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Fallout 3 on the streets?
Fallout 3 on the streets? [ Game -> Review ]
Posted by King of Creation Mon 22 Sep 2008, 2:42 AM
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mzinz165, a user on the Anandtech forums, is claiming to have a copy of Fallout 3 and is answering questions about the game. We don't really have any proof of his claim other than this photo showing the Fallout 3 menu screen on a big TV. Regardless, here are some snips of what he had to say:

Have you played the other Fallouts? If so, do you enjoy F3 in a similiar way as F1 or F2?

If you haven't played any of the other Fallouts, have you played a game you would deem similar to F3? Is it all mindless shooting, or does the game seem at least somewhat deep?

Unfortunately I haven't really played the old Fallouts (I know, I know). But I have seen them played a fair amount and I'm aware of the backstory etc.

The game is deep. This probably isn't news, but it's one of those games where every decision you make has a big affect on the rest of the game. It does a really good job at it though - you can make small decisions and have small changes in karma, and make large decisions like diffusing a still live atomic bomb, or detonating it and blowing up an entire city, etc.

I get pretty into games like this, so there is no mindless shooting for me. I have killed random wanderers, or even kind civilians on occasion, if they have something of high value that I want. I honestly feel bad afterwards.

Other people could have JUST as much fun killing everything in sight I'm sure... just not me.

It doesn't feel like a shoot 'em up though. You make choices very carefully, and they DO matter.

1. How much freedom do you really have to explore the world both at first and after you start to complete some of the quest line towards the beginning? Is it like Oblivion in the sense that the world is yours to do as you please or do they limit you some how?

1. Totally open space from what I have seen. It's just this huge world and the quests give you general direction, but you can really do what you want.

2. Talk to me about side quests a little bit. Are there lots and are they available throughout the game so far? Are they fun and how are the rewards?

2. There were a fair amount... not too many, but I think I missed a few. The game doesn't feel as linear as a lot of RPG's. My roommate and I both have been playing and we both have quests that the other didn't for one reason or another.

3. Talk to me about enemy level scaling. How does it work in Fallout 3 as opposed to Oblivion. Do you like it? Why or why not?

3. I honestly haven't played enough to get a good idea yet. I have spent SO much time talking/wandering/learning that I don't know.

If you feel like asking him something, stop by this thread and have a go.

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  • Fallout 3 on the streets?


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