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Pete Hines On 360Gamer [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Mon 12 Mar 2007, 4:27 PM

Pete Hines spoke with 360Gamer about a bunch of stuff, including more non-speak about Fallout 3.

We don’t want to say that the combat works like this, or this is what the interface will look like… we want to point and say ‘there’ [points at imaginary TV screen], that’s what it looks like and it plays like that. It’s easier for us and it’s easier for you. It’s easier to explain to someone when they can see the game being played.

Even with Oblivion, it was the same thing – we prefer the showing rather than the telling.

360Gamer also has "sources" which "know" when we're going to see Fallout 3 stuff:

Although Hines wouldn’t be drawn on a date for the first public showing of Fallout 3, one of our insider sources let slip that it was likely to be during the new format E3 videogame tradeshow in July, if not before.

So Pete...when can I expect my invite? ;-)

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Rosh on what his Bethsoft sources say: RUMOURS [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Fri 02 Mar 2007, 5:35 PM

Saw this posted up on NMA. Rosh has written out on RPGCodex a lot of what claims to know about Fallout 3, from discussion with undisclosed sources.

Here's some of what he has to say.

In a nutshell:

If you liked F:POS and think Oblivion is TEH GRATEST THING EVAR, then Fallout 3 is the game for you. Same lack of attention to setting, story, background elements, why the game was made the way it was, that we've dealt with since Chuck Cuevas. Instead of being a P&P-styled CRPG, you can fully expect Morrowind with Guns, and even though Googie doesn't fit the setting quite right (was more "art deco in ruins"), F:POS' use of Googie was described to me as "... would be better than some of the concept art and assets already created for Fallout 3". Much of the shit simply doesn't fit, including some cheap scratch marks and rust brushing akin to FOT, and some stuff that better belongs in Blade Runner. Which was good, but is by no means near Fallout.

Again, as per Bethesda's crappy development, primary development is for the X-Box, with PC as an afterthought. And if you thought the inventory and general interface was bad for Oblivion... Think of what Nival did to the panels and other functionality of HoM&M for Heroes V, and you'll see nearly the same thing for Fallout 3. After all, a status pane like the bottom of Fallout "gets in way of seeing the action", as I've heard about excuses for removing it.

Unashamedly stupid RT combat that will make Bloodlines combat look like genuine CRPG gameplay (as if we could expect anything else from Bethesda as of recent), same kind of roam as Oblivion, except from what I saw and was told, it's FP combat when firearms are brought into play much like Bloodlines. In other words, they're giving Fallout a near Dark Messiah treatment that Might and Magic enjoyed, but with a lot less kicking, probably about the same writing quality, and with 90% more industry newbies on the team. From what I was told up to November, they were still having fun learning about how to script speech trees, as those were considered to be "extra" from the start.

"We will do what we do best" indeed. Freaky Pete has spoken no truer words.

If this turns out to be true, it's not good news for what we (the hardcore fanbase) generally want from Fallout 3.

Of course, it still is all unconfirmed, and there have been reports to the contrary (c.f. Desslock's post on QT3 forums which I can't find right now, basically saying that assuming TB combat and isometric view is out is too rash an assumption - and Desslock has actually seen the game firsthand at Bethesda's offices).

So, we'll see. I am still hesitant about predicting doom (or greatness, if you're that way inclined) before actually having some hard facts - though I'm also thinking it's time that that information was shared.

Of course, the fact that there is no hard information is completely intentional; it's quite easy to suggest the reason for this is that the fanbase can't rant about something when they have no real facts to back it up with. That's the cynical viewpoint, anyway.

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Interplay bankruptcy hearings delayed [ Company -> Update ]
Posted by Urizen | Related News Items Thu 01 Mar 2007, 11:30 PM
More info on Person: Herve Caen | More info on Company: Interplay
Interplay has just posted a SEC 8-K-filing. The only point of interest (actually, the only point at all) is this:

"On February 22, 2007 a status conference was conducted by the Bankruptcy Court
concerning the involuntary petition pending against Interplay Entertainment
Corp. The status conference was continued to May 24, 2007."

Apparently, the bankruptcy issue has been delayed untill late May, for reasons unknown. However, frymuchan notes that...

"My guess is that Herve is partially doing this to buy time, and will drag this out as long as possible. He would likely rather not pay any debtor until he obtains additional financing or sells, as each penny right now counts for Interplay in terms of hanging on as long as possible to continue to write off debt."

Personally, I don't understand why Herve hasn't simply lent Interplay the required $61,000. He may not be a wealthy man after his french divorce and all, but he has been paying himself some hefty wages.

Read: Interplay's latest SEC filing

Read. Raging Bull forums post by frymuchan
Spotted @ Raging Bull Forums
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Just to let you know... [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Thu 01 Mar 2007, 3:10 AM
I'll be on Spring Break in Florida starting tomorrow, until next Sunday. So don't expect any news to be posted til then (not that anything exciting will happen anyways). See ya then!
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Defining (The) Fallout(s): Part 2 [ Community -> Editorial ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Mon 19 Feb 2007, 7:07 PM

So I thought I had posted this news earlier, but apparently it didn't work.

Anyways, Mismatch has written the second part in his series "Defining (The) Fallout(s)." Here are some important parts:


This insecurity somehow made security feel more secure. Regardless of how you felt about they treat mutants and ghouls at Vault City, I know that you, at some point, glanced at the grass and dreamt of just sitting down. You were more than willing to trade freedom for a sense of security and calm. No matter how short the moment was, I'm rather sure it was there.


The Fallout's story isn't merely a story of violence in a radiated wasteland. It is a story of belonging, of fear of the unknown and intolerance, of how isolation breeds suspicion and one mans quest to once and for all end these fears, end the suspicion, the hate and the intolerance(FO1) but in the end he manages to increase it and gives birth to an attempt to cleanse the world of anyone who is not genetically a human(FO2).


Let us be satisfied with the fact that Fallout is special. And so is SPECIAL. And susan. There isn't much more to say. Well, actually there is, much much more. But I hope someone else will since writing about special isn't very exiting and I assume that reading about it isn't either.

Go and read it.

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Pete Hines on Spong [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Fri 16 Feb 2007, 5:28 PM
More info on Person: Pete Hines | More info on Game: Fallout 3

Pete Hines has been interviewed by the rather oddly named Spong. Here's the good part:

POnG: From that description, it strikes me that there's maybe similarities with what Irrational are trying to do with Bioshock.

Pete Hines: Mmmmmm, not really… maybe a little, but only in as much as any role-playing game is going to be similar in certain ways to any other role-playing game. What you're going to see from us in Fallout 3 is going to be pretty different though.

SPOnG: In terms of resurrecting that late 1990s classic though?

Pete Hines: Yeah, but again, what Fallout 3 does in terms of theme and tone and setting is very different.


SPOnG: One of the things that crops up a lot in reviews and discussions of about Fallout is that a lot of the fans like the about Fallout humour. What does this mean to you?

Pete Hines: Well, Todd Howard (Executive Producer at Bethesda) has talked a little about this. We're not big fans of jokes… developers that try to tell jokes, it tends not to work very well. You know, the humour in Fallout 3 is that you can get a weapon and blow a guy to a bloody mess, then when you pull up your interface, you see a little smiling cartoon character holding his thumb up. Like that's funny… funny not in terms of jokes or winks at the camera and such…

SPOnG: So, more like Terminator style humour?

Pete Hines: Yeah, exactly, that sort of stuff. It's just on how you present the game and the content and the setting.

SPOnG: And the setting is East Coast USA right?

Pete Hines: I dunno if we've said, have we? There's a lot of rumour and speculation swirling about out there! [laughs]

SPOnG: Is it fair to say it will be released on PC, PS3 and 360?

Pete Hines: No, not fair to say. We haven't announced any platforms yet.

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Happy Valentine's Day! [ Community -> Images ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Wed 14 Feb 2007, 8:55 PM

Ashley Cheng (Bethesda Producer) has posted this Fallout Valentine's Day card that was made by Q&A guy Fred Zeleny on his blog.

If the folks at Bethesda reeeally loved us, they'd send us some Fallout 3 information icon_wink

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New Poll [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Wed 14 Feb 2007, 8:45 PM

I've thrown a new poll up. It asks: "Is a Class System a good or bad idea for Fallout 3?" I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I brought the point up a long time ago that I think a class system would be an absolutely terrible idea for Fallout 3. You shouldn't be restricted from skills, perks, or quest options because of your "class." I think it's one of the worst things possible for the game. It just doesn't go with the Fallout world, nor with the SPECIAL system.

Anyway...what do you think?

Also, the results of the previous poll showed that the majority of you use St. Toxic's template for DAC's mainpage (I do too). Cheers!

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Update - "Don't Buy The Hype" [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Wed 14 Feb 2007, 8:37 PM

Just a quick update on Bradylama's article "Don't Buy The Hype": You can now view it in the DAC Content Database (for those of you who are banned or can't access NMA).

Also, on another topic, has anyone seen the new OXM yet? I'm curious to see what they actually have to say about Fallout 3. If you remember this quote, then we shouldn't expect anything, but it would still be interesting to see what they print.

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Glittering Gems of Hatred Part 3 [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Wed 14 Feb 2007, 1:10 AM

Kharn has published the third and final part of his article "Glittering Gems of Hatred." Here's the word form Kharn:

After some delay, here is the (fairly short) third part of NMA's Glittering Gems of Hatred article. A few notes:

There's a text-info box in this part defining what the article means by "Fallout fans". This was written in response to just criticism that the article left this unnecessarily vague. It will be moved to part 1 (where it belongs) later on, but is added here now.

In response to the article, the word "manifesto" was dropped by both supporters and detractors. This is nonsense. It is not intended to be and obviously isn't a manifesto. The article serves two basic purposes: encouraging a wider audience to reconsider their opinion of the hardcore Fallout fans and urging Bethesda to foster a healthy, BIS-esque relationship with the fanbase.

Finally, I (the author, Kharn) would like to thank everyone for the interest, comments and criticism, but for the actual proof-reading would like to thank Briosafreak and per, Sander for suggestions, spelling notes and helping with the final design and, most of all, the article's chief editor, welsh, for spending hours meticulously picking out superfluous language, though I secretly suspect he spent half that time thinking up creative ways of calling my writing terrible.

Check out the article here.

Thanks to jiujitsu for the heads up.

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"Don't Buy The Hype" [ Community -> Editorial ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Tue 13 Feb 2007, 1:42 AM
More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks

Bradylama has written a fabulous article which he has called "Don't Buy The Hype." It is a well written and well researched piece detailing, among other things, the rise and fall of the Elder Scrolls franchise and Bethesda's role in the Fallout community. It's a lengthy read, but well worth it, no matter your opinion on the matter.

Here are some clips:

What does this mean for the future of NMA and DAC? If the evidence from the blacklisting of RPGCodex and STG are anything to go by, there's a significant possibility that as the hype machine for Fallout 3 kicks into gear, Bethesda will attempt to use DAC and NMA in order to serve as marketing tools, as was the case with STG and STGU. Eventually, when Bethsoft finds that NMA and DAC won't tow the party line, they'll be blacklisted, and Bethesda may possibly even attempt to garner DAC's complacency with meaningless benefits and exclusive info.

The previous statement serves as a warning. If Bethesda does attempt to control NMA and DAC they are sure to be severely dissapointed.


If I were a betting man, I'd say that the Fallout communities should brace for impact.

Check it out here at NMA, or in .txt form here.

Thanks to Kharn and Briosafreak for the heads up!.

UPDATE: You can now view the essay in DAC's Content Database.

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OXM: Nothing New [ Game -> Article ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Mon 12 Feb 2007, 3:16 PM
More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks | More info on Game: Fallout 3

So you know that OXM article that's had everyone pumped up? The one that's supposed to come out this week and reveal Fallout 3? Yeah, well, you can sit back down.

According to Pete Hines, absolutely nothing new is going to be said by the OXM guys at all:

Folks took an interview with that that we did with them about Elder Scrolls, which had one (or maybe two) Fallout 3 question in it, and sort of ran with it.

Our MO hasn't changed. We still aren't talking about the game and when we're ready, there won't be any question that the information is forthcoming.

So we'll just have to wait a little while longer.

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STALKER Hits Beta. [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Sat 10 Feb 2007, 3:26 PM
More info on Game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadows of Chernobyl

In a brief reprieve from Fallout 3 rumors, we've learned that S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl has finally hit the Beta phase. The company is apparently shipping out beta code to reviewers as of yesterday.

That is all. You may proceed with more Fallout 3 rumors.

Spotted @ Kotaku
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Hope? [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Sat 10 Feb 2007, 3:17 PM
More info on Game: Fallout 3

Desslock, from PC Gamer, recently replied to a post by Briosafreak over at the QTT forums with some very interesting information.

Briosafreak: On a final note there seems to be a few doubts on how the game will turn out. First person and Real Time combat are locked, there's no way to change that

Desslock: All I'll say is that you are wrong.

Now, as we know, Desslock had a visit to the Bethesda studios a while back. He saw a bunch of Fallout 3 stuff while he was there, confirming East coast locations. We know that he's been there, and that he's seen things, so it's logical to assume he has intel on this.

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Bethesda wants you! [ Company -> Update ]
Posted by King of Creation | Related News Items Fri 09 Feb 2007, 11:32 PM
More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda is looking for a new community manager after some recent fiascoes with the Star Trek community. Think you have what it takes to handle DACers and NMAers ;-) ? Read on:

Community Manager -- Rockville, Maryland


*Actively manages all aspects of fan communities for all key titles, including The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Rogue Warrior, Star Trek, etc.

*Supports PR initiatives for all projects

*Administers and participates on official and fan forums related to all products

*Monitors and participates on external forums and sites and provides regular updates on fan interest, feedback, competitive information, etc.


*Fosters and maintains development of fan sites related to all products.

*Creates special programs and initiatives to drive traffic to official forums

I just hope the same drama doesn't happen with the Fallout community like with STG.

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