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More Ion loving at [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sun 07 Jul 2002, 9:37 PM
Gamer's Click, which is a funny name when you think about it, has grabbed themselves an interview with Ion about Lionheart. Here's a touch of it:

GC: As a role-playing title what will set this one apart from say, Neverwinter Nights?

IH: The ability of the player to interact with historical events and characters from Earth, with an altered twist, seems pretty cool to me. On the surface, there are actually a lot of differences between NWN and Lionheart, but many of them are just stylistic variations that contribute to the gaming experience. Overall, I would have to say our unique story stands out. Any further comparisons would be unfair (to whom, I am not sure) as I have not had a chance to play NWN all the way through yet.

Hopefully, the ability to role play above an beyond kill monsters in cave/dungeon/forest, bring back item will be what separates Lionheart from NWN.
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Yet another release of Red\'s doohicky. [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Sat 06 Jul 2002, 6:49 PM
Red has sent word that another version of his thingy is finished. It's version now. Here's a list of changes:

- FRM Fixed centering under all circumstances
- Made slight GUI changes to be more userfriendly, added more tooltips
- FRM Added checkmark to show when the Fallout Palette is loaded.
- Added Configuration menu where you can select which settings to save:
Window positions, Fallout Palette (auto-reload), rendering settings and last

There's also a thread about the thingy here and a super easy installer for it here.
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Ion speaks to HomeLanFed about Lionheart [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Fri 05 Jul 2002, 1:29 PM
HomeLanFed has jumped up and conducted an exclusive interview with Ion Hardie - the Lionheart designerwith the very interesting name. Take a look at this sample:
HomeLAN - Will the game be "mod friendly" in any way?

Ion Hardie - We are currently kicking the idea around of shipping our level editor with the title. However, there are many factors to consider. If we think that the editor is in a state that can be readily usable by fans, and it makes sense for the game, then we’ll release it.

HomeLAN - What will Lionheart's multiplayer modes be like?

Ion Hardie - We are creating a multiplayer cooperative experience so that players can play through the game together. It is the same level environments and maps that the single player goes through, but they have been buffed up for the multiplayer experience. We accomplish this by having each map that the “party� enters check to see how powerful they are. If the party is one person, then the appropriate monsters and items are generated. If the party is three people, the level will have tougher and/or more monsters to fight, with more rewards to obtain. As it is a cooperative effort, friendly fire will be disabled.
As well as those two, another couple of interestings questions are about how the game is progressing and whether or not Reflexive will work with Black Isle on their next game. If you missed the link to the interview before, then here it is again. Enjoy!
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More discussion on the future of Fallout 3 [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Fri 05 Jul 2002, 1:17 PM
Our chum Odin over at No Mutants Allowed has been cruising through the Black Isle forums only to discover this - a thread about the future of Fallout 3 - J.E. Sawyer (a BIS designer, for those who don't know) style. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride:
Conspiracy theorists should put on their tin-foil hats now so my clever lies won't corrupt their brains.

Fallout 3 can't be rushed, and it certainly can't be made without money. Interplay has been in a lousy situation for several years. Everything that Black Isle has made since Planescape: Torment has had a development cycle of one year or less. TORN was the sole exception to this. Instead of using more resources to finish TORN, a title that was behind schedule and -- well, this is all public record, no need to re-hash it -- it was cancelled. Often, cancelling a project saves more money than actually publishing it.

Like giddy children, as each project approaches its final stages, we whisper about making Fallout 3. This giddy hopefulness has given way to sober pragmatism. We made Icewind Dale, and it helped us survive. We made Heart of Winter, and it helped us survive. We made Icewind Dale 2, and hopefully, it will allow us a margin of prosperity. We're digging our way out of a hole that's about seven years deep.

Reverse our roles. A select group of dedicated Fallout fans are given the rights to make Fallout 3 -- but there's a catch. Before they can make Fallout 3, they have to make Vault Dweller Teaches Typing, Super Kung Fu Death Master, and D&D Adventure No. 34. You can either say, "SCREW THE MAN! I'M NOT TAKING YOUR GREEDY OFFER, GREEDY MCGREEDS!" and NEVER make Fallout 3, or you could say, "Hmmm..." look around with a shifty-eyed look, and continue, "okaaaaaaaaay."

We need to stop working on Infinity Engine games, that's for sure. The IE has provided us with the basis for four in-house titles, but man -- it's 2002. I've said before that the Jefferson project is not Fallout 3. Will we start working on Fallout 3 in the next year, two years? Possibly. And if it does, there are going to be some damned passionate people working on it. We're not moving away from Fallout. We're moving away from losing our jobs. Even with project cancellations, Black Isle has continued to make money for Interplay. We talk about Fallout all the time. We write down ideas, play through scenarios, and yes, we really do read what people post on random websites.

I would ask one thing of our impatient Fallout fans. Please do not beat on us when our next title is announced and it is not Fallout 3. Please do not verbally abuse members of BIS who show up in a chatroom or on a message board to talk with you or argue with you about ideas. I have relatively thick skin, but not everyone at Black Isle does. Nobody likes to be called incompetent or incapable. Nobody likes to be thought of as uncaring or greedy. Many of the developers in Black Isle could have left six to nine months ago. In fact, many did. A lot of us received phone calls and e-mails asking us to leave. I can't speak for everyone, but I stayed because I look forward to the time WHEN Fallout 3 will be made. I may not work on it, but I want to be here to see it come together. Many of the developers in Black Isle love Fallout as much as you do. When we have enough time and money to do it right, it will be done.

I know not everyone believes this, but I do.
*sniff* That's beautiful. Oh well, I for one will not be bagging the shit out of J.E.'s post - I'll just say good luck fella's, I hope you make enough dosh to pay for Fallout 3.
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Preview at RPGFan of Lionheart [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Thu 04 Jul 2002, 9:32 AM
RPG Fan has a preview of Lionheart. It's tiny. Very tiny. Here's part of it though:
Rather than a sequel to a pre-existing Black Isle game, Lionheart is an original story set during the 16th century in an alternate version of our own world. After the Third Crusade, a shifting of reality occurred which caused a profound influx of magic and extemporaneous creatures into the world. The planet was covered in a perpetual Dark Age that would last over 400 years; and now a hero must emerge. The player is cast into the role of a descendant of King Richard the Lionheart during these turbulent times, with adventures that can conclude in a multitude of scripted endings. Reflexive Entertainment hopes to capture the non-linear storytelling that made Fallout so appealing with an open-ended adventure that changes based on the decisions you make throughout the game. The player will be allowed to interact with historical figures and possibly have an impact on the history of the world. This is truly a unique and interesting premise, which if executed properly, could result in being truly great.
"Rather than a sequel", that just cracks me up.
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Part Three of RPGVault\'s Lionheart interviews [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Thu 04 Jul 2002, 8:12 AM
RPGVault have slapped up their third and final Lionheart interview, this time with the interestingly named lead designer, Ion Hardie. Ion. Ion... Anyway, here's a slice where they talk about the Velocity engine.
Jonric: Since you just referred to it, let's cover the game engine. What are its notable features, and which ones are especially suited to the design of Lionheart?

Ion Hardie: The proprietary Velocity Engine created by Reflexive has a bunch of tricks and features that make it a great development and gaming engine. It delivers cutting edge quality art and special effects without requiring high-end hardware, as well as a cool "plasma ground" feature that allows for real-time ground texture changes in response to game effects. In one of our previous games, Zax, it was used to make lava chase you around the level. In Lionheart, we currently have water puzzles and enemies that use lava against you that use this feature.

The engine is also non-tile based, and is script-oriented, which means that more command over gameplay is given to level designers to implement cool AI and complex game interactions. The Velocity Engine as a whole is a collection of technologies that together form the major components of all the games that we have created to date, including Zax: the Alien Hunter and Star Trek: Away Team. The editor and scripting engine are tightly integrated and form the tool that our artists and level designers, myself included, use to make our games come to life.
Ion. Ion. Spotted this one over at the always excellent HomeLanFed.
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Vivendi in trouble too? [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Wed 03 Jul 2002, 11:00 PM
Looks like Vivendi-Universal, who is now the publisher for Interplay in several parts of the world, has recently had their CEO, Messier, resign due to record low stock prices for the company and a staggering multi-billion dollar debt.

Also of note is this story on MSNBC about Vivendi's stock dropping like a rock due to the debt issues:

VIVENDI SHARES nose-dived as investors dumped the stock after the ratings agency downgraded the French media company’s long-term debt and said it was considering further downgrades, citing concerns over Vivendi’s ability to service its debt, its recent acquisitions and its failure to complete sales of certain assets.

Vivendi shares were temporarily suspended four times on the Paris bourse as the stock hit limit-down thresholds. In early afternoon, the stock was halted until further notice at 15.70, down 34.3%.

So, the question is, if Vivendi folds, where does that leave Interplay?

Thanks to voodoo1man and Blue's for the words.
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Fallout 2 for the mac... [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Killzig | Related News Items Wed 03 Jul 2002, 6:11 AM
For you mac users-This post has been hijacked by Dan "Jigger Me Biscuits" Wood

Well, it worked.

Fallout 2 is coming to MacOS X. Not only that, they're patching up Fallout 1 to MacOS X as well.

The original Mac release of Fallout was only the 1.1 release, while you PC bastards had 1.2. Also, there is mention that there are patches to Fallout 2... the extent of which is questionable. Are they patching the Gecko no-win scenario or just fixing up the crappy engine that Feargus U. thinks won't make him money?

What does this mean?

Thin end of the wedge, kids. They're priming the pipeline for the new Fallout, which may be coming for multiple platforms. Or at least that's my hope. More information as we put our hooks into another PR department.
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Beta Test some Trash [ N/A -> N/A ]
Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Mon 01 Jul 2002, 9:14 PM
On the post-apocalyptic tip, there's a brand-spanking new RTS (real-time strategy game for those of you who aren't geeks) in the works named Trash, and it sounds VERY Fallout-esque indeed. Here's the short-and-sweet description I blatantly ripped from the game's info page:
Trash is a 3D RTS based in a post-apocalyptic future. The surviving humans, mutants, and intelligent machines are the three races battling for control of the primary resource: Trash.


  • 3D Graphics Engine
  • Quick learning curve
  • Focus on multiplayer, on-line play
  • Game design encourages coordination with teammates
  • Three unique races, thirty-plus different units
  • Ability to join already running games
  • Scales up to 24 players
  • Realistic Line-Of-Sight
  • In-game, realtime unit design
  • Internet lobbies for in-game matchmaking
  • Humans, mutants and robots - oh my. Do you want in on the beta test? Jump over here and sign up. Testing will start soon, apparently.

    This news was spotted over at Blues News.
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    The Nuclear Winter site is up and running [ N/A -> N/A ]
    Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Mon 01 Jul 2002, 8:22 PM
    Forum regular Ganymedes has informed us that the Nuclear Winter site (it's a Fallout mod using the Dungeon Siege engine) is now online and cooking with gas. Check it out over yonder.

    If you feel like getting your hands dirty and helping out with the mod, the lads running the show are more than happy to hear from you. You can contact them by sending an email to one of the addresses on this page. Good luck, guys!
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    New single player map [ N/A -> N/A ]
    Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Mon 01 Jul 2002, 10:10 AM
    We've got a new single player map from Dave Brumby - it's called Slave Town, and you can check it out by clicking somewhere around here. Cheers Dave!
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    Red\'s updated his viewer again [ N/A -> N/A ]
    Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Mon 01 Jul 2002, 9:48 AM
    That Red... my my, isn't he the busy bee? He's gone an released another version of the fabled Red!Viewer - we're now up to version Here's the details:
  • Fixed Sequence lists staying in italics once in it and loading other graphic
  • Fixed the sequence list names not displaying the control values
  • Added lenghtyer descriptions to the sequence text since there is more room
  • Beautified code to make it respect my "coding standard"
  • Added MSVBVM6/COMDLG32.OCX missing in bug FAQ
  • Updated copyright section emails and typos
  • Added version dispplay for ZARs and FRMs
  • Support multi-direction FRMs properly
  • Fixed "New" tile being corrupt when loaded within viewer
  • For those of you who know what you're doing, the vanilla version is here, and for those who don't, the chocolate version (with the installer) is here. Hurrah for Red!
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    Lionheart News... [ N/A -> N/A ]
    Posted by Killzig | Related News Items Mon 01 Jul 2002, 4:23 AM
    Rex posted this:

    European History: In real history, Byzantium was running on fumes anyway after the fourth crusade in 1204 - it was pretty much bait for the emerging Ottoman Empire. We just gave them a quick, dramatic ending with a nasty mongol siege of constantinople.

    I've mentioned this before, but just wanted to reiterate, that it would be impossible for us to include all of the historical groups in the time periods of the game. We have to craft a backstory that allows us to build an alternate historical fantasy world that seems like it could be plausible, is interesting, and is something that we can create in the current schedule.

    The Disjunction was a pretty nasty Earth shaking event. Some factions didn't survive, some factions eventually flourished, and new factions were created. I've been aiming for a mix of old and new, so that you will encounter people and factions that are familiar, but also many things that are new, so expect a blend of some history with new fictional elements.

    And the disappearance of Marco Polo is a backstory element that helps to explain why the use of gunpowder emerged so late in Europe and why there are no guns in the game. He would've been pretty old anyway for 1588, but who knows whether you will be able to discover what happened to him.

    This information brought to you by SpecialED (Eric Dallaire, Designer for Lionheart.)
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    There\'s a new version of Red!Viewer out [ N/A -> N/A ]
    Posted by Kreegle | Related News Items Sat 29 Jun 2002, 10:55 AM
    Red's pumped out a sparkling new version of his popular Red!Viewer - and it definitely looks like he's been busy. Check out this list of updates:
  • Optimized loading of vb standard types
  • Fixed bug that would crash if you don't select a frame in FRMs
  • Fixed crash when encountering negative integer offsets in FRMs (and opt)
  • Fixed FR0 to FR5 loading
  • Optimized ZAR/SPR/TIL palette loading with buffer
  • Fixed & optimized Big Endian long read (even though it didn't cause bugs)
  • Fixed typos and added some info to the readme
  • Fixed centering of FRM animations
  • Moved the Fallout palette selection in the Rendering menu, added hotkey
  • Changed layout of menu a bit
  • Added "New -> Tile" in File menu
  • Rearranged a bunch of tools and added some ToolTips
  • Added feature to enable/disable sprite layers
  • Added the possibility to copy sprite layers onto the clipboard
  • Not bad, eh? You can pick it up in two flavours, vanilla (no installer), or chocolate (the installer's included). Cheers Red! We love you.
    There are 5 comments on this article. Click here to comment.
    Frictionless Insight on Interplay [ N/A -> N/A ]
    Posted by Saint_Proverbius | Related News Items Fri 28 Jun 2002, 8:41 PM
    Frictionless Insight has posted a tiny little article about the history of Interplay going back to 1983 at one point. Here's a slice:

    Interplay was founded in 1983 by Brian Fargo, who resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors on January 7th, 2002. His resignation came in the wake of attempts to sell the company; a conflict with BioWare Corp. over Neverwinter Nights; and a power struggle with Titus Interactive. Interplay’s problems can be divided into money problems and control problems. Amidst the turmoil, Interplay only released ten titles in 2001, compared with 32 titles in 2000. Like many companies, Interplay kept little cash on hand, and relied on credit agreements and revenue from game sales to operate. With fewer titles shipping, and problems with their credit agreements, Interplay had to find sources of cash and ways to cut costs.

    Some projects were cut entirely. Interplay had to recognize $8.1 million as a loss because of cancelled projects, including the aforementioned TORN. Neverwinter Nights, of course, survived with Infogrames as publisher. That arrangement not only ended the dispute between BioWare and Interplay, but reportedly Interplay received some compensation for the exchange. Interplay gave the rights to publish their games to Vivendi, in return for a $13.5 million dollar advance. That means that Vivendi paid Interplay $13.5 million that could be used for ongoing operations, hoping to collect that amount from Interplay’s cut of future sales. As of December 31st, 2001, Vivendi had recouped $3.4 million of that advance.

    It's funny they mention that Fargo's split with Interplay was on friendly terms in the article, considering Herve Caen sent Interplay's lawyers after him for trying to compete with the software company. That doesn't sound like a warm handshake to me.

    This was spotted over at VoodooExtreme.
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