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Wasteland revival? [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Wed 19 Jun 2002, 7:31 AM
I just spotted over at NMA that there's some people working on a Revival of Wasteland. They're also looking for additional artists, writers, and other jobs for those who are interested in helping out.

Oh yeah, check out the status page for some really incredible artwork done by Senor Deluxe.
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Cabal on Random Encounters [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Tue 18 Jun 2002, 9:31 PM
Since I'm posting forum news, I also noticed that Cabal posted in a thread about Random Encounters in Lionheart, where he said:

I'll give you an example of an encounter that uses the luck stat and faction. You might encounter a merchant in the wilderness who sells trinkets and a few normal weapons. When he introduces himself, if you have a high enough luck, there might be a dialogue option where you would recognize the name and be able to remark that you've heard of some of his famous exploits. This flatters the merchant and he's more willing to show you some of his more exotic items for sale. If you are from the Knights Templar faction and you have a high luck, you might also know that the man's well known exploits are criminal in nature and that his goods are stolen. You can decide whether to punish him or ignore his ignoble past and purchase things from his special stock..

Thanks to RexExitium of The Inquisition for this one as well.
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Cabal on magic items [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Tue 18 Jun 2002, 8:31 PM
More forum fun, Cabal talks about the nature of magic items in Lionheart in this thread:

The way I originally imagined magic items was that mages interested in crafting these items would seek out/summon/capture spirits that were barely sentient or possessed a very pliable and low will. It doesn't do well for a fighter to have a strong willed nasty spirit refuse to swing during combat. For the most part, magic swords are magic swords, powered by a low level spirit, like an elemental that is practically mindless. There are some rare items though that might possess more sentience, and we might be planning to have some unique items that could have the ability to communicate.

Thanks to RexExitium of The Inquisition for the head's up.
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80\'s Cartoons Meet Fallout Tactics [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 18 Jun 2002, 12:17 PM
A chap by the name of Zeiden Seir has put together a lovely little portrait pack for Fallout Tactics - in it you'll find pictures of your favourite characters from GI Joe, Transformers and ThunderCats! While I check out the picture of SoundWave (best Decepticon ever), you can download the entire lot from here, or just grab it from the Tactics Files Page. Thanks Zeiden!
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Cabal on Teen Rating [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Tue 18 Jun 2002, 7:14 AM
There's another thread of interest on the BIS forums about Lionheart and shooting for a Teen Rating. In the thread, Why shoot for a T-rating?, Cabal states the sad reality of the business:

The publisher ultimately requests what rating a game should aim for based on a whole slew of factors that I am only partially privy to. When a publisher submits to the ESRB, they hope for a specific rating and then the ESRB rates the game. Depending on what comes back, the publisher may have to decide to change things to get a different rating. Things like adult language, blood, affect the rating, and these are usually placed on the box with the rating. . The ESRB sets some pretty specific guidelines to differentiate 'E' from 'T' from 'M'. The more realistic your blood and giblets get, the more mature your game gets.

Obviously, getting the M rating and excluding the teen market takes a chunk away from sales. But there is no reason that Lionheart has to be a gore-spattered fragfest to be a good fantasy rpg. Personally, I don't think there is a strong correlation to the amount of blood you have and the quality of the game (exception FPS and pure combat games). Lionheart will have combat, there will be violence on the level of other fantasy RPGs, and we'll put in appropriate detail to make the game better.

Okay, here's the irony for those who missed it. Lionheart was originally supposed to be a combat focused RPG, right? What do you want to bet that they were always shooting for that Teen Rating?

Anyway, it's a neat thread for those of you who actually like a touch of gore when killing something!
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Lionheart Updates From The Inquisition [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Killzig | Related News Items Sun 16 Jun 2002, 10:14 PM
Our little buddy Rex has posted some semi-interesting updates from E.D. :

Exorcism: That was one of the things that really clicked for me when I tied the spirit magic mechanic with a Europe dominated by the Inquisition. In Lionheart's world, an exorcism could drive out a spirit, depending on the power of the exorcist and the spirit. This won't happened *too* often, as the effects would be pretty debilitating, but you might possibly encounter situations like this in the story...

Game Suggestions: We are working hard to approach an alpha deadline, so we are technically pre-alpha at this state. In terms of the story, it's pretty well plotted out, all the locations have been chosen and the characters have been detailed. Much of the dialogue is being created at this point, many of the levels have been created and detailed and await more scripting.

So, are we still taking suggestions? Within reason, I suppose, and we are listening. There are some things we can't or won't change, but there are still things we can adjust, provided it makes the game fun. If we put everyone's suggestions in a) the game production cycle would never end and b) the hodge-podge design by committee approach would make a Frankenstein of a game.

I don't want to inhibit your collective imaginations and say we're not taking suggestions, but try not to be offended or turned off if we don't include the city or historical character you were hoping to see. It's a big, but ultimately finite game, and we have to define the constraints of the world.

Certain mechanics of the game will definitely be adjusted as the game enters more of a rigourous playtesting period. We know many of you have strong opinions about some of the bigger issues (i.e. pause), but for that particular issue we've seen a very polarized response, with people strongly for and against it. That is an example of an issue that Black Isle and Reflexive will have to resolve based on more testing.

As we unveil more of these mechanics, we'll certainly be looking at the boards for responses, but that is but one of many determining factors we consider when deciding on whether something gets implemented, tweaked, or left out of the game.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks to The Inquistion for the news.
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More proof Fallout is unmarkettable. [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sun 16 Jun 2002, 6:57 PM
Basically, the reason that we haven't seen another Fallout sequel is that the marketting boys at Interplay think that there's not enough demand for it. However, I submit to you this comment thread on VoodooExtreme where the subject of Fallout has hijacked a thread about a the upcoming MMORPG about Star Wars.

It's funny that people are talking about how great Fallout was, which doesn't have a sequel in the works, over the Star Wars MMORPG, which is being made. Nope, no market demand there!
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Interview with Lionheart\'s Eric [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Sat 15 Jun 2002, 8:47 AM
To make DAC's opening a little more grander, Saint Proverbius was able to get his meathooks into Eric Dallaire (AKA Cabal), designer at Reflexive working on the controversial Lionheart, and pick at his brain for a while. There's some interesting Lionheart information in there - take a look at this, for example:
Saint_Proverbius: There's been mention of swords, archery, and magic, but there hasn't been any mention of thieving abilities. Will there be things from Fallout in there such as Sneak, Steal, Lockpicking, and Traps?

Eric Dallaire: True, we haven't mentioned these skills because they were not working properly for E3. However, we do intend to have thieving related skills. The Sneak, Lockpicking, and Traps skills will all work very much like they did in Fallout. In fact, we're planning some interesting things for Sneak that will work differently than Fallout. The main concept we're working with is that you can gain experience by sneaking on a per enemy basis. Also, we're planning on implementing two 180 degree vision cones on enemies that can each have different 'detection' modifiers, so it would be harder to perform a sneak right in front of a guard, as opposed to sneaking behind him.

Traps will also be particularly effective, since it will help you discern mechanical and spell-based traps. Lockpicking will allow you to enter many different secret areas, open locked chests, etc.
Make your way over here to check out the whole thing. Thanks Cabal!
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We\'ve launched the site! [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Sat 15 Jun 2002, 6:31 AM
Bloody hell, it's taken long enough, hasn't it? Oh, the headaches... sorry for the delay people. As you can see, we've kicked-off in a low gear - we'll be uploading new content nearly every day, and soon we'll be back to 100% ramming speed.

For those who weren't aware, the reknowned Fallout site, Vault 13, sadly closed. Lucky for us though, the one-and-only Saint Proverbius has jumped on board the DAC ship! Hurrah!

Anyway, welcome! Have fun, and keep checking back with us - we've got some interesting stuff planned for the near future.
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Strategy First speaks on 0wnz0r1g Jagged Alliance [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Wed 12 Jun 2002, 10:47 PM
Hey, I know this isn't Fallout, but I do know that a lot of Fallout fans also enjoyed Jagged Alliance as well and there's some big news breaking about that license now that it's been purchased by Strategy First. The JA site on StratPlanet has posted a nice interview with Christina Ginger about Strategy First buying the license. Here's a taste:

Q) After Sir-tech closed down, :(, a lot of peoples started to make mod' s for Ja2, one of the most famous is Jagged Alliance Diedrana Live, which reach over 50.000 downloads on the Internet. This prove that the interest for the JA series is alive and people all over the world are waiting eagerly for a sequel. What are the plans with the JA 2 and JA 2 UB?

It has not yet been made official, but we are working on combining JA2 and JA 2 UB into a Gold Pack. An announcement will be made soon.

Let's just hope that if they do make a JA3, it's a worthy successor to the originals.
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Lionheart preview, Fallout 3 mentioned [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Tue 11 Jun 2002, 10:50 AM
I spotted over at Voodoo Extreme that there's a preview of Lionheart at Electronic Playground. Interestingly enough, there's some mention of Fallout 3 in it because the author bumped in to Feargus at E3:

At the Interplay booth, I bumped into Feargus Urquhart, the President of the Isle. I quizzed him about a potential Fallout 3. I thought I was taking a chance at him ordering the Black Isle/Reflexive crew to force me to eat a pile of free t-shirts, because that's got to be the thing he's always asked and I was worried he'd be sick of it. On the contrary, he discussed the possibility quite pleasantly. Nothing official has been announced (as I am sure you Fallout fans well know), but Urquhart does seem very interested in a third game, and in fact he still makes notes when he comes up with an idea for FO3, particularly if it's an old-time song that can be used in the opening movie...

Yup, Feargus is always interested in Fallout 3, since 1998, he's been interested.
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Gamespot interviews Lionheart\'s designer [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 11 Jun 2002, 10:37 AM
The chaps at Gamespot have managed to get their hands on Eric Dallaire (AKA Cabal - you're a champ) - the guy in charge of writing the story for Lionheart - and conducted an interview with him. Lots of interesting information can be found... take this for an example:
GS: We've already heard that some famous real-world historical figures will make an appearance in the game, such as Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci. What other historical figures can we expect to meet in Lionheart? How important will they be to the game's story?

ED: There will be many historical figures in the game, ranging from some very recognizable figures to others of medium to minor historical significance. Nueva Barcelona has become one of the major cultural centers of Europe, attracting many of the brightest minds of the time. You will meet famous scholars, artists, conquistadors, and politicians of the time. One example of someone you could meet from real history is the Duke of Medina Sidonia, the historical commander of the Spanish Armada. If you join the Inquisition and earn the trust of the Inquisitors, you could gain an audience with the Grand Inquisitor himself. In addition to da Vinci and Galileo, you will also be able to meet Machiavelli, the Italian philosopher, and Cervantes, the Spanish author. All these characters are being scripted to reflect their historical personalities in some ways, but they will also be different because of the alternate timeline. The introduction of magic into the world has allowed some of these historical figures to live longer than their real historical counterparts. Also, there are some historical figures you can meet that will give you quests or join you for a time on your journey.
Read the whole thing over here. And keep your eyes peeled for another Lionheart interview (already in the can) coming this way very soon...
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Jagged Alliance lives on [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Thu 06 Jun 2002, 2:02 AM
This bit of news will no doubt excite a few of you (I'm already pretty happy about it): The Jagged Alliance franchise has been licensed to Strategy First, an up-and-coming game developer / publisher. Time to break out the party hats!

Here's a bite from the press release:
“The Jagged Alliance series has been a world-wide hit, and has had a tremendous following among end-users,� said Robert Sirotek, Vice President of Sir Tech. “We did not want to leave our loyal fans of the series without ongoing support, so we entered into a partnership with Strategy First to provide end-users with this service. Strategy First will provide us with access to distribution channels, and bring the series under ‘one roof’ to permit better quality control and management of the franchise. It is always better that a franchise of this size and quality be managed from one source.�

“Strategy First is delighted to be managing Sirtech’s Jagged Alliance franchise,� said Don McFatridge, President. “We have been fans of the franchise for years, and look forward to bringing the series back into the retail channel now, and extending the title with new products in the years to come.
Now that is good news. Who are Strategy First though, you say? I wasn't too aware of them either. Apparently they've made such games as "Disciples: Sacred Lands, Europa Universalis, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Steel Beasts".

That still doesn't mean much to me either... but when I read this on the Evil Avatar forums, I was immediately pleased:
I'm not surprised considering Ian and Linda Currie, the husband and wife team who produced and designed the Jagged Alliance series, are now managing Strategy First's Ottawa studio, where most of the Sir-tech Canada development team are now.
From good news, to excellent news! Bring on Jagged Alliance 3!

Sourced from Evil Avatar.
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More on Lionheart and linear play [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Mon 03 Jun 2002, 1:03 AM
Cabal was posed a question about the comparasons to Baldur's Gate and how linear Lionheart will be in this thread:

I've mentioned BG 2 because many people insisted on a yardstick to measure Lionheart against.

I'll answer your question while also answering the question about multiple endings.

There are choices that you make at the beginning of the game and throughout that could possibly affect the ending encounter. Without giving away any spoilers, the ending encounter is the same antagonist, but it can play out very differently depending on how you made these choices early on and later in the game. There is no wrong choice, so you don't find out at the end that you made a *bad* decision early on, they'll all be viable.

Thanks to Exitium of Inquisition for the world.
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Cabal posts a lot of answers [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sun 02 Jun 2002, 2:47 AM
This is long, so I'll be brief.. this thread

Thanks for being patient. I've been away from internet access for a bit, so I promise I haven't been stalling.

Q. Does Lionheart have the same kind of 1-click-per-swing combat as Diablo-type games?

A. Not exactly, but the short answer is yes, you can initiate attacks with your mouse button(s) by clicking on enemies. It is a fairly straightforward mechanism that most gamers will be able to grasp quickly. Before you groan, and mumble a word that rhymes with 'thee Pablo', listen to the long answer. We are also striving to implement a strong sense of tactics into the combat system. First, the game will calculate your choice of weapons/attack versus the opponents armor type (certain weapons would do better or worse against a specific armor type) and also have a more sophisticated resistance system (rather than just damage resistance, we will be tracking piercing, blunt, and other weapon type damage). Second, we will be implementing a critical hit system where you can perform more selective critical hits on enemies. You could for instance, try to call head shots (for max crit dmg) or leg shots (for extra dmg and reducing enemy movement). The trade off with trying for a critical strike is that you will miss more. Combat is something we are going to be tuning throughout development to make sure that it is easy to use, but also has a tactical depth.

Q. Are you targeting the action/arcade market primarily? Be honest. We all understand it's a huge market, and many of us are a part of it! But let us know who you're really making the game for, okay?

A. As far as I understand, we are trying to reach a broad market including people who like action RPGs and deep story RPGs that have combat. I think it's possible to reach different types of RPG gamers by offering different ways of playing the game. The way we are designing Lionheart is that an action afficiando could attack most everything in the game. People who enjoy a more subtle path can also use speech dialogue and speech related abilities to avoid situations diplomatically where possible. This begs the question, can you use speech to avoid every possible combat situation in the game? Currently, that is not the plan, there are some creatures in the game that you will need to face that are unwilling or unable to speak with you.

Q. Are you targeting the action/arcade market and hoping to draw in FO fans with the SPECIAL system along with role-playing fans by putting the designation "rpg" in the title, or is it *really* a role-playing game as you define it? And if it is *really* a role-playing game as you define it, please tell us exactly what your definition of an rpg is, and what features of Lionheart meet that definition in your opinion.

A. My definition of a role playing game is literal, and therefore general, as the term RPG has evolved to encompass many different genres. Basically, a role-playing game should allow you to control a character (sometimes characters) that can assume different roles and personaes in a world system constrained by the designer(s). This is open to debate, and I know many of you have strong opinions and a lot of passion for this subject.

To answer the first part of your question, we are using the SPECIAL system because it is a fantastic set of rules to help define a world system. As I mentioned before, we're trying to reach a broad audience by creating a great game. Real-time might appeal to the action gamers and SPECIAL will appeal to people who enjoyed Fallout, but the combination might also appease both types of fans, win over new fans, and yes it's possible that the combination could alienate fans from either side.

We were asked by Black Isle to use our real-time engine to create a new story and a new game based on these SPECIAL rules. We don't intend to remake Fallout or copy another game, we want to try to make a fun real-time game using the SPECIAL rules in a new world setting. The conversion of SPECIAL to real-time from turn-based has required some changes to the system, but essentially the core essence of SPECIAL has been preserved. Obviously, the addition of magic and the removal of science are big changes, but elements like the statistics, perks, traits, tag skills, and many other elements have been preserved.

Q. Are you targeting the RPG market, and hoping to draw in a few action/arcade fans? Just reverse the above question. Heh!

A. See above.

Q. Is the game completely linear, partially linear or totally non-linear in scope? In other words, will the player have choices of where to go and when to go there ala BG, or will the player be scooted along a predetermined path ala IWD.

A. We are designing the game to be as non-linear as possible, in a way that Baldur's Gate allowed you tremendous freedom to do quests and explore as you like, but eventually brought you back to the main storyline. Lionheart will allow you to explore the lands and do quests in whatever order you like. There is a main storyline that threads throughout the game, although it can be alterred depending on how your character drives the story. So the answer to your question is that yes there will be non-linearity to allow you to explore, but eventually you are drawn into main chapter events of the overall story (like Baldur's Gate).

Q. You've admitted the game is "combat intensive". This is designer code-word stuff, and each of us have differing opinions about what that really means. BG was "combat intensive"; IWD was "combat intensive". No way was combat in BG as huge a percentage of gameplay as combat in IWD. So is Lionheart honestly... and really, be honest... designed to be a combat game with role-playing characteristics? Inquiring minds and all that.

A. As I said before, we are trying to make a new game in a new world, not a sequel to BG, IWD, or Fallout. But, I understand you're looking for a comparison to help you understand what Lionheart is. I've played and enjoyed both Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate. I suppose Lionheart fits into the middle, maybe closer to Baldur's Gate. Throughout the game, you will have many chances to define your character and propel the story along. You can take a good path, an evil path, or your own path, and these choices affect the story. There are times when you will encounter some nasty things, and you may vanquish them, or you may try to dissuade them from attacking. Other times, you'll find out, your enemies may not want to talk to you, and you will have to defend yourself.

Q. The truth is that there is no real benefit in holding back the basics on your overall vision of the game for fear that some folks might leave the forum. Trust me, you do not want a bunch of frustrated, confused folks hanging around here being led to believe the game is going to be one thing when y'all know it's going to be something else entirely. Others will support me on that I'm sure.

A. I like to think of myself as a community friendly developer. I will be as forthcoming as possible with answers to your questions. Understand that I do read most, if not all of your posts. Sometimes, I'll comment when I have time, and sometimes I won't for various reasons. I do want to thank you and others for showing genuine interest in the game. We look forward to many conversations about Lionheart in the coming months.

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