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Fallout 3: Your thoughts
Fallout 3: Your thoughts [ Game -> Review ]
Posted by King of Creation Mon 27 Oct 2008, 3:01 PM
News related to Top Story: Fallout 3 Released! | More info on Game: Fallout 3

I'm opening up this news thread so you can post your thoughts about Fallout 3. Some of you may already have it, others may be waiting to pick it up or waiting for the mail to come! So post your thoughts by clicking the Comments link below.

Fallout 3!

I'll post your general thoughts here, as DAC Community Quicky Reviews.

  • Macky: I am astonished with the product on its own merits, regardless of the Fallout legacy. Surprisingly, the game is absolutely useless outside of the Hard and Very Hard settings.
  • Edward_R_Murrow: Fallout 3 is an game screwed over by what "Bethesda does best"; idiotic writing, terrible atmosphere, and way too damn much dungeon crawling.
  • Myron: It's a really great game and i'm having a great time playing it but to me is not worthy of being called Fallout 3.
  • RAK: It ain't the Fallout we love and remember, but it is a perfectly acceptable and playable game.
  • Falloutian: Feels like a pretty good game, if bit too much FPS. Constant crashing kills it all (on my PC which more than meets minimum requirements). Name should had been Fallout 3D.
  • Jimmyay86: I just got into Megaton and I'm willing to give it a chance but this isn't Fallout beyond the in-game references and perks and shit.
  • S4ur0n27: It's not that bad, but it's still very much like Oblivion in a lot of ways, mostly the dialogues, lifeless NPCs, and a boring main quest.
  • OriahUlrich: Fallout 3 is a great game. I just wanted to play it this morning and that is what i loved from the old Fallouts. It just brings me in.
  • Spokomtonjdub: It's one part watered down shooter and one part watered down rpg. So in essence, it combines into a pretty mediocre experience.
  • Doc Hill: It's a decent game, it has flaws, but it's not crippling, and frankly....I like it.
  • Nofu: For some reason the locations I stumble across feel like hack-and-slash grind-em-up exp-mills. So far in F-3 the only “dungeon” I found interesting was venturing to the source of the fireants.
  • Maddmaxx: It fun and still has that Fallout flavor.
  • Dogmeatlives: It's actually kinda enjoyable as a game itself, thanks mostly to the environment and design done in the previous games, but there were times while I was playing that I longed badly for a 3rd person turn-based game.
  • Wolfman Walt: Game is a lot shorter than I thought it would be. I rented it on Wednesday and I'm already at the end without particularly paying attention to the main quest.
  • Nicolai: Kinda alright so far, I'm having fun with it.
  • MadBill: Compared to other Fallouts, it fails at almost everything. Compared to a glass of milk, it manages to hold its own. The glass of milk has higher replay value and a better storyline, but Fallout 3 has more graphics.
  • Jetbaby: It's not a shitty game, it's just very sub-par, just like Oblivion.
  • Jiujitsu: It's fun. Hard in Very Hard mode. Doesn't have quite the same feel as Fallout, but it's not way far off.
  • VasikkA: The dialogue is just tard. The thing with Fallout was that you could always find a dialogue option that suited you. In Fallout 3, I'm just trying to pick the least horrible line. It's almost as if I'm cheating myself.
  • Smiley: Unplayable due to freezes, plays like oblivion, in that all dialogue is about nothing, too much irrelevant gameplay and not enough sex.
  • Haris: So played it now, best game in a long time. This is the "fallout rpg" of new gen games that i waited for.
  • Senisterdenister: My two cents though, its an alright game, but it's not a good Fallout game.
  • Manoil: It's a new take on Fallout, yeah, but I would say in the end, they are retaining the spirit, feeling, and unlike past abominations, the continuity. Even more, they very well might be doing it credit.
  • Frater Perdurabo: So far, it seems to me that I'm playing an Oblivion expansion pack and not Fallout.
  • Pooperscooper: Just got out of the vault and have to say it was probably one of the most boring beginnings to have in a game.
  • [HpA]SniperPotato: Really, I like it as an FPS but not as a Fallout game. It's Oblivion with guns. [updated]
  • Moloch04: Good gameplay, excellent graphics, good story, and the themes and some humour from the original Fallout.
  • The Stainless Steel Rat: It is a good game. I'd even go so far as to say it's a great game. But it is not, and never really attempts to be, a recreation of the original Fallout brand
  • Pope Viper: Suck. Hard.

Last update on 12/30 9:37 PM EST.

If I missed you, be sure to PM me and I'll post your thoughts up

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