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And now the bad news about Lionheart [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sun 02 Jun 2002, 2:20 AM
I just read this reply by Cabal in the Lionheart forum on the subject of non-linear gameplay and Lionheart:

We are designing the game to be as non-linear as possible, in a way that Baldur's Gate allowed you tremendous freedom to do quests and explore as you like, but eventually brought you back to the main storyline. Lionheart will allow you to explore the lands and do quests in whatever order you like. There is a main storyline that threads throughout the game, although it can be alterred depending on how your character drives the story. So the answer to your question is that yes there will be non-linearity to allow you to explore, but eventually you are drawn into main chapter events of the overall story (like Baldur's Gate).

Wow, I fear references to Baldur's Gate. You?
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RPGDot E3 Awards for Lionheart [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sat 01 Jun 2002, 4:08 AM
You know them, you love them, the fine folks at RPGDot have posted a set of E3 Awards based on categories. Lionheart picked up two merits, Best Historic RPG Runner Up and Best Multiplayer RPG Runner Up. Here's a bit that was said:

Developer: Reflexive
Publisher: Interplay
Platform: PC
Release Date: Christmas 2002

This being one of the few new games announced at E3, everyone wants to know about it. It uses a skill system like Fallout, but the look and feel are comparable to the Baldur's Gate / Icewind Dale games in a magic/science world along the lines of Arcanum. This is an alternate timeline game. In the 3rd century magic came into the world. The game takes place in the 16th century. The two opposing forces are the Inquisition and the Magicians. You start out on the side of the Inquisition, but its up to you where you go from there. There are several historical figures in the game, but with a twist, such as Leonardo Da Vinci is an archmage. You will see lots of his odd inventions scattered about. The game will also support co-op for upto 3 players.

Just like NWN, Lionheart offers a single player adventure as well.

This was spotted at the BIS forums, posted by Fionavar or something like that.
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Fallout 2 Coop? [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 31 May 2002, 8:46 AM
ApTyp of sends word that some Ruskie hax0rz have figured out a crude way of playing Fallout 2 cooperatively. Naturally, there are some problems with this, but here's what ApTyp says about it:

JFalc, the new member of community, and Dims (the guy who works on the mapper) found this:
In order to play Fallout in LAN with 2 players using the same cached resources, you have to:
a: Map Network Drive is checked on all computers
b: fallout2.cfg is checked to make sure all paths are correct
2) if one player leaves something on the map then exits it, then that stuff becomes accessible to anotherplayer.
Who can take it.
3) Completed quests are checked for all players.
Regardless of who actually completed them.
4) NPCs, if left in one location, can't be taken by another player.
The game hangs up if you try.
You can kill them, though.
Also, you can't 'clone' your NPCs this way, meaning:
if you have Vik and Sulik and if, for example, you enter Klammath where another player already left thesetwo guys, then your NPCs automatically leave your team and stay on the map as if they were generic critters.

That's basically it. The trick here is the sharing of cached resources. Naturally, you WON'T see another player if he's on the same map.

Thanks ApTyp!
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Nuclear Winter mod for Dungeon Siege [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 31 May 2002, 8:24 AM
Desertf is looking for people to help him with a post apocalyptic mod he's working on for Dungeon Siege. If you're interested in helping him out, you can reach him in this thread. Here's a copy of what he said to peek your interest:

I am from a DS mod called Nuclear Winter. This is a mod for Dungeon Siege that a few of my friends and I are working on for fun and we were wondering if anyone wanted to join? We will have a site up soon with info etc... The basic game is going to be like Fallout (though we will distance our selves from the Fallout universe). Tell me if you are interested. ANYONE is welcome...

Sounds good to me. A post apocalyptic dungeon crawler that's not an attempt to pound Fallout in to something it shouldn't be. Good luck to desertf and his team!
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JE Sawyer on Turn Based [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 31 May 2002, 1:12 AM
Yet another nifty thread post coming from JE Sawyer in the Lionheart Forum, this time on the subject of turn based combat:

Turn-based is fun as long as it is fun. While that may seem like a "WELL, DURRRRRRR! OF COURSE!" statement, I think the obviousness of it often gets overlooked.

When is real-time not fun (ALL THE TIEM LOLLOLOLLO!)? Primarily, it's not fun when there are a zillion people directly involved in the action. You have many characters to control, they all have important things to do, and they are all tangling with a big horde of important enemies. It's difficult to keep track of what's going on, difficult to path, and difficult to smoothly execute plans.

When is turn-based not fun? When strategy is not required or when its application is simply boring. Most battles in Fallout are a lot of fun and keep you very interested in what's going on. But, due to its non-linear nature, when my SuperBuffo 13th level character stumbles across a nest of ordinary rats, I don't need to painstakingly plan what I'm doing. I don't feel like Rommel because I expertly outmaneuvered a 6 HP enemy the size of my character's armored foot. On top of it, this exercise in total crushing defeat is carried out one move at a time.

I think the reason why games like Final Fantasy and (more appropriately) Final Fantasy Tactics succeed with turn-based combat is because there are always few participants, those participants are always directly involved in the battle, they are almost always interesting to fight (due to their linear nature), and they are always in close proximity to the character. It's not like the Den, where you fire off one shot and every scumbag in town takes their turn running their APs off. However, those are the exceptions, rather than the rules. For the most part, turn-based combat is a lot of fun.

You can read the full thread here and even join in the fun. After all, it wouldn't hurt for BIS to hear that turn based is fun from people every now and then.
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Feargus speaks [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Thu 30 May 2002, 6:23 AM
In one of the many threads in the Lionheart forum about making the game more like Baldur's Gate, there's a nifty little thread asking Is Lionheart a true BIS game? Anyway, on page 3, there's a little post from Feargus Urquhart answering the question as diplomatically as possible:

This thread started out as a question about whether Lionheart would be a Black Isle game. The quick answer to that question is yes. It will also be a Reflexive game. This is in the same way that Baldur's Gate was both a Black Isle game and a Bioware game.

We have been working very closely with Reflexive and will continue to do so. It helps that they are literally just down the street and that I've known the President of the company for more than ten years now.

Ultimately it will be a game of the quality level that you have all come to expect from Black Isle, whether it was produced by us, or developed by us.

Thanks to RexExitium of The Inquisition for the heads up.
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Is Lionheart a Diablo clone? [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Wed 29 May 2002, 10:43 PM
There's another nifty thread where Cabal, the nice writer guy from Reflexive, is asked bluntly, is Lionheart a diablo clone? Here's the reply:

Did you catch the blurb about the deep storyline?

We've been pretty open that the game has combat and action, but I've also gone to lengths to explain that we're adding in many quests, factions, historical story elements and interesting characters and other features to balance the combat.

I'm going to continue to try to impress that the game is not a Fallout sequel and it's not a Diablo clone. We're endeavoring to make a new and unique game with the Special system called Lionheart.

There you have it. You can read the full thing here.

On a side note, it's funny how the Infinity Engine fanboys used to bitch fans of Fallout out for wanting BIS to make more games like Fallout, but now that BIS has one game in production that isn't like the BG/IWD/etc. ilk, they all want it to be like the Infinity Engine games. That's just funny.

Anyone want to lay odds on BIS caving under pressure and making Lionheart more like the Infinity Engine before it ships?
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A new Fallout Tactics Trainer [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Wed 29 May 2002, 9:39 AM
There's a new Fallout Tactics trainer on the block, and you can pick it up from this site. Want to know what it does? Ok then:
During the character creation press:
F5 to turn unlimited creation points (on/off)
F6 for unlimited tags
During the game press:
F9 to heal all your units to 255 HP
F10 to turn unlimited AP (on/off)
F11 to turn turn unlimited skill points (on/off)
Not bad at all, eh? Only 56K in size as well. The direct link to the trainer is here: Fallot Tactics +5 Trainer. Thanks Tracek!
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Lionheart skill progression [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Wed 29 May 2002, 4:08 AM
More info on Game: Lionheart

Our good pal Feargus Urquhart has posted a bit on how skill progression might be in Lionheart:

Skill Progression: We've included a slightly different progression for skill points which is:

0 - 50 : 1
51 - 100 : 2
101 - 150: 5
151 - 200: 10
201 - 300: 20

This hasn't been tested at all yet, so we aren't sure if it feels right during actual play.
Ouch, steep! This was spotted over at Inquisition.

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IGN preview of Lionheart [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Tue 28 May 2002, 10:33 PM
More info on Company: Reflexive | More info on Game: Lionheart

IGN has coughed up a preview of Lionheart. Here's a taste:

If you are familiar with the Fallout series, you will already be familiar with how Lionheart plays. If not, know the following... The game is a combat oriented, hack-n-slash RPG, with an extensive character creation system (complete with alterable statistics, traits, perks, appearances, etc), a deep linear story (approximated at around 40 to 60 game hours long) and over 100 quests spanning 80 levels. Combat is carried out through a simple point and click interface (ala Diablo) and skill/stat management is easy and straightforward (especially when compared to Black Isle's D&D based games, Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale), so newcomers shouldn't have much trouble acclimating to the game's style.

I love you guys at IGN, you make this so easy for me. So, Fallout was a combat oriented, Hack'n'Slash RPG? Well, if Lionheart is a "combat oriented, hack'n'slash" like Fallout was, that's good to hear, because Fallout wasn't one.

Also of note, they credit nearly everything about the game to BIS with no mention of the game's actual developers, Reflexive.

Thanks to ChrisFlugel for the head's up.

Spotted @ IGN
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Vault.... OF THE FUTURE! [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 28 May 2002, 9:43 PM
More info on Community: Vault of the Future
The beloved rapscallion DJ Slamak has ressurected his rather entertaining site, Vault of the Future, from it's resting place on the sadly-missed Vault13. Now that it has a new home, we can expect more fun and entertainment from our old friend. Hurrah!

Point your pointy-things over here... and be patient. It does load a wee bit slowly, so be patient. It comes in English and Czech flavours, too!

Cheers Slamak!
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HomeLan Previews Lionheart [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 28 May 2002, 3:06 PM
More info on Game: Lionheart
JCal from HomeLan has posted up a brief preview of Lionheart, the new RPG coming from Black Isle Studios / Interplay / Reflexive Entertainment. For those who didn't know, Lionheart uses Fallout's much-loved SPECIAL rule system, and is set is a wacky version of the 16th century. Here's a snip from the preview:
The game itself will take around 40 to 60 hours to complete, according to what Parker told us at E3 last week. As far as the storyline of Lionheart, your character starts out in the new and magical version of Barcelona in Spain and on the run from the persecution of their version of the Inquisition since your character will have some magical abilities. According to Parker you find out that a second magical cataclysm may happen in the very near future and your mission is to prevent this from happening. The game will also have a multiplayer mode for up to four people to play the single player game in co-op mode.
There aren't too many details, but you can check out the whole thing here.
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BIS opens Lionheart forum [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Tue 28 May 2002, 5:04 AM
More info on Company: Black Isle Studios | More info on Game: Lionheart

Black Isle has openned the official forum for their new title, Lionheart. There's a few interesting tidbits on the game:

Regardless of genre, one quality of a good game is that you are constantly presented with a series of interesting choices. Throughout Lionheart, you will be presented with many such choices, and given the ability to decide how to drive the story. These choices will allow you to assume different roles and develop your character in different ways. We are trying to design the game to allow for a wide variety of playing styles.

You bring up a good point about playing a diplomatic Inquisitor. By choosing careful dialogue options, you can talk your character through some situations, where it makes sense. As mentioned, there will be combat situations you can avoid and different ways to defeat certain enemies. There will also be some areas with creatures that are incapable or unwilling to engage in dialogue - tread into their domain and it's possible you might have to do battle.

This was from Cabal, one of the Reflexive people who are making the game. You can read the whole thing in this thread.

Other fun threads include those from the people who've had their way with BIS since 1998, and want Lionheart to be IWD3, like this one on full control of party members a la every Infinity Engine game, and this one on making Lionheart have the real-time pause combat which has been done to death. As if they don't already have five games from BIS that are exactly like that.

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Fallout Death Race 2k!! [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Killzig | Related News Items Tue 28 May 2002, 3:39 AM

Oh my god, Chris Avellone has his way! It seems Konami is developing a Fallout-esque desert racing combat game. It's called Moto-X and it's for the X-Box.

Baby Jesus loves this game.

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GameSpy chats with Interplay's CEO - Fallout mentioned [ Company -> Interview ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Mon 27 May 2002, 3:48 PM
More info on Game: Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game | More info on Company: Interplay
The lads back at our old home, GameSpy, have managed to speak to Herve Caen, the CEO and uber-ruler of Interplay. The discussion is fairly interesting on the whole, but of course, it's the Fallout question we love to focus on:
GameSpy: The new game Lionheart uses the Fallout SPECIAL system. There are many Fallout fans out there that are hoping for a new Fallout game so you think you'll ever do one?

Herve Caen: Who knows? Not much I can say today about this.
GameSpy: But Black Isle currently has other projects...

Herve Caen: All I can say to you is, I think we have a smart group of people running Interplay. Not just myself but people that work in this company are really smart. And if it makes sense from your perspective, a consumer, and think why don't they do that? Then one day or another you'll see it. That's all I can say.
It makes sense from my perspective, damnit! Check out the whole story here. Thanks Silverdawn!
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