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RPS Reviews Operation: Anchorage
RPS Reviews Operation: Anchorage [ Game -> Review ]
Posted by King of Creation Wed 28 Jan 2009, 4:35 AM
More info on Game: Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage

Rock Paper Shotgun has posted a review of the process of getting Operation: Anchorage. Mind you, this is not a review of the game. The process of getting the game requires a review of its own.

You need to know that I’ve not read previews of this, nor indeed about the DLC for the game at all. I am now aware that it’s a Games For Windows Live affair, but this wasn’t a piece of information I’d picked up before today. I’ve not touched GFWL since its redesign. None of this may be relevant to you, or happen to anyone else. This is what happened to me.

My first instinct, and you’ll laugh, was to launch the game. I have the Steam version, and wondered if it would auto-update to let me choose to buy the new content. It costs 800 Microsoft Points, it seems, and while I’m not sure how one would spend those on a PC, I was confident I’d find out.

There was first a hefty update. I hadn’t tried to run the game since before Christmas, and the patch has appeared since then. The game opens. Sadly, the “DOWNLOADS” option was greyed out. Never mind, I thought, I’ll look on the Fallout 3 website for details. With the announcement of the launch today, it must surely be the big news story… Um, no. Instead the patch from the 13th presided. (Steam Update News? Last entry, October 31st.) In fact, if there’s a clue about it on Bethesda’s site, I can’t find it. There’s nothing under Downloads either.

Looking in the comments on the ShackNews story, I saw that it requires Games For Windows Live. Aha! Back into the game, and the “LIVE” option. Down pops the slick new interface, and asks me to log in or create an account. I have one, of course, so popped in the details. It needed to update. Good old Windows. Without asking my permission it quit out the game and downloaded its updates, then vanished without telling me it was done. Nice.

So I restart Fallout 3 and DOWNLOADS is still greyed out. Go into Live, tell it my account details again, and this time it downloads my account. Ta-da! The DOWNLOADS option is there! I’m surely almost there. I click it.

“No new content available.”

I see.

Back to the ShackNews comments. Ah, it seems you need to run GFWL. Quick search of my hard drive, as I’m sure I installed it once. Maybe not. Let’s screw that, I thought, and just download it again. I find the download on the site, get it, run it, and it’s installed. No option for a shortcut on the desktop, etc, but it’s there in the Start Menu. Any second now!

Run it. I require a hotfix for Windows XP to install GFWL. Apparently this couldn’t be included in any of the four hundred thousand updates Windows XP likes to install each week. So I click the option to get it, and find myself on this page, which eventually has the link after discussing error codes I haven’t seen. Download it, run it, and I have successfully completed the KB938759 Setup Wizard! It now requires a restart. Oh good Lord.

It goes on from there. Go here to read the rest of his adventure.

Thanks to Arjuna for the tip.

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