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Metro 2033: Trailer
Metro 2033: Trailer [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by King of Creation Tue 03 Nov 2009, 4:40 AM
More info on Game: Metro 2033

A new post apocalyptic shooter is in the works. It's called Metro 2033 and it takes place in Russia. Here's a bit about it from Voodoo Extreme:

Metro 2033 has been in development for about two years, and is powered by a proprietary engine that utilizes PhysX for visually striking particle effects for dust and fire, as well as rigid body construction to realistically depict destructible environments. Thanks to the streaming tech within Metro 2033, the game features limited load times that are extremely small on both systems; the PC version seemed like a few seconds and the 360 version was about ten seconds or less. PC owners that own a pair of 3D Vision glasses will also be pleased to know that 3D support for Metro 2033, while just being implemented in the code, looked particularly sharp.

And from Kotaku:

Let's back up a bit and convince you that this isn't some fancy rip-off of Fallout 3. Metro 2033 is based on a book, first of all, written by Russian blogger-turned-novelist Dmitry Glukhovsky. In Glukhovsky's bleak vision of the future, the known world has been visited by a nuclear holocaust that killed and irradiated everything on the surface of the planet. The only known survivors are those that happened to be in underground places when the whole thing went down (hence the name "Metro"). In Glukhovsky's novel (which was originally published for free on the Internet), the story follows a boy named Artyom whose only vision of the world the way it used to be come from postcards he collects throughout the dystopian network of Metro societies.

The biggest difference that I can stress between Fallout 3 and Metro 2033 is the fact that Metro 2033 picks up only 20 years after the nuclear Holocaust. People haven't quite adjusted to the changes in the environment and weird, upsetting things are still happening on a daily basis in the Metro colonies. Strange "anomalies" occur deep underground that cause hallucinations and some ominous force known as the Dark Ones keep making off with or mentally corrupting what's left of humanity.

And the trailer:

There's a lot more to read in the Kotaku article, so definitlely head over there and check it out.

Spotted @ Voodoo Extreme
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