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Gamespy: Four Hours in the Wasteland
Gamespy: Four Hours in the Wasteland [ Game -> Preview ]
Posted by King of Creation Thu 02 Oct 2008, 2:21 AM
More info on Game: Fallout 3

Gamespy had the opportunity to play Fallout 3 for four hours. Here are some of their impressions:

We sent two editors, Miguel Lopez, a long-time Fallout fan, and Sterling McGarvey, who normally doesn't play RPGs, to test-drive four hours of post-apocalyptic madness for the first time on PC and PlayStation 3 [Edit by KoC: Great.]

Miguel: Pete Hines of Bethesda encourages us to go nuts in the four hours we've been allotted with Fallout 3, so long as we don't write about The Main Quest. And like a minotaur who police-tapes one single passage in his sprawling hedge maze, he tells us precisely how to avoid it: "Just don't talk to Colin Moriarty." This would be easy enough to do if basically every character in Megaton weren't out to convince me that Moriarty was the most interesting thing in town. All roads led to him, and most of the interesting quests in the early portions of the game we were allowed to play brought us within spitting distance of the post-nuke feudal lord. I'll admit to having talked to him, but I didn't ask him the magic question (essentially, "Where's my daddy?"). Four hours is a long time for a demo, but not enough for me to start something I couldn't finish (let alone write about).


I don't need to play it in first-person, because it would lull me into playing it like a shooter, when it's anything but that. The burbs of this atomic Potomac have plenty to explore and enjoy, from mutant Chinese soldiers near Arlington National Cemetery to gruesome deaths at the claws of Mirelurks, crab-like mutant creatures that live below the tunnels of the DC Metro.


Miguel: I'm hesitant to reduce [quests] to the sorts of courier runs, fetch quests, and hunting forays that have come to pervade MMOs, but I'm afraid that they're going to sound similarly prosaic if I give you a blow-by-blow.


One started out as a "fed ex" quest from Megaton to a remote settlement built on a ruined overpass overlooking the Potomac. When I got there, I found that the settlers were under siege by a group of vampire people.

Again, there's a whole lot more of the article for you to read. Definitely worth the time. I wish we could embed videos here...

Shout out to MR Snake for the heads up.

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