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Sir Timothy Cain's Thoughts on Fallout 3
Sir Timothy Cain's Thoughts on Fallout 3 [ Community -> Interview ]
Posted by POOPERSCOOPER Mon 27 Oct 2008, 3:17 AM

There is an interview of Tim Cain at Edge Online and they ask him all sorts of questions and here are some about FO3:

What are your impressions of what youíve seen of Fallout 3? Do you think that theyíre doing that franchise justice?

TC: I do like what Iíve seen about Fallout 3. Iíve talked to those guys at Bethesda about it and they know that itís their IP now and theyíve gone in a certain direction that I find very intriguing. Itís not necessarily the direction I would have gone, but I can tell you I have my Fallout 3 pre-ordered. I want my life-sized Pip-Boy and Iím going to be all ready to play that at the end of the month.

What direction would you have taken it? The way that they describe it is theyíre basing it more off of the feel of the original Fallout rather than Fallout 2, obviously with their own twist on it. But what would you have done different?

TC: Iím not sure. Iíve hardly thought about Fallout. I did think more about the online version of Fallout, because Iíve also talked to the guys at Interplay about Fallout Online. The biggest problem I have with expanding the game currently is the single player games were designed to make you feel like youíre one of the last people on earth. With Fallout 3 and the online version, Iím curious how they handle making the game not feel too crowded, like thereís not a lot of life out there thatís left after the war. But Iím not sure. I like how they did called shots. Itís an interesting way of adding called shots into a game that otherwise has real-time combat. Iím still waiting to see how the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. survives the transition into real time, but to be honest Iím approaching Fallout 3 as a consumer, not a developer. I just want to play it and enjoy it.

You can read the rest of the interview of the legendary Timothy Cain Ph.D here.

Spotted @ RPG Codex
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