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Mothership Zeta: The End?
Mothership Zeta: The End? [ Game -> Editorial ]
Posted by King of Creation Mon 17 Aug 2009, 11:50 PM

The folks over at Crispy Gamer dropped by to let us know about an article they're written concerning "the end" of Fallout 3. They feel that Mothership Zeta is the true ending to the game. Here are some highlights:

Our culture has come to expect a lot from endings. We expect epic scale, punishing challenges, and seriousness. On the face of it, Zeta ticks none of those boxes. It's a pulpy rehash of the familiar alien-abduction standard. You're sucked onto a ship by a tractor beam. You're poked and prodded with sharp instruments. You're thrown into a holding cell with a stranger, and somehow, some way, you have got to get out of there. Stop me if you've heard this one before.


Endings are subjective in Fallout 3. For me, Mothership Zeta is a fitting finale, not because it's so sweeping or bombastic (it's not), but because Zeta evoked something new in me. Specifically, it brought out my worst, and I'm grateful for it. My Fallout 3 experience has been peppered with little moments of insight into the human condition, and it was a pleasant surprise that Zeta was able to give this Lone Wanderer one final epiphany.

I haven't even finished Fallout 3, mind you, but how can a DLC that has nothing to do with Fallout seem like the end of the game? It's like playing Red Alert and then Quake and feeling satisfied that the death of Shub Niggurath was a fitting end to the Soviets.

Thanks to James for the heads-up.

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