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First Two Fallout 3 Reviews Come In
First Two Fallout 3 Reviews Come In [ Game -> Review ]
Posted by King of Creation Wed 08 Oct 2008, 1:33 AM
More info on Game: Fallout 3

Apparently, Fallout 3 is already out there for "reviewing," and the first two "reviews" aren't even from the English speaking world. French mag PC Jeux and Swedish PC Gamer dish it to us. First, from Swedish PC Gamer:

I'm going to take the sting out of this review right now. Fallout 3 IS "Oblivion with guns". Whatever I stated in any earlier issue. So, with that said, there is no going back.

Regardless of your orientation, frames of reference and your expectations, you are sitting and screaming inside right now. I know it. But do you scream of happiness or horror? Are you the little naive, new kid on the block that loved Bethesda's last blockbuster to the core, or are you an old dusty turn-based- and topdown purist from No Mutants Allowed and always stated that Fallout 3 will be the spawn of Satan?

No matter orientation- read on, I'm going to take you to the radioactive wasteland. And when we're finished you're going to cry instead. Of happiness or sorrow.

The search for my father which has left the "security" of the Vault for his ambition to change the world is leading me deeper and deeper in to what once was Washington DC, the centre of USA's political force. Every dawn in the radioactive wasteland offers new adventures, every night something is lurking in the shadows, ready to devour me whole. And it would all be wonderful if it wasn't for something unidentifiable that just isn't there. Call it "spirit", call it whatever you want. But when the gates to Vault 101 are far away from me, my eyes have become used to the sunlight and almost 15 hours have passed come the thoughts. As if the expectations had gone a bit awry.

Because in Fallout 3 I get almost everything served directly. Bethesda have tried to squeeze in as much as possible on area as small as possible. Substance enough for a lifetime in short-movie format, if you want to. And the result is an anticlimax, too much of the good in too short time. One minute I'm running into a nest of rad-scorpions, while there is a peaceful camp of settlers 30 meters away. Some slavers are walking around with their slaves just around the corner and some raiders just settled down a bit farther away. A quick jog and I'm a nest of deathclaws. It's compressed, maximized and anonymized at the same time. It feels like a enormous orgy where nobody wants to fire away. There's tight and crowded, but no friction nor excitement. Many parts, but no entirety. And this feeling of getting the world pushed in my the face is the single largest weakness with Fallout 3, and every one that loved the original two games will scratch their head, wondering.
[reviewer's conclusion - NMA] Even if I can't leave my roots as an old Fallout-player when I'm sitting with the third part I do try to let go of the comparison, and the game is suddenly a lot more amusing.

Don't let your frames of reference limit you, but rather try to experience the game on it's own merits. No matter your story, Fallout 3 is for some moments a fantastic game, only limited by the prequels.

81% - Has to be experienced in spite of many small and a few big flaws.

Check out pictures from the article here at NMA.

Second review is from PC Jeux:

Quests are quite varied and go beyond the mere extermination of everything that shows up on screen. You'll have for instance to go through several tests for someone who is writing a survival guide, which includes getting exposed to considerable amounts of radiation, steal the Constitution of the USA in order to avoid anti-slavers getting their hands on it, or getting involved in huge military operations with dozens of belligerent parties. Everybody will get his share, with different ways to succeed : with brute force or eloquence. Sometimes you'll even be able to complete some quests by lying on the fact that you have indeed done what was expected of you.


Bethesda does not have the reputation of releasing finely polished games. Fallout 3 is likely to change that. The game, is not bug-free. There are still collision, pathfinding and lighting problems but they are not too numerous.


Thus, the fear that Fallout 3 could be a post-apocalyptic Oblivion is totally gone. A few hours with the game will be enough for Fallout veterans to get their habits back and be able to walk with confidence through the game. New players will not feel totally lost either because references to the previous games are rather scarce and discrete. If most changes brought to the series are technical, the spirit is still there, sort of. Indeed, it's a shame that this episode is so serious. It has lost, it seems, a good deal of the humour and even irony that was part of the series. Cinematographic references or completely twisted conversations with NPCs are gone. Aside from this, Fallout 3 is an excellent RPG and a good Fallout. The score is rather different but the music stays the same.

Spotted @ No Mutants Allowed
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  • First Two Fallout 3 Reviews Come In


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