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Discontent mounts with unveiling of Diablo III
Discontent mounts with unveiling of Diablo III [ Game -> Article ]
Posted by Aonaran Sun 29 Jun 2008, 6:00 PM
More info on Person: Solivagant | More info on Game: Fallout 3 | More info on Game: Diablo III | More info on Company: Blizzard Entertainment

Solivagant of the Destructoid community isn't happy. In his most recent blog post he elaborates on his views of a "proper" sequel, using the examples of Fallout 3 and Blizzard Entertainment's recently unveiled Diablo 3.

They decided to scrap turn based, scrap the isometric perspective of Fallout, and are basically modding their Oblivion game with new textures, models and weapons, turning it into, you know it, Oblivion with Guns. And everybody is lauding them for it. No one is recognizing their lack of creativity and courage to bring out Fallout 3 as a turn based isometric rpg. Instead, most people are accepting their excuse that Fallout was only originally like that because of "technological impairments at the time".

So what is it Bethesda? Do you think Blizzard doesn't have the resources to pull of a Diablo III in full 3d mode, with a third person perspective? They tried something like that with StarCraft: Ghost, and when they realized it wasn't working out, they abandoned that concept. Now we have StarCraft 2, completely recognizable as a true sequel to the first RTS gem, and Diablo 3 which is shaping up to be exactly what the fans were clamoring for.

Direct link to Solivagant's post here.

Media for Diablo III, including 19 minutes of gameplay footage, can be seen here.

The official Diablo III site can be accessed here.


Sol Invictus weighs in

I used to like Bethesda, it being the developer of Morrowind and all. Over the past few years however, Bethesda progress upwards as a “pretty good” game company came to a grinding halt, and its progress is now somewhere between stagnant and half past dead. Still, there’s a growing sense that someone at that company forgot to take Ritalin the morning they announced that isometric games are dead and that PC gaming is dying.

Ashley Cheng backlash to Diablo III

I must say I am disappointed that Blizzard has stayed on the conservative side in terms of design with their updates to Diablo and Starcraft. Diablo will be interesting since World of Warcraft has a lot of Diablo-like qualities. I have no doubt, however, that they will be incredibly fun, addictive and polished games. Blizzard is the top of the class when it comes to game development - nobody does it better.

Backlash to Ashley Cheng's comments

Bethesda calls Fallout’s design outdated, while converting Fallout 3 to the same basic design they’ve been using since Arena in 1994.

Solivagant teams up with BlizzardGuru

This is how a sequel should be made. Expand and advance the game’s universe and find new ways of presenting it to the player, without breaking the way the previous games worked.

I’ll say Blizzard has an advantage when confronted with Bethesda in this issue. The Diablo series has more fans than Fallout, but since the lore was never one of the most important parts of the game, not many of them will counter Blizzard’s changes to the lore, if they exist.

In the Fallout series, the story, the gameworld, is extremely important. In fact, several players keep stating that Bethesda is doing a good job because they’re trying to maintain the storyline, the dialog and the humour of what came before. Trying doesn’t mean succeeding.

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