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Vault 13 closing... [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Mon 20 May 2002, 10:21 AM
More info on Community:

To keep the current "Oh man, can the Fallout community get any more down?" trend, we've got some more sad news. Vault 13, the long-running Fallout fan-site, is closing down. Says JC: will be closing down when the S31 network goes offline on the 24th of this month. The forums and the content will go bye-bye. I'll post more on this tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

Not good at all. Vault 13, as well as being good friends with DAC from the start, have been one of the best Fallout news sites on the internet, and we'll definitely miss them. Best of luck guys - hopefully we'll be hearing from you soon.

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New FOT sprites for you to play with. [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Wed 08 May 2002, 8:32 PM
More info on Game: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
Attention noble users of the Fallout Tactics editors:

You might be interested to know that a certain chap named Flamescreen (you may have seen him here and there on the forums) has created a couple of sprites - free for anyone to use.

Check 'em out in this thread, over at the FOT Mapping & Modding forum. Cheers Flamescreen!
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New FOT map - Max-Violence's "Rebellion" [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Wed 08 May 2002, 5:00 AM
More info on Game: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

The new DAC site isn't finished yet, but damnit, I'm getting impatient. So....

Rebellion V1.0
A Fallout Tactics fan campaign by Joe "Max-Violence" Pine
Created: QUITE some time ago
More-or-less finished: April 26, 2002

This is map #1 of my Rebellion mini-campaign. Hope you like it :)

It weighs about 1 meg and you can get it from right here. Thanks Max!

I'll be uploading more maps soon people... don't you worry about that.

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Fallout Siege [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Thu 02 May 2002, 7:30 PM
It's already been mentioned down in our 'Other Fallout-Themed Mods' section, but seeing as how 'notsoleet' sent along the email, I thought it was worth the mention:

these guys are making a mod that will convert the dungeon siege world into a fallout world

just figured I'd let you guys know
Could be interesting... if anything, it might give a little bit more purpose to my last game purchase (fingers tightly crossed).
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New Black Isle Studio RPG on the way... [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Thu 02 May 2002, 2:00 PM
More info on Company: Black Isle Studios | More info on Company: Interplay
Interplay have published a new press release which says they'll be announcing a brand new RPG very soon. Check it out:
Interplay Entertainment Corp., announced today its exciting lineup of highly anticipated game titles to be shown at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) taking place May 22 - 24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Interplay will be showing demonstrations of Hunter: The Reckoning, Run Like Hell, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Galleon. Black Isle Studios, the renown, role-playing game (RPG) division of Interplay, will be showing (by appointment only) Icewind Dale II, and an exciting, new RPG title to be announced in the coming weeks. Interplay's booth will be located in Concourse Hall, booth #5010.
OMFG could it be Fallout 3? Well, probably not. The chances of that are around 100 / 1... place your bets. What about Fallout Fantasy, then? I'd say the odds are closer to 10 to 1 there. Or maybe it's not a Fallout game at all - 5 / 1 odds. Send all bets to Killian, but don't expect any of your cash back.
Spotted @ Evil Avatar
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While the site is in build-mode: Mad Max News [ Film & TV -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 30 Apr 2002, 4:27 PM
More info on Film & TV: Mad Max 4

From Ain't It Cool News, here's a new update on the Mad Max 4 situation:

Then I received this on the new MAD MAX flick from Mert the Surf...Mel Gibson has gone on the record now that he wants to be in George Miller's upcoming Mad Max 4. If only the studios involved would let them get together. Gibson admitted to The Herald Sun showbiz editor Michael Bodey that "I don't know what I'm meant to say. George has a big family and he'll come and get me," he laughed. "He put a gag order on me for a long time." However now that the cat is out of the bag, Gibson confided that he was very familiar with George's script, but still "there's a lot more factors involved than just saying yes. I sometimes sit there and think, when the Hell are they ever going to trust me," he said. "Twenty five years with a few sixes and they still won't trust you."

The Patriot, What Women Want, Million Dollar Hotel... that's a reason not to trust - but still, I guess if anybody else tried to fill his shoes as Mad Max, a lot of fans would be pissed off... possibly even nearly as pissed off if we found out Interplay wanted to make a fantasy Fallout game!

Or maybe not...

Spotted @ Ain't It Cool News
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