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Bethesda on DRM, Censorship, and Consolification
Bethesda on DRM, Censorship, and Consolification [ Game -> Interview ]
Posted by King of Creation Thu 02 Oct 2008, 2:13 AM
More info on Game: Fallout 3

Pete Hines was recently interviewed by Shacknews about a load of different things. Things that really should interest us involve Digital Rights Management and Censorship (I assume we don't care about consolification). Here are some snips from the interview

Shack: Is the game done?

Pete Hines: Every day we're one day closer. We're right to the end of it.


Shack: After the Australia ratings board banned the game, you guys made some changes to the names of real-world drugs, which will now show up in all versions of the game. What did you think of the fan reaction to that?

Pete Hines: It is seriously the biggest non-issue in the history of video games. It got way more attention than it merits.

Shack: Do you think that anybody's going to even notice?

Pete Hines: Have you noticed? Does it make a big difference that it's called something other than Morphine? I mean, who gives a--

Shack: Still, does it frustrate you to have to make changes based on the ratings board?

Pete Hines: No. As I said, Australia weren't the only folks that had brought this up. It had actually been brought up in a number places. Like, "Hey, referencing real prescribed drugs is kind of a little concerning."

And we went back and looked at it and went, "It's not like it's in the original game, we just made it up. So why not just change it to another made-up name?" It's the same thing called something else. We couldn't possibly care less.


Shack: Similar question in the sense that it's an issue that can be overblown. What kind of copy protection will be included on the PC version of Fallout 3?

Pete Hines: Pretty similar to what we did for Oblivion, which was--we basically don't do any--we do the mildest form possible. I actually don't know if I even want to get into what it is that we exactly do, but we try to be really noninvasive when it comes to that stuff. [ed- Oblivion employed a simple DVD check.]

And it is a pain in the ass--it is a pain in the ass that we have to do it at all in the first place. But when you spend tens of millions of dollars, we don't think it's right to just put something out there and let everybody do whatever they want and pass it around.

And to have to support all of that--which is often the unspoken thing that nobody really wants to point to. You can argue all day whether or not somebody would have bought a copy of a game they pirated, but you can't argue, and you will never win the argument that I'm not having to provide tech support for those folks. Because I know for a fact that we are. We catch those folks all the time, where we're providing support for somebody who turns out didn't actually pay for the game and just downloaded a copy.

There's a lot more. Pete goes on to talk about Console vs. PC, Steam, and Piracy. I'll leave you with this:

Shack: As far as the DLC goes, do you expect that to be simultaneously released on both Xbox 360 and the PC?

Pete Hines: Yeah, yeah, that's the plan. Absolutely.

Spotted @ Blues News
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