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Penitential Screenshots and a Belated Fan Interview
Penitential Screenshots and a Belated Fan Interview [ Community -> Interview ]
Posted by Aonaran Mon 07 Jul 2008, 4:43 PM
More info on Person: Todd Howard | More info on Game: Fallout 3 | More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks' Todd Howard stopped by the official Fallout 3 forums on July 3rd to apologize for not delivering on the community fan interview after nearly six weeks of inactivity. Included with the personal apology was the promise of a completed interview along with community exclusive screenshots to be delivered on Monday, July 7th.

Ok, I know this has been a long time coming. Too Long. I just wanted to drop in and apologize. It’s 100% my fault, and Gstaff can tell you that he’s asked me every day for the last several weeks for it and I keep saying “today!” but the days seem to be getting crazier and crazier. Finishing a game is kinda like that. Anyway, I finally started answering it today, and was hoping to have it up before the July 4th holiday, but that’s not going to happen. So – it will be up Monday, writing that here makes me stick to it as opposed to just telling Gstaff. And to seek everyone’s forgiveness - we’re also going to put up some exclusive images here on the forums, just for you folks who have been waiting. Thanks for your patience, you guys have been great.

Update: The interview and exclusive screenshots are now up.

1) Which of the following, if any, will be featured in Fallout3~ Romance, Sex, Homosexuality, Nudity, Prostitution, Slavery, Cannibalism, Children, Child killings, drugs, addictions? And of the things that won't be featured, can you explain why they won't be included in the game?

It touches on most of those. Slavery, children, drugs and addiction more than the others, as those factor for into the setting more. In regards to nudity and child killings, no, it features neither of those, as they don't really add to the flavor of the game (I'll get into children in the next question more). I think if you look at Fallout 1, and the footprint it has with the topics you ask about, Fallout 3 is pretty much the same, in that it features the types of things you mention at about the same rate, no more, no less. Drugs and drug addiction play a larger role perhaps, as it's a key gameplay device. I think the heart of this question is "has the harshness and maturity of the world of Fallout 3 been tempered from the earlier games?" and I can certainly say "No, it hasn't been."

2) Are children and otherwise non essential or non-quest related NPC's vulnerable or invulnerable to accidental or purposeful (deadly) harm? And how about quest essential people? Please elaborate as much as you can, especially on why you choose to do it that way.

You will not be able to be a child killer. There are several reasons for this, some of them are very basic, like we wouldn't be able to sell the game, anywhere to anyone, if the children could be killed. I'm not using that as a scapegoat. We never wanted the game to offer any incentive or desire to be blowing kids away, so from our initial designs, we didn't know how we were going to handle if you shot them, we just knew it was going to be a big no-no, especially with a system like VATS and the graphic fidelity the gore has. Anyway, when attacked, all children flee and any regular NPCs friendly to the children will instantly attack you, so it feels good in the game, in that there is an appropriate response.

In regards to essential NPCs, it works like Oblivion, in that when they "die" they get knocked "unconscious" and get up a little while later. It worked well in Oblivion, so we kept that system, as you can still attack everyone that you want, and get at least a small benefit (being able to avoid them while they are down). I will say that the number of essential characters is minute compared to Oblivion and we've gone to pretty big lengths to cover a lot of people's deaths, but sometimes that's just not possible.

Read all 25 questions here.

Exclusive Screenshots:

Megaton Bar

Shotgun on Robot

Pip-Boy Skills

You can read his apology as well as the resulting discussion here.

Spotted @ Bethesda Forums
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