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Lionheart timeline. [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 28 Jun 2002, 7:43 AM
Also in the Lionheart front, those wacky guys at RPGVault have posted a Historic Timeline for what happened up to the point where the game takes place. Here's a bit of it:

1241 - Invasion of the Golden Horde

The Great Khan Ogedei cheats death by binding with the fell spirit Weichi. Since Ogedei did not die, Batu Khan would not be recalled from his European campaign as in normal history. For an entire year, Batu's forces surged west, destroying enemy armies ill-equipped against the lightning fast Mongol cavalry.

While continuing west, Batu gathered a vanguard force of monstrous warriors - hideously cruel goblins formed from the union of dark spirits and humans. These creatures adapted to the Mongol style of warfare quickly, mastering the use of crafted short bows while riding swift beast-mounts into battle. Batu's Golden Horde swelled with goblinoid forces as he cut a wide swath through the territories of Eastern Europe. Batu's progress alarmed the nations of the west, already weary from their war against the Storm Dragons. In 1243, the Fourth Crusade against the Storm Dragons ended, allowing the Knights Templar and the forces of the west to join the eastern forces against the Mongol horde.

Thanks to Exitium of The Inquisition for the word on this.
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Inquistion gets inquisitive on Cabal [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 28 Jun 2002, 7:33 AM
The Inquisition has posted an interview with Eric Dallaire about Lionheart, including things like this:

Exitium: Clarify the difference that sets Lionheart apart from other fantasy role-playing games. Cite examples (Diablo 2, Baldur's Gate, Dungeon Siege, etc), if you will.

Eric Dallaire: First, the game uses SPECIAL, the excellent ruleset created for the Fallout games. The SPECIAL system allows Lionheart to have a deep character creation system. Players will be able to advance the skills of their characters in many different ways as they progress. Like other Black Isle games, one of the main features of Lionheart is that it has a deep, non-linear storyline. Like Fallout, Lionheart's story is based on alternate history, although the settings and atmospheres are much different. You assume the role of a descendent of King Richard the Lionheart during a turbulent time in this alternate history. As you develop your character, you will be able to drive the story forward and choices you make will affect the storyline. Also, your actions will affect the ending and we are scripting multiple endings for good and evil characters.

Unlike Baldur's Gate or other Infinity Engine games, you won't be controlling a party of NPC's. Like Diablo, you will be controlling one main character throughout the game, although you will have the opportunity to have NPC companions join you for specific quests.

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Geneforge review at Entertainment Depot [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Thu 27 Jun 2002, 10:06 PM
Entertainment Depot has posted a review of Spider Web's biopunk CRPG, Geneforge. They gave it a 8.5:

Although freedom of choice has been an element of previous Spiderweb titles, it has never been so obvious or as clearly integral as it is within Geneforge. As you meet the various factions that dominate the island, you’re capable of expressing your opinions about their beliefs. The more people you talk to, the more your views are known among the inhabitants, and you will find yourself treated accordingly. For instance, encouraging serviles to live as free and equal beings might do you well in certain circumstances, but it won’t earn you any brownie points among those who have spent centuries living in accordance to the old Shaper ways of obedience and prostration, who will in turn respect you less and cause their merchants to boost their prices when dealing with you. It’s a nice system that forces you to pick a personality and role-play it as best you can, a choice that can further be cemented by even going so far as to choose alliances, which offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

For those who've never heard of Geneforge, it's basically a shareware CRPG with a unique post apocalyptic sci-fantasy setting, turn based combat, shades of good and evil that the player can be, multiple endings, and so on. Pretty amazing game considering it was all done by one man, Jeff Vogel, whom some may remember from Exile and Avernum. Well worth the $25US price of admission considering the crap that most commercial companies try to pass off as CRPGs these days.
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RPGVault cuddles with Chris Parker part 2. [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Thu 27 Jun 2002, 6:38 AM
I just spotted over at Blue's News that RPGVault has posted part 2 of their interview deal with BIS's Chris Parker about Lionheart. Here's a skinny:

Jonric: It sounds like the spell list isn't finalized yet, but is it possible to reveal a couple of interesting ones?

Chris Parker: I'll just give you one because the spell list changes often for balance and other considerations, so I hate to list a bunch of stuff that could be totally different by release. Anyhow, I'm giving you this one because it makes me laugh. This is a Tribal spell:

Corpse Bomb - Turns the targeted corpse into a bomb. It explodes instantly, damaging everyone in its radius, and the Corpse is gone afterwards. Damage starts off at 10 points at ground zero, falling off in a radial fashion to one at the outer fringe. Radius starts low, but both damage and radius increase by 1 for every two skill points put in, with a maximum amount of damage and radius to be determined in testing. (We are thinking initially damage is capped at 45, and radius is capped at 200.)

Corpse Bomb?! *COUGH*
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Funny poll at [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Thu 27 Jun 2002, 1:07 AM
Thanks to Rosh over at NMA for pointing this out, there's a new poll up at Interplay's website up in the upper right corner that asks, "Should Interplay make Descent 4?". Oddly enough, there's four choices and one of them is "FALLOUT 3, 'nuff said!", which has the lead at 60%.

Too bad there's not one that says, "I want them both", because I dug Descent 3.
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Rebellion 3 Released [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 25 Jun 2002, 11:46 AM
Joe "Max-Violence" Pine has done it again, and released the next part of his action-packed single-player epic, Rebellion. Rebellion 3 is hot off the press, and ready for you to download! Before you do so, though, Max warns:
Due to the insane nature of this map, don't play it if you have a bad heart or are pregnant. On a more serious note, if I were you, I'd play this map with the volume WAY UP THERE!!!
There you have it. It's less than a meg in size, and it's available here. Cheers Max, nice work!
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Here Come the Maps... [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Tue 25 Jun 2002, 9:00 AM
We're still working on getting this site running smoothly - sorry for the delays. Please forgive us? As a peace offering, I bring you this... six new Fallout Tactics maps to play with! Drumroll please...
Jailbreak 2 and 3 - by Joe "Max-Violence" Pine (Single Player - 1.37 mb)

The Complex by [TRW]Mad Max (Assault - 151 KB)

Downtown2 by Lazerus (Assault - 68 KB)

Stargate(SGC) by Lazerus (Assault - 60 KB)

USF Bunker by Lazerus (Assault - 52 KB)

Junkyard Dark Vehicles by John Morrow (Skirmish - 409 KB)
Mmm, nice. Thanks for sending in your maps, guys!

Oh, and if you ever want to check out what the latest maps are without searching through the news, all you need to do is visit our new and improved map database main page. And if you've got any suggestions for improving the map database, let us know by posting in the always-friendly mapping / modding forum.
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Avault really, really, really brief first look [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Mon 24 Jun 2002, 10:41 PM
While happy browsing around, I noticed Avault has posted a first look at Lionheart. It's basically a revised list of features and 14 Screenshots, some new and never been seen, some not. It is interesting to to see how the 3D character models look though. From the shots, I can't tell they're 3D at all, and that's a good thing.

I dedicate this news post to the anonymous guy that doesn't like Lionheart news.
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JE Sawyer on the Velocity Engine [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sat 22 Jun 2002, 4:47 PM
While browsing through the Lionheart forum on the BIS Forums, I noticed that JE Sawyer mentioned what's good about the engine Lionheart will be using. Here's what he had to say:

We don't have any plans to (that I know of), but I really do think the engine is quite versatile. These are the things I really like about the Velocity Engine:

* You can run an "editor" version of the EXE which is fully functional, but also gives you level run-time access to the editor. This is really terrific. You can move around objects, swap out scripts, and change object properties while the level is running.

* From what I can tell, it's almost entirely script-driven. There are drawbacks to this, but it makes the engine very flexible.

* The engine is 2D, but gets around a lot of the traditional 2D problems.

1) It uses software anti-aliasing. This smooths the edges of sprites into the background, removing the pixelated edge that you often notice in Icewind Dale (look at a screenshot of a dark character standing in the snow for a good example of this). A lot of the press folk looking at the game thought it was running at a much higher resolution than it actually was.

2) The graphic data files are .jpgs with an excellent compression:quality ratio. They take up very little space, which is often a big concern for 2D games.

3) The character models and animations are 3D. Animations traditionally take up a lot of storage space because you have to save off every frame to a separate 2D image and play it back like a flip-book. The character models in Lionheart are rendered in 3D, then put in the scene as a 2D image, so the main memory hit is in RAM.

* The engine has been used in at least three very different games: Zax, Ricochet, and Star Trek: Away Team. Whether you liked those games or not, they do show that the developers can easily modify the engine for a number of different roles.

Now if only JE could say what he didn't like about the engine, because that's what I'm more interested in hearing than anything else. It's a neat looking engine, but surely there are faults as well.

However, it is interesting that the engine has built in editting capabilities. Let's hope they leave those in there.
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Lionheart screens [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sat 22 Jun 2002, 4:05 PM
I just spotted over at that ToTheGame has some new screenshots of Lionheart. There's a few nice ones showing off some spell effects, some dialogue, and various locations. Oddly enough, they still haven't replaced the Exocet font yet.

Wow, either this is at night, or this game is dark!
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New version of Red\'s viewer. [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sat 22 Jun 2002, 2:47 AM
Red has posted a new version of his file viewer. You can find details on what's new, including a picture in this preview thread and more info in the thread about it's release.
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Mod team looking for help [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 21 Jun 2002, 9:54 PM
This is per ApTyp of

A mod team working on Arroyo and Klamath mod is looking for a man who can do
a good Hakunin impersonation, as they need someone to voice the new
dialogues for him.

- must be proficient with sound recording software
- be good with his voice

Contact info is

So, any and all interested, you've been told.
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RPGVault has a Lionheart interview [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Thu 20 Jun 2002, 11:06 AM
Good old Jonric of RPG Vault has posted an interview with Chris Parker, the old man of Black Isle on the subject of Lionheart. Here's a bit to whet your stones:

Jonric: Given that the system was created for a turn-based game in a non-fantasy environment, what significant adaptations have you made it to for Lionheart? For example, how complex was adding magic?

Chris Parker: There are really only two major changes to the SPECIAL system for this game, the addition of magic and the move to real time. Going from turn-based to real time has actually been fairly smooth - after those many hours of debate, of course. We retain Action Points - these were used in Fallout to determine how many things you could do during your turn in combat - and use them to determine how quickly your character acts. Finally, every action has been given a cost in time so that you will be able to use a small fast weapon more often than a large powerful one. These changes allowed the system to get ported to real-time in what we feel is an accurate and balanced fashion.

You can read the full thing here. There's also a neat tidbit where Mr. Parker says that skills range from 0-255 in SPECIAL, I assume that's a change from Fallout.
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Nifty Fallout Bible Stuff [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Killzig | Related News Items Wed 19 Jun 2002, 9:35 AM
The esteemed Mr. Carrot of #Fallout posted a rather interesting topic over at the BIS Forum opening up a discussion in regards to the role of radiation and FEV in the Fallout universe.

Along with that, Mr. C discusses some issues with the Fallout Bible and MCA (Chris Avellone, for the uninitiated) joins the discourse with some points of his own:

Well, then, if you're not sure, let me know when you find out. My responses from Senor Cain and Senor Taylor are as follows from the Bible, taken from statements they have written to me in email in the past few months:

Chris Taylor: "Ghouls are a type of mutant. Super Mutants are humans with no or minimal radiation damage who have been exposed to FEV. Ghouls are humans with significant radiation damage exposed to FEV."

Tim Cain: "I do know that radiation and FEV do not mix. Mutants are immune to radiation effects, but an irradiate human is killed by exposure to FEV. So one thing is sure: Harold is not a mix of radiation and FEV. He's got to be one or the other, and I think he's a ghoul."

In any event, let me know if Chris or Tim reversed their position or if you were referring to another prominent creator. If so, then I apologize.

Obviously, there's a lot of information to sort. Questions need to be asked. Chris needs our help so check out the thread and do your part.

On an unrelated note, GO SPAIN!
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IPLY Stock reports [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Wed 19 Jun 2002, 8:00 AM
EDGAR Online Financials has released an easy to read table of financials for IPLY, showing that they did, indeed, earn a profit on Q1 2002 by selling off the newly released NWN to Infogrames as well as a few other license deals. Also, interesting, as of March 31st, 2002, Interplay is only $27,781,000 in debt after the profit from Q1 2002.

Their stock is now at $0.47/share as of this posting.
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