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"Creating Collectibles" Diary by Pete Hines
"Creating Collectibles" Diary by Pete Hines [ Community -> Article ]
Posted by cazsim83 Sat 07 Jun 2008, 3:58 AM
More info on Company: Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda's Fallout site has a new diary up, by none other than Pete Hines, Head of Marketing, and Product Manager.

Recently, we announced that Fallout 3 was going to have an optional package sold as a Collector's Edition, and that in a Polish poll's results, fans wanted the possibility of having an additional water flask, bottle of Nuka-Cola, or a T-shirt. Well, Pete Hines (with some help) did some brainstorming and came up with a "Survival Edition" - for an additional $50 (USD), exclusive to The Survival Edition comes with *drum roll please* a limited-edition, limited-volume, Pip-Boy3000 clock.

Oddly enough in my Amazon search, I could only find PS3 and XBOX360 versions available, although The Bethblog does mention a PC version. The total, in US Dollars, for the Survial Edition is $129.99, plus applicable tax.

Here is the excerpt, in Hines' own words, of the magic moment:

Probably a year or so ago, I was sitting in my office working on some things, and had an idea to build an actual Pip-Boy 3000. Well, a replica of one anyway. A big thing that looked just like the one in the game. I went downstairs and talked to Todd about it and he liked it and we started talking about how we might do it. We talked to some different companies about how we might pull it off. We looked at a lot of different approaches.

At one point we seriously looked into the idea of building one that would actually work and interface with the game on some level. That turned out to be a huge problem technically - getting it to work on three different platforms, and 10,000 issues here and there. So we bagged that and just went back to the original idea of “something that looks just like the one in the game, and it sits on my desk.” We liked the idea of having it function as a watch so it did something as well…not just an inanimate object that sat there.

We spent a tremendous amount of time going back and forth designing this thing. Mike Wagner worked on helping them figure out the scale of it, Istvan – well, Istvan pretty much did everything to make it look exactly like it was supposed to. Eventually we settled on a look for the thing in general. We’re still finalizing the screen, but it’ll have a pretty basic watch/clock interface. As I’m typing this I have the only one currently in existence sitting on my desk. Just a form test to make sure the proportions are right and knobs and buttons are in the right place. But even though it’s just black with nothing on the screen, it’s still really cool. So I can’t wait to see what one looks like when it’s finished.

So, who's going to be the first to break into Pete's office and take the only Pip-Boy3000 clock in existence (albeit unfinished)? I might be tempted to buy the deluxe edition, if it has an alarm clock function...although Jen might kill me. No word on whether or not the alarm would play "Maybe" or "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire".

Feel free to read Pete Hines' full diary entry here

Spotted @ Bethesda Forums
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