made Fallout is dead. It won't be happening. The people who've been working on it mostly don't give two shits about it anymore... or they do but it always comes back to time. So then what did we do? What did we accomplish in all this time? Sadly, very little. We planned a lot. We've got a wiki full of "Great Ideas™" including a plot that involves the option to blow up your own vault (or not care and leave it to blow up). We had factions the player could side with, determining the outcome of the game. A trial where you could defend yourself and call witnesses. Drugs, including a trippy experience. Lots of great ideas. All of them.

... but we barely scrounged a completed dialogue together and made the script for it. We struggled to actually make a quest. We did finish most of the maps.

So here it all is. We're laying FMF bare for the world to see. To point and laugh and perhaps to wonder at what could have been. All of our secret hidden forums have been made public for you to read. Feel free to go through and see how many motivational posts you can find. See if you can count the unanswered "Can someone read this please?" requests. Our DevWiki has been opened for you to peruse. See how some ideas seem to eerily match things that are present in Fallout 3...

Don't go chasing waterfalls.

Spotted @ Fan Made Fallout
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