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Yay, they work! [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by DarkUnderlord | Related News Items Tue 19 Apr 2005, 11:58 AM
News related to Top Story: Wikipocalypse Launch | More info on Community: Duck and Cover | More info on Community: Sierra Army Depot | More info on Community: Wikipocalypse | More info on Community: The Vault

All righty then. The Vault is back. The skin isn't - I'm sure we'll get that back up soon - but for now, the Vault is back online and is (or at least it seems to be) working properly. The search function for it now works and it's re-directing to the right URLs when you try and edit something. You will find the odd messed up charset which is due to our server move but you should be able to edit it, fix it and all will be well.

The Wikipocalypse is also back online for all your Post-Apocalyptic goodness. The Polish versions of both wiki's will be re-established shortly and along with that our Polish subdomain, Sierra Army Depot, will also come back online (though with a few messed up characters which will hopefully be fixed over-time).

All-in-all, it's been a productive morning.

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Herve hasn't been assassinated yet [ Company -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Tue 19 Apr 2005, 11:40 AM
More info on Person: Herve Caen | More info on Company: Interplay

... so we'll have to hire a better assassin. That is, according to NMA, who report:

The latest rumour concering Interplay is that Herve Caen/IPLY have been talking to David Bowman of Artifact Entertainment/Tulga Games since the beginning of the year about Tulga doing the Fallout MMORPG.

An anonymous source told us that the negotiations continues and that he's afraid Artifact Entertainment/Tulga Games will wreak the Fallout name even more then what IPLY did with Fallout Bos (Xbox,PS2). 

I'm still confused as to where he's getting his money from. No one is buying his games, and he's not making any games. Funneling from the corpse of Titus, maybe? 

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Fallout Feature in HYPER [ Game -> Article ]
Posted by Stainless | Related News Items Tue 19 Apr 2005, 10:43 AM
More info on Game: Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game | More info on Game: Fallout 3 (Van Buren)

For those who live in Australia, or actually pay any attention to Australian gaming mags, you may be interested to hear that this month's issue (#139) of HYPER, an Australian multi-format gaming mag, did a 3 page feature on the Fallout series, along with VB. Basically it's nothing most of us don't know already, but there're some cheesy references made.

"Truly passionate players consider themselves "Fallout Scholars", and dedicate themselves to the series, exploring miniscule side quests and quirks..."

Passionate about goatse maybe...

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Omega Syndrome reaches v2.03 [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Mon 18 Apr 2005, 10:45 PM
More info on Game: The Omega Syndrome | More info on Company: Australian Game Developers

The Fallout-inspired shareware RPG Omega Syndrome has been updated to version 2.03. It's a big update, and here are the changes:

Behold! OS Has Its Very Own Primary Statistics!
Strength, Intelligence, Perception, Health, Agility!

New Rules For Armour!
Now armour has Damage Resistance only. So it only reduces damage by a percentage. One more change is planned for armour, but that's for another update.

New Damage System!
The damage system was reworked to make it more realistic. I wanted armour like Kevlar to work the way it does in real life. That is it stops very fast moving projectiles like bullets, but slower moving objects like arrows and knives can go through it. This way you can have armour that's good for hand to hand combat and armour that's useful against guns. See the next page for the new damage types. 

Without further ado, the new damage types for combat:

Impale: knives (stabbing), crossbow bolts and spears.

Cut: knives (slashing), claws and circular saws.

Crush: fists, rocks, baseball bats, hammers and snapping jaws.

Pierce: bullets, shotgun pellets and explosive fragments.

Explode: pressure waves emitted by explosive devices.

Fire: Molotov cocktails and fire arrows.

Laser: Reptoid heat rays. 

Turn Based Combat Improved!
If there are no creatures attacking, you can leave turn based combat by pressing the Enter key. This is useful if there are fleeing creatures nearby and you don't want to bother with them, or if your enemies have lost sight of you and are searching for you.

Party Member Selections Restored After Battles!
The previous state of party member selections are now restored when turn based combat ends. Now you don't have to reselect the members of your party at the end of every fight.

Combat Calculations Shown Combat!
One of our players asked for combat calculations to be shown during combat. We thought this was a great idea so they've gone in. You can switch them on and off in the Preferences Panel. 

They've finally gotten rid of SPECIAL and put in their own skill system; I'm not sure if that's good or bad. 

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Mad Max fans arrested [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by ApTyp | Related News Items Mon 18 Apr 2005, 4:56 PM
More info on Film & TV: Mad Max series

'Mad Max' fan convoy ends in arrests SAN ANTONIO — Eleven "Mad Max" fans of were arrested after alarming motorists as they made their way to a movie marathon in a theatrical convoy in which they surrounded a tanker truck armed with fake machine guns.

As the group was headed to San Antonio from nearby from Boerne on Saturday morning, police received several calls from motorists who reported a "militia" surrounding a tanker truck, a police report states.

Police charged nine people with obstruction of a highway and two others with possession of prohibited knives in addition to obstruction of a highway.

One of the organizers of the convoy, Chris Fenner, said the arrests were unfair. He said he didn't know why anyone would have confused the costumed crew recreating a scene from "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" — set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland — with a real threat.

"I honestly don't know how that could be, because 'Road Warrior' was so over the top," he said.

About 25 people participated in the convoy and more than twice that number were expected to attend the movie marathon, which was canceled after the arrests.

Spotted at FreeRepublic, copy-pasted since "" requires registration in order to access the news article (which is here).

Spotted @ My San-Antonio
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Hellgate: London details revealed soon [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Mon 18 Apr 2005, 2:01 PM
More info on Game: Hellgate: London

The Flagship Follower reports:

The next issue of GameStar Italia, an Italian gaming magazine, will feature an exclusive look at Hellgate: Lodon, Flagship Studios upcoming game.

For those that don't know, Hellgate: London is from some ex-Blizzard employees and is a first person Diablo type game set in post-apocalyptic London. It's an interesting concept and everything points to the game being good. If anyone is in Italy and can get a copy of this magazine, send us a scan of the article or something... 

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Wasteland merc mod walkthrough [ Mod -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Sat 16 Apr 2005, 7:47 PM
More info on Mod: Fallout 2: Wasteland Merc
Haris sent word that his Fallout 2 mod, Wasteland Merc (which you can get in our download section), has got a walkthrough. It's written by someone called... well, he doesn't give his name, but if you're stuck in the mod, it's the obvious place to go.
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Auto Assault goodies at RPG Vault and jolt [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by Jinxed | Related News Items Sat 16 Apr 2005, 7:29 PM

RPG Vault has a long 3 page interview with Scott Brown of Netdevil. Quite frankly, after reading this interview I'm under the impression that this game will have many problems. Partly because I've never even heared of their previous game, Jumpgate, (which probably sucked) but because Scott admits that balancing the game and actually making things work will be pretty tough. Hey, at least if it will suck we won't call him a liar. Here's a bit:

Jonric: How challenging has it been to implement, tune and balance the game's selection of abilities and skills?

Scott Brown:
We are still very much in the balance phase of the game and it is quite the challenge! The trickiest part is that because Auto Assault is the first game of its kind, we can't see what others have done to overcome the problems they've faced. A lot of our ideas have just gone through trial and error. Some ideas work out great, TacArcs for example, while other ideas, though great in theory, were not so great in practice... especially anything involving a long charge-up timer being used against a moving target.

You can also find some hi-res exclusive screenshots that go with the interview.

jolt on the other hand, was busy previewing the game. While most previews are hype filled crapfests, this one is moderately reserved. I found this bit interesting:

In a time when it seems that practically everybody is attempting to jump aboard the MMOG bandwagon, this is one of the very few we actually have high hopes for. Stepping away from the traditional fantasy trappings of a thousand other role-playing games is a great idea in itself, but holding onto the RPG undertones underlying a premise as tantalising as what is basically Mad Max online will hopefully ensure that Auto Assault doesn’t suffer the ignominy of becoming another also-ran. Mark our words – there are going to be a lot of those over the next twelve months…

While I applaud them for actually trying something different from a random fantasy world, a good idea is only just that - a good idea.

Spotted @ #fallout
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Restricted Area previewed [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Sat 16 Apr 2005, 12:19 PM
More info on Game: Restricted Area

... and this time it's at

Restricted Area's story isn't too complicated. The basics run a little like this: there is a weak one world government, which is actually being manipulated by various mega-corporations who hire outcasts of society to do their dirty work. This is where the player comes in, taking odd jobs and getting them done. The immediate goal is to earn enough money to buy new weapons, armor, and hookers. But you have to be careful, as each mission you take costs a transport fee.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of paying to do missions. That kind of, well, sucks.

Spotted @ RPG Dot
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Auto Assault stuff [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Fri 15 Apr 2005, 5:57 PM
More info on Game: Auto Assault

A new Auto Assault newsletter was sent out, conveniently putting all the extremely similar previews into one package:

While the Auto Assault team has been busy getting everything settled for E3, preparing for our first blast of beta participants, and having a blast as we see the game itself shaping up into something we are extremely proud of and can’t wait to share with all of you. In addition, we have some new interviews and web features we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss.

For instance, we’ve got two new videos up online featuring the Humans and Biomeks, which was originally offered as an exclusive from GameSpot – but now available for everybody. You can get them from our Downloads/Movies section here: For the second week of “Spring-Loaded Action!” month we’re featuring the Vindicator Lt. Chain Gun here:

The NetDevil team is featured in a new interview with TechGage this week (, and in a new preview by Game Revolution ( NetDevil’s Lead Texture Artist Mark May was also interviewed in the new magazine, Tristate Scene (

We’ve updated some of the hardware options available in our beta registration form and would like to encourage anyone who’s signed up to go have a look at their information and update it, if needed. Remember that players can still register for the Auto Assault at - we’re looking for a few good testers!

I'd be slightly interested in knowing how the game plays, if anyone is signing up to the beta. I'm 'sort of' into MMORPGs at the moment, since I'm pretty addicted to World of Warcraft

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Carsten Strehse in irony shock [ Game -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Fri 15 Apr 2005, 11:59 AM
More info on Game: The Fall: Last Days of Gaia | More info on Person: Carsten Strehse | More info on Company: Silver Style

Carsten Strehse, Lead Designer for The Fall, has written a short update on the status of his game's release dates:

Some info for my non-German friends. :)

The Extended Version of The Fall has gone Gold. The release will be at the end of April. The EV includes two new maps, a lot of new features, quests and characters, better graphics and some new voice actors. Of course all that additional content is also included in the US version.

The release in Russia will be somewhere in May. That's quite sure now.

Regarding the release of the US version we have no fixed date yet. It's also a matter of marketing and distribution not only of development. From our point of view the most important thing is that the product is perfectly polished at its release.

If someone ever asks you what irony is, just point them to that highlighted sentence.

Spotted @ RPG Dot
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Robbie Stamp Chat Log [ Film & TV -> Interview ]
Posted by Europa13 | Related News Items Wed 13 Apr 2005, 11:52 PM
More info on Film & TV: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy | More info on Person: Robbie Stamp

The executive producer for the Hitchhiker's Guide, Robbie Stamp, participated in an online chat last night with the guys/gals over at the Douglas Adams Continuum...

"JonathanEx: After watching the guide featurette, I now really would like to have my own guide. In the future, is there any chance we will be able to buy guide replicas with deleted entries, more ones and maybe even be able to download extra entries? I would love to be able to be sitting outside with friends, and randomly say "You know, the guide has a very interesting entry about towels...", pull out the guide and listen and watch the entry.

Robbie Stamp: Well as you know back in the days of TDV and h2g2 this was very much something that Douglas and I and the fabulous team there were working on. All I can say is watch this space, I'm working on it!"

Stamp was also asked about the possibility of a sequel(s) and seemed pretty hopeful about the idea & went on to state that they do have some ideas on the table. To read the rest of the log, just click here.

Spotted @ Douglas Adams Continuum
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Update on wikis and subdomains [ Community -> Update ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Wed 13 Apr 2005, 9:53 PM
News related to Top Story: Wikipocalypse Launch | More info on Community: Duck and Cover | More info on Community: Wikipocalypse | More info on Community: Sierra Army Depot

Just so you all know, the wikis are coming back, as are the subdomains (sorry Sierra Army Depot :( ). We've had a bunch of problems with installing databases which the wikis and subdomains use. DarkUnderlord (and Mutant) can explain this in more detail than I can, but it's being worked on and we're trying to work something out.

Also on an unrelated note, is anyone here good with HTML? We have a few very good site designs done but I'm not confident enough in HTML to code them. If you're a decent webdesigner, let me know... 

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Perlman [ Person -> Update ]
Posted by ApTyp | Related News Items Wed 13 Apr 2005, 4:52 PM
More info on Person: Ron Pearlman

According to the reliable sources, Ron Perlman has a birthday today, and he is now 55 years old! Only 5 years left till retirement, don't give up on us now, old buddy, old pal!

Ron Perlman was the gruff narrator in Fallout 1/2/Tactics game series, and has allegedly threatened Chris Avelonne with bodily harm during Fallout 2 voice recording session.

Spotted @ The Perlman Pages (also IMDB)
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Restricted Area 'review' at Loadedinc [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by Mr. Teatime | Related News Items Wed 13 Apr 2005, 1:50 PM
More info on Game: Restricted Area

There's a new review of the German version of Restricted Area, the post-apocalyptic Diablo-clone, up at Loadedinc. Well, it calls itself a review, but reads like a preview - the 'reviewer' doesn't speak any German but played the German version of the game, which puts some doubts on how reliable the article is.

The environments in Restricted Area are of the 3-D isometric variety, just like, all together now: Diablo. Only certain items in the environment are destructible. Much like a Diablo hack-fest, you will be faced with a swarm of enemies and need to watch your health carefully. Combat is simple, just click on the creature you wan to kill. Rinse and repeat. The point and click interface is extremely easy to utilize and the inventory and character stat screen are equally easy to manage.

As you gain experience, you can improve your characters attributes and skills. Your inventory is limited by space, so you have to be picky once you begin to progress. Much like Diablo, you will find a lot of items that you con not use quite yet, you will want to down the road. The inventory management screen has a button that will auto arrange your items to maximize your storage (similar to that found in Dungeon Siege). The paper doll interface for equipping your alter ego is a snap to use, and opens and closes with the press of a key. You will be made aware if you advance a level, but you will not be forced to spend points or stop the action at any time.

It's more positive than the preview reported yesterday, at least.

Spotted @ RPG Dot
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